Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1928
50 years did not calculate short, even if to Cultivation World such big Interface, 50 years was not short, in these 50 years time lived many matters. Cultivation World there changes in a big way is Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group after Zhao Hai their preliminary preparations, in adding on afterward the support of perfect shop, now truely became the Cultivation World first big influence, in Black Tiger Group these 50 years time, is only one Sect, trained more than 500 Immortal Stage Expert, equivalent to has been able to train ten Immortal Stage Expert every year. Reason that the Black Tiger Group Immortal Stage Expert quantity such, is support that because perfect shop there spares no effort, good thing in heaps delivers toward Black Tiger Group, Black Tiger Group obtains these commodities, person who can make originally have innate skill, obtained better practice commodity, their practice were also naturally quicker. In Black Tiger Group is not short of manpower, these Rogue Cultivator that before accepted, they did not have the great achievement, these years time, they were Black Tiger Group have also added many population, these people were born in Black Tiger Group, underwent the most systematic training since childhood, was adding on the enormous population base, in which talent were many. Before various Great Sect practice commodities were limited, can only be possible some minority Dingtian certainly to use, other people, could not obtain too many commodities. Black Tiger Group is but different, now Black Tiger Group does not lack the commodity, can say that many practice commodity in Black Tiger Group is actually Laura they from Space directly to Black Tiger Group, has the support of Space. These people practice thinks that quickly is not good. Many Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, originally thinks one in the further hope, actually had not entered Immortal Stage finally, making the Black Tiger Group strength increase. Moreover Black Tiger Group, not only Immortal Stage quantity increased, even if were the Transcends Tribulation Stage Expert quantity also increased, ordinary cultivator, be stronger than general Sect. Can say what Black Tiger Group promotion is the overall strength, not only High level strength, but Zhang Feng finally achieved Immortal Stage two years ago became Black Tiger Group Supreme Elder, but Black Tiger Group present Gang Master. Actually is a Zhao Hai acquaintance, before Hu hua. Before Hu hua, now was also Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, soon entered before Immortal, before he has not entered Immortal Stage. Makes him take over the Black Tiger Group Gang Master position, is Black Tiger Group trains next generation Gang Master. Now is not counted the Zhao Hai strength, in Cultivation World also nobody dares move easily, if Black Tiger Group, the Black Tiger Group strength has been placed in there after all, in adding on the Sect level division system of Freedom Alliance there, making Black Tiger Group win over many Sect, these Sect were the Black Tiger Group horse gazes, equal to is Black Tiger Group branch Hall like existence, in this sentiment subordinate, Black Tiger Group really under strength. Actually does not compare nine Great Sect alliance to have on the incoming messenger many.

Besides these, in Black Tiger Group also has another to help, that is the first regiment, the first regiment is still maintaining the organization system, but 50 years later, the Immortal Stage Expert quantity in first regiment, has achieved astonishing about 700, besides these Immortal Stage Expert, their also has plenty crafting Grandmaster and Alchemy Grandmaster, like this general strength. Can control Freedom Alliance fully. The establishment of Freedom Alliance has not changed, was only join some new people, these new people also let elect carefully from various Sect, various Sect soon have regarded a Immortal Stage Expert training base the first regiment now. Nine Great Sect these year of exhibitions quick of , their several times Soaring Dragon Realm sends out Immortal Stage Expert. The quantity has achieved about 300 people, Freedom Alliance also several times has sent out Immortal Stage Expert toward Soaring Dragon Realm. The quantity has also achieved about 500 people, now Cultivation World in the Soaring Dragon Realm there Immortal Stage Expert quantity, has achieved more than 600 people, originally more than 800 people, but many people died in battle, some people join to True Spirit Realm Sect, therefore has more than 600 people now. join to really spirit sect Jiemen person, has iron Zhan Tian one, iron Zhan Tian innate skill is actually very good, he naturally is also the talent that Cultivation World there knows how things stand, in Cultivation World very famous. But had afterward taken over Black Tiger Group, the matter in Black Tiger Group were too many, delayed his practice, therefore he such late will enter Immortal Stage, was because entered Immortal Stage late, these people in Soaring Dragon Realm think most from the beginning his innate skill was not very good, but after the long-term observation of Soaring Dragon Realm there person, their finally present iron Zhan Tian innate skill was very afterward good, finally a True Spirit Realm Body Cultivator Sect copper body doorknob iron Zhan Tian income front gate wall, iron Zhan Tian became copper body gate Outer Disciple. Iron Zhan Tian becomes copper body gate Outer Disciple, naturally also entered to True Spirit Realm, but he before True Spirit Realm, to gave his Command Token Zhao Hai, has passed to one in Soaring Dragon Realm there Black Tiger Group disciple. Iron Zhan Tian understand, Zhao Hai gave his to summon Command Token he to have the use not to be big, has given Black Tiger Group that disciple, the use was big, he can at times was in touch with Black Tiger Group, can rescue his life to the necessary time. Soaring Dragon Realm there map that now in Space collects were more, Laura their this will enter the Soaring Dragon Realm advantage to Zhao Hai in the future is very big. Except for these, was Li Kuangge, Li Kuangge must early enter Immortal Stage compared with Zhang Feng, after all he does not need to worry about the Great Axe Group matter, was having the help of first regiment in addition, therefore he is earlier than for five years to enter Immortal Stage Zhang Feng, but his these years time has been consolidating own boundary, was adding on must teach the person of first regiment, therefore is not anxious is entering to Soaring Dragon Realm. This point to looks like with Zhang Feng very much, Zhang Feng sharply has not been entering Soaring Dragon Realm, but is helping Black Tiger Group handle something. They have not entered Soaring Dragon Realm, besides the above reason, a reason is they and other Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai closed up such long time, had not actually entered Immortal Stage, even little related with outside world, if often perfect shop there not rarely once for a while had Undead Creature appears , they also really think that Zhao Hai had an accident.

Perfect shop there once for a while has some Undead Creature appears , but these Undead Creature all are Zhao Hai , because of this, this makes them believe that Zhao Hai does not have any matter, therefore they in worrying to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, they and other Zhao Hai, when Zhao Hai can enter Soaring Dragon Realm time, they were entering Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhao Hai also knows their plans, but he has not gone to prevent them, he has one type of to feel, so long as he ended with other thing communicate, after hundred Spirit Tree communicate, he can certainly enter Immortal Stage. However sees Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge appearance, after Zhao Hai to sped up communicate goes out, he has only rested for about one week, and went to communicate with other lands. Earth element different ditch, not only can carry on communicate with the ordinary soil, Stone, the ore, waits for these has relationship thing with earth and stone, he can carry on communicate, Zhao Hai remaining carries on communicate with Stone. Carries on the time that communicate Zhao Hai hua goes to very not to be long with Stone, although Stone thought is not quick, but Zhao Hai, because had with the experience of land communicate, naturally can quicker realizing from experience to the thought of Stone, in the thought of Stone besides the steadiness, be short of atmosphere, were many a strength. With ordinary Stone communicate beside, Zhao Hai starts to carry on communicate with all kinds of ores, later in meteorite, is the planetoid, finally unfolds to carries on communicate with planet, such communicate Zhao Hai thinks can be very difficult, but afterward he presently, did not have meteorite and planetoid that communicate the life has with these, probably is easier, conversely, in a final step, with planet carries on communicate time, instead to is more difficult some. However Zhao Hai has succeeded finally, Zhao Hai presently, when with these planet communicate, the comprehension of his Ten Thousand Stellar Transformations Yin-Yang Secret Art deepened unexpectedly, this arrives is the change that Zhao Hai has not thought. Quick, Zhao Hai arrived the last step, carries on communicate with Spatial soil, from ordinary land communicate, arrives this step, altogether has also used for ten years, this first communicate importance, Zhao Hai arrived at Spatial soil there obviously, here has been able to let the plants quick growth, now Space although does not count on here, thing that but here produced, actually was still good thing, was still the Space product important habitat. Zhao Hai sits near the Space land, put out a hand to stress one to turn into the golden land gently, put under the nose to smell, then has put down the land, sighed lightly.

If initially does not have Space , if no Space land, his Zhao Hai is impossible to have today, to be honest Zhao Hai has a sense of gratitude regarding Space. Sits by Spatial soil, returned to normal own mood, Zhao Hai then with own thought slowly is carrying on communicate with Spatial soil. Zhao Hai has not lowered own thought mood, but slowly speeds up own thought mood, he knows thing that Space produces possibly is not low level thing, the Space land possibly is not the low level land, therefore he careful is carrying on communicate with Spatial soil. Really like Zhao Hai thinks, Spatial soil thought very fast, is not slower than Liquid Silver, Zhao Hai followed Spatial soil thought with own thought that two thought very smooth unions in together. This union so will be why smooth in together Zhao Hai immediately understand, because in Spatial soil also has the thought of Zhao Hai, looks like Liquid Silver is the same, these years Zhao Hai although not command(er) command(er) these land borders, but this land actually with the Zhao Hai paragenesis, in adding on long ago Zhao Hai was personal command(er) these lands, therefore in these lands included the thoughts of massive Zhao Hai. Now the thought union of these thought and Zhao Hai in together, letting Zhao Hai can smoother carries on communicate with the Space land, this communicate Zhao Hai present, Spatial soil truly wants Advanced level more than other lands, these lands are different to the characteristics of other lands, inside thought mood extremely numerous, but actually is some positive thought mood, the feeling of any dark, Zhao Hai had not felt that carries on communicate with this land, his mind received a wash to be the same probably, was been pure by their mind, his mental state in one time was promoted.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }