Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1923

Laura they are sitting in Space, the financial reporting of look at perfect shop, they now already ri that is used to Zhao Hai to close up, although Zhao Hai this time of closing up is a little long, but actually a point cannot affect them, why they still should do, not does not adapt. Laura they now are also cultivator, they naturally impossible like average person entangles crazily, said it, their time has is, do not care about a little time. In this time, Laura their suddenly was feeling that very formidable aura appears in in the room, this aura has given them unexpectedly the one type of very warm feeling. Laura they turn the head to look, is Zhao Hai, how many person of happy has stood, Laura is said : Elder Brother Hai, you went out, your aura what's the matter? Feels very differently?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : he he, I just ended with solar communicate, naturally turned like this, all right, this time rest several days, then in carried on communicate with other thing.” Laura nodded said : well, you should rest well, Elder Brother Hai, will you prepare to carry on communicate with what next time?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : with the metal, after I plan first Five Elements communicate, then in other communicate thing, everything in the world, cannot leave Five Elements, first ended to communicate these five types, other thing is easier to do.” Laura selected has selected said : I also to think that this was better, but possibly wanted with metal communicate difficultly, this thing normally placed there, your simply could not feel that he had any thought.” Zhao Hai nodded, then shows a faint smile said : with metal communicate is only a start, I want communicate finally actually am this.” Said Zhao Hai in hand appears one group of silver metals. Sees this group of metals, Laura stares, then her immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, deep voice said : you say Liquid Silver? But Elder Brother Hai, can't Liquid Silver be the metal?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the Liquid Silver main body unable to be the metal, but do not forget, in Liquid Silver the join alloy are most, with Liquid Silver communicate, certainly compared with other metal communicate fee strengths.” Laura nodded said : also well, tries, Elder Brother Hai, do you prepare the there rest?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : had a look saying that these days I felt that also was really very good, not only the strength increased, but also with communicate of Sun, but also made my spiritual force progress, what most important was, I presently my power of thought probably is also progressing, I want to take a look what's the matter.”

Laura nodded, in the matter regarding practice, she cannot add on Zhao Hai, how Zhao Hai said how. Megan they to for Zhao Hai happy, no matter what, the Zhao Hai strength come more formidable compared with before now. Zhao Hai stayed several days in Space, paid attention to the Soaring Dragon Realm there situation, in fact except for Soaring Dragon Realm there, other places, where did not have to be worth him paying attention, iron Zhan Tian they to felt better in Soaring Dragon Realm there ri much, they stayed some time in Soaring Dragon Realm there, has found out the Soaring Dragon Realm there rule, duty that made was not special hazard duty, present ri also felt better, once for a while can also the rest in these city some time. Zhao Hai sees this situation, removed the bottom feel relieved, they exited to transfer the extension with Laura, started to get ready to carry on with the metal communicate matter. Zhao Hai regarding this time matter is very important, Metal element Divergent Technique is attack strength strongest one type of Divergent Technique, Zhao Hai believes that will certainly bring the unexpected advantage with metal communicate to him. This Zhao Hai presses the beforehand procedure, first starts from the simplest metal, the simplest metal, naturally is the most common pig iron, then in communicate metals other bit by bit. Zhao Hai front present is suspending the a piece pig iron, this pig iron very enormous, is a length of side two meters cube, Zhao Hai sits on this pig iron now. Zhao Hai started own power of thought slowly, he currently had with the experience of hot and wooden communicate, therefore he anxiously immediately do not have the contact with the pig iron, he must find the pig iron the first thought that then in slowly has the contact with the pig iron. It looks like in Zhao Hai, like pig iron and Stone this superficially life no thing, their thought certain very slow, communicate getting up certain very difficult, therefore he had has prepared at heart. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, like Stone and metal type, does not have life thing superficially, their thought are really extraordinary slow, Zhao Hai slowly is reducing own thought that he can affirm, now his thought already compared with plants communicate time also wanted slowly, but he also just felt that now was slow to the thought degree of metal, wanted with metal communicate, he also needs to slow down own thought degree. Zhao Hai bit by bit reduces own thought that to him felt when own thought is stopped natural creation, a lightning chops on the tree, possibly lets the fire that the day tree burns this at first to form, therefore in the fire can not have a thought mood of person. But the metal is not good, the natural creation metal were too few, the metal like pig iron, is the person makes, because is the person makes, therefore in him will include a thinking mode of person, Zhao Hai can such easy carries on communicate with him. After having thought through this point, Zhao Hai also finally thorough feel relieved, he started to feel wholeheartedly pig iron Spiritual Qi has the way.

When Zhao Hai takes back own thought from the pig iron finally, on pig iron that he presently he sits down, has hung moss mouth Zhao Hai cannot help but to smile bitterly unexpectedly, he knows that can be this, pig iron thought that also wants slow although he to feel that compared with Bread Tree he in the pig iron and did not stay long however outside feared was passed for a long time. Routine looked at timer, Zhao Hai was startled, because on the timer was demonstrating clearly, he hua went to more than five years of time with pig iron communicate. More than five years? Zhao Hai some cannot believe that he feels himself with pig iron communicate the several days time, how possibly past more than five years, but he also knows that the timer is impossible bad in other words, he really with pig iron communicate more than five years. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, smiled bitterly, the personal appearance moved appears in the villa, appears in the villa, he felt somewhat strangely, in the villa only then Cai'er and Meg, other people were not, Zhao Hai looked at Cai'er said : puzzled Cai'er, did other people go to that?” Cai'er looked at Zhao Hai to come back, immediately/on horseback happy said : Elder Brother Hai, you came back, fantastic, did not have what matter, but was a plane there perfect shop had some problems, Laura Elder Sister they processed.” Zhao Hai stares, then puzzled did said : have problems? What issue?” Cai'er has smiled bitterly next step: Business fantastic of our perfect shop, that plane several big influences were jealous, on secret alliance, the preparation has given to overtake our shops at one fell swoop, after Laura Elder Sister they knew, brings undead life form to process, now started.” Was saying also has referred to the screen. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a screen, presently on the screen Laura their command(er) some undead life form and that plane cultivator, fight with other cultivator, the fight was also conducted very intense, that plane several big influences, about the strength was not weak, Laura they wanted to solve these people also unlikely in a short time. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but sinks, coldly snorted said : idea has projected on my head to come, really looks for dead/die, I have a look.” The personal appearance moves, already appears in the Laura side. Laura they can sit in Space the command(er) fight, but they in this plane also has plenty under the hand/subordinate, these under the hand/subordinate are this plane native cultivator, if at this time, they did not come, that these native cultivator feared that will be quick will collapse, cultivator of these native places after all were not undead life form, they will be afraid, they will lose morale, that trouble was big. Laura very clear, wish makes perfect shop unfold, must depend on cultivator of these native places, just by undead life form is incorrect , because of this, they have to come to here come the command(er) fight, but they do not have what danger, in their sides, has Hu Dawei to lead his under the hand/subordinate these Immortal Stage undead life form in the guard, about thousand Immortal Stage undead life form army defend in there, their securities absolutely do not have the issue. However now cold frost of Laura actually still face, sits in a there word not, for these years , the show of perfect shop very rapid, the quantity of branch store in keeping is increasing, as the matter stands, naturally also on the inevitable influence the benefits of these big influences, except for Cultivation World and day Demon Realm there, several other Interface perfect shops is not very steady, when that several plane in view of the matter of perfect shop since birth.

although Laura has made some arrangement, but is impossible to defend all people, this plane fresh matter already in Laura their expected, but they have not thought that these people such will quickly begin, will have these many person together to begin, this almost gathered in this plane the too big strength to cope with them, if did not have these undead life form, they real could not have blocked. Laura they have not thought really that will have these many people to cope with them, must say that business although of perfect shop gets bigger and bigger, because of as the main by managing their plane no thing and crafting Alchemy give priority to, has some influences regarding benefit although of these big influences, but will not be big, after all the people on one's own side in these big influences, like in Crafting Master and Alchemy Master with oneself influence, because such they only needed some contribution points to be OK, moreover can obtain many Sect preferential benefits, only if ten thousand varied by, otherwise the person of these big will influence be with looking for the perfect shop. These five years time, the perfect shop was also makes these Great Sect lose about the one layer benefit, normally should not cause these many people to come attack they, but this matter actually lived, moreover almost caused that entire plane all influences came attack they, Laura they have not thought really can be this. Most time from the beginning, Laura their some understand, why these people have not met alliance to cope with them, but why was quick their understand, these people coped with them, was not because they have robbed these person of one layer benefits, but was these people settled on the perfect shop these good thing, behind the significance of representative with these good thing. In the perfect shop has good thing that this plane does not have, this plane person must investigate, when they presently, these thing possibly are not thing in this plane, they think that these thing are representing anything, these thing may represent very much, the perfect shop can carry on the relation with other plane, will not bring naturally to the attention of this plane all big influences. Relates with other plane, not only can obtain other plane good thing, when necessary, they can also invade other plane to go, because has such thoughts, therefore these talented people meet alliance to cope with them. This is also the reason that Laura they are angry, these fellows planned unexpectedly comprehensive takes over the perfect shop, this is really the wishful thinking, happen to idles is not having Laura of what matter they, decides to play one time in a big way, they must give this plane all big influences, a lesson of blood. In Laura they are paying attention to the situation in field, a sound conveys said : not to think that comes out to experience this matter, happen to moves.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }