Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1915

Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that cannot help but stares, then puzzled does said : do business? Does business? Currently in Space what had, we also with doing business?” Laura shows a faint smile said : bored, when hit the time . Moreover the business that we must do, did not do in Cultivation World, but did business with other plane.” Zhao Hai stares, puzzled look at Laura does said : do business with other plane? What meaning? Do you want to do business with that plane? Soaring Dragon Realm there we may unable to go in now.” Laura smiles said : we not to think must do business with Soaring Dragon Realm there, didn't this time we receive eight new plane to enter Space? How many plane we want with that to do business, day Demon Realm there , do you look? Moreover after there are these business, later Elder Brother Hai you put out that several plane thing to come, nobody will say anything, these thing, you can the use of open and aboveboard.” Zhao Hai one hear of Laura said that to stares, then he thinks that nodded said : line, if you like making, thing in Space may tossing about of your vigor, I don't care.” Laura they, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai to agree that is cheering, several women ran up to first even/including Digu to go, Zhao Hai has not cared, but look at they showed a faint smile, tossed about along with them. Now various commodities in Space have numerous number, Zhao Hai already in don’t know Space now many good thing, but these thing, some he is not good to take the use, especially other Interface thing. He better is not good to take the use. If Laura they do really this business. His these thing can open and aboveboard took with, before he does not dare to do business, that was because his strength was insufficient, if he did business at that time, by nine Great Sect present, must give to rob his business directly, moreover full world chased down him. Now he did business has actually not been being afraid, he did not look for the troubles of nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect have burnt the high-grade incense, nine Great Sect that also dare to move his business. That is not pure courting death. look at Laura they in fiery that the one side chatted, Zhao Hai has not been serious, but has also evoked his some curiosity, he changed to Dragon Soul the picture on screen. Dragon Soul is Interface that Tu Qian is. Must say that Zhao Hai also really obtained many advantage from Tu Qian that otherwise his present Divergent Technique fights Fighting Technique, but also does not have the means to be perfect.

Dragon Soul Interface there although is not deficient commodity, because of there by the desert give priority to place, the living environment has fallen far short compared with Cultivation World, the commodity does not have Cultivation World here to be rich. Before Zhao Hai paid attention to Dragon Soul there, after all Dragon Soul there existed is not a day or two, the person of Dragon Soul can use commodity practice in their Interface, moreover can struggle this to enter Soaring Dragon Realm opportunity, obviously their practice method had the place of its alone [say / way]. Therefore before Zhao Hai, has not thought must go to their there to do business. Compared with Soaring Dragon Realm there, Dragon Soul here Space pressure almost equal to does not have, Zhao Hai can observe entire Dragon Soul with ease, naturally, he now had found also Tu Qian. Tu Qian now although was Immortal Stage Expert, because he just entered Immortal Stage, but also did not have the qualifications to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, in adding on Dragon Soul there also can't compare with Cultivation World, before Cultivation World, has contacted Soaring Dragon Realm most minimum, knows that there was any situation. Before Dragon Soul, may not have to contact Soaring Dragon Realm, they and in don’t know Soaring Dragon Realm is any situation, therefore their a batch send Immortal Stage Expert in Soaring Dragon Realm is not many, has 30 people, but these 30 people. Absolutely is the elite in Dragon Soul, but Tu Qian just entered the Immortal Stage person. Naturally does not have the qualifications to be, although he was the Dragon Soul hero, however at this matter, the person in Dragon Soul too will actually not take care of him, after all the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation was too special. Tu Qian is practicing now, stabilizes own boundary, to does not have sharply to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm, this arrived is makes Zhao Hai hold in high esteem to him. Besides Dragon Soul, Zhao Hai looked at several other Realms situation, several other Interface situations, are better on some than Dragon Soul, several Interface situations are also similar to Cultivation World, because after is not with an Interface, therefore each an Interface has own unique thing, if can carry on supplementary various plane thing, perhaps also really can make various plane strengths obtain certain promotion. Day after day Demon Realm there Zhao Hai has looked, Zhao Hai also wants to do business with day Demon Realm, after all, Zhao Hai I do not have what hatred with day Demon Realm, he has also studied day Demon Realm Cultivation Method, strict, he is half Heavenly Demon Race person. However because of the Heavenly Demon Race person long somewhat special, Zhao Hai wants to do business with them, first has the contact to be good with Heavenly Demon Race, although Zhao Hai inside Vermillion Bird Seal has many Heavenly Demon, but these Heavenly Demon have turned over to him, with general Heavenly Demon temperament is different, Heavenly Demon Race person eyes can distinguish, therefore makes these Heavenly Demon do business definitely is incorrect, Zhao Hai must personal visits the Heavenly Demon Race talented person line. Thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately has changed the black long gown, this arrived is makes Laura they stare, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, do you want to do? Can exit?” Meg is reorganizing the Zhao Hai clothes, while to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you didn't say must well rest several days? How can exit?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, do not do business, other plane to said fortunately that with person long similar of Cultivation World here, you do business, so long as the strength suffices to be able relaxed doing business, but day Demon Realm there is not good, I planned that day Demon Realm there, chatted with Heavenly Demon Race these fellows, making them allow you to do business in there, I think that they will not give me this face.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, Laura cannot help but face affected said : Elder Brother Hai, has not thought that you went for us unexpectedly, or do not go, we did not do business and that's the end, in any case us in Heavenly Demon Race there at the worst do business also to play, has not thought must make how much money with these business.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, was rare you to find a matter to do, I also went to say one hear of hello with the day Demon Realm person, was right, you did business, remembers that must make these Immortal Stage Undead Creature protect you, do not have an accident.” Laura they also know certainly that Zhao Hai will not have the matter, they hope that Zhao Hai rest well, they know that Zhao Hai in this year half, but does not have to rest well, has fought Fighting Technique in research Divergent Technique, is very laborious. However Zhao Hai must go, they have not been blocking, but nodded, after Zhao Hai wore the clothes, smiles Laura they to beckon with the hand, then the personal appearance moved, appears in day of Demon Realm. Day Demon Realm here Zhao Hai is not the first time, previous time comes time, he day Demon Realm stirring Heaven and Earth turning upside down, these time by his status, naturally was unable to say Demon Sect such young landlord, but arrived in day of Demon Realm directly biggest Sect Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect here. Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect absolutely is in day Demon Realm most top Great Sect, but this Great Sect is some day of Demon Realm person few people knows that Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect does not reveal in the outside reputation, strength insufficient Heavenly Demon simply don’t know their existences, Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect below has several branch Hall, but these branch Hall do not exist in the name of Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, but exists in a one Sect form, most important is, these Sect famous of very in day Demon Realm. But when beforehand Heavenly Demon Race invades Cultivation World Demon Race big Commander, is the character who Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect exits, is one of the Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect Sacred Lord candidates, but when Heavenly Demon Race invades Cultivation World majority of Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon is the person in Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, can say that Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect is sacred land in day Demon Realm. The place that Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect is, in the remote mountain, outside of this remote mountain, is the day Demon Realm several Great Sect domains, general Heavenly Demon do not want to enter this mountain, can say that this mountain became Heavenly Demon Race Forbidden Land. Because here is Forbidden Land, therefore simply nobody comes, even if some people come, that also immediately by presently, the here defensive measure is very strict. Zhao Hai just not long after of appears in Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, by the Heavenly Demon Race person present, large quantities of Heavenly Demon Zhao Hai encircling, these days demon worst unexpectedly is the Transcends Tribulation Stage strengths, but strongest that unexpectedly is Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon.

These Heavenly Demon two blood red eyes look at Zhao Hai, they can feel clearly that Zhao Hai is Cultivation World cultivator, they just in the Cultivation World there disastrous defeat, naturally want to kill quickly then Zhao Hai. However at this moment, actually hears Heavenly Demon deep voice said : to be slow, stops to me.” Heavenly Demon that these are preparing to begin goes along the prestige, actually presently this is Transcends Tribulation Stage Heavenly Demon, but this Heavenly Demon status is some are not ordinary, because before he is, Heavenly Demon army one of the several Commander, Moli Ke. Moli Ke face heavy look at Zhao Hai, then he holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : „, but Mr. Zhao Hai face to face?” Zhao Hai also holds the fist in the other hand to Moli Ke said : Moli Ke Commander, Zhao Hai was courteous.” Hears the Zhao Hai name, one of the all around Heavenly Demon bang chaotic, Zhao Hai this name, regarding day Demon Realm Heavenly Demon, likes thunder reverberating in one's ears absolutely, the quick ginseng stopped the children/my son morbid night crying in day Demon Realm here, although many Heavenly Demon don’t know Zhao Hai long what, but had actually heard the Zhao Hai name, has not actually thought that Zhao Hai unexpectedly appears in day of Demon Realm. Moli Ke has not paid attention to these Heavenly Demon, but is look at Zhao Hai said : does not know that mister does come today, does do? Can it be that wants to make war with our day Demon Realm?” Zhao Hai one hear of Moli Ke said that cannot help but laughed said : Moli Ke mister to chat, if my Zhao Hai must want to make war with day Demon Realm, already began, has no need to wait till the present, this time I came day Demon Realm here, really held the peace manner to come, exactly said that I was discuss the business.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }