Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1910

Cultivation World several big influences obtained Lin Ling jade slip, in Lin Ling jade slip record some Soaring Dragon Realm matters needing attention also to Soaring Dragon Realm Transmission Formation. {. e.c m } Normally Cultivation World originally in Soaring Dragon Realm, simply does not need these thing, thing that but this hands over is actually the exception, content although in this jade slip is not very special, inside is some content that goes to Soaring Dragon Realm to need to pay attention to and goes to the Soaring Dragon Realm Transmission Formation layout method he, can Lin Ling give Cultivation World at this time these thing, somewhat was special. Actually Jian Wuya they looked at Lin Ling to their jade slip understand what's the matter, can say that jade slip gave Freedom Alliance to prepare specially, because content nine Great Sect on jade slip know, only then Freedom Alliance don’t know, Lin Ling has given them such jade slip now, naturally explained all. This jade slip looks like a warning, making nine Great Sect people know, matter that you handled before, our Soaring Dragon Realm knows. However nine Great Sect actually extremely in being afraid the warning of Lin Ling, because of nine Great Sect person very clear, even if Lin Ling knows that they have made anything, will not be what kind of them, because Soaring Dragon Realm there has regulation, they can not intervene the Lower Realm matter. However now nine Great Sect have actually come across another difficult problem, now nine Great Sect although can send for Soaring Dragon Realm, but they are actually uninhabited may send, because before , they sent too many people to go to Soaring Dragon Realm, afterward with the Heavenly Demon Race war time, they have to adjust the person in Soaring Dragon Realm. But these people who adjusts. Did not have the means in returning to Soaring Dragon Realm, but besides person who these were adjusted, nine Great Sect cannot enter in unnecessary Immortal Stage Expert to Soaring Dragon Realm. But Freedom Alliance is different, Freedom Alliance here has plenty Immortal Stage Expert, these Immortal Stage Expert are qualified for Soaring Dragon Realm, but before them , some people have not even heard existence of Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore the Freedom Alliance here has plenty person can enter to Soaring Dragon Realm in now, passed through Zhang Feng their multiple selection, they have selected ten people finally, allowing them to enter for the leading troops first to Soaring Dragon Realm. Lead is iron Zhan Tian. Must say that strength iron Zhan Tian is not in these people the strength is strongest, after all he enters the Immortal Stage time to be shortest, he in these ten people, can only be in the strength under. However the iron Zhan Tian back is standing, but Black Tiger Group. Others do not dare not to give the Black Tiger Group face, moreover before becoming Immortal Stage Expert, iron Zhan Tian also took on for a long time Black Tiger Group Gang Master, wants the command(er) aspect to be good, therefore this people make iron Zhan Tian be this team leader. Besides iron Zhan Tian, other Immortal Stage Expert ages did not calculate slightly, strength formidable, they entered Cultivation World very much, has not thought will settle on by the Upper Realm person, they were the main points. The person who must go to behind acts as advance party, builds a simple base in there.

Zhao Hai also knows that this information, he comes out from Space specially, looks for iron Zhan Tian, iron Zhan Tian has been preparing the Soaring Dragon Realm matter now, very busy, but heard that Zhao Hai came, he was immediately calls in his Cave Mansion Zhao Hai. Waited for Zhao Hai to enter Cave Mansion, iron Zhan Tian immediately to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai? Did you go out? What matter has?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to hear that Martial Uncle you must go to Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore comes out to have a look specially. Martial Uncle, this thing that is I gives you to prepare, you bring on the body.” Zhao Hai was saying while has put out a piece silver token, this token looks like looks like a small shield, is carving Skull in the surface of shield. It looks like somewhat fierce. Iron Zhan Tian is perplexed received that small shield, what thing puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „is this? Defends Magical Artifact? This thing I have.” Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to defend Magical Artifact. In fact this is the a piece summon command, you are taking this summon command, can summon ten Immortal Stage Undead Creature to help you make the war, Soaring Dragon Realm there is not place of the security, you are bringing this thing, security.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that iron Zhan Tian two eyes cannot help but one bright, he took that summon command, tossing about was looking some little time, this received Command Token got up said : well, listened your, this summon made me bring.” Iron Zhan Tian also knows certainly that Soaring Dragon Realm there is not the safe place, had this summon command, his equal to are many Immortal Stage helper who ten fierce have not feared, he naturally cannot reject. The Zhao Hai look at iron Zhan Tian appearance, shows a faint smile said : Martial Uncle, I first went back, was right, that summoned Command Token also to have the communications function, was also has been able to use don’t know to Soaring Dragon Realm there, if can use, you can summon Command Token with that directly with the First Senior Brother alliance, I have given First Senior Brother a piece Command Token.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then two eyes twinkling brightly, his immediately understand Zhao Hai this saying is any meaning, if this communication device can use, their Black Tiger Group can have the firsthand Soaring Dragon Realm material immediately, this regarding Black Tiger Group is very important. Iron Zhan Tian made cannot help but to attach great importance to this summon, he received the summon command, nodded said : well to Zhao Hai, you went back, you had this heart, was enough, later in the gang looked at you and Xiao Feng.” Zhao Hai nodded, holds the fist in the other hand to iron Zhan Tian, this turn around walked. The iron Zhan Tian look at Zhao Hai back, let out a long breath, muttered said : Xiao Feng this vision, but also was really.”

Reason that iron Zhan Tian will say that is because Zhao Hai initially can enter Black Tiger Group, becomes Black Tiger Group disciple , because Zhang Feng handles, since Zhao Hai entered Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group could be said as big turning over, now Black Tiger Group can have such status, all because of Zhao Hai, but all these were because Zhang Feng turned into Black Tiger Group disciple Zhao Hai, therefore iron Zhan Tian said that Zhang Feng was insightful. Zhao Hai actually don’t know iron Zhan Tian in thinking anything, this time looks for iron Zhan Tian to have the point, delivers to summon Command Token to guarantee that to iron Zhan Tian his security, that is only one of the points, the second point is, he must make iron Zhan Tian bring that Command Token to Soaring Dragon Realm. Iron Zhan Tian in hand that summoned Command Token, was actually only a name that Zhao Hai was casual, that Command Token was only Liquid Silver part, Zhao Hai turned into the Command Token appearance Liquid Silver part actually, so long as iron Zhan Tian brought Soaring Dragon Realm to go this Command Token, that Zhao Hai had thing to deliver to Soaring Dragon Realm to go on equal to, Soaring Dragon Realm there was any situation, he will also know, this was the Zhao Hai point. Moreover on iron Zhan Tian is bringing this Command Token, that iron Zhan Tian security can also be guaranteed, Zhao Hai does not want to make iron Zhan Tian have the matter, this Command Token is part of class solution, when necessary, Zhao Hai can send out Undead Creature to rescue iron Zhan Tian directly. After Command Token has given iron Zhan Tian, Zhao Hai went to Zhang Feng there, has given Zhang Feng a piece Command Token, told him to summon ten Immortal Stage Undead Creature to help him fight, but can also also say to Zhang Feng with the iron Zhan Tian hold a conversation matter. Zhao Hai already wanted to give Zhang Feng thing to make him defend self, although he is Black Tiger Group Gang Master, simply does not use the leave base now, in fact he does not have many opportunity to be able now the leave base, because Freedom Alliance although said that now was on right track, the matter that but must handle returned has plenty, when entire Freedom Alliance complete calms down, Zhang Feng can have the time leave base. But do not think that what Zhang Feng such status will not have is dangerous, now does not have what danger, if later nine Great Sect thought that the conditions are ripe? They feared that is meets first begins to Freedom Alliance, but first target that they must begin will be Zhao Hai, second target will be Zhang Feng, therefore Zhao Hai is thinking must make him defend self to Zhang Feng same thing. However beforehand Zhao Hai don’t know must deliver any thing to be good to Zhang Feng, this iron Zhan Tian must go to Soaring Dragon Realm, Zhao Hai moves at heart, has thought summoned Command Token this thing, therefore he has made two, a piece gave iron Zhan Tian, a piece has given Zhang Feng. Zhang Feng understand this Command Token to his importance, he is certainly impolite with Zhao Hai, accepted directly, chatted a while day with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai on returned to own Cave Mansion, then directly entered Space. After Zhao Hai returned to Space, stares at the Space screen, on the Space screen was demonstrating the iron Zhan Tian situation, iron Zhan Tian although received in Zhao Hai Command Token Space, but this simply cannot block surveillance of Command Token to iron Zhan Tian, in fact Zhao Hai Liquid Silver, already can carry on Space to shuttle back and forth, how iron Zhan Tian Space equipment possibly can block Liquid Silver.

Iron Zhan Tian is preparing Soaring Dragon Realm thing now, Magical Artifact, medicine pill, these thing cannot certainly be few, must know that in Soaring Dragon Realm there, they may not have what supplies, all can only depend on them, therefore prepares to prepare to be good sufficiently. Three days later, iron Zhan Tian finally prepared, other must go to the Soaring Dragon Realm person with his together, arrived at Black Tiger Group here, Black Tiger Group here has constructed Transmission Formation, iron Zhan Tian their ten people stepped Transmission Formation, held the fist in the other hand to outside person, this started Transmission Formation. Today various Freedom Alliance Sect Sect Master arrive at Black Tiger Group here to deliver iron Zhan Tian them, the significance that these person very clear, iron Zhan Tian their this goes, iron Zhan Tian they have represented Freedom Alliance, first time enters Soaring Dragon Realm, the here surface, but significance extraordinary that. look at iron Zhan Tian they disappear in Transmission Formation, Zhang Feng then turned the head this Transmission Formation to nearby Black Tiger Group cultivator said : to send for favoring, cannot leave the person, without my order, any do't can approach this Transmission Formation, understand?” That Black Tiger Group cultivator immediately/on horseback complied with one, Zhang Feng then turned the head to other Sect Sect Master said : everybody, we sat a while to the conference room in slightly.” These people naturally do not have what opinion, before long the people arrived at the Black Tiger Group conference room. After the conference room has sat down, Zhang Feng then deep voice said : everybody, this time we deliver to the Soaring Dragon Realm ten people, to give our Freedom Alliance following person prepares, they must build a base in there, is very dangerous, therefore the person are not many, but everyone/Great Clan feel relieved, I guaranteed, later no matter that minute of person, so long as has achieved Immortal Stage, has opportunity to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, invited everyone/Great Clan feel relieved.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }