Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1927

Zhao Hai stands near pool, the Bubble of look at float on pool, Bubble was mother of Myriad Water, this point Zhao Hai already knows, but Zhao Hai obtained Bubble time, Bubble was probably incomplete, he caused heavy losses probably, needs to restore, therefore he was absorbing all kinds of water, but Bubble strength also keeping was increasing. Zhao Hai don’t know Bubble why like this, but Zhao Hai does not have many has fought with Bubble, especially after arriving at Cultivation World, Zhao Hai has not fought with Bubble, Bubble in Space, he can absorb many type of water, but the aura that his release comes, can become enlightened Water element Crystal Stone, is highest level Crystal Stone, therefore Zhao Hai has not needed Bubble to help him fight now. Does not need Bubble to fight, does not interrupt Zhao Hai to with Bubble carry on communicate, this communicate, not only the simple spiritual exchange, Zhao Hai already can carry on the exchange of fine mysterious with Bubble, looks like two person speeches is the same, this flashes communicate, is communicate of deeper level, is lets the thought perfect union of thought and Bubble of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants to feel, how Bubble is exchanges with Spiritual Qi, why he can become mother of Myriad Water. Zhao Hai entered the march thought to exchange with other water now, the powers of thought of these water are closest people, no matter the low level water, is the high level water, their thought phase difference is not many, is only the mood change in thought is somewhat big, the water like the metal, the metal almost does not have what mood, however the mood of water is actually has plenty. The different water have different mood. Similar to the fire. Now other water Zhao Hai communicate, remaining Bubble, Bubble already had been subdued by Space, naturally knows that Zhao Hai must do, he is also glad to coordinate, Zhao Hai now is his Master, he thinks that does not coordinate not to be good. Zhao Hai look at Bubble, showed a faint smile, sits cross-legged to sit, then slowly searched own thought. Zhao Hai knows that Bubble is impossible to hide, even fully will also coordinate him, who makes Bubble itself be surrendered by Space. Does not coordinate him not to be good. communicate of deep level, with ordinary communicate completely different, especially Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai and Bubble must carry on the thought exchange, when the time comes Zhao Hai is Bubble, he will feel that Bubble all , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai is very careful. However is good because of Bubble coordination, Zhao Hai very relaxed own the thought relation of thought and Bubble in together, with Bubble in together knew in the thought Zhao Hai of contact. Like Bubble this level high thing, their thought are very quick, Bubble thought although can't compare with Liquid Silver, but also is similar to Sun, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai somewhat surprised. Zhao Hai was feeling Bubble all, mother of Bubble known as Myriad Water, this saying has not called wrong, Zhao Hai a thought contact of thought with Bubble, immediately felt, the feeling of water. This always felt that Zhao Hai in other water also feels to have been, water conservation myriad things, but similarly, the water can also ruin the myriad things, but generally speaking. Water Lord of Life, the water attack strength is not weak. Zhao Hai in the true meaning of feeling water. Bubble is mother of Myriad Water, the true meaning of water he includes is stronger, Zhao Hai can from the body of Bubble, feel that any water characteristics, this little looks like Liquid Silver, but is different from Liquid Silver.

The metal in Liquid Silver, majority of man-made, but various water in Bubble actually not man-made, but is the nature formation, in this water also other has plenty thing, making people feel very special. Spiritual Qi that natural creation thing, inside contains is purer, moreover carries on communicate with these natural creation thing time, will make Zhao Hai deepen one regarding the understanding of thick. But this Zhao Hai now in comprehend thing, Zhao Hai believes that so long as comprehend the [say / way], his potential also naturally has produced. Zhao Hai to the present is also not completely understand this [say / way] is anything, this looked like by the mountain that the dense fog covered, Zhao Hai now is just touched to the mountain corner/horn, this mountain high, what this mountain was, he returned don’t know, but Zhao Hai is walking toward the mountain on now, he believes that certainly will arrive some day at the summit. Zhao Hai long expiration, has opened the eye slowly, his thought has drawn back from the thought of Bubble, was also deeper regarding the understanding of water. But makes Zhao Hai feel what is more accidental, he felt the relation between Bubble also to be probably closer, although said that Bubble has not integrated in the body of Zhao Hai like Liquid Silver, but Zhao Hai actually felt that Bubble can achieve, he can certainly achieve, in other words, he can also control Myriad Water now, absorbed ten thousand types of water. What most important is, Zhao Hai finally understand Bubble strongest attack was anything, Bubble most strong attack struck actually the water, no matter the person was also good, was various animal plants is also good, in the body included the moisture, if did not have the moisture, they could not live, but Bubble strongest attack, was the control person or animal and plants moisture, so long as gave suction these moisture, no matter the person or animal must die, this was Bubble strongest attack. To be honest, hears such attack Zhao Hai to feel fearful, the water in direct control enemy body, that opposite party family is not good, even if not attract the adult to do the opposite party, can make the enemy blood stream counter clash, when the time comes when the opposite party undead also severe wound, in adding on the blood counter to the pain that brings, feared that is anybody cannot bear. Zhao Hai currently also had with the Bubble same ability, moreover he also has Liquid Silver in the body, he can definitely take Liquid Silver to put in as medium to the body of enemy, the blood of enemy within the body directs lives the change, fought time, if blood suddenly of enemy comes one counter to clash, that uses Zhao Hai to cope with him, feared that was he was finished directly.

Zhao Hai returned to in the villa, this time he has carried on communicate with the water, the time needed is not very long, but more than two years of time, the middle also has rested several times, these two years time, regarding outside world, simply is not anything, Zhao Hai has not cared, has rested in Space well some time. Now on remaining carried on communicate with the land, attached great importance this time communicate Zhao Hai, because these locally born was breeds the myriad things the parent substance, was the planting body of myriad things, without the land, the myriad things has not depended on each other, land regarding cultivator important, although cultivator can fly, but did not have that cultivator to non-stop fly, they need to rest, must cultivate the rest unable to leave the land, moreover in the land can grow to help cultivator practice medicinal herbs, in Stone can withdraw various metals, was helping the cultivator fight, no matter clothes, food, letter and line, that on the one hand could not leave this. Land, because of this, therefore Zhao Hai will place the land carries on communicate finally. No matter plants is also good, the water is also good, the fire is also good, even if the metal is also good, these thing have inseparable relationship with the land, water current river channel, that also above land, even if these steamed water, will turn one day into the rain, in again falls in the returned to ground, fire say nothing, material of building a fire with, coal, even is other thing, is obtains from the land, but the metal is direct refines from the ore comes out, plants on say nothing, not the places of land their company commander not, therefore land continuously. Zhao Hai thinks is in Five Elements the most important part. This Zhao Hai and land carry on communicate, first communicate the most common land, just as is such that Zhao Hai thinks, thought of this land is very slow, wants on slow several times compared with the pig iron, but in land that sincerity, calm, the feeling of atmosphere, to is makes Zhao Hai profit significantly, he felt own standing in front on the quantity is being disillusioned with the mortal world old person, this old person silently is paying own all, what does not rescue to repay, he is calm that atmosphere that anybody in his front, appears tiny that. Zhao Hai immersed during this feeling, his mental state also jumped over was calm, he felt that he turned into the land, several thousand tens of thousands years passed by, plants on land traded a batch a batch, animal on land has traded, the person on land, has traded from generation to generation, sole invariable was this land. Zhao Hai don’t know how long, he had felt that sat earth-shaking changes, sole invariable is his calm, that feared that during his feeling, the land turned into the mountain, the mountain turned into ocean, however land mental state still has not actually changed, the land is the land. Zhao Hai thought returned to slowly in own body, these time with land communicate, his don’t know has used how long, his also don’t know he obtained any advantage, looks like in Zhao Hai, what advantage no matter obtain, does not have own mental state to promote importantly. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at a timer, his timer was specially-made, when can count, divided, second, but can also count the year, sometimes, divided, second of there Zhao Hai had not looked, now Zhao Hai looks was year that standard, above clear writes 52 characters. 50 years, one dream 50 years, Zhao Hai has used with land communicate unexpectedly fully for 50 years, such result is actually as he expected, he shows a faint smile, has stood, returned to in villa.

In the villa does not have what change, Laura they do not have what change, probably Zhao Hai goes out several days, they in the heart their business, are still handling the matter that are liking, the time in Space solidify was probably same. In fact in Space some changes, change is these plants, Laura they truly does not have what change, 50 years, regarding Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, but also is really not anything, although in these 50 years Zhao Hai continuously with land communicate, but he does not have leave Space, Laura they once for a while has a look at Zhao Hai, several people will speak the last a while words in Zhao Hai side, therefore in their eyes, Zhao Hai did not have leave they, therefore they will appear peace such. However saw Zhao Hai to come back, they somewhat were excited, several people welcomed, Laura was said : Elder Brother Hai, you went out finally, Meg, made quickly delicious.” Meg complied with one, turn around ran. Do Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : what matter What happened? to have?” Laura showed a faint smile said : Zhang Feng First Senior Brother became Immortal Stage Expert, Li Kuangge, naturally, what most important was, iron Zhan Tian Martial Uncle, join copper body gate.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }