Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1926

Liquid Silver the characteristics very perfect fusions of these metals in together, having made Zhao Hai feel that one type of brand-new metal boundary, these metals have been able to say turned into the one type of brand-new metal. Zhao Hai don’t know with Liquid Silver communicate how long, because in Liquid Silver the characteristics of these metals were really too special, making him almost lose in that characteristics. Waiting for Zhao Hai wants to draw back from the thought of Liquid Silver, he actually presently the thought of Liquid Silver actually also with the thought thinks that returned to in his body, Zhao Hai cannot bear stares, one has opened the eye. His opens the eye, stares, because of him presently, was wrapping his Liquid Silver already complete vanish from sight, this made Zhao Hai very puzzled. At this moment, his suddenly felt that own body some do not suit, on the idle eye felt own body, one has actually tarried, because he presently in the body on all cells, has iron cyan radiance, but that radiance he was too familiar, before Liquid Silver, radiance that shoots, in other words, Liquid Silver unexpectedly with his body combine together. Zhao Hai was shocked, he was really don’t know must say that any was good, he tried to summon Liquid Silver, has not actually thought that his summon just, one group of metals had braved from his body, turned into an appearance of long blade, but now he felt that one and this long blade complete fusion in together, the blade was the part of his body. The Zhao Hai dull look at in hand Liquid Silver long blade, he has not thought that can be this, he has tested the long blade, the present long blade was easier-to-use than before. Also resembled was summoning Great Magical Artifact, he feared that Liquid Silver fused with him in together, will affect him to use these Great Magical Artifact, but he did not have the means that as soon as he summoned, these Great Magical Artifact immediately have left, in these Great Magical Artifact appears processes, he felt own cell probably quick fission was the same. Does not have any influence to him. Waits trying Great Magical Artifact receives, very relaxed received Great Magical Artifact, but these Liquid Silver enter in his body time. Probably with his sparrow hawk superposition in together, actually has not had any adverse effect to his cell, in other words, Liquid Silver already thorough unified with him in together. Zhao Hai thinks. Cannot help but has smiled, Liquid Silver unified with him in together unifies because of together was good, opposed that this did not have any fault to him, he has tried, his other Divergent Technique can still use. On him absorbed the Spiritual Qi way through the pore changes any change, Zhao Hai naturally also feel relieved. Zhao Hai sharply has not been going back in villa to tell Laura with information that he fuses Liquid Silver them, but arrived in Space a uninhabited place, tried to return to this new way, in Liquid Silver unified after him, he own forms of combat are presently more. Before Liquid Silver although by his control, but he used Liquid Silver time, must take in hand Liquid Silver. Perhaps with intention control. Liquid Silver is weapon, but now is different, he can optional turns into any appearance Liquid Silver, moreover Liquid Silver comes out from his body, he can let Liquid Silver from any spot appears of his body, his head can turn into the Liquid Silver same tinsel to attack the enemy at any time. command(er) on his hand momentarily can turn into Liquid Silver, even he can make Liquid Silver turn into his clothes. Is making the clothes turn into full body armor, all change along with his regard. Liquid Silver looks like part of his body is the same. This lets Zhao Hai very happy, but those who make Zhao Hai surprised is, he presently in his spiritual force, probably is also bringing Qing's radiance however, is the same with Liquid Silver, this lets the Zhao Hai most surprised place. Afterward he presently, is not his spiritual force, in his Battle Qi is also same, probably in his head air/Qi also has cyan radiance, light Zhao Hai Battle Qi manifestation time, that cyan radiance with Battle Qi together appears in his outside the body, will also let his Battle Qi formidable.

When Zhao Hai tests spiritual force carries on attack, actually presently silent spiritual force attack, actually probably turned into physical attack to be the same, this cannot help but makes Zhao Hai somewhat worried. He tries not to have Liquid Silver cyan radiance by his Spiritual Attack, has not thought that was very easy to achieve, his Spiritual Attack truly did not have the color, but the feeling of that Liquid Silver attachment still existed, but Liquid Silver became does not have the color to be the same probably. Regarding Liquid Silver such change, Zhao Hai also do not understand what's the matter, but he actually presently this regarding him, absolutely is a good matter, because this let his attack formidable. After Zhao Hai has tried Spiritual Attack and Spiritual Qi attack, has Liquid Silver to attach above, this arrived proposes one to awake to Zhao Hai, his suddenly wants to know, if he used Law Idol, his Law Idol can have Liquid Silver? Thinks does, Zhao Hai immediately summoned own Law Idol. His Law Idol one has braved, Zhao Hai Law Idol does not have general cultivator Law Idol to be so big, but the congealing reality, this Zhao Hai summoned his Law Idol, actually presently his Law Idol probably turns into a green person to unfold bronze such cyan radiance generally all over the body, very beautiful, but also very special. Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, is thinking received cyan radiance, along with his idea, that cyan radiance really immediately hidden went, this made his Law Idol seem like more like ordinary Law Idol, but Zhao Hai present person, his Law Idol compared with before, congealing, moreover above still had the Liquid Silver attachment, this let his Law Idol, no matter in attack in defense, became very formidable. Zhao Hai grew in the mouth to be mad, takes back own Law Idol, on the face has shown the smiling face, these time with Liquid Silver communicate, made Liquid Silver unify with finally unexpectedly completely, this to Zhao Hai absolutely was good information, huge good information. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, returned to the villa, entered the villa he to stare, he presently Laura their one face strange look at he, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Laura their said : What happened? has any wrong? Laura look at Zhao Hai, has smiled bitterly next step: Elder Brother Hai, how your did time such quickly go out?” Zhao Hai said : quick? I just had not looked at the timer, has how long?” Laura has smiled bitterly next step: Since you enter to Liquid Silver, in arriving at you comes out from Liquid Silver, then runs does not see the shadow to start, from all sides is about ten minutes, ten minutes, several of us just entered from outside to the villa, Liquid Silver vanished. Your appears , then you ran not to have the shade, the person this closes up was also too quick?” Speaking of Laura the tenderness of their several young ladies to smile finally. Zhao Hai one hear of Laura they said that is also said : has ten minutes? Can't? I have remembered was very long, was right. My understand what's the matter, is the thought reason, I felt that in one wants to be very long with Liquid Silver, because Liquid Silver thought is too quick, therefore crossed for ten minutes.”

Laura they to thing that Zhao Hai practices now are not very clear. However also listened to Zhao Hai to say several times, to was also insufficient, several people nodded. Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, that Liquid Silver? We just entered the room, turns the head presently Liquid Silver to disappear, you stand in there, then you vanish from sight.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : these time with the Liquid Silver communicate biggest harvest is, Liquid Silver already complete fused with me in together.” Said that Zhao Hai proceeds to extend. Then Laura they presently. The skin on Zhao Hai, turned into the cyan fingernail to turn into cyan, the entire only hand looked like common of brass casting. Laura they have gawked, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Laura puzzled said : „is this useful? Elder Brother Hai, your body Crystallization time. Can't achieve this?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, sees nails on his five finger. Growth fast, turned into five short sword appearances before long unexpectedly. Zhao Hai wielded own hand said : Liquid Silver to unify with me completely in together, he merged in my first cell, in my energy, had Liquid Silver, in other words, if my Spiritual Attack, has hit anyone, even if were he has evaded my Spiritual Attack, by the Liquid Silver seize the opportunity invasion, when the time comes will be wanted my thought that similarly can make them die, only if their strengths were exceedingly high, can invading Liquid Silver in their body compelling, otherwise them, only then dead end.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Laura their immediately understand, must know Zhao Hai practices this Cultivation World here locally born cultivator practice is different, Zhao Hai comes up from Lower Realm ascend after all, he has experienced science and technology plane, knows regarding science and technology plane there science Zhao Hai, is adding on also has existence of Universal Machine, Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of various energy, compared with general cultivator depth. No matter Spiritual Qi and spiritual force, are energy one type of, moreover one type of very special energy, these two abilities can be said as the innumerable small granules comprised, they not like cultivator thinks, what is complete is the one type of completely shadowless invisible ability. Composes Spiritual Qi and spiritual force energy granule is very small, do not say with the eye, even if spiritual force of average person could not feel that granule , because of this, will listen to be considered as invisible shadowless by the energetic group and Spiritual Qi. However in the Zhao Hai eye is actually not, he knows that these energy are comprised of the each and every one clothing material, but Liquid Silver in unifies after him completely, unified with his energy in together, he wants to let Liquid Silver is any appearance, Liquid Silver was any appearance, Liquid Silver releases release went to the time by spiritual force and Battle Qi way, that was released exiting in the granule form, place that therefore Zhao Hai spiritual force can invade, Liquid Silver same, because like this, Zhao Hai thinks that Liquid Silver unified with him in together, by his strength big increase. But these that Zhao Hai knows, Laura they also know that Laura they Zhao Hai be longer than in the time in Space staying, is staying very bored matter in Space, they are impossible to pay attention to outside situation every time, therefore bored time, they have carried on the study, these science and technology plane thing, learn, these thing that therefore Zhao Hai knows, they also know, now a Zhao Hai saying they naturally on understand what's the matter. Laura face excited said : originally is this, that fantastic, Elder Brother Hai, your fighting strength was like this stronger.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to be natural, moreover can at any time change the body.” Said that his intention moves, in his body immediately emitted full body armor to give to wrap in him middle, then full body armor changed even bigger, in whole person outside bedding bag a giant iron ball.

Then the iron ball vanished, Zhao Hai still stood in there, smiles said : to be startled to Laura? I can summon now at any time from body these these Great Magical Artifact, in momentarily receives, moreover Liquid Silver can absorb other metals and materials enhances own ability I also to have, I can still absorbing other thing, enhance Liquid Silver level.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that happy, Zhao Hai then said : „, not only this, this time I and Liquid Silver communicate, but also made the ability that my metal injury weakened further obtain outstanding, so long as were the metal that Liquid Silver contained, I to their injuries, can the immunity.” Laura happy said : fantastic, has not thought really that with Liquid Silver communicate, Elder Brother Hai you can also obtain these many advantage unexpectedly, was then good, Elder Brother Hai you arrived at Immortal Stage, feared that was Immortal Stage person nobody is your match.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, deep voice said : Immortal Stage Expert I have not feared now, I want to enter Immortal Stage by the quick point now, only then in that case, I can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, even is True Spirit Realm, that will have many splendors to wait for me.” Laura nodded said : „, I also think that earlier goes to Soaring Dragon Realm there to have a look, wants to go to True Spirit Realm there to have a look, before listened to Ouyang Yu saying that the True Spirit Realm there person ate thing, to there, thing in my Space has been able open and aboveboard took to eat.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, said : originally unexpectedly because of this, he he, is right, these years we eat thing, is cautiously, does not dare to take to eat, has not used to True Spirit Realm there.” Laura nodded, Meg look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what communicate do you receive to with? With Stone communicate with water communicate?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : water, in Space has Bubble of mother of Myriad Water, I with water communicate, after being positive, with artillery artillery communicate, what advantage this time I to have a look at me to obtain, finally is carrying on communicate with the land, because I believe that the land thought will quickly not certainly go to that can spend for a long time, in saying the myriad things depends upon the land, but Immortal, moreover Space present land already Level Up to golden color, I with land communicate time, finally on can carry on communicate with that golden land, did you think?” Laura thinks that said : should, Bubble that fellow anything water be able to absorb, the name of mother of Myriad Water was not called casually, finally with his communicate, the land, Elder Brother Hai you can certainly with be able the first land carried on communicate, finally with planet communicate, in the special land with Space was carrying on communicate finally, certainly.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : fully communicate completes, finally remaining he.” Said that Zhao Hai looked at hundred Spirit Tree.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }