Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1924
Laura they hear this sound to stare, turn the head to look at Zhao Hai, Laura immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, you went out, feels what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to return don’t know, hit one to know, happen to practiced acquiring a skill with these fellows.” The Zhao Hai shape moves, direct these he overran. This Zhao Hai Divergent Technique fights Fighting Technique complete dispersing, moreover his opposite these people are not Immortal Stage Expert, but is some Transcends Tribulation Stage and Transcends Tribulation Stage following cultivator, these person of simply cannot constitute anything to threaten to Zhao Hai, now Zhao Hai overruns, is such as the bullying is seriously ordinary. Zhao Hai Divergent Technique fought Fighting Technique is really too astonishing, lethality very formidable, these Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, basically nobody was he, as soon as gathering, piece, horizontal corpse will have spread wildly. After this fight, Zhao Hai also presently after communicate the pig iron, what change Spiritual Qi had, his Spiritual Qi unexpectedly faint can restrain opposite party metal weapon, metal weapon that therefore toward striking, the attack strength by own weakening, after this possibly is Metal element Divergent Technique communicate, his Spiritual Qi produce a variation. Zhao Hai one time does not have release own Law Idol, his in hand is taking a long blade, this changes the long blade or Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai walks, kills, but various Divergent Technique conveniently, the in hand long blade wields, claimed lives, among in the blink of an eye has completed thousand people to cut. These are attacking Laura they, this plane cultivator, noted Zhao Hai, especially these were at Immortal Stage cultivator, noted Zhao Hai. These Immortal Stage cultivator also feel very curious, they feel clearly that Zhao Hai is not Immortal Stage Expert, but looks at Zhao Huzi, his strength compares in general Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator many, making Zhao Hai kill, their casualties were too big. Finally Immortal Stage Expert could not bear, direct Zhao Hai clashes. Both sides project on the present, although sometimes. Also will let some Immortal Stage Expert make a move, but also is restrain, after all Immortal Stage Expert is both sides the person of basic plane does not want to make Immortal Stage Expert fallen, Laura they not want to make Immortal Stage Undead Creature in Space remove disappearance of bottom, therefore has not used Immortal Stage Expert. However now appears Zhao Hai a anomaly, on although level has not achieved Immortal Stage probably. However the strength actually compared with the Immortal Stage Expert difference, in this case, the opposite party naturally could not bear, immediately sent out Immortal Stage Expert to cope with Zhao Hai. They think own here sends out Immortal Stage Expert, opposite party also immediately to send out Immortal Stage Expert to intercept and rob. However they actually guessed mistakenly, Laura they understood the Zhao Hai strength, do not say Immortal Stage Expert, even if sent out ten, Zhao Hai cannot destroy completely the opposite party, the self-preservation does not have the issue. Therefore their simply has not made these Immortal Stage Undead Creature begin, but is look at these Immortal Stage Expert and Zhao Hai fights.

Laura their very clear, Zhao Hai is to look for such opportunity. Well fights to try the type with Immortal Stage Expert better wearing in his Divergent Technique to fight Fighting Technique. Because of some such considerations, therefore Laura they have not made these Immortal Stage Undead Creature join in the fun, but is look at Zhao Hai hits the delight with that Immortal Stage cultivator. Zhao Hai time feeling truly is good, opposite party although is Immortal Stage Expert, but its strength not compared with Mo Potian in many, he and Mo Potian fights time. In a specific environment, the has plenty method has more than enough. Now is different, various Divergent Technique he but afterward. That Immortal Stage Expert his vice- must be thrown into confusion, fell the wind. The opposite party looked that Immortal Stage Expert cannot be what kind of Zhao Hai, they were more anxious, another Immortal Stage Expert flushes away toward Zhao Hai, Laura they still do not have the sound, two Immortal Stage Expert gather round a Zhao Hai chaotic war, finally fell unexpectedly leeward. Then opposite party surprised, immediately/on horseback sent out Immortal Stage Expert, Laura they not to move, three Immortal Stage Expert besieged Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai currently has not used the stars universe changes Body-maneuvering Technique, fought three Immortal Stage Expert not to drop the wind alone unexpectedly. Fight time getting longer and longer, Zhao Hai attack is also momentarily getting more and more smooth, opposite party three Immortal Stage Expert fell unexpectedly leeward, this was really too inconceivable. The opposite party has not thought of this point obviously, their this immediately has sent out ten Immortal Stage Expert preparations Zhao Hai exterminate at the scene, before they had sent three Immortal Stage Expert, but Laura they do not have the sound, this makes them think that Laura they do not care about the Zhao Hai life, therefore their courage were also big, thinks Zhao Hai entire destroying completely. However this time they have actually thought mistakenly, nobody they cared about the Zhao Hai life compared with Laura, as soon as they sent out ten Immortal Stage Expert, Laura their immediately sent out large quantities of Immortal Stage Undead Creature to carry on attack to these people. But the opposite party looked that Laura they moved, has to send out large quantities of Immortal Stage Expert to meet head-on, the Immortal Stage Expert war launches in light of this. However this has not ended, Zhao Hai wields, large quantities of Undead Creature appears , this Undead Creature appears quantity, but extremely numerous, although these Undead Creature strengths and not necessarily good, but their in hand is taking the spear|gun, but also is in violation of the artillery, has created not the small trouble to the opposite party.

The war has projected on the darkness, the opposite party withdrew troops, they have to retreat, their losses were too big, today this war, was only Immortal Stage Expert they lost about hundred people, although about hundred Immortal Stage Expert were not their in hand complete Immortal Stage Expert quantities, however such loss was also, therefore their immediately that they could not withstand withdraws troops. But the harvest of Zhao Hai is not small, he presently present simply does not need to be Spiritual Qi, but, he in the fight, the pore of whole body will still absorb Spiritual Qi, can still with Heaven and Earth exchanges Spiritual Qi, the although fight the time, is few of entering, many of leaving, but supplemented that has, in this manner, he will be gets several days several nights of Spiritual Qi not to dry up. Moreover Zhao Hai present Divergent Technique fights Fighting Technique, was thorough wearing in has completed after this matter, in this fight, he that three Immortal Stage Expert destroying completely, has been able to look at fully the Zhao Hai present strength. the war later second day, that several big influence sends out the person to come with the perfect shop to negotiate, Zhao Hai knows that this negotiations feared could not hit, he returned to in Space. Laura will certainly not let off this opportunity, this negotiations, has gotten so far as many benefits for the perfect shop, without the means that the opposite party cannot hit them, if they also don’t know seize the opportunity put the bite on, that may really be lived in vain. Has used the several days time, finally handled the matter of perfect shop, Zhao Hai has cultivated Laura their several days, this started second time closing up, this time he wanted the communicate metal naturally also on Level Up, turned into the bronze. With bronze communicate also very difficult, ** copper communicate one time must spend the last more than year of time, but in more than one year time, Laura they matter processing of perfect shop all, in ten plane, are not having that influence to dare to have the idea of perfect shop finally now. Must, come compared with vicious and merciless degree, Laura they are not worse than Zhao Hai, Zhao Hao cruel methods are spicy, Laura they are also same, moreover Zhao Hai many people, Laura they have also known, will also be involved, therefore in presently these people after having the idea of perfect shop, Laura their immediately has given an opposite party profound lesson with the thunder method, making them in not dare to have the idea of perfect shop. Has rested after some time, Zhao Hai has carried on communicate with other metals, metal level also in enhancement bit by bit, from sole metal to alloy, Zhao Hai communicate metal more and more formidable. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also present, a level higher metal, inside includes, the thinking mode of person is many, represents the person of manufacture is also being attentive, the person of manufacture is attentive, in the metal included the thought of person also to be naturally many.

In the metal the thinking modes of some people, will not cause anything to trouble to Zhao Hai communicate, conversely, will also bring some ways to Zhao Hai, can say that Zhao Hai although and metal communicate time is very long, is not because communicate is difficult, conversely, compared with plants and fire, with metal communicate is very simple, the time of expenditure is long , because the thought of metal was too slow. Is good is also same as plants because of the metal, is the high level metal, his thought is quick, but is this, Zhao Hai puts in order with all metal communicate, used for 20 years, but now he has aimed at oneself most important weapon the vision finally, Liquid Silver! The Liquid Silver predecessor is wicked Magic Staff in Space, but this wicked Magic Staff actually not with made of metal, but is one type of Crystal, one type of is very hard, but can actually along with Zhao Hai regard transformation Crystal, be only afterward in join too many metals, slowly turned into the present Liquid Silver appearance. Now in Liquid Silver includes massive metals, can say that in Space all kinds of metals, in Liquid Silver have, besides the metal, other materials , because of this, therefore Liquid Silver such formidable, but Zhao Hai also wants with Liquid Silver communicate, look to succeed finally, he believes that if Zhao Hong can carry on communicate with Liquid Silver, greatly will be certainly helpful to his practice. But these twenty years time, the change of Cultivation World there is very big, nine Great Sect regain one's strength slowly, they have sent several teams of Immortal Stage Expert toward Soaring Dragon Realm there, this makes nine Great Sect increase in the Soaring Dragon Realm there strength, but has not threatened the iron Zhan Tian leading positions. Compared with nine Great Sect, the Freedom Alliance show is quicker, Freedom Alliance here has the commodity support that the perfect shop provides, moreover is not short of manpower, their show complete nine Great Sect, but nine Great Sect foundations are solid, had not been dropped many, generally speaking, the Cultivation World here strength increases very quick. Compared with the Cultivation World here situation, Soaring Dragon Realm there to does not have too many changes, but the Cultivation World here person in Soaring Dragon Realm there is also standing firm of penetrating, now Cultivation World sent the Immortal Stage Expert quantity in Soaring Dragon Realm to cross 200, was a little strength.( To be continued., Casts the recommendation ticket and monthly ticket. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }