Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1909

Sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in Space, he to the outside declared now one have closed up, when returned to own Cave Mansion, his immediately entered Space, reason that Zhao Hai must say one close up \; first, to make Black Tiger Group adapt to not to have his day, second must research well one method of Divergent Technique for fight. These time with the Tu Qian war, has truly given Zhao Hai many prompt, use of Divergent Technique in fight, almost by Tu Qian arriving at pinnacle, moreover Zhao Hai also presently, Divergent Technique uses was good, can bring very big help to the person. Moreover Zhao Hai also present Divergent Technique another wondrous use, various Divergent Technique can make the thought of person integrate in that object, making the person know that object is anything felt, looks like Wood element Divergent Technique, can make Zhao Hai integrate in trees, making Zhao Hai know that what feeling a big tree is, if he uses Earth element Divergent Technique, can integrate in the land or the rock by oneself, what feeling this will also make his understand take the land and rock is. This world myriad things have mystical powers, Mastering Infinity Profound Technique that before Zhao Hai used, went to the communicate myriad things with own spiritual force, but that will not make Zhao Hai know that into what feeling that thing can be, but Divergent Technique actually. Do not think that this is the one type of useless ability, in fact this ability very heavy wants, because of Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, wants truely becomes Immortal Stage Expert, most important is, you must have the potential. Existence of potential is becomes the Immortal Stage Expert important condition, but the potential is the potential of one type of thing. For example the potential of mountain. The potential of sea, the potential of wind wait / etc., grasped this potential, your attack strength will have this potential, that will let your attack strength formidable. Can say Immortal Stage Expert and Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator maximum difference, regarding potential grasps, Tu Qian is when with Zhao Hai to war, realized from experience the use of potential, therefore successful became Immortal Stage Expert, but Zhao Hai can also feel various thing with Divergent Technique. Realizes from experience various potentials, can this become regarding Zhao Hai Immortal Stage Expert is very important. How use Divergent Technique fight except that must study, with realizes from experience the potential beyond with Divergent Technique the wondrous use, Zhao Hai also has matter also very heavy to want. That must research his within the body that golden spiritual force well be useful, but must know how that spiritual force comes. However before doing these, Zhao Hai must rest first well, relaxed is to say is very important regarding cultivator, if the pressure were too big, may collapse, once for a while relaxed, very much had the advantage regarding the practice, the practice way of alternating tension with relaxation is touched. Laura they were not busy, everyday stays with Zhao Hai in together. Well enjoys this period of leisurely and carefree time. These days although looks like Zhao Hai has not handled any matter probably, actually Zhao Hai is actually not relaxed, he must momentarily monitor nine Great Sect there trends, but must pay attention to the inspection the matter, naturally will not be relaxed.

What most important is, he must frequently attention Soaring Dragon Realm there situation, Zhao Hai in the inspection, the Liquid Silver method that the Liquid Silver needle turns into, put that ten living participated in the inspection on cultivator, these also included certainly Tu Qian. He wants to know these people what plane is. Naturally Zhao Hai does not dare to put on Lin Ling the Liquid Silver dust, because the Lin Ling strength was too strong, went to the situation that dust was unable to fall, in other words, his body that feared that falls a material dust. He can also feel clearly that this is one type of boundary. one type of is higher than Immortal Stage Expert much boundary. Reason that Zhao Hai can know existence of this boundary, but also has been lucky Hu Dingshan, Hu Dingshan although lived in Cultivation World for a lifetime, but he after is come from Upper Realm, with black Tiger clansman that his together comes, spoke the knowledge about boundary aspect to him, but this dust cannot fall, is one type of boundary, one type of compares Immortal Stage much stronger boundary. Before Zhao Hai, naturally don’t know these, but he has not dared the trade rashly puts the Liquid Silver dust toward Lin Ling on, because before , that formidable, spiritual force that also let the person presently, has made Zhao Hai frighten jumped, he fears his movement by Lin Ling they presently, if by Lin Ling they presently, and directed some misunderstanding the words, his trouble was big. Lin Ling strength strong, Zhao Hai and don’t know, but can look from his imposing manner, he compared in general Immortal Stage Expert to be too many, Zhao Hai does not dare to take risk, if really by Lin Ling they presently, and must chase down him, he feared that was only then hid in the destiny that in Space did not come out. Also Zhao Hai has not put the Liquid Silver dust toward the body of Lin Ling luckily, not, in the words feared that now was he can only hide in Space not, moreover this do not think for a lifetime was entering other Advanced level plane. although has not put the Liquid Silver dust on the body of Lin Ling, however other living these participate in inspection Zhao Hai not to let off, day Demon Realm there said fortunately that Zhao Hai already the there income to the Space map city, other eight plane may not have, Zhao Hai wants to have a look in other eight plane, there is any unusual thing to call in Space. Quick Zhao Hai saw other eight plane situations, these plane also real has plenty different thing, take plane that Tu Qian is, plane that Tu Qian is , is also huge Space, but situation that in the Space he is, lets some Zhao Hai ignorant, because of Tu Qian in plane Space, most unexpectedly is not the land and water, but is the sand. In Space that in Tu Qian is, can see the sand everywhere, water source and land has only accounted for few part, the person in that Space is not many, but the strength is very strong, what most important is, in that Space, in ten people have nine is to meet Earth element Divergent Technique, remaining that also meets Wind element or Fire element Divergent Technique, almost nobody can Water element Divergent Technique.

That is one strange, corrupt deficiency, bad Space, but the commodity in that Space are many, in that Space, some various desertifications metals, all kinds of medicinal herbs, these medicinal herbs environment that because grows extremely in badness, even if ordinary medicinal herbs, its medicine's essence also compared with Cultivation World here in many. Beside Dragon Soul that except that Tu Qian is, Space that several other cultivator are at is also various characteristics, inside good thing to be also many, but Cai'er they now that several Space income to the Space map. Besides that several Space, was boundless forest Space, Zhao Hai stayed in boundless forest Space there although more than ten days, because inspected, the place that he passed through was not many, most also transferred the extension in the boundless forest airborne forest, the place outside forest he has not gone. But the place outside boundless forest Space forest, is very big, there also has some special thing, but Zhao Hai has not actually thought that must go to the boundless forest Space there risk or collects thing, because he does not dare. Not wrong, he does not dare, Zhao Hai very clear, Soaring Dragon Realm these people, can regard an inspection land boundless forest Space there, they to boundless forest Space certainly very familiar, how to Space very familiar? Certainly frequently pays attention to that Space, if Zhao Hai runs up to boundless forest Space to make thing, has in a big way possibly by the Soaring Dragon Realm person present, at that time he trouble. But several other participates in the inspection cultivator to be at Space that will not have such issue, Soaring Dragon Realm not possibly frequently pays attention to that several Space, looks like the Soaring Dragon Realm there person is impossible to pay attention to Cultivation World to be the same frequently. Because so many matters must be done, therefore Zhao Hai directly announced one are closing up, in the future, Cultivation World also will enter in any case a relative peaceful time. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, Cultivation World truly enters a relative peaceful time, during this Heavenly Demon invasion, the loss of Cultivation World was very heavy, especially some Medicine Fields and mine, by Heavenly Demon Race destroying, have been adding on the loss of staff, making the loss of Cultivation World really very heavy. After day Demon Realm army was repelled, is wars between nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance, this time internal strife, is not small regarding the destruction of Cultivation World, no matter Black Tiger Group is nine Great Sect, needs some time to restore itself, they obtained now entered the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, that must restore own strength, training as soon as possible some Immortal Stage Expert, enabling these Immortal Stage Expert to be able in heavy returned to Soaring Dragon Realm.

For these reasons, therefore Cultivation World peace, some small conflicts little live these days. Moreover Freedom Alliance and nine Great Sect exchanges between were also many, transaction also has plenty, Cultivation World probably enters a peace big show time. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai announced closes up, has not caused the too big fluctuation in Cultivation World here, after all Expert like Zhao Hai, if in the wartime, his every action and every movement will pay attention, but has not fought now, will not care about Zhao Hai to do with the normally time people. In fact hears information that Zhao Hai closes up, nine Great Sect very much happy, they know the Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai , to cope with them, completely has ability to lead Undead Creature army to attack the jade belt river, such Cultivation World wanted the flames of war to reignite. It looks like in nine Great Sect, this possibility is not does not exist, in the past Zhao Hai had not attacked them, that is because he wants to make Cultivation World enter Soaring Dragon Realm, now Cultivation World entered the Soaring Dragon Realm matter to determine, that will be Cultivation World here overturn the heaven, Soaring Dragon Realm will not take back Cultivation World to enter the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, as the matter stands Zhao Hai naturally can feel relieved cope with them boldly. Therefore in Zhao Hai comes back after boundless forest Space, nine Great Sect are really anxious good some time, they not only do not have seize the opportunity to attack Freedom Alliance, but must guard against Freedom Alliance to attack them at times, pays attention to the Zhao Hai trend specially, now heard that Zhao Hai has closed up, they were thorough feel relieved. The Cultivation World order is returning to normal, Freedom Alliance also in high show, even Zhang Feng they have constructed Transmission Formation to Soaring Dragon Realm, chose a batch Immortal Stage Expert that went to Soaring Dragon to manage, Immortal Stage Expert that this time they chose were not many, only then ten people, had iron Zhan Tian one.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }