Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1931

Transmission Formation white light flashes, then slowly has appeared the personal appearance of 50 people, these 50 people all are Immortal Stage Expert, three people stand in the forefronts of these 50 people, other person of although stand in behind, does not have point disaffection, they to standing in forefront that put on a person of black cultivator clothing/taking, probably awe. In this time, nearby Transmission Formation was also flash of white light, then in that Transmission Formation, appears one group of people, looked that the population also had more than 40 probably. Zhao Hai looked around that Transmission Formation one, he knows the person who in that Transmission Formation comes out is anything, is nine Great Sect people, but follows in his behind these is the Freedom Alliance person, this Cultivation World two big alliances altogether have sent out about hundred people toward Soaring Dragon Realm here, it may be said that was the great writer. cultivator in side that Transmission Formation also saw them, they looked at Zhao Hai their eyes, coldly snorted, went out of Transmission Formation. Zhao Hai looked at these nine Great Sect person one, shows a faint smile, led Freedom Alliance Immortal Stage Expert to go out of Transmission Formation, two groups of people just Transmission Formation, immediately had several Immortal Stage Expert to walk, that several Immortal Stage Expert arrived in front of two groups of people, looked at their one eyes, but two actually have aimed afterward at Zhao Hai the vision, an excitement of face. That two people do not wait for several other people to speak, before immediately has arrived at Zhao sea surface, face excited said : Army Commander, you came finally, fantastic.” This person of this Army Commander, making other people be shocked, Zhao Hai looked at this person of one, showed a faint smile said : Wang Feng, Zhang Tao, was your youngster. Has not thought really that your youngster practice so is unexpectedly quick, ran up to Soaring Dragon Realm to come, it seems like my this Army Commander to was backward.” Wang Feng and Zhang Tao, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai to call their name, a immediately/on horseback face has complied with one excitedly. Wang Fenggeng is smiles said : late not to be late, Army Commander, you can come on fantastic, was right, now in Soaring Dragon Realm here team leader Cultivation World is Li Mu. If he knows that Army Commander came, meets very happy.” Zhao Hai laughs said : that to be good, walks, leading me to see Li Mu that youngster.” Wang Fengying. But Immortal Stage Expert that side this time Zhao Hai did not know walked, he bowed to Zhao Hai, face respectful said : future, but Mr. Zhao Hai?” Zhao Hai looked at that person of one, shows a faint smile said : Zhao Hai. Is mister?”

As soon as that person listened to Zhao Hai saying that the expression on face was more respectful, he held the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Ten Thousand Monster Sect, Yuan Ba has seen Mr. Zhao Hai, has not thought. Also can see mister below fortunately, mister invited quickly.” Zhao Hai held the fist in the other hand said : mister to be polite to Yuan Ba, please.” Said, when formerly Cultivation World the camp walked. Cultivation World the camp has not changed the place, still before is, iron Zhan Tian their appears that mountain valley, Cultivation World cultivator is not all in this mountain valley, in this mountain valley has about 300 people. Other more than 300 people, arrived at in the city to go, now Cultivation World cultivator. in the city that often moves is Wulong City, that is a medium city, in shape city, is quite big, Cultivation World cultivator often meets in there any does. But the person who in camp here, calculation that said was Li Mu. Before Li Mu, is the first regiment, when only he becomes the Immortal Stage Expert time is longer. Is adding on him is Black Tiger Group, therefore became Cultivation World camp Manager, iron Zhan Tian summoning Command Token passed to him. although nine Great Sect and Freedom Alliance people, in the outside fight the delight, however in Soaring Dragon Realm here, to are peace that very they are together, because of their very clear, do not visit them now several hundred people in Soaring Dragon Realm here, if, they have not been any big influence in Soaring Dragon Realm here really, if they do not unite, quick by Soaring Dragon Realm swallowing, in order to going on living well, they naturally cannot tie the faction in the minute gang, that will only die by them will be quicker. Zhao Hai they proceeds along with Wang Feng and Zhang Tao, but other person unconscious falling to Zhao Hai, who before these person of don’t know Zhao Hai were, but also has groaned two to Zhao Hai, now they knew the Zhao Hai status, actually dares to disrespect to Zhao Hai in also nobody, although Zhao Hai dozens years did not have appears in Cultivation World, however his prestige, nobody had actually forgotten that in Cultivation World there about his legend has plenty, in these people, has plenty listened to the Zhao Hai story to grow in the past, the nature was holds in awe and veneration to Zhao Hai. At this time Li Mu also received information, caught up to greet Zhao Hai, saw Zhao Hai one line , a Li Mu immediately/on horseback face welcomed excitedly, bowed said : to see Army Commander to Zhao Hai, has seen Gang Master, has seen vice- Army Commander.” Li Mu this naturally notified Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge. Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge also to Li Muhui the ritual, Zhao Hai was actually smiled said : to Li Mu well, your youngster was good, not disappointing, he he, good, great.” Li Mu by a Zhao Hai such saying, probably was bones becomes two taels(100g) lighter, he smiles said : not to be lucky the ally in group, training of Sect.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that is also you tries hard, otherwise, you are impossible such quickly to enter to Soaring Dragon Realm.”

Zhao Hai speaks, suddenly Li Mu complexion changes, his hand turned, has put out disc same thing, then on that thing floated off a picture, person's shadow appears in the picture, an anxiety of that person of face, has been fighting probably, saw Li Mu, immediately/on horseback said : Captain Li, we in 358 areas, were being besieged by large quantities of Monster Beast, selected the rescue quickly.” The communication has interrupted, Li Mu complexion changes, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, you rest first, I get the person to support their.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to consider as finished, together goes.” Li Mu nodded, immediately convenes the person, before long the people in entire camp came out, Li Mu has left behind more than 100 people of guard camp, these entered the person in camp newly, remained majority, he let the remaining people, centralized to his side, then on him flash of white light, this white light range one became very greatly, covered these person covers of his side, then white light vanished, the people also disappeared in camp. How many have to enter in nine Great Sect Immortal Stage cultivator to camp newly, place said : that face shocking look at Li Mu they vanish this, what's going on? doesn't there have Transmission Formation? How did they disappear?” Nearly enters to Soaring Dragon Realm in some time cultivator, deep voice said : that is Portable Transmission Formation, is True Spirit Realm here product, is useful in Soaring Dragon Realm here, has more than enough in Cultivation World there, Cultivation World Spiritual Qi is insufficient, that thing is very expensive, we made for a long time duty to sell, only then the moment of crisis has used, was good, walked, arranged Cave Mansion to you.” hua opens two, various Table, camp there divided the Cave Mansion matter we to cut temporarily did not say that in saying Zhao Hai they, Zhao Hai already knows this Portable Transmission Formation, before Lin Ling had used before Zhao sea surface one time, afterward Zhao Hai deep of more and more to Soaring Dragon Realm here understanding, knew existence of this thing. Must say that this Portable Transmission Formation, but also is really good thing, he be only the palm of the hand size, can bring on the body, what most important is, this thing has the ability of record Coordinate, in other words, you do not use in the place that you must go to supposing Transmission Formation, this Portable Transmission Formation can record seeks some you to go to the Coordinate of place, you can also establish some Coordinate toward Transmission Formation, so long as when the time comes started Transmission Formation on to be able, very convenient. However this Transmission Formation is high regarding the request of Spiritual Qi, is very high regarding Spiritual Qi tall Qiu of user, in the Spiritual Qi request regarding environment is also very high, Spiritual Qi level of user must achieve Immortal Stage, but the Spiritual Qi density in environment must strong be very good, otherwise does not have the means to use. flash of white light, Zhao Hai their appears in a piece of jungle, the distant place has transmitted the intermittent beast roar and intermittent fighting sound, all around Spiritual Qi fierce fluctuation, understood at a glance that the both sides strength of fighting is very strong.

Li Mu immediately leads Zhao Hai they to fly in that direction, flies while to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, you are more careful, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast very formidable, strength above Immortal Stage.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, all right, walks.” Other people have also been careful, they enter Soaring Dragon Realm, but sometime, regarding Soaring Dragon Realm here dangerous degree, but knows very clear, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, you do not want underestimated line of what thing, that feared that is only small insect, the venom that perhaps this small insect spits, can want your life. Zhao Hai about these also very knew that they enters Soaring Dragon Realm from iron Zhan Tian, Zhao Hai on has been observing Soaring Dragon Realm here, can say that he understanding Soaring Dragon Realm here, they are deeper than Li Mu. Before long several people saw not the transporting place the besieged people, had about 100 by the attack person, is Cultivation World cultivator, Freedom Alliance with nine Great Sect has, but besieges their is actually one pile of Monster Beast, these Monster Beast look like looks like the swallows, feather of exquisite adorable, black and white interaction, sharp small mouth, scissors same tail. However these small bird attack strength are actually very formidable, their very fast, are adding on the body very flexible, their small mouth attack are very formidable, even if Immortal Stage Expert protective shield, can one penetrate. Their attack time, the entire body can turn into a sharp cone-shape, looks like a shoot out bullet, if hit a target by him, undead also severe wound. Even if keeps off their attack with Magical Artifact, Magical Artifact will also be injured, this swallow Zhao Hai also really knew that this swallow known as steel mouth swallow, is Soaring Dragon Realm here one type of quite common Monster Beast, the steel mouth swallow in Soaring Dragon Realm here, is not considered as that any formidable Monster Beast, but they are the quantity are numerous, little several hundred, many tens of thousands, these many steel mouth swallow together move, even if were general Monster Beast sees must make way, it is said in Soaring Dragon Realm here, died in various Realm cultivator of steel mouth swallow mouth every year, on having over ten thousand people, obviously this. Plants thing the place of formidable.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }