Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1919

Accompanied Laura in Space their several days, simultaneously looked at iron Zhan Tian they in the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation, Zhao Hai has then prepared the matter of second closing up. Cultivation World all normal, Laura their business all normal, iron Zhan Tian they still in Soaring Dragon Realm there abyss of suffering is living, but is generally speaking normal, Zhao Hai does not have what to be good to worry. although Zhao Hai stayed for one year in the big tree, but Zhao Hai presently, own Spiritual Qi actually had not actually stopped practicing, even can say his present Spiritual Qi compared with beforehand Spiritual Qi pure, was deeper, its degree is not lower than him to practice. What most important is, Zhao Hai also present characteristics, was his pore now has probably opened, but the Spiritual Qi smooth pore class of his within the body to body outside, but his body outside Spiritual Qi, will follow the pore to flow in his body, this practice way looked like the big tree, this entered one, not only made Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi purer and deep, made Zhao Hai feel that the cell in his body was active, was increased unexpectedly also by Divergent Technique of his within the body, especially Wood element Divergent Technique, was so. Zhao Hai has not thought that really also has this kind of pleasant surprise, but this regarding him only then the advantage does not have the fault, he to was now more curious to other Divergent Technique, he wants to know really that other Divergent Technique, what advantage will bring to him. However other before use Divergent Technique, Zhao Hai wants well to be the same in improvement Wood element Divergent Technique, improvement that Zhao Hai said. Actually is many carries on communicate with some forest. Before his communicate Bread Tree, now Zhao Hai has only wanted in communicate one other trees, he to come long of to collect numerous tree, what effect has a look to have. Now in Space setting up of has plenty, Zhao Hai one type of one type of going communicate, but this communicate same is not long with the Bread Tree communicate time, if each one type of tree uses for one year, that Zhao Hai feared that was this whole life do not find out Space. Finally the Zhao Hai present, ordinary tree, he got up not to have what effect in communicate. Only then some Advanced level trees are better, Zhao Hai these had the tree of special ability the target image rotation, likely is the blue ebon, the tree that Iron Tree and so on can regard the crafting material use. With these trees start communicate time. Zhao Hai immediately felt that the differences of these trees, these trees are very different, Zhao Hai can feel clearly, these trees absorb Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was quicker, moreover is having some special abilities, looks like the blue ebon is the same, is very helpful to the practice of spiritual force, own spiritual force of Zhao Hai in presently after blue ebon communicate increases very quick. But he after Iron Tree communicate, presently his metal Divergent Technique probably a little increases. Naturally these are not most important, most important is Zhao Hai present. He after these set up communicate, his pore absorbs Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi was probably quicker, quantity also even bigger.

With these special tree communicate, Zhao Hai looked at next time, to previous time him with Bread Tree communicate, passed for one -and-a-half years about , in other words Zhao Hai set up communicate hua to go to one -and-a-half years of time with these. One -and-a-half years, that is not a small number, Zhao Hai really has not thought that will use such long time, but now is Cultivation World there these can regard the crafting material. Perhaps medicinal herbs tree, Zhao Hai also communicate in the past, even Reaching Sky Vine and so on plants Zhao Hai communicate. These plants are also belongs to Wood element Divergent Technique to be able in the communicate range, communicate these thing, Zhao Hai also obtained many advantage. Like him just like Reaching Sky Vine communicate, after communicate. He presently own meridians unexpectedly can elongate at will, wants to extend long extends is long, this lets Zhao Hai being startled very. However with these plants communicate, Zhao Hai present, finally wants communicate plants, only then difference, but this different plants regarding the Space importance, is the pendulum reigns absolutely, one type of is the Elf tree, the Elf tree can provide Spiritual Qi to Space, attains outside Space, can change the environment of outside some places. But another plants say nothing, Zhao Hai to its attaching great importance to degree, above the Elf tree, this plants is hundred Spirit Tree, hundred Spirit Tree are in Space level highest plants, is plants that Zhao Hai attaches great importance. Zhao Hai has selected the Elf tree first, the Elf tree is not high, Zhao Hai does not have the means to enter to the Elf tree, but he does not need to enter to the Elf tree, so long as he set up communicate to be OK with Elf. Zhao Hai used own thought to search into the Elf tree, the thought of Zhao Hai entered to the Elf tree, felt that incomparably abundant Spiritual Qi, strong of this Spiritual Qi, pure, came compared with Spiritual Qi of Zhao Hai within the body, must exceed plans. In this tree also has innumerable passage, Spiritual Qi from ground continuous shipping to treetop there, but these passage unexpectedly also comprised of energy, moreover this passage extremely numerous, he absorbs Spiritual Qi is quicker, release Spiritual Qi also quick, but what most important is, Elf sets up Spiritual Qi that release goes, also has certain attribute, Elf sets up release Spiritual Qi, on is wood attribute. However Elf sets up Spiritual Qi that release goes, attribute very low, approaches in not having attribute, therefore cultivator will not feel anything in the use.

But this Spiritual Qi regarding cultivator even is the help of ordinary person is very big, because of this essence can along the life of tall man, can long time, belong to one type of to have Spiritual Qi of health function exactly, why this is also other Elf clan live ratio Patriarch reasons. Zhao Hai after turned into a Elf tree own thought that this knows these matters, the Zhao Hai static feeling the magical thing of Elf tree, he presently the Elf tree is looking like Spiritual Qi adds the merit field, he absorbs his within the body Spiritual Qi in land, release goes, turns into wood attribute Spiritual Qi, is absorbing own within the body outside world Spiritual Qi, is going from own root system release, changes the soil, the soil becomes is suited plants to grow, this is also the place why the Elf tree grows, other's plants also President specially good reason. Zhao Hai present, the situation in Elf tree, be much more complex than other trees, in the Elf tree has some very special passage, these passage unexpectedly not real, Spiritual Qi after these passage, can live some changes, or produces some attribute, this is the place that Zhao Hai most regards as important. Zhao Hai with own power of thought that felt well these passage uses, after he uses completely, this thought from the Elf tree has drawn back. Withdraws from later Zhao Hai routinely looked by one to suspend the timer, this looked that Zhao Hai by gawked, time some that he presently on this timer demonstrates were not right, compared with the time that he expected must early. In the two years, Zhao Hai continuously with all kinds of forest communicate, his general knows that he with big tree communicate time equivalent to outside world how long, will not have missed many to the time that afterward he estimated. However today is different, this time he estimated that he and Elf set up communicate time minimum also one month, but he looks at the timer now, actually presently only passed for ten days, only then he estimated when long one third, this raising lets Zhao Hai incomparable being startled. The Zhao Hai look at timer, the knitting the brows head of gently, then deep voice said : Cai'er, did this timer go bad?” Cai'er immediately appears in the Zhao Hai side, looked at that timer one, then shook the head said : not to go bad Elder Brother Hai, this is thing that Space produces, how possibly that quickly bad, is very accurate.”

Zhao Hai nodded, he turned the head to look at Elf to set up one, had recalled carefully a next past more than two years of experience, really made him present finally an issue, that was high level trees, their thoughts were quick, but was ordinary forest, their thought on was slow, likely Bread Tree, his thought degree on compared with the blue ebon and Iron Tree slow some, but the blue ebon and Ironwood compared with the Elf tree, the thought degree on will be slower, therefore Zhao Hai miscalculation. Zhao Hai now was understand, originally a thought quicker tree, level was high, this arrived is some meanings, after Zhao Hai lets Cai'er went back, cannot help but has aimed around hundred Spirit Tree the vision, somewhat was at heart fiery. Hundred Spirit Tree after to is first high level plants that in Space deserves, moreover do not forget, roots of hundred Spirit Tree, but also fused spirit root, now the tree root of entire hundred Spirit Tree, almost turns into spirit root, hundred Spirit Tree become big, Spiritual Qi was also richer, Zhao Hai wants to know really that what feeling with hundred Spirit Tree communicate is. However Zhao Hai repressed own impulsion, did not have immediately to carry on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree, some Zhao Hai one type of felt at heart that he felt he wanted with hundred Spirit Tree communicate, that will have the unexpected advantage to him, therefore he must to go to carry on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree finally. Zhao Hai believes that this feeling, any cultivator, regarding own feeling, will adopt one type of rather to believe its has, the manner of incredible its not having, reason that like this, because of cultivator spiritual force compared with the average person, in adding on their almost will be has been fighting with the person, therefore the sixth senses of many person will reach, this feeling regarding cultivator, advantage has plenty, many times, this feeling even can rescue their life. Zhao Hai also believes this feeling, therefore he sharply has not been going with hundred Spirit Tree communicate, but was returned to villa there rest well, more than two years passed, these two years time, his almost leave Space, has not been carrying on communicate with all kinds of plants, the most common grass, Zhao Hai with their communicate, he has wanted to have a look with grass communicate is anything felt. To be honest Zhao Hai with grass communicate time, advantage that obtains also really many, the grass is one type of most common thing, but the grass is actually Life Force very strong one type of thing, Zhao Hai present, these Large expanse of meadow, the root system of their underground is connected, a piece was destroyed, they can from be in all directions long toward there, finally the place being covered with root system of destruction again, is growing the grass, moreover these grass probably are each and every one independent thought, then links in together, has formed a huge thought network, way like this, Zhao Hai is sees in other's plants there few, to Zhao Hai The help is not small. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }