Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1912

Iron Zhan Tian and Ouyang Yu's talk, Zhao Hai in the purity that in Space listens, his although don’t know Ouyang Yu this person, but looks at Ouyang Yu and iron Zhan Tian appearance, knows that they are very ripe, he cannot help but has produced a curiosity to this. Afterward the look at Ouyang Yu appearance, Zhao Hai has been interested in this person, Ouyang Yu appearance is very easy to have the favorable impression to him, Zhao Hai is no exception. Their drinking have drunk, but the words have not actually finished talking, iron Zhan Tian said the Cultivation World fresh matter, Ouyang Yu also said the True Spirit Realm there fresh matter, Zhao Hai also carefully listened, after all True Spirit Realm was the place that he must go to the future. However Ouyang Yu also said some True Spirit Realm there situations, had not said too other thing, the True Spirit Realm there situation is different from Cultivation World, the True Spirit Realm there Space pressure is big, did not have the means to fly general Immortal Stage Expert to True Spirit Realm there simply . Moreover the time class is Cultivation World about ten times, there Spiritual Qi actually very sufficient, cultivator can also not eat meal, can eat meal, but eats meal regarding practice advantage even bigger, therefore is must eat meal in True Spirit Realm there cultivator. Is adding on the True Spirit Realm there pressure to be too big, many cultivator do not have the means to fly, the words that must therefore hurry along truly, has plenty cultivator will choose Monster Beast to ride instead of walking, must therefore say, True Spirit Realm there will look like also will possibly are more primitive than Cultivation World here. However there high level cultivator, the life is actually very long, in Cultivation World here, a cultivator life are most is also ten Yuan, even if the races of these special longevities, its life 15 Yuan, however in True Spirit Realm there, high level cultivator, his life could not be 20 Yuan, the races of some longevities, his life even can be 25 about 30 Yuan even, this most attracts the cultivator place. cultivator practices originally goes against heaven's will line. For was lived by oneself some time, therefore does not have that cultivator to block this type to live several thousand years of even over ten thousand years of enticement, why this also each every lowers the level plane person. Went all out wants in higher level plane reason. Naturally these most basic situation, but a more important situation, Ouyang Yu had not said that iron Zhan Tian had not asked. Zhao Hai looked at this situation also understand, Ouyang Yu told iron Zhan Tian, was he can say thing that some he cannot say, he had not said to iron Zhan Tian. But iron Zhan Tian also knows this point obviously, therefore his anything had not asked. On the look at screen started to recall the past two people, Zhao Hai knows that he could not be hearing any important thing, therefore his leave should not be wild, prepared to close up. Zhao Hai this time closes up, must own Divergent Technique more systematized, with the thing perfect union that study, is used to enhance own fighting strength.

The stock of goods of Divergent Technique this thing Zhao Hai meeting were too many. He almost did not have before extremely in attaching great importance to these thing of system. Only then metal Divergent Technique, Fire element Divergent Technique, wind technique Divergent Technique, Earth element Divergent Technique these Divergent Technique he once for a while will also use, other Divergent Technique, he has almost not used. Now he can many Divergent Technique, his don’t know. These time closed up him is not finds a place to exercise blindly good. Especially most time from the beginning, he is impossible to find the place to practice. Because his don’t know meet many Divergent Technique, how can these Divergent Technique perfect thing that study unifies. Therefore Zhao Hai this time closing up, closes up, might as well said is the training, trains with all kinds of ceremonies, meanwhile must let the Space computer, arranges in order all Divergent Technique of his meeting, is unifying these Divergent Technique with Martial arts of his meeting with the computer, calculates most to suit his doing to fight the way. It looks like probably is very mysterious, however true is Ma Miao, good Cai'er there has his meeting the detailed lists of all Divergent Technique, he can clearly know Divergent Technique of own meeting has anything. Must say that Divergent Technique of Zhao Hai meeting also is really many, even has plenty Divergent Technique is redundant, Cai'er helps him, he possibly forever also don’t know meets many Divergent Technique. Now Zhao Hai must do first ripe releases meeting Divergent Technique of flinging, some he in these Divergent Technique to does not use extremely in familiar, likely is spiritual Divergent Technique, metal Divergent Technique, Fire element Divergent Technique, Earth element Divergent Technique, Water element Divergent Technique and Wood element Divergent Technique, how these Divergent Technique Zhao Hai basically do not use familiar, brings can use. However Divergent Technique of some comparison unexpected winners, Zhao Hai little has used, for example one type of Divergent Technique can make body suddenly of person leave the glare to come, this Divergent Technique Zhao Hai has almost not used, because Zhao Hai meets Light Element Magic, he uses Light Element Magic time, almost does not need to spend Spiritual Qi, therefore uses Light Element Magic generally, naturally cannot use this Divergent Technique. However if this Divergent Technique you used well, can actually wield very important doing to use, but the beforehand Zhao Hai strength has been very strong, was adding on these Divergent Technique is really too mixed, therefore his simply has not used. Zhao Hai first is under Cai'er command(er), is using all kinds of Divergent Technique, naturally, when uses Divergent Technique, he is impossible to use in his villa, words that wants villa destroying, therefore they found a nobody's place to experiment.

Does not experiment don’t know, experiments Zhao Hai to know that Divergent Technique unexpectedly about thousand types of oneself meeting, these Divergent Technique are Space extracts from others that then puts on Zhao Hai. Some Divergent Technique Zhao Hai simply don’t know meetings, in the use, he must first learn this Divergent Technique guiding, then control, like this he can better use this Divergent Technique. For one month, Zhao Hai for a while in being familiar with all kinds of Divergent Technique of meeting, some auxiliary Divergent Technique, he is also wanting, when uses other Divergent Technique generally at the same time uses that Divergent Technique, it can be said that crosses very laboriously. But this month of time, Zhao Hai has not forgotten to collect the Soaring Dragon Realm there information, this month, iron Zhan Tian they also started to move in various Soaring Dragon Realm places, this Soaring Dragon Realm very big, was not unexpectedly smaller than Cultivation World, but Cultivation World the camp, actually in a very remote place, there Spiritual Qi could be said as in entire Soaring Dragon Realm the nearest/recent place, all around did not have what good thing, typical barren land. Also can look from this point, status of Cultivation World in this Soaring Dragon Realm, is very obvious, the Cultivation World person's status in Soaring Dragon Realm is not much, on equivalent to Cultivation World there not proud some small Sect. Moreover iron Zhan Tian their also finally understand the Soaring Dragon Realm dangerous place, first time they exited from Cultivation World camp, has met several Monster Beast, these monster lids look like probably are the rabbits, at that time these rabbits were grazing, iron Zhan Tian they for a long time did not eat thing, the custom of also not having gone hunting, naturally cannot go to the report to annoy these rabbits, simultaneously they have not paid attention to these rabbits, when they have flown from the sky of these rabbit, these rabbit in stuck out suddenly attack to them suddenly, hit their one to be caught off guard. But makes iron Zhan Tian they be what is surprised, strength very formidable of these rabbits, basically have achieved unexpectedly the Transcends Tribulation Stage strength. When iron Zhan Tian they want to butcher these rabbits, suddenly clashes the innumerable such rabbits from all around, looks at the quantities of these rabbits, iron Zhan Tian they escaped decisively, they feared that they will die in in hand of these rabbits, if this passes on, that may lose disgraced in a big way. However this matter also gives iron Zhan Tian them to remind, tells iron Zhan Tian them, Soaring Dragon Realm here danger everywhere, can in Monster Beast that here lives, each one type of is not simple, if they is a little negligent, may fold in here. With just these rabbits, if iron Zhan Tian they late are running a while, possibly by these rabbits surrounding, a rabbit is not fearful, what is fearful is tens of thousands of rabbits, even if their these Immortal Stage Expert, is impossible to block besieging of these rabbits.

Immortal Stage Expert, was besieged by the rabbit lethal, thinks that iron Zhan Tian they feel absurd, but this situation real existence, this made iron Zhan Tian their later motions be careful. However is good because of the Cultivation World this camp surroundings does not have what capital faction, some people will not come here, will not come Monster Beast, therefore they can also defend Cultivation World the camp. Ouyang Yu also once for a while comes here to have a look, spoke thing that some Soaring Dragon Realm here must pay attention to them, the place that Cultivation World was, was in Soaring Dragon Realm very remote existence, if they also want any show, but also wants to enter True Spirit Realm, must walk toward Soaring Dragon Realm, there had the big city city that several True Spirit Realm cultivator constructed, you only then there, rushed out the positive result in there, will have a liking for by True Spirit Realm some Great Sect, join to True Spirit Realm Sect. Naturally True Spirit Realm there also has all kinds of Sect, like jade sword sect who Ouyang Yu is, is True Spirit Realm there medium grade Sect, Sect like jade sword sect, has not constructed the city in Soaring Dragon Realm here, they in the cities of here these Great Sect constructions, have supposed branch Hall, recruits disciple that some Great Sect do not want, supplemented own Sect. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, only then some Great Sect can construct the city, but these Great Sect strength very formidable, are the same on equivalent to Cultivation World there nine Great Sect, in spirit, Great Sect has plenty like nine Great Sect, is only Soaring Dragon Realm here big city has 81 , the city of shape has more than 400 fully, urban also more than 2000 of small shape, but these small shape cities, usually are some high grade Sect construct to produce, or in several shape Sect gathers to establish. Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator has plenty, here Monster Beast are however more, once for a while will have some Monster Beast rebellions, but the Soaring Dragon Realm here Space pressure also be bigger than Cultivation World there, cultivator does not fly in Soaring Dragon Realm here simply high, like iron Zhan Tian they, most can also fly about hundred meters, including some Monster Beast compares, but, big city that therefore Soaring Dragon Realm here constructs, not only to suspend attractively, but when the Monster Beast rebellion, these cities can help cultivator block the attack of Monster Beast.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }