Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1914

This time training Zhao Hai book thinks that will have some people not to have the means to participate, what makes him not think, was all people came unexpectedly, this let Zhao Hai very happy. This time training time is not long, Zhao Hai originally is thinks the first training two months, but now presently is actually not the line, because of the time too long words of training, does not have what use regarding the people of first regiment, instead time that attended the meeting they to practice by mistake, therefore Zhao Hai has to change to one month the time of this time training, one month did not calculate to be long regarding cultivator, can communicate under one to practice the attainment with these many people, these person on feeling not come in vain. Zhao Hai naturally not only also makes these people train, he also has carried simultaneously on the exchange with these people, told these people own some practice attainments, this lets these cultivator of first regiment, profits significantly. One month of training quick on the past, the people of first regiment in time divergence, Zhao Hai also returned to in Black Tiger Group, started their practice. Also has used for six months, Zhao Hai finally Divergent Technique and Cultivation Method complete union in together, has created to belong to his, unique forms of combat. Zhao Hai present, Divergent Technique and Cultivation Method are different, some Cultivation Method, when your level high time, in suiting you have used, before Zhao Hai these Magic that studies, waits for low level time, Magic is very easy-to-use, but level high time, Magic has almost not used. However Divergent Technique is different, Divergent Technique looks like the person inborn one type of instinct, your strength, Divergent Technique also with increasing, in other words, no matter in any situation, Divergent Technique will not be obsolete, can use, this is very essential regarding Zhao Hai, because after is, he has learned formidable Cultivation Method, he will also strike the method compared with others many merit, his fighting strength also compared with others on strong many. One -and-a-half years of time. Zhao Hai has used one -and-a-half years of time, learn how fights with the person with own Divergent Technique, by own strength complete wields. Is Zhao Hai has not thought. Then Zhao Hai must carry on a more important practice, that uses own Divergent Technique to feel that this world the myriad things, felt existence of potential, this is very important. This point regarding Zhao Hai is not an easy matter. With carries on communicate with Wood element Divergent Technique with trees, that will make the thought of Zhao Hai very slow, perhaps he felt one in using the thought of big tree several hours later, but outside already passing good several days. Moreover besides with trees communicate beside, Zhao Hai has not carried on communicate with own Divergent Technique with other Item now. His can also don’t know succeed, but can succeed, he must try. This Cai'er they cannot add on Zhao Hai has been busy, Zhao Hai can only by oneself, before must use various Divergent Technique communicate Item, Zhao Hai wanted the first rest some time, these days he patronized has been practicing, spiritual force felt somewhat exhaustedly. Therefore he wants rest well. First has taken a bath in Hot Spring. Later Zhao Hai wore spacious sleeping robe to arrive in the villa, on Laura their look at screens Soaring Dragon Realm there situation. More than one year, Freedom Alliance has sent 50 Immortal Stage Expert to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, but nine Great Sect also sufficiently collected 20 Immortal Stage Expert to enter Soaring Dragon Realm.

Because before Freedom Alliance here has iron Zhan Tian they hit fights, after entering Soaring Dragon Realm, not too many illness. But after nine Great Sect these Immortal Stage Expert entered Soaring Dragon Realm , they have not had any contradiction with iron Zhan Tian. Instead to is being together good of , because of these person of very clear. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, nobody manages you are nine Great Sect person or the Freedom Alliance person, in here their status, only then one, that is the Cultivation World person, they are the Cultivation World people, others will also regard the Cultivation World person to look them that but will not manage your anything nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance. Can achieve Immortal Stage, does not have that is the fool, even if they have anything to hate in Cultivation World there, to Soaring Dragon Realm here, must all put aside the hatred. Because of cooperation of two groups of people, their although, only then 80 people, but they had actually found to their camp nearest/recent small town, and started to move in there. Why before Zhao Hai now is also understand Cultivation World, did not construct own camp in that small town, because you want to live in small town, needs to collect fees, but they received unexpectedly all was high grade Crystal Stone, stayed for day in that small town, needed 100 high grade Crystal Stone, this was a price of person. although said that Cultivation World here can go to Soaring Dragon Realm cultivator, person who has the status, their net worth also not poor, however such information actually they cannot withstand, therefore the Cultivation World person, can only find the place to establish camp outside. In fact the majority of Lower Realm person arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm there is this situation, the True Spirit Realm there person was really not counting on by receiving the house rent made money, their this was must set up a gate ridge, making these arrive at Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator, time at the competition condition, stirred up their even bigger potential. But Zhao Hai now and don’t know these, but iron Zhan Tian they are know that does not have the means that can only rest in Cultivation World camp, cannot in the city be dull. The most in these small town living is some True Spirit Realm there Sect people, they can some in the city department duty, iron Zhan Tian they be able to receive these duty, after completing duty, they will obtain some duty to reward, but these duty rewards are actually very extraordinary, most at least they looks like in iron Zhan Tian, these duty rewards may be good thing. Besides can obtain these thing, they can also obtain an impression mark, this impression mark plays duty according to you or not, completes any quality, completes any time to grade to you, the impression mark is high, naturally will have Sect to look for you, receives you to Sect. However this duty may not complete easily, first did not say Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast has how fiercely, is duty that these Sect release come, is not good to complete, their sometimes needs some ores, sometimes needs some herbal medicine, but these thing, they will not tell you there to produce, will only depend on a you general position, was completed duty by you, regarding iron Zhan Tian their these to the Soaring Dragon Realm not familiar person, completes the duty difficulty is big increased. Moreover a little, let complete the duty difficulty to increase. That was this duty is not you have met information, did not choose duty only, but chose duty. The people have met, others can also meet, if others have completed duty before you, he can obtain more impression marks. But your possibly one point cannot obtain, this is iron Zhan Tian they an impression mark most difficult pass/test. Because of this, for many years, iron Zhan Tian they only completed several duty in this year, although also obtained some rewards. However the impression mark they have not obtained many, these duty that because they complete, compared with others evening, thing that but some duty, need does not take one, but many wants many because of this, therefore iron Zhan Tian they can complete some duty, because completes compared with others evening. Naturally could not obtain too many impression marks. If must describe the Soaring Dragon Realm here living environment with a word. That only then a word is most appropriate, that is brutal, if must make iron Zhan Tian they use a word to describe one to the feeling of Soaring Dragon Realm, that also has a word to be most appropriate, that is the abyss of suffering.

Brutal living environment, intense incomparable competition. Makes iron Zhan Tian they have the feeling that one type of experiences one day like a year, now they are understand. Why entered these cultivator in Soaring Dragon Realm, exited later to stiffen. Saves in such environment comes forth, keen competition that frequently carried on, they think that does not stiffen also difficultly. More than one year of time, iron Zhan Tian their strengths became stronger, but their first time exited, still extremely careful, because of Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast formidable. Iron Zhan Tian they heard, once about hundred people squads, when makes duty, intruded in a strength formidable Monster Beast domain, hundred people of squads were living finally less than ten people, but was living these people, soon crazy, immediately leave Soaring Dragon Realm, this is the real event, because of this matter, making iron Zhan Tian they have to be careful. Can come the Soaring Dragon Realm here person, is the Immortal Stage strengths, the squad that about hundred people Immortal Stage Expert compose, almost wiped out by Monster Beast unexpectedly, obviously the Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast strength is formidable how, iron Zhan Tian they, if don’t know is careful, that was really lived in vain. Zhao Hai looks at a Soaring Dragon Realm there situation, iron Zhan Tian they have been resting in that known as Palestine Woods City small town that they were familiar with now, although they cannot living of long time in good, however daytime time in the there rest, but soon night time, in Palestinian Woods City will be good to carry on one time to clear, all has not matched the person of belt Palestine Woods City lodging sign, will be been clear in Bahrain, because like this, will therefore have cultivator few in Palestinian Woods City rest too long time, because the evening was the Monster Beast most active time, if they must when continuously in the evening expelled. Words, they danger. Zhao Hai also paid attention to iron Zhan Tian their situation, iron Zhan Tian their originally had 80 people, but after passing through for more than one year the fights, now their only remaining 73 people, seven Immortal Stage Expert fallen in Soaring Dragon Realm there, even if were iron Zhan Tian, received the several times wound, he can directly carry on communicate with Cultivation World fortunately, Freedom Alliance has sent to many medicine to him, he was. Does Zhao Hai turn the head their said : What happened? also to think the Soaring Dragon Realm there matter to Laura? feel relieved, I want to wait for me to arrive at Immortal Stage, even if not enter Soaring Dragon Realm, can get so far as inside thing.” Reason that Zhao Hai said that because of a quite depressed matter, although iron Zhan Tian summoning Command Token brought in Soaring Dragon Realm, but Zhao Hai did not have the means to use the Liquid Silver needle and Liquid Silver dust in Soaring Dragon Realm there, Soaring Dragon Realm content that also in other words, Zhao Hai saw, can only be the place that iron Zhan Tian had been, iron Zhan Tian has not gone to the place, his simply could not see. Also a little also makes Zhao Hai very depressed, that he does not have the means through summoning Command Token adopts Soaring Dragon Realm there plants and ore, Soaring Dragon Realm there Law of Space, has an inborn repel feeling to his spiritual force probably. Zhao Hai also understand, Hu Dingshan they said now that does not arrive at Immortal Stage, your Soaring Dragon Realm could not go, Zhao Hai although has used the method of this being opportunistic, has found out the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation, but Soaring Dragon Realm there Law of the Heaven and Earth, still has the one type of natural repel feeling regarding Zhao Hai spiritual force, therefore Zhao Hai can only understand in Soaring Dragon Realm now very small part, moreover many Cultivation Method in Space almost do not have the means in the Soaring Dragon Realm there use. However a little arrives is also makes Zhao Hai satisfy, that is he can through summoning Command Token delivers to Soaring Dragon Realm there to go Undead Creature, this most minimum iron Zhan Tian security were many a guarantee. Iron Zhan Tian also truly is uses to summon Command Token, if did not summon Undead Creature in Command Token, iron Zhan Tian feared that now was died. However Zhao Hai has also experimented, he can only deliver to Soaring Dragon Realm to go Immortal Stage Undead Creature, does not arrive at Immortal Stage Undead Creature, simply cannot deliver, this also makes Zhao Hai know the Soaring Dragon Realm there Law of the Heaven and Earth fierce place.

Because of this, Zhao Hai will say, so long as he arrived at Immortal Stage, even if not enter Soaring Dragon Realm, can get so far as Soaring Dragon Realm thing, his some are not convinced. Laura smiles said : to be all right, we want to take a look at Soaring Dragon Realm there to live anything, I think that Uncle Tie Shi their it will not take long wanted leave Palestine Woods City, Palestinian Woods City too small, had Sect to let their join in there, was some small Sect, join did not have what meaning.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : wanted leave Palestine Woods City, but this Soaring Dragon Realm was also ruthless enough, used their in the city Transmission Formation to return to camp, one time must receive a piece high level Crystal Stone to take the expense, was ruthless enough.” Laura they have smiled, must say that this expense to others, possibly is a matter, but regarding Zhao Hai is actually simply is not a matter, Crystal Stone that in Space that many Crystal Stone mineral lode, in the Crystal Stone mineral lode produce now, worst is high level Crystal Stone, Zhao Hai, if entered Soaring Dragon Realm, even if does nothing, daily lives in these in the city, using that his Crystal Stone is also having more than enough. Zhao Hai looked at a screen, what does not have specially, he then turned the head their said : nearest/recent just to practice to Laura, I was somewhat tired, wants to rest some time, what kind, has place that what wants to go to? Our well plays several days.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but two eyes one bright, then turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your saying I also really remembered a matter to come, this matter was very important regarding us, we want to call this opportunity, this matter managing.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Laura said : what matter? Said such treats a matter seriously?” Laura smiles to Zhao Hai, in eye flashes through a cunning color, said : does business, we want to do business!”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }