Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1920

Zhao Hai sits in Space Villa, Laura they sit in his side, several people are staring at the screen now, but the screen last present puts is actually a metropolis idol drama. Not wrong, now Zhao Hai they look is the soap opera, but the source of this soap opera is actually a little special, this soap opera is coming out that in Space person on planet manufacture, in other words, this soap opera is Space produces. Each every planet in Space after many years of show, had own show path, the soap opera that Zhao Hai watches now, is one that in soap opera on Space planet photograph. Now Laura their business have stepped onto right track, but Laura they also relaxed, Zhao Hai just closed up, prepared with other Divergent Technique communicate thing, therefore Zhao Hai decision rest several days, accompanying well Laura they. How also don’t know Laura they think that remembered to watch the soap opera unexpectedly, Cai'er from Space planet, made very good soap opera of one set of racket, several people sat in Space look at, once for a while intermittent chuckle sound. On the look at screen these plots, the Zhao Hai cannot help but chuckle, before he has also remembered himself , on Earth has watched some soap operas, to be honest most from the beginning Zhao Hai very likes looking, but afterward some soap operas, manufacture rottenness of more and more, Zhao Hai did not have that thoughts. But the soap opera that now they watch, generally speaking is very good, plot design reason of , the actor performs is also very good. It is not brain is very remnant. More than two years passed. Regarding Space, more than two years of show cannot really be regarded anything, looks like Black Tiger Group is the same, Black Tiger Group these two years show although not fierce, but generally speaking cannot see anything to come, after all two much time, were too short regarding one Sect. However these two years time, the business of perfect shop to was more and more hot, now in ten Space, the quantity of perfect shop has achieved more than 2000. Moreover the business is much hotter. Now most painstakingly compels could say that was iron Zhan Tian they, they still strive for success in Soaring Dragon Realm now, but now they already leave Palestinian Woods City, to a even bigger city. However their days were also sadder, are the big city, the pressure of survival are bigger, not only this truth is suitable on Earth, in Soaring Dragon Realm there also same being suitable. big city city being stationed is some medium or large-scale Sect, if can join these Sect, that it would be the best, therefore the cultivating cheese in these cities are also more, environment also complex. Soaring Dragon Realm here is not the peaceful place, especially these big points cities. there cultivator is not the friendly stubble, some cultivator to enhance own strength, that is any matter does, except for in the city because of various True Spirit Realm Sect regulation, but cannot resort to violence beside, beyond the military completely is a lawless world, in there, killing a person and taking his possessions at normal matter. Now iron Zhan Tian their population less than 60 people, have sought a livelihood in a known as pan Stone City medium grade city, makes some duty. Once for a while will be also a guest performer the robber. In Soaring Dragon Realm at that time, in the city of various cities, by various Great Sect strict regulation, the place that cannot resort to violence, but outside the city situation. Various Great Sect knew will not manage, this is also the way that one type of eliminates. Various True Spirit Realm Sect want is the best people, not good naturally will be eliminated, this in normal.

although said that Soaring Dragon Realm there has regulation, about hundred years clean up person in a time Soaring Dragon Realm, but almost do not have cultivator to be able in there safe stay for over a hundred years, were not massacred by Monster Beast, were massacred by other cultivator, otherwise by various Sect electing, nobody can stay for over a hundred years in inside, either was ahead of time, either forever could not come out. Iron Zhan Tian their this squads, but goes in more than two years of time, now died more than 20 individuals, obviously life of Soaring Dragon Realm there how is not easy. However generally speaking, iron Zhan Tian they are also lucky, some squads left duty, after coming back, almost buckle more than half manpower, will compare with these people, iron Zhan Tian they are really are much luckier. Iron Zhan Tian their there nothing, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, his present most important promotes own strength, other he does not want to manage. Black Tiger Group there show also very good, Freedom Alliance is also same, the first regiment every year training also has, now has not needed Zhao Hai to manage, the people of first regiment know that Zhao Hai is closing up, they also know that Zhao Hai must attack Immortal Stage, is good to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore nobody blame Zhao Hai. The people of first regiment now sticking together, because they exchange extremely numerous, mutual help, the person in entire first regiment, progress very fast, even if some innate skill is not quite good, the progress is very slow, now also starts to change professions, they know that they are for a lifetime impossible to arrive at Immortal Stage, even cannot arrive at Transcends Tribulation Stage, started to study other thing, in the first regiment some present people in study crafting, have the person in study Alchemy, but these person was also not infrequent. 7 million people, these person most from the beginning join to the first regiment time, the has plenty people are Gold Core Stage, moreover their ages are not small, in other words their potential to the end, this for a lifetime let alone is Transcends Tribulation Stage, although Nascent Soul Stage they can achieve say. Because of this, therefore in the first regiment many people, has chosen other path, if they do not study crafting or Alchemy, finally they possibly are ordinary elder in a Sect, but if their learn crafting or Alchemy have, they the status in Sect greatly will change, no matter Crafting Master or Alchemy Master, in various Sect, have very high status, is these elder sees them, polite. Zhao Hai also already present this point, he also specially makes Cai'er hit some Undead Creature. Has sent to the attainment of some crafting and Alchemy to these people. These thing, to their help are very big. The people of first regiment also know from this matter that Zhao Hai although has not come to attend their trainings, but in the matter regarding first regiment very cares. Zhao Hai also makes Laura they go through the perfect shop release words, tells these people, the perfect shop is he opens, if there is anything to need to help, arrived in the perfect shop to say one. Li Kuangge they have felt grateful to Zhao Hai, perfect shop now in Cultivation World there, but big has become famous, in Cultivation World here. Several hundred perfect shops, nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance here has, can say the people of first regiment, no matter in Cultivation World where, can obtain the help of perfect shop within the shortest time. But perfect shop also in this way. Tied up the first regiment on their War Chariot/Tank, the people of first regiment naturally fully will maintain the perfect shop, even some status the first regiment people in Sect, but also will take the initiative gave the perfect shop to do some business in Sect, it may be said that was win-win.

Now Cultivation World here all people know that the perfect shop is the Zhao Hai wife opens, no matter nine Great Sect or Freedom Alliance, nobody dares not to show due respect for the feelings, in adding on the person service attitude in perfect shop is good, genuine goods at reasonable prices, therefore the perfect shop was slowly getting more and more famous in Cultivation World here. Because of this. Matter that therefore Zhao Hai must handle now are really not many, this has the time they to watch the soap opera with Laura in here, if makes the bystander know that Zhao Hai is doing now, certainly will fall broken place the eyeglasses. Watches the soap opera, Zhao Hai they while was chatting, Zhao Hai now very concerned about Laura their practice, Laura they now were also Transcends Tribulation Stage, but wanted Immortal Stage, was difficult, if they cannot arrive at Immortal Stage. If that later Zhao Hai to True Spirit Realm, they in for a long time could not appears in True Spirit Realm, this their although too tremendous the effect on Laura, actually not be Zhao Hai wants to see that therefore Zhao Hai wants to make Laura they little worry about the matters in some business. Many concentrates on the practice. However Laura they regarding the practice are not being interested, can say , if not the condition in Space is really fantastic. Their strength simply impossible progress rapidness of such, this also lets Zhao Hai very helpless, he not good to compel Laura they, making the matter that they make themselves to like good, other Zhao Hai were not managing. Laura look at soap opera while to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what thing you then wants with carry on communicate? What danger has?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : I want to take a look to try to carry on communicate with the fire, now in Space the hot variety are also many, what matter don’t know will have to live with fire communicate, the danger I think that will not have, what feeling but don’t know will have with fire communicate.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but turned the head look at Zhao Hai, on the face appears worry expression said : fire? Elder Brother Hai, this with fire communicate, but very dangerous, can you carry on communicate with the fire really?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be all right, will not have any danger, I want the communicate fire am the fire in Space, the fire in Space is impossible to injure to my, your feel relieved was good.” Laura thinks, thought Zhao Hai said is reasonable, did she nod said : when that you to start?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : on this several days, I also rests was similar, should start.” Laura deep voice doesn't said : with need our here to make some preparations?” Zhao Hai shook the head, Laura has not said anything, she knows that in the issue of practice, he cannot add on Zhao Hai busy. Also has rested for three days in Space, Zhao Hai then prepares to carry on communicate with the fire, most starts his communicate, is still the ordinary fire in Space, such fire Might is smallest, even if has any situation, is impossible to injure Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai had understood the characteristics of fire, will be entering constitution communicate not to have any issue with other fires. very relaxed that although beforehand Zhao Hai said that however at the matter of practice, he is very careful, his very clear, even if in Space, will have certainly risky, looks like previous time with various plants carry on communicate the time, he has several times almost to wallow in the thoughts of these plants, has regarded itself plants, if is really such, that on too danger.

Zhao Hai with these plants communicate time, use, but the strength of thought that but strength of this thought enters to that plants, Zhao Hai in a short time will regard oneself is plants, when he will understand into a plants feeling, if that plants died at that time, the thought of that Zhao Hai very much might also die with together, such Zhao Hai will probably turn into vegetative state. Was good has and experience of big tree communicate because of former Zhao Hai, therefore he has not fallen, was because of this, therefore Zhao Hai knows, even if in Space, he such did also had certainly riskily, but these words actually cannot tell Laura them, otherwise Laura they will only be worried. Zhao Hai raised one fires in Space, then he sat side of fire of high-piled firewood, in his side several Undead Creature, these Undead Creature was also responsible for that pile of fire Riga firewood, Zhao Hai does not think that his communicate half, that fire suddenly extinguished, that may be hopeless to sing, ten points that therefore he prepared complete. This is only one very ordinary wooden fires, this is only the most primitive one type of fire, is simplest, the Might lowest one type of fire, Zhao Hai wants to start from this type of fire. Zhao Hai sits by the fire of high-piled firewood, his thought is actually slowly has depended toward the fire of high-piled firewood, he has used Fire element Divergent Technique, the body braves red light, his thought also started to have the contact with that fires. Zhao Hai can feel some hot thoughts, but this thought extremely was really wild, his thought always follows not the hot that thought that will be repelled by that thought that this situation with plants communicate time, does not have appears . However Zhao Hai has not worried, he is adjusting his thought slowly, not only adjustment thought that also in adjusting the mood in thought that by own thought also slowly becomes must be wild. Mood that Zhao Hai feeling slowly catches fire, the hot thought is very wild, they must destroy all probably, before such mood Zhao Hai, may not have, he can only feel slowly, his present thought although with getting angry thought that but he actually cannot regard one fires himself, because the mood in his thought is not very wild, but also does not have the means truely own the thought relation of thought and fire in together, in other words, he was unable now true regards one fires. Zhao Hai also knows to the present that wants with Divergent Technique with myriad things communicate, the here surface to want join own mood, reason that before he can that smooth with that this plants communicate , because these plants almost do not have what mood, these plants are also best communicate. Now is not good, what now he wants communicate is the fire, is among Heaven and Earth one type of fearful energy, this energy can kill people, can destroy, therefore he thinks with fire communicate, difficulty. Zhao Hai don’t know with fire communicate how long, he their mood in the adjustment, became by their mood more and more wild, but simultaneously he must maintain Spirit Platform that clear and bright, in order to avoid turn into a crazy demon.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }