Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1916

Moli Ke puzzled look at Zhao Hai, can it be that deep voice said : „is mister cracking a joke? What business our day does Demon Realm have to be good to do with your Cultivation World?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Moli Ke Commander, you possibly are the misunderstanding, my these time does not represent Cultivation World to come, but represents me, discussion business that I said that is also I must do business, therefore comes to discuss with Heavenly Demon Race that does not have no relationship with Cultivation World.[.]” Moli Ke one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his look at Zhao Hai said : can it be that is mister cracking a joke?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „is not cracking a joke below absolutely, asked Moli Ke Commander generation of Zhao Hai to notify one, this time I had the good intentions to come.” The Moli Ke look at Zhao Hai appearance, nodded said : I to believe mister, this gives mister to notify, by the mister status, when will not use any method, you greeted mister, cannot have slightly impolitely.” These Heavenly Demon have complied with one, each and every one actually curious look at Zhao Hai, now Heavenly Demon army although has dismissed, but these once Heavenly Demon Commander, the status may not be low, looks like Cultivation World is the same, day Demon Realm here also wants to look for Immortal Stage Expert to be easy, but wants to discover qualified Commander is actually very difficult, therefore the person like Moli Ke, the status in day Demon Realm is very high. These Heavenly Demon to Zhao Hai to are very polite, they also know that the Zhao Hai status, knows fierce of Zhao Hai, if really Zhao Hai provoking anger, feared that was Zhao Hai must wield armed forces attack day Demon Realm, now day Demon Realm does not think that was living the war. Welcome have rested to following Cave Mansion Zhao Hai, Moli Ke on hurried went to Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect General Hall there, looks Heavenly Demon army big Commander. Heavenly Demon army big Commander is one of the Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect Sacred Lord candidates, was called Sacred Child, his known as Mo Zhentian, is the talent that in day Demon Realm became famous, is not only Immortal Stage Expert, on commanding a war, can say that he is at present Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect here call highest Sacred Child. Before , withdraws from the Cultivation World matter, does not have what influence to his status, because therefore participates in that big Zhan Tian demon understand. If not Mo Zhentian, they feared that did not come back. Therefore because of the Cultivation World matter, Mo Zhentian not only does not have therefore to reduce obtains the possibility in position of Sacred Lord, instead to was makes him increase several stratagem which ensures success. In Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect several Sacred Child, his call is highest. Moli Ke to Mo Zhentian Cave Mansion beside, to Mo Zhentian Cave Mansion said loudly: Reported Sir Sacred Child, the Cultivation World Zhao Hai interview.”

Does the Mo Zhentian sound convey said : Zhao Hai? Did he come? Comes to speak.” Moli Ke has complied with one, half step entered Cave Mansion. This is very big Cave Mansion. In Cave Mansion is a hall, Mo Zhentian is sitting in the day Demon King place, in his hand is taking a piece jade slip, obviously at processing matter. Moli Ke that look at that however now his two eyes decides comes. Moli Ke to his gave a salute, Mo Zhentian beckoned with the hand said : to consider as finished, said that what's the matter? Why Zhao Hai running day Demon Realm? Does he want to make war with us?” Moli Ke shook the head said : to return to the words of Sir Sacred Child, Zhao Hai this time is discusses the business.” Mo Zhentian did said : discuss business? What business did Zhao Hai discuss with us?” Moli Ke deep voice said : Zhao Hai said that is he must do business with our day Demon Realm. Does not have no relationship with Cultivation World. Sir Sacred Child you looked that can see him?” Mo Zhentian thinks that deep voice said : sees, must see him, Zhao Hai strength formidable, offends him is not the good matter. Right, informs several other Sacred Child and Immortal. Let them see Zhao Hai with my together.” Moli Ke complied with one, turn around has arranged. Before long several Heavenly Demon Race people arrived at Mo Zhentian Cave Mansion, these Heavenly Demon Race person very special, they long is similar to Cultivation World cultivator, only then the eye is different, if their eyes are the same with Cultivation World cultivator, they said that they are Cultivation World some cultivator people believe. After how many people arrives at the Mo Zhentian hall to sit down, looks like 30 -year-old left Heavenly Demon look at Mo Zhentian said : town day, what matter are you such anxiously looking to have us? I heard that probably had Cultivation World cultivator to come? Real?” Mo Zhentian nodded said : real, comes the person is Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai is fierce I to think that everyone/Great Clan also knows, but this time he actually does not come to make war with us, said that comes to discuss the business with us, I made Moli Ke invite him, what to wants to have a look in his bottle gourd to sell was any medicine.”

Another looks like very young, probably only then under 20-year-old Heavenly Demon, curled the lip said : I to want to take a look at this Zhao Hai to have you to say is so mysterious.” Mo Zhentian looked at this Heavenly Demon one, has not been saying anything, this Heavenly Demon called Mo Potian, was one of the Sacred Child, but was youngest one, was one of the most talent, but also because of him extremely in talent, all very extremely arrogant. Previous Heavenly Demon army invades Cultivation World, he is closing up attacks Immortal Stage, has not participated, now he is Immortal Stage Heavenly Demon, naturally extremely arrogant. Moreover this person also with Mo Zhentian very does not cope , because of this, therefore everywhere does with Mo Zhentian right, all Mo Zhentian said to matter, he must speak incorrectly, this also makes Mo Zhentian very helpless, these time happen to with the hand of Zhao Hai, well teaches his. In this time, out of the door has been transmitting Moli Ke sound speaking sounds: Sir Sacred Child, Mr. Zhao Hai.” Mo Zhentian has stood from the day Demon King place, walks outward, walks while he he chuckle said : not to think that Mr. Zhao Hai arrived in our day Demon Realm unexpectedly, cannot welcome below, was really disrespectful.” Sees Mo Zhentian this appearance, Mo Potian stares, the demon town is one is not weak in his talent, but his day Demon Realm here person has thought Mo Zhentian must have innate skill in the command(er) aspect compared with him, therefore he everywhere will do with Mo Zhentian right, but also because of this, therefore he to Mo Zhentian completely understand, the Mo Zhentian arrogance, is not absolutely weak in him, will not have any good complexion to the average person, now actually initiative greets Zhao Hai, and has not seen Zhao Hai, on said first on modesty, this is really some cannot think by Mo Potian, this. Make him to Zhao Hai more curious. Beyond this passing through the gate a temperate sound conveys said : Zhao Hai to take the liberty visit, was really somewhat offensive, asking Sacred Child also to be offended is good.” Because Mo Potian has not exited, therefore has not seen Zhao Hai, but one hear of this sounds he actually cannot help but has had a favorable impression to the person, this arrives is makes the Mo Potian facial expression one strict, because he presently in this person of sound probably is bringing spiritual force, probably is Spiritual Attack one type of, but he can affirm, comes definitely has not used Spiritual Attack, this was also practices Spiritual Attack to certain degree, therefore his every action and every movement naturally, every word and deeds can the belt silk spiritual force, but person like this, was often representing the danger, extremely danger. He is thinking these times, Mo Zhentian entered Cave Mansion with Zhao Hai, other people in Cave Mansion, just also exited to greet Zhao Hai with Mo Zhentian, only then Mo Potian has not moved, now these many people come, presently only then his haughty sitting in there, this makes Mo Zhentian really feel somewhat awkwardly. However was good because of Mo Zhentian immediately responded, he showed a faint smile said : to come to Zhao Hai, mister, I gave you to present, this was Mo Potian, was the same to me, was my Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect Sacred Child, talent that but the broken day in my day Demon Realm became famous, young is Immortal Stage Expert, great.”

Zhao Hai looked that Mo Zhentian and Mo Potian appearance knows these two what's the matter, he have shown a faint smile said : Zhao Hai to see broken day Sacred Child to Mo Potian, Sacred Child was courteous.” Mo Potian look at Zhao Hai, coldly snorted said : „are you Zhao Hai? Your courage is not small, has killed my day Demon Realm that my person, really also has the courage to run up to our day Demon Realm to come, really acts recklessly.” The Zhao Hai look at Mo Potian appearance, shows a faint smile said : my courage is not very big, therefore I never handle the matter that has not grasped.” Said that no longer pay attention to Mo Potian, turns the head to Mo Zhentian said : town day Sacred Child, everybody, these time to do business to come.” Mo Zhentian looked at Zhao Hai to sweep the Mo Potian appearance, was looking at Mo Potian that already pale piece of complexion, cannot help but he he chuckle said : mister was really too polite, mister please sit down, I to was very curious, don’t know mister have any business to with our day Demon Realm do.” Several other people of also look at Zhao Hai, their understand just Zhao Hai went against the Mo Potian those words the meaning, the meaning of Zhao Hai is to tell Mo Potian, my courage is not big, therefore I do not handle the matter that has not grasped, in other words, this time I come day Demon Realm, is the having confidence whole body draws back, your Mo Potian could not have threatened me. Some impolite that although Zhao Hai this saying said that what these Heavenly Demon Race people have not said that because they to thought right that Zhao Hai said that the Zhao Hai strength is placed in there, can summon 180 Immortal Stage Undead Creature to come conveniently, depends on your Mo Potian to dare to threaten Zhao Hai? Really acts recklessly. After Zhao Hai sits down, shows a faint smile said : to Mo Zhentian town day mister, actually everybody definitely does not need to report to me has the hostility, day Demon Realm and Cultivation World has a grudge, does this enmity come? Also is not because enters the Soaring Dragon Realm matter, now day Demon Realm and Cultivation World, entered Soaring Dragon Realm, that this enmity did not have, although you and I both sides died many people, but I believe that now our pair not suitable in fighting, how you and I both sides enter Soaring Dragon Realm, I think that everyone/Great Clan is clear, did not fear that told the sentence truth to everybody, that inspection, I know person who day Demon Realm sends in there, but I have not gone to him, moreover in that inspection, my minimum butchered about hundred people, this has also helped everybody busy. If we are fighting, that next time Soaring Dragon Realm comments greatly, can we also enter to Soaring Dragon Realm have not said, if we do not fight, that next time comments greatly, we feared that does not need to participate in anything to inspect can keep Soaring Dragon Realm there, such isn't it better?( to be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }