Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1921

Wild, destruction! In the Zhao Hai present thought has been full of such mood, if his Spirit Platform is also not maintaining clear and bright, now he turned into psycho killer. However makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, he has adjusted soon unable to bear his thought that still does not have the thought complete fusion of means and fire in together, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. Zhao Hai can affirm that oneself present mood, already very wild, brings to destroy all aura, such mood is the same with the mood of fire, but will the hot mood also repel why him? Why is this? Zhao Hai knows that worries to be also useless, he can only calm the mind now, the mood that feeling slowly catches fire, having a look at oneself to neglect anything. Zhao Hai slowly present, in fire that wild and in mood of destruction, actually is also bringing life force, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai stare slightly, his do not understand this what's the matter, the fire is not representing the destruction? Why will these have life force to exist? Zhao Hai some did not understand that he did not understand naturally cannot be brought such life force by own mood, as the matter stands, the mood of his mood and fire is different, the hot thought will naturally repel him. Zhao Hai static is thinking, why in the hot mood will have life force, he imagines himself becomes fire, when one group of Heaven and Earth inaugurate some fires, this fire can burn down all, the fire wreaks havoc on the earth, is destroying all, therefore so long as the life meets the fire, immediately will be burnt. Does not have a survival. However in burning down on earth. Vegetation in a start growth, moreover compared with before luxuriant, animal also in time appears , then person appears , the people are collected by animal that the fire burnt these, turned into food, finally presently this food delicacy, therefore the people started to gather the fire of high-piled firewood, making the fire not extinguish all the year round, the fire has brought warm to the people. Has brought the prepared food, can bring people resist the enemy, in the human civilization advancement, every step does not have leave to go too far. The people started to make fire by boring a hole in wood. The people started farming, slash and burn method, started the war, the people understood the gunpowder, the people have delivered the outer space Fire Arrow, all these all did not have the leave fire. life force! This is that life force, this is the fire, life force that is in sole possession, he destroyed some thing, made another thing obtain Rebirth. This belongs to fire life force, is the mission of fire! life force, Zhao Hai finally understand fire life force is anything, in his mood were also many life force, then the thought in one time has bumped into together with the thought of fire, his thought in had not been repelled, but slowly gathered one with the thought of fire. Wild, destruction, warm, Rebirth. This is two types different , the completely contradictory mood, has achieved the one type of very subtle balance in the thought of fire unexpectedly, the fire looks like must destroy completely all probably, but simultaneously he can bring to warm to the person with Rebirth. This is the genuine fire. The Zhao Hai complete immersion during the sensibility of getting a light from another light, he felt that own present is fire. He can feel all in fire.

Fire although can bring warm to the person, but simultaneously he is also very dangerous, but in any time, the people do not dare saying that complete control fire, the people use all kinds of methods to go to the control fire cautiously, the people cannot leave the fire, actually does not dare the excessive nearness fire, this itself like fire the contradiction of mood, this is the manner that the people get a light from another light. Zhao Hai felt one became fire already for a long time, hot all he has understood, his slowly sobered, his thought returned to in his body, then he turned the head to look at his timer, saw the timer, Zhao Hai one is shocked. Zhao Hai felt one became fire already had dozens years, when he looked at a timer, he present, he just carried on communicate less than ten days of the fire. Thought, Zhao Hai immediately has thought of this point, plants thought very fast, only feels a twinkling to the person slowly, possibly several days on the past, but hot thought is actually extremely quick, had felt to you quickly dozens years, just passed by actually several days. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, waved, that fire destroying completely, having made that two be responsible for adding the firewood Undead Creature also to go back, his then returned to in villa. Laura they also in the villa, are seeing Zhao Hai to come back now, how many people stare, Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „did Elder Brother Hai, how such quickly come back? Hasn't succeeded?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, has succeeded, but this fire thought very fast, therefore such quickly came back, you are don’t know, I felt that I turned into one fires already dozens years.” Laura they have smiled, Cai'er is said : Elder Brother Hai, what you currently have to feel that previous time you change turned to tree, is very big to your help, now?” Zhao Hai by Cai'er was such asked also really stares, he shook the head said : to return don’t know, what feeling I currently also don’t know has, my present horse feels.” Said that Zhao Hai sat on sand, was feeling Spiritual Qi utilization, but he presently, Spiritual Qi of his within the body does not have any change probably, were also more besides Spiritual Qi of wool absorption some, was not having other to change. Zhao Hai has opened the eye puzzled, then turned the head to Cai'er said : looks like these time wants disappointedly, I had not felt that any change, this time possibly will not have anything to change.” Cai'er in saying anything, Zhao Hai smiled said : also well, does not have the change without the change, the good matter not to be impossible to be given to occupy by me, you rested first, I exited to transfer the extension, these time felt one wanted in the fire he stayed for dozens years, must movement well one.” Laura they have smiled, but several people outward walk with Zhao Hai, they know that Zhao Hai wants to practice practice, they are also join in the fun.

Zhao Hai looked at Laura their eyes, has not said anything. Laura their thoughts his understand. He has not cared, wants then, in any case to be his wife, does not have what good worry. Zhao Hai has moved first simply, then starts bit by bit uses oneself learn these attack methods, this time he has not used Divergent Technique, but practices with the ordinary style. However quick Zhao Hai felt that does not suit, he presently has not used Divergent Technique attack, but his present attack probably compared with former formidable, moreover in his attack. Probably is also bringing Strength of Destruction. Zhao Hai stopped, he is somewhat puzzled, not understand this what's the matter, then he practice several. Presently own feeling not wrong, in his attack truly is bringing Strength of Destruction. Zhao Hai these stopped, has closed the eye, careful is thinking this attack differences, some little time Zhao Hai fiercely has opened the eye, then has laughed. Cai'er puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, What happened to you? What smiles?” Zhao Hai turns the head look at Cai'er they, smiles said : you just not to ask me, after fire communicate has anything to change, I know now. Originally after fire communicate, in my attack had hot Strength of Destruction, my present attack strength compared with former much better.” Cai'er they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that also very happy, Zhao Hai in the thoughts of practice, with Cai'er their returned to in the villa, several people have not made a big table to be delicious, together high happy was popular has eaten greatly. Actually they have not needed to eat thing now, but they like together eating meal, they like that feeling. Feeling that whole family together eats meal. Has eaten thing, Zhao Hai and Laura they exits to transfer the extension, this Zhao Hai also looks at the situation in perfect shop, the perfect shop present business is very good, because here, not only sells other plane to have thing that. Also can help the person have custom-made thing, for example you must manufacture Magical Artifact. However your material is few, if a failure, that did not have the unnecessary material to manufacture the second time, in this case, looked for general Crafting Master definitely is incorrect, because crafting had the success ratio . Moreover the success ratio was not very high. But if you look for the perfect shop, so long as you can achieve the request that the perfect shop puts forward, then your Magical Artifact ensure can refine successfully, but request that the perfect shop puts forward, even if refines the Magical Artifact reward. Not only Magical Artifact, medicine pill is also so, because has such service, therefore business very good of perfect shop, in ten plane is best, even if Heavenly Demon clan there, everyday also has innumerable Heavenly Demon to do business with the perfect shop, moreover many Heavenly Demon will also be helping the maintenance perfect shop, without means that because has plenty Heavenly Demon was counting on the perfect shop eats meal.

Naturally, a person of Heavenly Demon clan does not need to eat thing, eating meal of here, refers to be the perfect shop to their some rewards, but these rewards can turn into various commodities that the practice will use, helping them practice, these Heavenly Demon naturally fully will maintain the perfect shop. Zhao Hai their these time exits, carries on an inspection, went to all perfect shops to look, even if were other plane perfect shops, they. Moreover Zhao Hai, not only goes to the perfect shop, but also went to other plane some places to look, naturally his these time mainly by travelling to relax give priority to. although this Zhao Hai closed up only uses less than ten days, however his thought actually felt that crosses for dozens years, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai this ten days of feeling, was more tired than with plants communicate one year, the natural need relaxed well. Laura their also very happy, Zhao Hai rare has to accompany their playing well this time, several people of interest are very high, strolling well in ten plane. However their this travel, has not alarmed anybody, Zhao Hai has not thought must alarm others, such will only bring not the small trouble to them. The perfect shop knows except for Cultivation World and day Demon Realm there person that they are beyond the Zhao Hai business, other Interface and don’t know these, they only know that perfect shop there can get so far as other place no good thing, moreover does business fairly very just, if Zhao Hai they reveal, that perfect shop could expose, that will bring in some unnecessary trouble, therefore Zhao Hai their this travel are the low keys.( To be continued { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }