Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1925

In Soaring Dragon Realm there Cultivation World Expert, 120 people are Freedom Alliance, 80 people are nine Great Sect, nine Great Sect nearest/recent have some frantic, in the twenty years in they train, all Immortal Stage Expert, have all delivered to Soaring Dragon Realm here, but Freedom Alliance such has not actually done, they still according to own plan, methodical delivers to these Expert Soaring Dragon Realm. 20 years, no matter Freedom Alliance is nine Great Sect, increased many Immortal Stage Expert, the Immortal Stage Expert quantity of Freedom Alliance 20 years of increase had about hundred fully, Black Tiger Group in one group on appears about 30 Immortal Stage Expert. But these twenty years time, nine Great Sect also trained about 70 Immortal Stage Expert, has to recognize nine Great Sect deep of inside story, be far from Freedom Alliance can compare. 20 years can change many matters, however many matters still have not actually changed, for example the first regiment, the first regiment present army quantity is still 7 million, but actually some person leave the first regiment, the people of these leave first regiments, are in various Sect the best skilled person, they now became Immortal Stage Expert, after becoming Immortal Stage Expert, their leave the first regiment, their names still kept the first regiment, he becomes Immortal Stage Expert, although withdrew from the first military force in name, but in the strength, their hearts, are still the first regiment. Freedom Alliance 20 years, trains about hundred Immortal Stage Expert, but these light Immortal Stage Expert that walks from the first regiment, Immortal Stage Expert that about 70, equivalent to entire nine Great Sect train. Reason that Immortal Stage Expert very clear of these leave first regiments, they can have today. Has been lucky the first regiment, the first regiment each time training, everyone/Great Clan in together discussion practice attainment, but reason that they have to arrive this step, these practice attainments. To their help is very big. These people after becoming Immortal Stage Expert, in the first year, will work as one year of Instructor to the first regiment, this will let the person in first regiment, practice is quicker. The first regiment after 20 years of change. Their all members, became the mainstay of Freedom Alliance, these people in various Great Sect, have very high status, they either became various Great Sect famous Crafting Master, either became Alchemy Master that various Great Sect became famous, either is in various Great Sect the Core Disciple top character. Even if these strengths is insufficient, temporarily has not entered to Core Disciple, also by various Inner Disciples of Great Sect key training, a such strength is anybody does not dare to neglect. No matter Freedom Alliance is nine Great Sect knows, strength that this cannot be estimated lightly. Anybody does not have means command(er) to result, can command(er) result in the person of first regiment team, has one, that is Zhao Hai. Battle Sword Monument still stands on Drinking Elephant Mountain, there burning incense has still not broken, Battle Sword Monument there is sacred land in first regiment person heart. Similarly. 20 years passed by, in these twenty years, Zhao Hai did not have appears in Cultivation World. Only the perfect shop is still irritable. However actually nobody dares underestimated Zhao Hai, nobody dares to have the idea of perfect shop, their very clear, do not look that Zhao Hai does not have appears now, he is still existence that the entire Cultivation World nobody dares to offend.

20 years, has still not made Cultivation World these people forget the fearfulness of Zhao Hai. Is adding on now the Black Tiger Group strength, compared with past years. That is the difference between Heaven and Earth, even if nine Great Sect does not dare underestimated Black Tiger Group, does not dare to say Black Tiger Group by the Zhao Hai support, has not been counted Zhao Hai now, the Black Tiger Group strength, in any difference compared with nine Great Sect, in this case, nobody does not dare to provoke the perfect shop, therefore in the Cultivation World here perfect shop, is safest. Zhao Hai is also clear to these situations, these years his although has not taken a walk in Cultivation World, but Cultivation World there lived anything, he is clear, his how possible don’t know these matters. To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought really that the first regiment will have today such result, now has the people of many first regiment, entered in Soaring Dragon Realm, compared with also early, before this that he enters is him, has not thought that but he has not been angry, conversely, he feels happy for these people very much. Zhao Hai knows that his situation, his present accumulation unavoidably, he because of the Cultivation Method reason, the moment has not stopped the practice in the twenty years, even because of plants communicate, his practice, was quicker than before, but he still has not actually accumulated suffices to enter Spiritual Qi that Immortal Stage needs, therefore he has not worried. In fact no matter the present has into Immortal Stage Expert, this does not affect him in Cultivation World then status, status of Zhao Hai in Cultivation World, nobody can defend, even if nine Great Sect people, when mentioned Zhao Hai, was a respect of face. Zhao Hai is has plenty Undead Creature, in protects Daoist priest looks like, Zhao Hai is a butcher, is out-and-out Evildoer, evil spirit, when Zhao Hai in hand can one put out about thousand Immortal Stage Undead Creature, even if anybody has to admire him, this is the strength. although said that now quick of Cultivation World show, nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance also extensive returned to some strength, but both sides are actually together very peaceful, reason that these have Zhao Hai. The Zhao Hai strength in that pendulum he, he is not going to others, even if that person burnt the high-grade incense, who dares to provoke him, that was courting death purely. Has division of Righteous and Evil in Cultivation World here, no matter is evil, so long as you are competent, you will win the respect, no matter the first method of Zhao Hai use is evil, his strength is worth all people respecting. Zhao Hai does not have the thoughts to pay attention to these now, he is preparing and Liquid Silver now carries on communicate, his these time goes out the time that he rests to be quite long, for by to the good condition that oneself restore, is carrying on communicate with Liquid Silver, what although his don’t know this time communicate result can be, but Zhao Hai actually has to make these preparations, he never hits without the weaponry of preparation.

These time went out Zhao Hai to rest about half a month, this prepared to carry on communicate with Liquid Silver, very heavy of this time communicate regarding Zhao Hai wanted, he has no alternative but to be careful. Outside Space Villa, hundred Spirit Tree below, float metal sphere, this metal flood cyan metal radiance, but the metal on this metal sphere probably is the liquid is the same, once for a while will tremble lightly, on the spheroid also meets flood the intermittent ripples. Laura they stand in this metal sphere below now, some Meg worries to Laura said : Laura Elder Sister, Young Master won't have the matter?” Laura look at that metal sphere, shows a faint smile said : to be worried about anything, but Liquid Silver Elder Brother Hai weapon, moreover with a Space body, how Space possibly to make to injure the Elder Brother Hai matter, your feel relieved.” Meg nodded, turned the head to look at Cai'er one, the Cai'er look at Meg appearance, showed a faint smile said : feel relieved to be good, will not have the matter.” Meg then feel relieved, several people looked at that metal sphere a while, this returned to villa. But Zhao Hai actually in that metal sphere, is trying to carry on communicate with Liquid Silver now, but he has tried many times, actually cannot succeed, not only has not succeeded, in fact his present simply had not found the thought of Liquid Silver. Zhao Hai fell own thought to very low degree now, even ratio and pig iron communicate time is low, still had not actually felt that thought of Liquid Silver, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled. However he has not given up, he own thought adjusts normally, then in bit by bit increases own thought that he when bit by bit is slow his thought accent, in the entire process had not felt that Liquid Silver thought that is because of this, possibly thought the Liquid Silver thought degree his thought degree. Zhao Hai accent quick own thought bit by bit, quick, when his thought has caught up with him and Sun's True Flame communicate thought has spent, but still does not have presently the thought of Liquid Silver, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled, he in one time sped up his thought. When he speeds up his thought to two times of solar thought that he felt a thought of Liquid Silver finally, but that thought was really too quick, his simply did not have the means to relate.

However this presently makes Zhao Hai feel very happy, so long as present good, the Zhao Hai horse added on sped up own thought that three times of solar thought that four times of solar thought that five times of solar thought that eight times of solar thought that he felt finally the thought of Liquid Silver, the thought of Liquid Silver also wanted compared with his present thought on quickly many, Zhao Hai in one time sped up own thought degree, the spiritual Rubik's cube quick rotation of his within the body, has seemed like been fully same by the motive of stimulation of movement. Ten times of solar thought that Zhao Hai with the thought relation of Liquid Silver, he has used ten times of solar thought to relate with Liquid Silver finally on, this is Zhao Hai has not thought. However one contacts with the thought of Liquid Silver, his suddenly feels the one type of very warm feeling, because he from this thought that felt own mental power, probably is own thing, was only leave oneself, now returned to own side was also same. Thought of thought and Liquid Silver of Zhao Hai complete about in together, his static feeling change in Liquid Silver thought that Liquid Silver, because is his weapon, moreover reason that Liquid Silver will turn into today's appearance , because he keeps forms to Liquid Silver in metal join, when his times metal join to Liquid Silver, his thought also times join to Liquid Silver, because like this, therefore he after and a thought degree relation of Liquid Silver, will feel to such kindness, such warmth, because that on is he. mental power. Not only Zhao Hai felt that in here his mental power, simultaneously he also felt the Liquid Silver characteristics, Liquid Silver because of join too many metals, in had the wicked Magic Staff reason in addition in inside, now turned into this world the best alloy, the thought of Zhao Hai and Liquid Silver relates, for him, the advantage was too big.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }