Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1922

Is braving the black smoke mountain pass, the large portion large portion volcanic ash to spurt from the mountain pass, braving that magma also keeping, looks like resembles the judgment day to be the same. A person's shadow actually stands in crater not far away, face calm look at is spurting the mountain the volcano, then his red light flashes, the whole person unexpectedly directly crashed in has been spurting the mountain in the crater, this person was not others, was Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai these time came to carry on communicate with Earth Fire, Earth Fire compared with the ordinary fire Advanced level one type of fire, in fact, this is Zhao Hai communicate the seventh type of fire, before , his bit by bit with own communicate level of these fire, he has arrived ahead of time at Earth Fire here to the present. Zhao Hai entered in the volcano, was feeling Earth Fire in volcano, this Earth Fire compared with ordinary fire much stronger, this Earth Fire not only will make him feel that in ordinary fire that wild, destruction, warm, Rebirth wait / etc. mood, must break through all mood, this mood was in the ordinary fire does not have. The Zhao Hai static feeling, has been using about seven days, the mischievous sea then comes out from the volcano, then Zhao Hai arrived at next target there, here Zhao Hai must feel that was actually Yin Fire. The fire divides Yin-Yang, before Zhao Hai feeling is Yang flame, now he wants to feel Yin Fire. Yin Fire with Yang flame feeling completely different, in Yang flame has the destruction strength, has new strength of life, but Yin Fire also has the destruction strength, however his Destruction Strength is different from Yang flame Destruction Strength, Yin Fire Destruction Strength is the one type of freeze strength. Is one type of with all one's strength. He can make the myriad things die, making the myriad things freeze. Besides the destruction strength, he does not have new strength of life, probably is this Yin Fire appears to destroy , because of this, therefore will include massive Death Qi. In Yang flame new strength of life, in Yin Fire did not have, his some, only then destroys. Was feeling Yin Fire ability, Zhao Hai somewhat is also surprised, he has not thought. This Yin Fire and Yang flame miss these many unexpectedly, he just almost Yin Fire [say / way]. Zhao Hai just with the thought and Yin Fire entered communicate the time, has met large quantities of Death Qi suddenly, this Death Qi quantity. Complete left the imagination of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt one is dying probably was the same, but always deals with Undead Creature before him well, this had not been dyed by that Death Qi. These time is higher with the Yin Fire communicate time, Zhao Hai has used half a month time, this withdrew from own thought Yin Fire, after withdrawing from Yin Fire, Zhao Hai also cannot help but let out a long breath, he thinks that Yin Fire is also hot one type of, by his present ability. Can optional communicate, however true he knows with Yin Fire communicate on. simply is not that a matter, Yin Fire and sunlight characteristic completely different, he and Yin Fire communicate, simply cannot use with the sunlight communicate method, will otherwise have the danger. Tidied up the mood, Zhao Hai has prepared to carry on communicate with other fires, in this Heaven and Earth, besides Earth Fire and Yin Fire, but also has plenty divergent flame. level of these fires are higher than Earth Fire, therefore Zhao Hai will carry on communicate at this time with these divergent flame.

Actually strict, Yin Fire is also divergent flame one type of, but beforehand Zhao Hai had somewhat underestimated this divergent flame, now looks like in Zhao Hai. These Divergent Technique situation some specially, divergent flame is different from the ordinary fire. communicate gets up to add carefully is good. Really by Zhao Hai saying, divergent flame and ordinary fire had very big difference , after Zhao Hai communicate several divergent flame, this present, so-called divergent flame actually could not be one type of is hot, he should be one type of energy, one type of very special energy, but this energy now by flame way appears . Used Zhao Hai with these divergent flame communicate six months, six months later, Zhao Hai will decide rest finally well, then in carried on final twice and fire communicate, but this twice and fire communicate was a little special, Zhao Hai has to be careful. Finally this twice Zhao Hai wants the communicate fire, the fire of one type is Heavenly Lightning, is the thunder, Zhao Hai also met Lightning element Divergent Technique, when he with various flame communicate, let his understand, Heavenly Lightning was in itself also the one type of special fire, therefore he decided finally that was also hot one type of carries on communicate Heavenly Lightning. But finally one type of fire, was special, this type of fire is also, most formidable one type of fire that at present Zhao Hai knows, that is Sun's True Flame. Sun's True Flame may also call Heavenly Flame, is in this world the strongest one type of flame , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will put Sun's True Flame carries on communicate finally. Rested for one week in Space, Zhao Hai then started to carry on communicate with Heavenly Lightning, in his Space had Heavenly Lightning, moreover most formidable that Tribulation Lightning, even the thunder in Space, the division of Yin-Yang, Zhao Hai wanted communicate first was Yang lightning , was Yin lightning . Has come across the true difficult problem with Heavenly Lightning communicate time Zhao Hai, wants with Heavenly Lightning communicate, the light uses Fire element Divergent Technique is incorrect, but must use Lightning element Divergent Technique to be good, what most important is, he must adjust his mood, destruction mood that because Heavenly Lightning represents formidable, moreover in destruction mood that Heavenly Lightning represents, does not have the Rebirth mood, Zhao Hai in own destruction mood, the join Rebirth mood, is the means has not carried on communicate with Heavenly Lightning. The mood of but only destroying, does not have the means to carry on communicate with Heavenly Lightning, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, what mood finally he has to the careful analysis Heavenly Lightning mood have well is he does not have presently. Let alone, careful after Heavenly Lightning has had the contact, but also really makes Zhao Hai present, really before has the one type of mood is him, not presently, this mood is Righteous Qi!

Heaven and Earth has Righteous Qi, but in this Heavenly Lightning is to have the most powerful Righteous Qi, this Righteous Qi may Bi Baixie, formidable. Zhao Hai was also understand, he remembers that any evil spirit, has the one type of inborn fear feeling regarding Heavenly Lightning, because in Heavenly Lightning included this Righteous Qi. Moreover Heavenly Lightning is Law of the Heaven and Earth is used to punish these not to defend most important weapon of regular person, looks like cultivator wants Transcends Tribulation to be the same, cultivator practices originally goes against heaven's will the line, naturally can offend Law of the Heaven and Earth, therefore Law of the Heaven and Earth will lower Lightning Tribulation to punish cultivator, if you Lightning Tribulation, that Law of the Heaven and Earth have thought that you can disobey some low level Law of the Heaven and Earth, making your strength stronger, if you do not have, you had also been finished. Zhao Hai when communicate Heavenly Lightning, felt that this Righteous Qi, he has used the good long time effort, in line of own mood had this Righteous Qi, this instantaneous with Heavenly Lightning communicate on, Heavenly Lightning extremely powerful, has been able to destroy all, Zhao Hai communicate Heavenly Lightning, to his advantage is very big. Zhao Hai feeling and Heavenly Lightning communicate for a long time, when his thought draws back from Heavenly Lightning he present, oneself with the Heavenly Lightning communicate time several hours, this also let Zhao Hai understand, Heavenly Lightning was he has met at present in all thing, thought quickest. Zhao Hai presently after Heavenly Lightning communicate, in own attack, is stronger besides Strength of Destruction, but also is bringing Righteous Qi, if meets some Ghost Cultivator or Evil Cultivator, his attack only meets the opposite party to cause the damage of even bigger. although with Heavenly Lightning communicate several hours, but Zhao Hai has rested the several days time, after oneself adjust the optimum condition, this starts with Sun's True Flame to carry on communicate. Sun's True Flame, is Sun, Zhao Hai directly carries on communicate with Sun actually, Sun makes the myriad things grow, similarly, he can also destroy the myriad things, he forever keeps aloof, your simply is impossible to approach him. Zhao Hai and Sun carry on communicate are most difficult, because of energy incomparably huge of Sun, even if Zhao Hai must contact with Sun, must cautiously, he fear incautiously, oneself turned into one pile of flying ashes, these variation cells in his body, feared that is very difficult to resist Sun's True Flame. One month passed by, Zhao Hai cannot be completely good with solar communicate, because in the thought of Sun, had too many mood, moreover one type of mood also very intense, warm, eternal, arrogant, great wait / etc. these mood, Zhao Hai in other fires was could not feel that only then can feel in Sun's True Flame, therefore he got up very difficult with solar communicate, two months later, Zhao Hai slowly with solar communicate on, but was actually only communicate of one type of shallow level, could not have been the deep level communicate, because mood of he also not completely understanding Sun. Zhao Hai always felt that these mood with are very big to his doing, what doing but has to use, he returns don’t know now, probably is away from that the one layer gauze with the truth, now he must do is, this gauze lifting.

Zhao Hai has not considered the means to lift this gauze anxiously, he knows that this matter cannot worry, more is doing in haste more is difficult achieves target, although felt that probably is only the one layer gauze, but Zhao Hai actually knows that is a bottleneck, be only the time arrived, your sudden enlightenment, has been able to break through that bottleneck, otherwise is you do everything possible to be also useless. Zhao Hai calms the mind to carry on communicate with Sun now, more carries on communicate with Sun, Zhao Hai more felt that his tiny, he felt in solar communicate process , is also one type of tempers to his spiritual force, making his spiritual force pure, before this is Zhao Hai, has not thought. The sensibility, the adjustment, in sensing, in adjusts, Zhao Hai entered during a circulation, deepened along with his sensibility, he with communicate of Sun in deepening slowly, Zhao Hai energy also in appears a fluctuation of faint trace, his Spiritual Qi was also also carrying on some changes, naturally these Zhao Hai and don’t know, he now also with communicate that Sun carries on, totally does not know regarding foreign object. Also several months later, the thought of Zhao Hai finally thought complete the fusion with Sun in together, now he is Sun, Sun is he, this feeling very mysterious, Zhao Hai slowly is realizing from experience all of Sun, feeling fire highest boundary. Had passed nearly one year of time, Zhao Hai has been separated from the thought of Sun own thought finally, he felt that the true meaning of fire, simultaneously his spiritual also clear and bright, Zhao Hai long vented anger, body table in a flash, returned to Space Villa.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }