Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1913

Zhao Hai hears this situation, some was speechless, he has not thought really that felt one probably were more live, this Soaring Dragon Realm situation, but also can't compare with Cultivation World, cultivator in Soaring Dragon Realm here, unexpectedly has become the weak hot community, was really the difficult imagination. However Ouyang Yu although in Soaring Dragon Realm here, but regarding iron Zhan Tian their help is limited, he join to the jade sword sect, must receive the sect's rules limit of jade sword sect now, but in True Spirit Realm there any one Sect sect's rules, has definite orders regulation, lets their these join to the Sect person, can not help to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm the person of Lower Realm Sect. This is rigid regulation, if Ouyang Yuzhen many gang iron Zhan Tian they, not only need be punished, they also meets Chapter 838 on noise-maker Zhan Tian The flying show was expelled True Spirit Realm, therefore is Ouyang Yuxiang helps him not dare. Iron Zhan Tian they have not entered to the Soaring Dragon Realm central zone now, they had tried to find out toward central zone there, but more is tried to find out that they are the worries, Monster Beast that because this they meet all the way, is one by one fierce, making them feel fearful and apprehensive. Zhao Hai sees this situation in Space, shaking the head of also can only not bear, he now is understand, why Soaring Dragon Realm there only received the Immortal Stage person to enter, because did not arrive at the Immortal Stage strength, entered Soaring Dragon Realm, was very difficult to protect oneself, the there Monster Beast strength was too strong. However this also strengthened Zhao Hai to enter the Soaring Dragon Realm thoughts, Cultivation World here, he was almost invincible existed, he needs to enter Advanced level plane. Zhao Hai most from the beginning ascend, what wants to have a look at Advanced level plane is, but Zhao Hai actually has not thought now, he wants Advanced level plane, he wants to have a look, what highest level plane is, plane after that also has higher level plane to exist, this is present Zhao Hai most wants to know. It looks like the people on Earth. When looks up to the starry sky, will unable to bear think, this Universe some Chapter 838 Flying unfolds. If Universe has the end, what that Universe end is? If the Universe end is a leafed door, that behind is anything, Zhao Hai wants to know now. In this strange, can keep the ascend place, his end point is anything. Now Zhao Hai regarding oneself all Divergent Technique used was very skillful, but he was unable to unify now with his Cultivation Method his Divergent Technique, even if this. Also lets his fighting strength, in time on a stair. Zhao Hai these days has been familiar with thing of meeting, at that time Universal Machine had not been idling, in light of situation that Zhao Hai before and Tu Qian fought, was unifying Divergent Technique and Cultivation Method of Zhao Hai itself meeting, was planning from suiting the Zhao Hai forms of combat, this point was very important.

But Zhao Hai closes up this month, Cultivation World here to is piece of calm. Nine Great Sect thorough honest. Moreover they biggest a piece worry has also removed, organization Immortal Stage Expert that they are accumulating now enters to Soaring Dragon Realm. although said majority of Immortal Stage Expert in nine Great Sect in entering the qualifications of Soaring Dragon Realm, but also part of Immortal Stage Expert can enter to Soaring Dragon Realm. But nine Great Sect can enter to the Soaring Dragon Realm Immortal Stage Expert quantity now is really too few, unexpectedly less than ten people, very obviously nine Great Sect compared with the Freedom Alliance clear Soaring Dragon Realm there danger, therefore they have not been making that several Immortal Stage Expert enter to Soaring Dragon Realm in anxiously. However nine Great Sect when know that Freedom Alliance has sent out Immortal Stage Expert to enter Soaring Dragon Realm. Also appeared somewhat anxious, they must actively prepare to allow the person to enter Soaring Dragon Realm. Very obviously Freedom Alliance there movement. Somewhat stimulated to nine Great Sect, at this matter. They were doomed to suffer a loss, because before them , was really too corrupt, now suffers a loss also normally. But Freedom Alliance here all very normal, iron Zhan Tian can be able Command Token to have the contact with Zhang Feng, naturally this Black Tiger Group know, but other Sect cultivating cheese, then carries on the relation through the signalling jade sword or jade slip, this also lets the Cultivation World here person, understood the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation. Wielding of Freedom Alliance here is very good, but these Sect show, actually can't compare with Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group after all invades before Heavenly Demon started to get ready, now was finally peaceful, moreover Black Tiger Group also obtained many good thing, was having Hundred Flower Valley this originally not weak Sect join in addition, the entire Black Tiger Group show can describe with ten thousand li in a day, many cultivator cultivation level, progress also very fast. Has the domain, is competent, has the commodity, has the person, now Black Tiger Group is anything does not lack, sole lacks is time, so long as the time arrived, Black Tiger Group can certainly become Cultivation World first Great Sect. Cultivation World entered big show time, but Drinking Elephant Mountain there of jade belt river, actually still all the year round hundred thousand person the people of first regiment guarded in there, Battle Sword Monument there burning incense has not broken. Time past bit by bit, one year quick on the past, this year time, Zhao Hai has almost not come out from Space, he continuously in Space the forms of combat of practicing own Divergent Technique and Cultivation Method unifies, this forms of combat want completely familiar, is not that easy, is good has Julie to be the trainer because of Zhao Hai, study is quick, however one year, Zhao Hai cannot completely grasp this forms of combat. But this year time, Zhao Hai has also left Space several times, but he has not contacted with the Black Tiger Group person, not person contacts with other Sect, the time of but in Space staying grew, he felt tired, will lead Laura they to come out to relax, went to Cultivation World here some unvisited, but the scenery very beautiful place well has played.

But this Zhao Hai in one time came out from Space, but his these time comes out from Space, actually to not play, because the time of first regiment training arrived, after this is the first regiment dismisses the first training, Zhao Hai must participate. When Zhao Hai appears in Drinking Elephant Mountain, Drinking Elephant Mountain here came many people, these people are the people of first regiment, they also know quickly to the first regiment training time, did not have what matter was ahead of time, in these people had Li Kuangge. But Li Kuangge in Great Axe Group, the first person in Core Disciple, after the Heavenly Demon invasions and with nine Great Sect wars, his disposition was also steadier, the person was also mature, now the status in Great Axe Group is higher, has taken over some Great Axe Group business slowly. although he now is very busy, but he is early arrived at Drinking Elephant Mountain here, because of his very clear, he early comes a little, can perhaps earlier see Zhao Hai, really made him guess right, Zhao Hai was also ahead of time Drinking Elephant Mountain here. Li Kuangge sees Zhao Hai, welcomed hastily, a face violent to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, I was more than one year has not seen you, heard that you did close up? I think that your this time training will not come.” Zhao Hai he he chuckle said : how I can not come, this is our first regiment first training, I have no alternative but to come, how many people now came?” Zhao Hai looked at all around one, the person who presently comes were many, had almost about half. Li Kuangge said : came the more than 3 million person, everyone/Great Clan very happy, moreover some people were starting to exchange some practice attainments, the although training has not started, but I look at the everyone/Great Clan interest probably very high appearance.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, this is good, our trainings, not only need concentrate to train everyone/Great Clan, most important is, we must make everyone/Great Clan exchange, exchange to practice on attainment experience, lets the everyone/Great Clan common progress, this is the main point of this training.” Li Kuangge nodded said : is, everyone/Great Clan also understand this point, therefore from carried on to exchange, moreover this year time, everyone/Great Clan had not the small progress, their some people went out to experiment time, but also helped mutually, has not forgotten your instruction.” Nod of Zhao Hai happy, his at heart actually somewhat is uncomfortable, he had not said to Li Kuangge that he presently after studying Divergent Technique, oneself practiced probably also changes quick, believed it will not take long, oneself almost can reach the Immortal Stage level, by that time, he feared that wanted the leave first regiment, leave Cultivation World, to be honest, he somewhat has not given up. However this is the cultivator destiny, he is also quite lucky, likely is some Rogue Cultivator, their, if entered Great Sect . Moreover the progress that the innate skill good words, can keep, to that time, he has had to face the one type of situation, that was his family member meets deaths in his front, that feeling was not absolutely good.

If Zhao Hai has existence of Space, the scene of this parting forever, his don’t know must experience many, even if has existence of Space, he also has to times face is saying goodbye with the friend not bears. However this mood vanished in Zhao Hai quickly at heart, turned into his day Demon Realm Cultivation Method nourishment, in fact this mood was also Heart's Demon one type of, if Zhao Hai did not have study day Demon Realm Cultivation Method, that this mood automatically transformation is Heart's Demon, although will not be strong, many of too but if accumulating, regarding Zhao Hai was not the good matter. Was good has studied the day of Demon Art method because of Zhao Hai, that this mood automatically turned into his one type of nutrient, making his mental well-illuminated. Afterward Zhao Hai also asked Li Kuangge this year practice, Li Kuangge practice is very good, Great Axe Group although settles on Li Kuangge, making Li Kuangge handle some in the gang business, but has not actually thought must make Li Kuangge take over Great Axe Group, after all Great Axe Group Gang Master the prime of life, is living several thousand years to fear that now will be will not have the issue, at this time made Li Kuangge take over Great Axe Group, was really too early a point. Moreover Li Kuangge, because follows Zhao Hai is very near, strength progressive quick, has to attack the Immortal Stage possibility, therefore Great Axe Group to Li Kuangge the spirit will not use, in processing helps in the service, therefore his present practice time is a lot, progress also very fast. Three days later, cultivator of all first regiments, arrived at Drinking Elephant Mountain here, the first training official start of first regiment. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }