Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1929

mental state regarding cultivator is very important, Zhao Hai after arriving at Transcends Tribulation Stage, before his practice does not have, was so quick, this has big relationship with mental state, Zhao Hai very clear this point, however the practice of mental state, is actually very difficult, exiting to gain experience that needs to keep is good. Original Zhao Hai wants to wait till after all thing communicate, in to gain experience, his mental state naturally was also promoted well like this, entered Immortal Stage to be also logical. However he has not thought that oneself in promote after the land, his mental state cultivation level, unexpectedly quick is increasing, now his mental state cultivation level compared with before came, but don’t know many, this to his later practice, the advantage was too big. Zhao Hai from sobering, his thought returned to own body, he has been able to feel front in the golden land is containing immense energy, that energy that formidable, that pure, no wonder these plants one, but the road to such land on, has looked like the insane same growth. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, returned to in the villa, relaxed several days, was feeling also own mental state change, now the mental state change of Zhao Hai was really too big, before he compared, heavy, the atmosphere, he did not need the start to talk to speak, was only toward a there station, sat, such as Shan Ruyue was ordinary. After relaxing several days, Zhao Hai starts to carry on communicate with other oneself Divergent Technique with other thing, first he must do is, follows to carry on communicate with own Wind element Divergent Technique, but Zhao Hai final wants communicate to decide Wind Bead. Decides Wind Bead is inborn Magical Treasure. He can decide world Myriad Wind. However similarly, he can also make world Myriad Wind use for him, it does with is similar to Bubble. Before Zhao Hai, little with this thing, because does not have that necessity, his strength itself sufficed, with did not use him, but this Zhao Hai wants to use, he wanted to feel, what the thought of this wind was. The thought of quick Zhao Hai on the thought relation of following , the thought of that wind was quick. Quickly, moreover in the thought of wind, having an unrestrained freedom to feel, that elegant feeling. Zhao Hai has not felt on other thing. This also made Zhao Hai windward be more curious, was good is quick because of the thought of wind enough, when Zhao Hai finally with deciding Wind Bead carried on communicate time, altogether has also used less than one year, the time was not long. With deciding Wind Bead communicate, let Zhao Hai understand the true meaning of wind, this also let his change quick several points, made his Body-maneuvering Technique fluttering uncertain, making people very difficult to catch his position, this was also an advantage. Follows communicate later one year. Zhao Hai with own Divergent Technique, with other thing communicate, these thing was also few regarding the help of Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai has tried, he carries on communicate with these thing, while is adjusting itself, prepares for last communicate. The Zhao Hai last communicate goal is hundred Spirit Tree, moreover his some one type of very intense premonitions, that is his these time carries on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree at heart, might make his strength directly enter Immortal Stage very much. After one year of adjustment. The Zhao Hai condition arrived finally best, he thought that he can carry on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree, this is also last communicate that he carries on. This communicate Zhao Hai unprecedented attaching great importance, told Laura specially they, do not disturb him. After all hundred Spirit Tree in front of Space Villa.

After instruction, Zhao Hai arrived at hundred Spirit Tree front finally. His look at big hundred Spirit Tree, let out a long breath, with hand gently feels hundred Spirit Tree, muttered said : old partner/shop assistant, these time looked your, hopes that you can give me a pleasant surprise.” Said on Zhao Hai to emit green radiance slowly, then his whole person merged in hundred Spirit Tree, then thought of Zhao Hai slowly with communicate that hundred Spirit Tree carried on. His thought just searched to stare, because he felt that hundred Spirit Tree he were probably same, Zhao Hai some understand is not any meaning, he thinks that he felt to make a mistake, but was quick does not have the mistake that he presently feels, hundred Spirit Tree truly have been waiting for him. Zhao Hai is somewhat puzzled, but he is fast gave the thought relations of hundred Spirit Tree with own thinking in together, the thought of Zhao Hai had just related with the thoughts of hundred Spirit Tree in together, he felt with a bang sound, then he went to a very special place. here probably is a big egg, all around has the mist to surround, Zhao Hai stands in the middle of big egg, actually a point cannot move, don’t know how long, he had felt that one active, he could not bear extend putting out a hand, this put out a hand, caused entire Space rocking. Zhao Hai cannot help but one, but he has not stopped, he presently cannot stop, probably is the instinct is the same, his instinct makes a bigger movement in the obligation. Zhao Hai felt one extended one to stretch, then rocked the body, but his all around Space rocked was fiercer. Then Zhao Hai proceeded to step one step, these step trod, Zhao Hai felt that the Space with a bang sound bang, then these mist vanish from sight, his all around appears innumerable Spiritual Qi, meanwhile had innumerable planet. Place that Zhao Hai understand, just he was, is Universe inaugurates unexpectedly the beforehand Primal Chaos boundary, but his movement, caused that the Primal Chaos boundary lived the change, the Primal Chaos boundary broken, Universe inaugurates, he just unexpectedly went through the process that Universe left. Zhao Hai don’t know, but he can feel now that his all around has innumerable Spiritual Qi, his all around has the innumerable planet formations, there are innumerable plane formations, but he can see probably clearly all these is the same. The show that Universe keeps, appears the life, appears the myriad things, appears cultivator, appears science and technology, appears Zhao Hai had seen all, but he in one side year of look at, entire Universe has entered the pattern that one type of has put quickly probably, Universe is entering quickly, letting Zhao Hai can see clearly the Universe show and change quickly. When Zhao Hai looks is enthralled, his suddenly present, his front picture in shrink fast, seems like the special character scene. Now actually suddenly changed reaches aerial photography to be the same. He slowly present. Universe that he was just is a fruit, not a big fruit, but this fruit hangs on the tree, this tree very enormous, above is hanging the innumerable fruits, that Universe that he just saw, but is one in this numerous fruit. Along with his front thing still in shrink, before long he saw piece of fruit trees, piece of don’t know has the big fruit trees, in the fruit trees has innumerable Fruit tree. On each Fruit tree, tied completely the fruit, in not far away, there is a hut. in front of the door of hut is sitting a person, a farmer, he sits in subzone front, has worn-out small table in his front, he at will moved a piece Stone to sit in there, was putting a teapot and a teacup on small table, he took up the teacup to drink one once for a while, his look at gardenful Fruit tree, on the face has shown a joyful smiling face, that was to the joy of abundant harvest.

Picture suddenly enlarged. Zhao Hai currently near that farmer foot has small hua, very ordinary Ono hua, but now this Ono hua is actually being enlarged in own front, the infinite enlargement, then wild hua vanished, but appears before him, is Universe, brand-new Universe. A hua world, a bodhi! In Zhao Hai mind suddenly has resounded these words, on in his mind resounds these words time. Spiritual Qi suddenly in body adds flowed, along with Spiritual Qi mobile increases, increase that the Spiritual Qi quantity in his body also keeping. But Zhao Hai actually has not paid attention to these now, he completely immersed during his feeling, he felt own Universe center. One are Universe, but he is Universe that Heaven and Earth inaugurates. He is sensing this Universe all, is improving this Universe. When this Universe bit by bit perfect, finally, first plants appears , this is small tree, small tree has grown up, getting bigger and bigger, turned into a lofty tree finally, but the appearance of this big tree, is hundred Spirit Tree appearances. In hundred Spirit Tree appears that flash, Zhao Hai feels with a bang sound, his Universe color were many, in Universe were many many lives, all kinds of life form, are only in these lives, and nobody's existence, has plants in here, has wild beast, is nobody. But when his Universe appears these lives, he woke, he presently own thought slowly escaped leave with the thoughts of hundred Spirit Tree, but he also came out from hundred Spirit Tree now, he is sitting cross-legged to sit under hundred Spirit Tree. Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately understand what's the matter, he knows that oneself present became Immortal Stage Expert, but his potential like others, is not the potential of some one type of thing, his potential is Universe! Through the ages, that cultivator will not have taken own potential with Universe, because they cannot achieve, they were too few regarding the understanding of Universe, but in fact Zhao Hai are not many regarding the understanding of Universe, but his good luck, he to obtain thing that other same people had not obtained, spirit root! When Heaven and Earth inaugurates spirit root that has, this spirit root life had come to the end, otherwise Spiritual Qi will not have, but Zhao Hai brought in this spirit root Space, in his Space only belonged his, had alone thing Law of the Heaven and Earth in here, but the changes of these Law of the Heaven and Earth, making spirit root retrieval the heavy machine. It looks like Hu Dingshan is the same, he has come to the life end, he was dying, but he was led in Space by Zhao Hai, in this Space, the Zhao Hai words is Law, he makes Hu Dingshan live, Hu Dingshan will not die. The similar truth, spirit root is also same, this spirit root soon died, but he was led in Space by Zhao Hai, Space makes him live, he again lived. He lived, but his memory to the originally that Universe has not actually vanished, therefore he with hundred Spirit Tree fusions when together, in hundred Spirit Tree also had his memory, but he remembers that during most profound, was Universe inaugurates. The Universe inauguration myriad things live, a hua world, a bodhi, such boundary, when Zhao Hai with hundred Spirit Tree communicate, complete instilling into to Zhao Hai mind, although Zhao Hai did not have the complete comprehension now, but Zhao Hai actually taking advantage of this opportunity, doubted own potential, potential of world only one of its kind! Zhao Hai not anxiously the feeling that goes to comprehend Universe to inaugurate, because he knows that he now comprehend, his level is insufficient, looks like just learn added First Grade in two elementary students, you make his immediately study micro points, that simply is impossible, these thing regarding him, without doubt are the books from heaven.

Now that spirit root passes to Zhao Hai these thing, regarding Zhao Hai was really too profound, his simply could not feel mystery and mystery, can say that he was only one just saw the layman of that leafed door, even that leafed door has not traced continually. Also because of the promotion of these days Zhao Hai mental state, can let his so calm facing this matter, if his mental state cultivation level, he very much might lose lowly in spirit root to his memory, even met possessed by the Devil. Has to recognize, in Space Zhao Hai, therefore Space has helped Zhao Hai busy, Zhao Hai when with Wood element Divergent Technique with these plants communicate, he wants to carry on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree finally, however, some of his actually one type of felt finally that he felt now also not with hundred Spirit Tree communicate time, he must remain with hundred Spirit Tree communicate finally, but Zhao Hai has also believed this feeling, therefore he went to carry on communicate with other thing, in innumerable communicate, his mental state actually in enhancement slowly, is only not and Earth element Cultivation Method communicate time. Rapidness that enhances. To him after land communicate, his mental state promoted brand-new boundary, finally has carried on communicate with hundred Spirit Tree, he obtained the spirit root memory, he congealed his potential, has not actually wallowed in the memory, he later comprehend that slowly remembers, this regarding Zhao Hai very important, because there is comprehend that memory has made him keep, his cultivation level step certainly will be completely quick, will take many tortuous paths few. This walks like two person together, a person he knows the end point in there, in the advancing process, some people that but also keeps are directing the direction for him, but another person of actually don’t know end point in there, nobody shows the way to him, he can only try to find out moving forward, but disparity very enormous. But had that spirit root to remember that Zhao Hai was that some people shows the way, knows person who end point, but other people, were these in trying to find out the advancing person, regarding Zhao Hai, advantage, was naturally self-evident. Zhao Hai although obtained this day big advantage, the mind still stable, steady such as the rock is common, he turns the head look at hundred Spirit Tree, shows a faint smile said : „, old partner/shop assistant, you have not disappointed me, he he, I finally became Immortal Stage, broader Heaven and Earth, put my front finally.” Hundred Spirit Tree heard the Zhao Hai words probably, calm automatic has swayed gently two, has heard a rustling sound of leaf, the Zhao Hai mind insightfully, he is caressing hundred Spirit Tree lightly, laughs, carefree of not being able to say. His sound has also caused Laura their attention, Laura they walked out from the villa, Zhao Hai that their look at has a good laugh, somewhat cannot help but crazy!! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }