Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1930

Zhang Feng sits in own Cave Mansion, a forced smile of face, he just received the notice, lets him Immortal Stage Expert together ten day later and a batch enters Soaring Dragon Realm, this time he does not go also to go, this is in Black Tiger Group decision under numerous Supreme Elder alliance. Zhang Feng entered the Soaring Dragon Realm time more than ten years with all sorts of excuse dragging, this time cannot be towing, he has to enter Soaring Dragon Realm. Zhang Feng is wanted to wait for Zhao Hai together to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, therefore he has been towing, but now is not good, he cannot drag, he also knows that is dragging not to have what advantage, Zhang Feng to sigh to him, mutters said : brothers, it seems like Elder Brother was you.” Any matter, Big Brother you could not wait.” Zhang Feng stares, then complexion one happy, turns the head to look at Zhao Hai, the Zhang Feng great happiness, grasps Zhao Hai said : good brothers, you may be come out.” Zhao Hai also laughs has hugged with Zhang Feng, this let loose Zhang Feng said : this just not to go out, I heard First Senior Brother you now already Immortal Stage Expert, moreover immediately must enter Soaring Dragon Realm.” Zhang Feng smiles said : „, oh, you now were also Immortal Stage, fantastic, what kind, wants one to enter Soaring Dragon Realm with me?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : naturally, this time I go out to enter Soaring Dragon Realm.” The happy expression on Zhang Feng face was stronger, his quickly said: Good, Brother, fantastic, ten days later, we can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, happen, you also go with together.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, ten days later. Our together enters Soaring Dragon Realm, happen, these ten days, I have many matters to do, was calling this opportunity. Handled the matter.” What matter Zhang Feng puzzled said : „do you have? Right, the perfect shop, the perfect shop is your business, moreover your this walks, our Black Tiger Group has been short of many Immortal Stage Undead Creature. These must prepare.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother your feel relieved, the perfect shop there business will not stop, still will do, moreover was I entered Soaring Dragon Realm, these Immortal Stage Undead Creature will not go, you did not need to be worried.” Zhang Feng nodded said : that to be good, matter that we must prepare also early many. Besides these, what do you have to be good to prepare?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „the first regiment, I planned that uses this several days time to go to the first regiment to have a look, hands over and other with them, my although walked. However the first regiment must exist.”

Zhang Feng thinks that said : this was also good, do I go together with you?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need, I went to be OK, you in here preparation well one, ten days later my.” Zhang Feng nodded, the Zhao Hai flashes body disappears. Also on this day. The first regiment all people, suddenly received the notice, making them use quickest to rush to Drinking Elephant Mountain there. Person although don’t know of first regiment what's the matter, but left. Zhao Hai arrived at Drinking Elephant Mountain here now, he has not gone to Encampment there, but to Battle Sword Monument there, look at Battle Sword Monument , Zhao Hai had one type of huang such as to separate the feeling of world. One in the blink of an eye dozens years on the past, he have still remembered that he sets certainly up the Battle Sword Monument scene. Is lost in thought in Zhao Hai look at Battle Sword Monument . Sound does suddenly transmit said : who? To do?” Zhao Hai turns the head to look, presently is two Transcends Tribulation Stage cultivator, these two cultivator he actually did not know that Zhao Hai has not cared, but shows a faint smile said : „you are the person of first regiment?” That two people are actually face alert look at Zhao Hai, they had not felt that before existence of Zhao Hai, knows the Zhao Hai strength compared with them, but they know Battle Sword Monument to their importances, therefore they naturally cannot leave alone, that feared that knows perfectly well not to beat Zhao Hai, so long as Zhao Hai dares to be disadvantageous to Battle Sword Monument , they will also prevent Zhao Hai. Moreover they have believed to military compound there, some quick people will come, now one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that deep voice said : does not know that mister is who? But looks at reverently Battle Sword Monument ?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, that person of this saying he is the understand anything meaning, this Battle Sword Monument is sacred land in Freedom Alliance cultivator heart, can therefore has plenty cultivator come Battle Sword Monument here to look at reverently every year. The two looked that Zhao Hai has not spoken, instead to was at heart more restless, they just join to the first regiment less than 20 years, but their actually very clear this Battle Sword Monument in the first regiment old person at heart status, if Battle Sword Monument were destroyed, these old person of that first regiment must not be possible insanely. Is entering in this, sound of the broken wind transmits, a two also cannot help but at heart loosen, he knows that reinforcement came, before long large quantities of person appears before Battle Sword Monument , but these people's performance make them somewhat puzzled, these person unexpectedly standing in there look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai look at these familiar faces, he he chuckle said : good, but also, this tablet handles also good.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that these people one recover probably, each and every one excited said : Army Commander, you went out.” One hear of these old person such called, that several new people one were shocked, they have not thought that this face smiling face, looked like the average not wonderful person, unexpectedly was Cultivation World legendary character Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „, went out, comes to see everyone/Great Clan, then I must enter to Soaring Dragon Realm.”

As soon as the people of first regiment listened to Zhao Hai saying that not only did not have disappointedly, instead to for Zhao Hai happy, several people bowed said : to congratulate Army Commander to Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai laughs said : well, good, walks, goes to Encampment there, I have believed to everyone/Great Clan, believe everyone/Great Clan quickly, our poly on several days well.” People happy has complied with one, this with Zhao Hai to Encampment there. Zhao Hai just arrived at Encampment there, Encampment there Transmission Formation flashed white light, then person appears in Transmission Formation, Zhao Hai looked, is Li Kuangge. Li Kuangge must early become Immortal Stage Expert compared with Zhang Feng, but he also for and other Zhao Hai. Had not entered Soaring Dragon Realm, but this time he was also notified, did not go also to go, he must enter Soaring Dragon Realm with Zhang Feng a batch, but he has not thought. Before entering Soaring Dragon Realm, suddenly hears the first regiment there letter, making his immediately come the Drinking Elephant Mountain here set, Li Kuangge thinks that here had the matter, therefore first has caught up. He just came out to see Zhao Hai. Sees Zhao Hai, Li Kuangge stares, then the great happiness, quickly arrives around Li Kuangge said : Elder Brother Hai, you went out.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to go out, crossed several days to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, this did not come to gather with everyone/Great Clan.” Li Kuangge looks the happy expression well said : „. fantastic, I am several days have also gone to Soaring Dragon Realm, has not thought that you also went out at this time, fantastic.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „, fantastic. Our brothers can do to fight shoulder to shoulder.” At this time also had the people of first regiment to Encampment here, these people know that Zhao Hai went out, each and every one very happy, the entire first regiment started the revelry. First successive seven, Zhao Hai stay in first regiment there, he spoke the attainment that oneself practiced to the people of first regiment. Also wrote jade slip to remain the attainment that oneself practiced. Seven days later, Zhao Hai decided that Black Tiger Group handles the Black Tiger Group matter. Zhao Hai in one time arrived at Battle Sword Monument there, gives Battle Sword Monument there to burn incense personally. Zhao Hai is taking the fragrance, look at Battle Sword Monument , muttered said : brothers, I must walk, later Freedom Alliance depended on you.” Said slowly his incense holder to cauldron. Just incense holder to cauldron. Zhao Hai just the incense holder to the cauldron, suddenly felt an own spiritual force beat. Then in his head that golden spiritual force unexpectedly one became sturdy. Zhao Hai one dull, after he before became Immortal Stage Expert, on research this spiritual force, but anything did not have research to come out finally, that spiritual force he can use, but did not increase, this made him very puzzled, his really don’t know, research some time, is really research anything comes, Zhao Hai also gave up, he also planned that and other later had opportunity in well research.

However he has not thought that at this time, among suddenly that golden spiritual force increased, this surprised people, Zhao Hai standing in there, look at his front Battle Sword Monument , he now, that golden spiritual force, after he has set up Battle Sword Monument appears , what relationship that this spiritual force and did Battle Sword Monument have? Thinks that here Zhao Hai immediately made Space Battle Sword Monument analyze, the quick answer on appears , because Zhao Hai has completed the desires of these dead people, cultivator that therefore these died, final spiritual force automatic release one type of energy, will improve Zhao Hai spiritual force, making Zhao Hai spiritual force turn into that golden spiritual force from ordinary spiritual force. Regarding that golden spiritual force, has any difference with ordinary spiritual force, Universal Machine did not have the means complete analysis, he can only analyze, that golden spiritual force, is can spiritual force higher 1st level spiritual force. But how later Zhao Hai must obtain that golden spiritual force, this Space to had not said that Zhao Hai does not have the means. Knew after these situations, Zhao Hai let out a long breath, he does not have the means now, it seems like about golden spiritual force this matter, after must wait till him to enter Soaring Dragon Realm or enters True Spirit Realm, can in research well. Took back the mind, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at behind first regiment cultivator one, deep voice said : I must go to Soaring Dragon Realm there, later we met to fear that was when also don’t know must wait, but I asked everyone/Great Clan to remember, do not forget this Battle Sword Monument to stand because of anything , never forget one were the person of first regiment, do not forget why the first regiment was established, Freedom Alliance needed the everyone/Great Clan protection, living the person, should not be shamed by Battle Sword Monument !” cultivator simultaneously of first regiment holds the fist in the other hand said : Venerable the Army Commander command to Zhao Hai!” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to walk Kuangge to Li Kuangge said :, the soldier of army camp running water the iron hits, this world does not have not the loose banquet, is our leave time.” Li Kuangge nodded, looked at these person of one of the first regiment, looked at Battle Sword Monument one, flew away with Zhao Hai.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }