Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1917

Mo Zhentian they static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, in just Zhao Hai words although probably somewhat illegibile place, but these people are who that understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, just Zhao Hai that words must already tell them, he to Heavenly Demon Race not many evil intention, and has helped busy of Heavenly Demon Race. This point Mo Zhentian they to are believe that the Zhao Hai status is placed in there, in their opinion, the Zhao Hai also filings in lie at this matter. After waiting for Zhao Hai saying that some truth that Mo Zhentian look at Zhao Hai said : mister said that but I was doing business that do not understand mister said am any meaning.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to fear that with everybody me, I am Space Divergent Warlock am not fake, however my Space Divergent Technique somewhat is different from others' Space Divergent Technique, I can free back and forth in day Demon Realm and Cultivation World, an influence point, I did not have evil intention to Heavenly Demon Race, otherwise, everybody was returned to day of Demon Realm, I can still chase down.” Mo Zhentian they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that slightly gawked, was complexion some is not quite then attractive, they to were believe that Zhao Hai said that because of Zhao Hai on sitting of perfectly clear in their front, they thinks that now does not believe was not good, making them feel what was anxious was Zhao Hai the ability, free came returned to Cultivation World and between day Demon Realm, this to their threats was really too big. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : not to have the heart of battle below, but can actually improve the exchange of 2 Realms, lets a 2 Realms quicker show. Moreover is the peaceful show. Several understand, in 2 Realms thing of some alone thing, these thing are various Realm is in sole possession, if 2 Realms can launch this exchange, can obtain another thing, this regarding 2 Realms is the good matter, below, wants to work as Merchant, opens some shops in 2 Realms, how does everybody think?” understand. Mo Zhentian their understand, several people cannot help but have lowered the head to ponder, is thinking the feasibility of the matter Zhao Hai said. In this time, Mo Potian actually silently said that just had not spoken: „It is not good. I did not agree.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at this Mo Potian does, show a faint smile said : why don’t know mister not to agree?” Mo Potian sneers said : I not to agree that your Zhao Hai is a Cultivation World people, actually runs up to my day Demon Realm to open the shop, you said that you are what mind? Can it be that wants to inquire that my day Demon Realm actual situation is inadequate?” Mo Zhentian they, as soon as listened to Mo Potian saying that also one face vigilant look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at Mo Potian one, smiles said : „the inquiry day Demon Realm actual situation? Your also too underestimated I, my Zhao Hai participated in Heavenly Demon to practice wushu. That time Heavenly Demon practices wushu is not very normal, I estimated that day Demon Realm will certainly invade Cultivation World, at that time, how many your day Demon Realm must dispatch troops, dispatches troops in there, my Zhao Hai is clear, if not want to use your hands, was painful to the dozen nine Great Sect, making our Black Tiger Group a Cultivation World big influence, you think day Demon Realm army can that smooth arrived at Cultivation World to go? You think my Zhao Hai in hand these Undead Creature. Suspends is playing? Speaks the truth with you, majority of terrains in your day Demon Realm I already knew, naturally also includes this Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect, only then some specially important Forbidden Land terrain my don’t know, but these are immaterial. Moreover I do not remember in day Demon Realm here, otherwise I will not sit in here. My target is Soaring Dragon Realm, is Soaring Dragon Realm above Interface.” Mo Potian sneers said :to be short in there boasts the atmosphere, if you understood really my day Demon Realm, so has been honest, Does not come our day Demon Realm. ”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand moves, in his hand appears the a piece astrolabe, this astrolabe preparation said that generally is Cultivation World is used, when map use, in Cultivation World here also is really not any good thing. After Zhao Hai puts out the astrolabe, latter moves, his in hand astrolabe was activated, a set of maps appears above the astrolabe, Mo Zhentian they had not thought anything most from the beginning, but looked at a while several people of complexion changed, because they presently on Zhao Hai in hand this astrolabe the appears map, unexpectedly is the day Demon Realm domain, moreover was not the map of day Demon Realm that area, was day Demon Realm overall view. Day Demon Realm overall view, even if their Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect in hand does not have, because must make a such map is really too difficult, even if Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect almost cannot achieve, some Sect Forbidden Land, or General Hall, possibly does not make you put in the map, otherwise that was to others provocation, but now Zhao Hai has put out day Demon Realm overall view unexpectedly, how this made them not startled. On although Zhao Hai this map also some places are the blanks, obviously the there terrain he has not received in the astrolabe, but day Demon Realm majority of terrains actually all on map, blank place very few, only then some Great Sect General Hall or Forbidden Land are the blanks, Sect of some dot, their General Hall and Forbidden Land clear appears on map. Mo Zhentian their each and every one looks at the cold sweat to brave, if Zhao Hai takes this map to attack day Demon Realm, their day Demon Realm really played the egg. In here, heard ‚’, Mo Potian one was jumping, a claw grasped toward Zhao Hai, this grasped firm as a mountain, obviously he left fully. Mo Zhentian they stare, then complexion changes, they have not thought that Mo Potian must to Zhao Hai make a move, Mo Zhentian just about to stop Mo Potian, don’t know has actually thought of anything, has not stopped. Zhao Hai also already noted Mo Potian, this Mo Potian had looked he is not pleasing to the eyes, when just spoke, in the eye is the killing intent twinkle, Zhao Hai knows that this fellow moved killing intent to him, but he has not thought that this fellow moved. However Zhao Hai does not fear him, must say before him, is not the Immortal Stage Expert match, can only use the Body-maneuvering Technique words from Bulgaria, that present Zhao Hai, actually does not fear Immortal Stage Expert, his Divergent Technique fought Fighting Technique now already Major Mastery, now his although has not arrived at Immortal Stage, however in Immortal Stage. Feared that was is also very difficult to find match. Zhao Hai already in these Immortal Stage Undead Creature with Space to war. These Immortal Stage Undead Creature in Space, few are his match, obviously this Divergent Technique fights Fighting Technique the place of formidable. Zhao Hai looked that a Mo Potian claw attacks, his also fist strike, this fist strike left, does not bring slight sound of the wind/rumor . Moreover the fist of whole person gives the feeling of person very heavily to be probably same. However Mo Potian actually feels, when own claw has not bumped into the fist of Zhao Hai, his front on appears resistance, after his has scratched and torn these resistance. The ten layers strength went for three and four points, at this time the fist of Zhao Hai had also hit, Bang, a fist claw has hit together. The Mo Potian personal appearance in a flash, after being direct, flies, but Zhao Hai was actually the personal appearance one after another vibrated several, melted Mo Potian attack.

Their this time fighting were actually one evenly, accurately said that Zhao Hai was also in the upper hand, this was all people have not thought that Mo Zhentian they were face shocking look at Zhao Hai. But Mo Potian falls to the ground, called flushed away toward Zhao Hai, obviously he thought that just that attack suddenly did not have the face very much. Own Immortal Stage Expert, was given to be in the upper hand by Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator unexpectedly, how this lets him to bear, in his present head only then a thought that that has killed Zhao Hai. Mo Zhentian their complexion have shocked now, their although also opened the mouth to prevent Mo Potian several times, but had been mad Mo Potian simply of fainted head not to hear, moreover Mo Zhentian they apparently did not have to prevent the meaning of Mo Potian, they also moved such killing intent to Zhao Hai obviously. How Zhao Hai can don’t know Mo Zhentian their small thoughts, but he has not cared. Before Space, no matter began with zhu 1 i, began with these Undead Creature, feeling that some of his one type of did not enjoy oneself to the full, now was good. Mo Potian in fully attack, moreover he is also Immortal Stage formidable. Fights such person, happen to have given his some experiences of fighting, making his Divergent Technique fight Fighting Technique improvement. Space although in Cave Mansion is not small, but compares too small with outside, moreover sits many people in Cave Mansion, but also has suspended many thing, this let Space that Zhao Hai and Mo Potian can fight on smaller, they almost did not have the means to use duty Body-maneuvering Technique in here, can only near body handata-titleo-hand fight in tights. Normally this is Zhao Hai is the comparison suffers a loss, after all he is Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert, before he and Immortal Stage Expert to the war, is his Body-maneuvering Technique that depended, this point Mo Zhentian their very clear, therefore they can dare to make Mo Potian begin with Zhao Hai, but their these time guessed obviously mistakenly, Zhao Hai currently has Divergent Technique to fight Fighting Technique, with before, but was different. Zhao Hai Divergent Technique to the war, all kinds of Divergent Technique has, this Divergent Technique fusion in together, this is letting Zhao Hai attack strength formidable, simultaneously he can also deal with all kinds of forms of combat, the near body handata-titleo-hand fight in tights of this small range, he deals with also to accomplish a task with ease. They fight more than ten moves, Zhao Hai not only does not drop the wind, even Mo Potian also by Zhao Hai new and odd military strategy hitting in an extremely difficult situation, even fell leeward. When Mo Zhentian they worry secretly, actually suddenly felt that all around atmosphere some are not right, they actually felt that this all around were many many Immortal Stage Expert aura, when they turn the head to look that one was actually shocked, because of them presently, Cave Mansion access there, by several Immortal Stage Undead Creature stopping up, moreover look at that their all around, silent appears many Immortal Stage Undead Creature, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, each and every one eyed covetously they, obviously is Zhao Hai issues an order, on must begin to them. This presently, making Mo Zhentian they be startled cold sweat, because just they saw Zhao Hai to put out the day of Demon Realm map, for a while was excited, has forgotten Zhao Hai in hand also so many Immortal Stage Undead Creature unexpectedly, if Zhao Hai wanted, today these people in their room, do not want to live. Mo Zhentian their perspiration have gotten down, they think now that this Zhao Hai is the lord who cannot annoy, is good because of is not excessive, if Zhao Hai that they do wants their lives, feared that already began, but actually cannot make Zhao Hai hit with Mo Potian. Thinks of here, Mo Zhentian several people of hastily said loudly: Stop, stops quickly.” Said that several people of personal appearance move, simultaneously flushes away toward the field, their target are not Zhao Hai, but is Mo Potian, they have not thought wants seize the opportunity to begin to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai can make these Undead Creature not cope with them now, certainly has confidence, moreover they also record now, Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , even if their together make a move, feared that cannot leave behind Zhao Hai.

Several people of together make a move, break demon to capture, hits Mo Potian that gets angry also to struggle, how can actually make, at this time Mo Zhentian shouted: Mo Potian, you give me honestly, is dishonest, do not blame us to abandon you.” Mo Zhentian this saying is not cracking a joke, if they cannot make Mo Potian honest, who knew Zhao Hai can be anything responded when the time comes was not they have abandoned Mo Potian, but was Zhao Hai has abandoned them. Mo Potian was drunk by Mo Zhentian this greatly, one shaking clearly, he looked at all around one, what suddenly understand, he has not been struggling, is only still wicked look at Zhao Hai bitterly, Zhao Hai looked at Mo Potian one, shows a faint smile said : strength to be good, if not want to let Cultivation Method that you help me try me to newly create, you think that you can also stand in here stare with me? Acts recklessly.” Mo Zhentian mister should not be offended to Zhao Hai said : hastily, the broken day is not intentionally, mister please sit down, we say the matter in business.” Mo Zhentian was really regrets now, he feared, because this offended Zhao Hai, if Zhao Hai wielded armed forces attack day Demon Realm, their troubles may be big, when spoke with Zhao Hai, did not add several points of careful on own initiative. Zhao Hai nodded, sat, at this time Mo Potian had been drawn the one side by several other people, Zhao Hai had waved, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature changed to makes one group of black gas vanish from sight, such method, made Mo Zhentian they removed the bottom honest, each and every one eager look at Zhao Hai. How many person of one Zhao Hai looked, shows a faint smile said : actually I to do business, my business just also said how many to listened, how many topethesias how? I am make business between day Demon Realm and Cultivation World, this is good to 2 Realms, will not produce anything to affect to the 2 Realms original business, I give several three days of consideration time, if several agreements, that please assign several shop sites to me, I must construct the shop front, this business becomes with inadequate, looks at several, I three days later.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance vanished in the hall, in the hall only kept Mo Zhentian several people. Other Mo Zhentian look at how many person, deep voice said : „does everybody see? Agrees with this business?” Heavenly Demon forced smile said : can not agree that said it, looked like Mr. Zhao Hai said that this business to our day Demon Realm was also only then the advantage did not have the fault, why did not agree that I looked feasible, had the Cultivation World there commodity, our day Demon Realm strength met bring it up a level.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }