Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1918
Sitting of Zhao Hai face calm in Space, Laura arrives at his side, is depending on his said : lightly Elder Brother Hai, sorry, but also made you run up to Heavenly Demon Race, has not thought really that Heavenly Demon Race these fellows dare to begin to you unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, this is also good, disputes with Immortal Stage Expert, can know my level, he he, now I to Immortal Stage Expert, even if not need these Undead Creature to help, can tidy up him, this is very good, moreover day Demon Realm there complied to do business with us, also had the advantage to you.” Laura nodded, then said : Elder Brother Hai, we just had calculated, prepares in ten plane, opens a shop, the name of shop was called the perfect shop, did you look what kind of?” Perfect shop? The name is good, this matter your look at managed was good, this business did not need to care, should not be tired oneself, was unworthy.” Laura nodded said : feel relieved, we are only bored wish hit next time, will not exhaust oneself by oneself.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : three days later, I will go to day Demon Realm there, assigns this matter, later I must close up, the matter in business your look at office, has remembered, must guarantee that own security is good.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved Elder Brother Hai, such my year, our anything storm had not seen, these ten Interface, there is who is our matches, you did not need to be worried.” Zhao Hai these time to nodded. To be honest. The Soaring Dragon Realm there situation truly somewhat stems from the Zhao Hai anticipation the difficulty, the there person and Monster Beast will possibly take to him the threat, regarding looking like the Cultivation World here person, almost did not have the means in threatening Zhao Hai, specially after Zhao Hai learn Divergent Technique has fought Fighting Technique, he can now positive defeats Immortal Stage Expert, in adding on his all sorts of methods, Zhao Hai can definitely walk sideways in Cultivation World now, even if not use these Immortal Stage Undead Creature, nobody can how him. However Zhao Hai does not have that name king dominate thoughts now. Now he must do helps Black Tiger Group have the strength of self-preservation, then he can feel at ease goes to Soaring Dragon Realm there, in True Spirit Realm there. A pursue High level practice, this is Zhao Hai most wants. Three days of in the blink of an eye on past. Zhao Hai arrived at day of Demon Realm here, Mo Zhentian they were waiting for Zhao Hai in there, they naturally did not have any comment to accept the request of Zhao Hai, simultaneously gave Zhao Hai him to assign several days of shops to set up the place. Reason that Zhao Hai makes Mo Zhentian they assign the start place of shop, does not want extremely in forces Mo Zhentian they, lets Mo Zhentian their understand, he does business.

However what stems from the Zhao Hai anticipation is, Mo Zhentian they open the place of shop to several that Zhao Hai assigns, the section is very good, some meet really in these Great Sect inside. This to is makes Zhao Hai not think. Zhao Hai to has not made Mo Zhentian they bustle about in vain, he gives the team Mo Zhentian in hand that day Demon Realm throughout map astrolabe they, this thing regarding doing of Zhao Hai with is not very big . Moreover the words that he wants, momentarily can manufacture to be better, this thing puts Mo Zhentian their in hand to wield the biggest use. Mo Zhentian they to were very grateful Zhao Hai, although said that Heavenly Demon Sacred Sect could be said as a monopoly of a single clique in day Demon Realm, but there is this map, they later handled affairs will facilitate. Handled the day of Demon Realm matter, Zhao Hai returned to Cultivation World there transferred. Also has rested in Space well for two days, looked at the Soaring Dragon Realm there iron Zhan Tian situation, this prepares to close up. Zhao Hai this time closing up is very important, he must go to the communicate myriad things with his Divergent Technique, thinks own future will enter Immortal Stage to prepare. Zhao Hai also knows that this is not an easy matter. Especially when goes to the death thing in some communicate others eyes, difficulty. Before Zhao Hai just like big tree communicate, that will make his thought very slow. But the big tree no matter what is a living creature, if makes him go to communicate these Stone or the metals, that was difficult, Stone and metal are simply are impossible to have the thought in others opinion, Zhao Hai knows, if have not guessed that wrong, these dying thing thought slow, his time needed was longer. For these time closed up Zhao Hai to prepare completely safe, he even told Cai'er, if necessary, must forcefully gave to awaken him, because Zhao Hai feared really one one lost in the thoughts of other thing, was not waking. Cai'er also knows that this time risk, she also nodded, Zhao Hai has rested several days, by oneself, no matter restored in the physical strength in spiritual force best, this started to close up. First communicate that Zhao Hai closes up is still the big tree, because before him, has experience with big tree communicate, this will let he better control own thought that will not fall completely. Zhao Hai first communicate is Bread Tree, Bread Tree are most in Space, almost it can be said that finds at everywhere, Bread Fruit that above ties, is in Space various races principal food, actually these Bread Fruit ate somewhat has really been a pity, in Space after multiple Level Up, Spiritual Qi that in Bread Fruit contained extremely numerous, these Spiritual Qi have eaten can be absorbed completely, simply not any toxin, this, if outside possession, that absolutely will be by good thing that Cultivation World all cultivator snatched insanely, but in Space, was actually most ordinary thing. Zhao Hai arrived at Bread Tree, this Bread Tree most common, anything specially, Zhao Hai at will had not looked for one, only then he can construct the thought of most real understanding Bread Tree like this.

Zhao Hai green light flashes, his whole person integrated in Bread Tree, then Zhao Hai slowly is transferring the thought that lets thought synchronization of own thought and Bread Tree slowly. The thought of Bread Tree is very simple, that almost cannot be called the one type of thought that can only say that is the one type of instinct, the instinct that one type of grows. In that moment Zhao Hai felt one turned into Bread Tree probably, he can feel clearly his root, is absorbing the nutrient from the land, the moisture, then turns into a faint trace these thing Spiritual Qi, after the transportation of body, transports these Spiritual Qi to his branches and leaves, most opens is forming the fruit. Then he through the leaf, was absorbing part of Spiritual Qi, in some Spiritual Qi in within the body, executed release to go through the leaf, his leaf also withering slowly, will fall simultaneously the ground, finally turned into the nutrient in land, was Spiritual Qi one type of, this was a very subtle circulation. Zhao Hai wallows during this feeling, he can feel him, he and all around Spiritual Qi any conflict, he has not absorbed Spiritual Qi, meets release Spiritual Qi, he takes to Heaven and Earth, simultaneously looks like Heaven and Earth to pay, this is a process, a process of circulation, among Spiritual Qi not any effect on entire Heaven and Earth. Before Zhao Hai although had this feeling in boundless forest Space that big tree there, but he felt at that time the feeling, then not long after withdrew, not long after that although he said that actually the time was not short, but regarding a tree is very short, with this time feeling completely different. Zhao Hai felt one are Bread Tree, he can through the feeling of big tree feel that all around all, that feeling was really too marvelous. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had waked finally, his thought has been separated from Bread Tree slowly, then body also leave slowly Bread Tree, came out from Bread Tree. Zhao Hai came out after Bread Tree, immediately looked at next time, he before entering big tree, has made Cai'er give him to prepare a timer, now he to wants to have a look at itself to go in how long. Looked that timer Zhao Hai stares, then could not bear shake the head, has smiled bitterly, he also really somewhat underestimated that this big tree slow degree of thought that he felt not long after in Bread Tree, looked like slept to be the same, but woke, he present, oneself crossed in Bread Tree unexpectedly for one year. One year, entire one year of time, he in Bread Tree, but his feeling, actually probably slept to be the same, such thought that is lets Zhao Hai is very speechless. Comes out from Bread Tree, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Space Villa, he wants to have a look at Cai'er their this year time to be busy at anything.

Quick Zhao Hai on returned to the villa, looked to the villa that Zhao Hai stares, in the villa has Cai'er, zhu 1 i and Meg, other people are actually not, Zhao Hai looked at Cai'er said : puzzled Cai'er, how only then you in? Other people?” Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai to come out, quickly said: Elder Brother Hai, I came back, Laura Elder Sister they went to the shop, soon will come back, has not thought that your time closed up with such long time, felt what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feeling, looks like slept to be the same, what kind of? This business does how?” One hear of Zhao Hai such asked that Cai'er immediately/on horseback face excited said : good, good very much, the business does is really fantastic, now we in ten Space, opened about 500 perfect shops, moreover after this year effort, our perfect shop rushed out the fame in each every plane.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be very good, this perfect shop, later perhaps will become each every plane exchange platform, he he, you will do will be very good.” Cai'er smiles said : this to have anything, what most important is, currently the perfect shop after one year of show, had certain influence in each every plane, no matter in that plane, nobody dares to move us easily, even if we do not use Undead Creature in Space, nobody dares to provoke us easily.” Zhao Hai to has gawked, but he also shook the head, has smiled bitterly, Laura their ability Zhao Hai very clear, to be honest, Laura they can achieve this point, Zhao Hai is really not surprised, if did not follow him, perhaps Laura in hand had commercial Empire, this small matter cannot baffle them.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }