Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1911

Zhang Feng has to hold this meeting, because this time to select these ten enters the Soaring Dragon Realm person, but has taken many efforts, must know that because of the expansion of Freedom Alliance, currently in Freedom Alliance has Immortal Stage Expert also several hundred, but these percentage Immortal Stage Expert, are qualified for Soaring Dragon Realm, wants to select ten people from these several hundred people, is not an easy matter, does not do well on fine the criminal. However is good in present Freedom Alliance, coming the one Sect level division, Zhang Feng these time to use the Sect level authority directly, only then First Grade Sect Supreme Elder had opportunity to participate in the selection. This majority of people keeping off beyond this selection, then Zhang Feng removed some age not too big Immortal Stage Expert, because after them, had opportunity, he has chosen some old Immortal Stage Expert, was adding on iron Zhan Tian, finally has selected such ten people. However as the matter stands also offended some Sect, therefore Zhang Feng held this meeting specially, explained like everyone/Great Clan, in order to avoid made not happily for this matter. As soon as the people listened to Zhang Feng saying that also has felt relaxed, they also know that present situation line very leaves, Zhao Hai has closed up, nine Great Sect there many people cannot enter to Soaring Dragon Realm, Immortal Stage Expert in their these Sect must remain to protect Freedom Alliance, they cannot violate with nine Great Sect same mistakes, impossible one time to deliver to too many Immortal Stage Expert Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore this selection was also normal. The appearance that Zhang Feng looks at the people, relaxed at heart, now Black Tiger Group strength, but also is not enough to coerce all small Sect, because has Zhao Hai to assume personal command. These small Sect so will be honest, but Zhang Feng must reduce effect of Zhao Hai now slowly on Black Tiger Group, therefore he naturally cannot with extremely handle these matters in the strong method, this is also he reaches an agreement with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai must reduce itself the effect now on Black Tiger Group, only then such Black Tiger Group will take a correct show path. After all he impossible forever is protecting Black Tiger Group. Zhang Feng also discussed after other person of together one next enters the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, this invited people leave, but at this time Zhao Hai was actually observing the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation. Iron Zhan Tian their appears place, unexpectedly is piece of camp, this camp is not very big. Are evidently most can also live about thousand people, in piece of mountain valley , but this Transmission Formation position, in the mountain valley base, on cavern both sides mountain wall, opened cutting each and every one Cave Mansion, but these Cave Mansion were emptying very much obviously. When iron Zhan Tian they are sizing up this camp. A suddenly person flew from mountain valley, fell in front of several people, iron Zhan Tian they noticed that person gawked, because they actually knew that person. This person of hides the cyan cultivator clothing/taking, looks like the age is not very big. Appearance also very handsome, expression very strict on although face austere, but actually a point cannot see the dignified feeling, instead to is this person of temperament, to the feeling of person probably very friendly. In this person of back, but also carries a sword. This sword anything specially, the pitch-black scabbard, has not looked like looks like ordinary double-edged sword is the same. Sees this person. People immediately will think of the a few words words, the gentleman like the jade, double-edged sword from hui. This person looks like such as the gentleman of jade, one hides double-edged sword in chest, does not see the point, mild-mannered and cultivated. But this person iron Zhan Tian they also really knew. This person of nickname gentleman sword, two-character surname Ouyang. A single-character personal name jade character, this person comes Heavenly Sword Sect, is a Heavenly Sword Sect ten thousand years of rare talent, at age under 30, is Nascent Soul Stage Expert, at age under 50, Transcends Tribulation degree, less than hundred years old of age, he became Immortal Stage Expert.

Naturally this is only his remembered, on the one hand, his practice talent, even was inferior that his disposition becomes famous, good-hearted person who he in Cultivation World is to become famous, in although family background nine Great Sect crest of wave most abundant Heavenly Sword Sect, but regarding any one Sect cultivator, does not have a meaning of looking down upon, moreover this person, when goes out to gain experience, except for the greatly wicked person, other cultivator, he has almost not killed recording seeks greatly deceitfully, moreover is many are also helpful to other Sect cultivator, can say , he absolutely is a genuine honorable gentleman. Most from the beginning also some people think Ouyang Yu is a hypocrite, however investigation , in every way present, Ouyang Yu absolutely is a genuine gentleman, Sword Technique that he studies is the gentleman sword, in the sword has overwhelming Righteous Qi, if he is really a hypocrite, then his gentleman sword is impossible completed the study. For this reason, therefore Ouyang Yu becoming famous very in Cultivation World, can say that is these with Sect that nine Great Sect do not cope with, to Ouyang Yu very respectful, that respect from innermost feelings. However Ouyang Yu because of extremely in the gentleman, was also incompatible with nine Great Sect that overbearing style, he could not get used to seeing nine Great Sect styles, not by nine Great Sect happy, finally by nine Great Sect losing Soaring Dragon Realm here, that is the 50 years ago matters. although passed for 50 years, but iron Zhan Tian was one has recognized Ouyang Yu, must say that in nine Great Sect, he has taken anyone, feared that was also only then present Ouyang Yu. Several other Immortal Stage Expert also know Ouyang Yu, because Ouyang Yu although enters to the Immortal Stage time possibly does not have them to be long, but the strength is actually not weak, but afterward Ouyang Yu disappeared, nine Great Sect said to the outside was Ouyang Yu has closed up, when they when here saw Ouyang Yu understand, Ouyang Yu has not closed up, but entered this Soaring Dragon Realm. Ouyang Yu looked at these ten person one eyes, wrinkled under the brow gently, when he sees iron Zhan Tian time, cannot help but has gawked, then shows a faint smile said : Brother Zhan Tian, you also arrived at Immortal Stage finally, entered this Soaring Dragon Realm.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Ouyang Yu said that also cannot help but an excitement, before originally, in Cultivation World, they knew that iron Zhan Tian at that time was also not Black Tiger Group Gang Master, when one time located the smelting trial, knew Ouyang Yu that their disposition although were somewhat different, but actually became friend who intersected the sworn friend. Afterward nine Great Sect said that Ouyang Yu has closed up, two talented people have been short of dealings, received the Black Tiger Group Gang Master position in afterward iron Zhan Tian, daily is busy, naturally in has not contacted Ouyang Yu. Has not actually thought of them unexpectedly in here in a meet. Iron Zhan Tian face excited said : Ouyang Big Brother, is really you, has not thought really that runs into you in here unexpectedly, before has thought you are closing up. These time has not seen you with the Heavenly Demon Race war, I know that you are are not closing up, not, but the disposition of person, feared that already went out, at that time I thought you in Soaring Dragon Realm, but afterward Soaring Dragon Realm here all Immortal Stage Expert back-spacing, actually had not seen you. I also think that you had accident.” Ouyang Yu look at iron Zhan Tian appearance, has smiled bitterly next step: I also want to go back, but did not have the means to go back, I now the join here jade sword sect, became Outer Disciple of jade sword sect. Reason that appears in here , because has met Sect duty, is in charge of Soaring Dragon Realm, this was not catching up with the Heavenly Demon Race invasion, in Cultivation World all people went back, I helped to consider this camp. After all our here has regulation, we cannot go back.” One hear of Ouyang Yu said that iron Zhan Tian was also happy said : of face originally Ouyang Big Brother already join to Upper Realm. This is the good matter, a while we drink two cups, on me is bringing many Spirit Wine.” Ouyang Yu listened to iron Zhan Tian saying that cannot help but laughed said : Spirit Wine my there also to have, a while asked you to drink, looks at your appears in here. Was the Cultivation World there matter also solved? Right, nine Great Sect there situations how? Do I think your several probably am not nine Great Sect people?” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Ouyang Yu said. immediately said : also really made Ouyang Big Brother you say, we were not nine Great Sect people, nine Great Sect wanted to send for Soaring Dragon Realm here coming in a short time, feared that was is really also unlikely, Ouyang Big Brother, was here our Cultivation World camp? Whether we could live in here casually?”

Ouyang Yu nodded said : „, here is Cultivation World camp, so long as is emptying Cave Mansion, you can live casually.” Iron Zhan Tian turned the head everybody to choose Cave Mansion to rest first to several other Immortal Stage Expert said :, when I with Ouyang Big Brother understood that this Soaring Dragon Realm situation, then we in the decision next step motion, were right, did not have the matter, temporarily first do not exit.” These Immortal Stage Expert complied with one, turn around has chosen Cave Mansion. Ouyang Yu looks at these Immortal Stage Expert appearances, cannot help but stares, then Brother Zhan Tian of puzzled turning the head to iron Zhan Tian said :, that several probably is in Cultivation World established Immortal Stage Expert, how do they listen to your words probably very much the appearance?” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Ouyang Yu said that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : also really to make you say Ouyang Big Brother, they were listen my, I was this time into Junior Captain of Soaring Dragon Realm squad, walked, we went to drink two cups, even/including Hebian said.” Ouyang Yu did not have to say anything, chose Cave Mansion to worm one's way into with iron Zhan Tian. To Cave Mansion after they have sat down, Ouyang Yu has put out several jade bottles, sees that jade bottle iron Zhan Tian cannot help but said : Ouyang Big Brother, has not looked, this Upper Realm allowance is good, this does Spirit Wine accompany?” Ouyang Yu he he chuckle said : this Upper Realm is different from Cultivation World there, in Cultivation World there, almost nobody eats meal, therefore this Spirit Wine appears very precious, however in here, all people must eat meal, has the food naturally to have the liquor, therefore this liquor did not appear so is also precious.” Iron Zhan Tian stares, then puzzled look at Ouyang Yu said : what's the matter Ouyang Big Brother? This Upper Realm person how also with eating meal?” Ouyang Yu smiles said : preparation saying that here should call True Spirit Realm, here Spiritual Qi very rich, is much richer than Cultivation World there Spiritual Qi , because of this, therefore here lives the grow out grain and vegetables also has various Monster Beast, includes very strong Spiritual Qi, can eat directly, will not have too many toxin, to practicing also very has the advantage, must therefore eat meal in here everybody, Spirit Wine also on was not thing that cherished.” Iron Zhan Tian one hear of Ouyang Yu said that this feels relaxed said : originally unexpectedly is this, good, today how that I taste this True Spirit Realm Spirit Wine flavor.” Ouyang Yu showed a faint smile, has put out two small jade cups, has put the ground, then has taken up a jade bottle, after opening, but actually two glasses of liquor have given iron Zhan Tian one cup, oneself took one cup. Iron Zhan Tian received that ox's eye size small wine glass, has smiled bitterly next step: I said Ouyang Big Brother, these many years, your this temperament had not changed, you have a look, such big point small wine glass, this can drink anything to come, not satisfying.” Ouyang Yu also knows that the iron Zhan Tian disposition, he also thinks little, shows a faint smile said : to come, tastes this liquor.” Said that has lifted the cup to iron Zhan Tian, then vanished a small mouth. Iron Zhan Tian actually Ouyang Yu that does not arrive refined, his has done the liquor in cup, then pounds the mouth, shook the head said : I to say Ouyang Big Brother, must say that other I also really very envy your, but must speak of this liquor, your this liquor also really insufficiently looks.” Said that iron Zhan Tian turns the hand, puts out a wine pot to come, the liquor in this wine pot, Zhao Hai gives to him.

Then iron Zhan Tian puts out two large sizes the jade cups, pats the wine pot the soil to seal, after having poured two cups, iron Zhan Tian a jade cup gives Ouyang Yu said : to come Ouyang Big Brother, tastes my this liquor.” Ouyang Yuleng, but has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, has carried the jade cup, has bumped with iron Zhan Tian, then vanished a small mouth. After receiving this liquor, Ouyang Yu two eyes cannot help but one bright, then nodded said : really the nice wine, has not thought really that Zhan Tian you can also get so far as this type of nice wine unexpectedly, is this liquor that comes?” Iron Zhan Tian smiles said : a junior in my Black Tiger Group to ferment, a while you must go back, I take a altar|jar to you, by your temperament, this altar|jar liquor suffices you to drink last some time.” Ouyang Yu had not opposed, but nodded, then look at iron Zhan Tian said : Zhan Tian, I listen to the meaning in your words, probably Cultivation World did there have the big accident? Otherwise are you impossible become Captain of these people? Told me that what's the matter?” Iron Zhan Tian showed a faint smile said : Cultivation World also really to live many matters, this nine Great Sect suffered a loss......” then iron Zhan Tian to look like Ouyang Yujiang a Cultivation World fresh matter, invaded from Heavenly Demon, has talked about the Soaring Dragon Realm inspection, until they entered Soaring Dragon Realm. Iron Zhan Tian talked about for several hours the Cultivation World there fresh matter general said that meanwhile they speech while drank, unknowingly, jug liquor had also been drunk a none remaining by them. After waiting for the iron Zhan Tian lecture, Ouyang Yu then nodded said : original Cultivation World there actually to live these many matters, moreover these matters have relationship with Zhao Hai, later has opportunity to probably see him.” Iron Zhan Tian smiles said : to have opportunity, he certainly becomes Immortal Stage Expert, enters to this Soaring Dragon Realm, you certainly have when the time comes opportunity to meet.” But at this time sat among the guests in Zhao Hai, was shows a faint smile said : „, will have opportunity.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }