Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1932

Besieges Cultivation World cultivator steel mouth swallow altogether about 400, this steel mouth swallow each and every one Body-maneuvering Technique is much more flexible, attack is such as the antelope hangs the corner/horn, not having the mark may seek. 400 steel mouth swallows, this is 200 Immortal Stage Expert feared that cannot withstand their attack, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, the personal appearance moves, overran toward these steel mouth swallows. Li Mu their immediately with the past, has also launched attack to these steel mouth swallows, but this is not easy, body too small of these steel mouth swallows, were too flexible, they move look like Teleportation are the same, on one second you look at him also in here, the next second you in visiting him, arrived at beyond dozens meters, such was really too astonishing. However is good because of the here surface also has Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has gotten down attack about hundred steel mouth swallows on blocking, moreover exterminate fell dozens steel mouth swallows. Actually what their don’t know is, Zhao Hai has not killed these steel mouth Yandu, he received in some steel mouth swallows Space, but these people are busy fighting, has not noted. Received several steel mouth swallows to enter Space, Zhao Hai starts independently attack, Zhao Hai attack very fast, an only steel mouth swallow by Zhao Hai killing. Finally after Zhao Hai has killed dozens steel mouth swallows, these steel mouth Yan Youxie have feared, Monster Beast like them, the courage will not be generally big, only if it is necessary, otherwise they will not go all out with you. These steel mouth swallows screamed several, four run away randomly, in the blink of an eye does not have the shadow, looked that these steel mouth swallows ran, they then relaxed. Li Mu has flown side Zhao Hai. Smiles said : Army Commander to be really fierce to Zhao Hai, just entered Immortal Stage compared with our much better.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to result, let alone these useless, had a look to have anything to lose does not have.” Li Mu smiles said : I just to look, does not have what loss, but two were injured, is not very heavy, but this time we reached, but these steel mouth swallows good thing, to have several Sect shop fronts to purchase in here. Moreover the price is not low.” Zhao Hai smiled said : that you to receive, we just came, has not understood to these matters.” Li Muying, has arranged. Before long tidied up, but Li Mu not anxiously leave, but motion with that team of person together. This team of person altogether 94, 40 are nine Great Sect people, 54 are Freedom Alliance, this time they come out, mainly to pick one type of medicinal herbs, but these people in Freedom Alliance, majority of know Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai in Freedom Alliance. But a legendary character, but the here person, has also participated before to the Heavenly Demon Race war, therefore their many people know Zhao Hai, now sees Zhao Hai naturally is excited of face. They do not have one to dare underestimated Zhao Hai, fighting strength that Zhao Hai just displayed, has blown them, the steel mouth swallow in Soaring Dragon Realm here although fighting strength is not very strong, is only by the quantity win, but the steel mouth swallow has characteristics. That is difficult to kill, because they who they became famous were extremely flexible, even if they cannot hit you, if you want to kill him are also very difficult.

Because of this, therefore the steel mouth swallow in Soaring Dragon Realm here is very marketable thing. Dying is also same, because uses flesh and blood of steel mouth swallow. Can refine one type of medicine pill, this medicine pill can increase the cultivator flexibility, moreover is permanent increase, was not the efficacy crosses was useless, has eaten this medicine pill, the flexibility of person and can permanent increase. Also because of this characteristics, therefore the steel mouth swallow is True Spirit Realm there is also very popular thing, various Great Sect will spend the high price to purchase. However because the steel mouth swallow is too flexible, can kill the steel mouth swallow the person not to be many truly, therefore the price of steel mouth swallow has stayed at a high level. But Cultivation World person, in Soaring Dragon Realm is not very good, their days pass are not very good, but the income of these dozens steel mouth swallows, big alleviation their financial pressures. In Soaring Dragon Realm here, they must spend, moreover flower many of , they are impossible always to make Cultivation World there deliver thing to them, makes by oneself in here their expenses most probably. Besides making duty, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, the shop that True Spirit Realm there Sect opens, some special purchase materials, but Li Mu their living expenses, from this. Does not use the medicine that any practice uses in Soaring Dragon Realm here, can make practice of person very fast, because here Spiritual Qi very sufficient, but if you think that goes join to that Great Sect, must arrive in these big city cities, but generally Interface in Soaring Dragon Realm here camp, is at some far away place, because more approaches the city, was been bigger by the Monster Beast attack possibility, because various Interface camp are situated far away, they want to fly returned to own camp from these big city, on needs for a long time, a day affirmative to be insufficient, but. outdoor passes the night, that was too dangerous, equal to delivers toward the mouth of Monster Beast oneself. Cannot fly, only then used Transmission Formation or in the city passed the night, no matter you were use Transmission Formation or in the city pass the night, that price was not cheap. Moreover cultivator, when makes duty, needs all kinds of Magical Artifact, Soaring Dragon Realm here was too dangerous, Cultivation World there Magical Artifact, is not suitable regarding Soaring Dragon Realm, this needs to buy Magical Artifact, but your wish was lived by oneself some time, all kinds of healing medicine pill also need to prepare, these need to spend Crystal Stone, but Crystal Stone that the Soaring Dragon Realm here transaction uses, is high level Crystal Stone, such expenditure is not a small number. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Li Mu their in hand money was insufficient, now had this sharp mouth swallow, Li Mu their days has been able to cross a loosen point nearly. Li Mu they received the steel mouth swallow, helped that team of people pick medicinal herbs, this started that Portable Transmission Formation, returned to Wulong City there. After Wulong City there has handed over duty, people then returned to Cultivation World camp. In order to welcome Zhao Hai their arrival. Li Mu they have also bought back many Spirit Wine, these Spirit Wine are not the high-end goods, the price is inexpensive, but normally Li Mu they do not hate to sell.

This does not mean Li Mu their really difficulty to that degree, but was they brings to buy Magical Artifact the unnecessary money, Soaring Dragon Realm here Magical Artifact may be the Advanced level goods, they sold one to deliver returned to Sect to go, their Sect strength was strong, moreover sold some Magical Artifact, can many one point guarantee to their securities. Like that communication device that former Li Mu uses, Portable Magic Formation that Li Mu uses, these thing may be the value not poor, as the matter stands they naturally must save to eat to examine with. Is good is very long because of the Soaring Dragon Realm here daytime time. Soaring Dragon Realm here each daytime about 48 hours, later will welcome 36-hour-long dark night, therefore cultivator is very long outside activity time. However moment of Zhao Hai arrival, is Soaring Dragon Realm here noon, exits to save others, waits for their returned to camp time, the day was soon black. Quick day on complete getting dark, but outside these squad also one after another returned to in camp, Li Mu their immediately started protective shield, not only this protective shield can play doing of defense to use. What most important is, can hide their aura, does not let Monster Beast presently they, but this protective shield, is Soaring Dragon Realm here unique, the price is not cheap. After starting protective shield, Li Mu they have held a cocktail party, they have drunk with Zhao Hai well, when the liquor is luxurious, Li Muju the jade cup has been standing. To all person said loudly: Everybody, besides welcome new person, my also matters must announce today that this is Mr. Zhao Hai, I think that everyone/Great Clan knows him. Army Commander of Freedom Alliance first regiment, he also arrived in Soaring Dragon Realm today. The Army Commander strength, I think that everyone/Great Clan is clear, the Army Commander command(er) ability, everyone/Great Clan should also know, today my Li Mu on official announcement, official resigns from the Captain position of Cultivation World Soaring Dragon team, asking Mr. Zhao Hai to work as this Captain, what opinion everyone/Great Clan has?” Zhao Hai stares, he has not thought really that Li Mu will have such proposition, his quickly said: Cannot, Li Mu, you arrive at Soaring Dragon Realm already sometime, to Soaring Dragon Realm here very familiar, I just entered Soaring Dragon Realm, to Soaring Dragon Realm here completely strange, how I can work as this Captain, is not good, is not absolutely good.” Is standing in this time Yuan Ba got up said : mister please not to need to decline, we have come from Freedom Alliance, has come from nine Great Sect, but to Soaring Dragon Realm here, we had a status, that is Cultivation World, mister you in the Cultivation World there prestige by long, command(er) ability uninhabited may compare, regarding to Soaring Dragon Realm here not familiar this point, asking mister definitely not to need to be worried that we believe by the mister command(er) ability, can definitely not care about this point, moreover I believe that you will be quick are familiar with Soaring Dragon Realm here.” The Yuan Ba words, aroused the resonance of people, Zhao Hai became famous for dozens years in Cultivation World there, nine Great Sect does not dare to open the outbreak of war by forcing of the with Freedom Alliance lightly, what strength this was, although he today just join Soaring Dragon Realm, but this did not affect him the status in people heart, must know that Zhao Hai can summon about thousand Immortal Stage Undead Creature Expert, this equivalent to they were also many more than 1000 helpers, was adding on the Zhao Hai commanding a war ability, has become famous in Cultivation World there, can say, in Cultivation World there, Zhao Hai fame first on was the command(er) ability, Second is he can summon the Undead Creature ability, Three Forces is his strength. Besides these reasons, an important reason, that is existence of first regiment, has about hundred people in Soaring Dragon Realm here first regiment cultivator fully, but the people of first regiment are the Zhao Hai death are loyal, is adding on Freedom Alliance there cultivator, certainly also will listen to the Zhao Hai verbal command, can say that Zhao Hai enters to Soaring Dragon Realm here, immediately became Cultivation World leaps the first influence of Long Zhan team, is others, when Captain, did not look at his complexion conduct not line. Is adding on Yuan Ba their these nine Great Sect cultivator is very clear, Zhao Hai is a vicious and merciless lord, if they do not support Zhao Hai, but offended the Zhao Hai words, that Zhao Hai will certainly look for opportunity to tidy up them, when the time comes they may regret also without enough time. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore Yuan Ba they will support Zhao Hai become Captain, Zhao Hai looks at this situation, knows that this Captain he does not want to work as is not good, he cannot help but shows a faint smile, beckoned with the hand, people slowly peaceful, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : „, since everyone/Great Clan makes me work as this Captain, I in declining, this Captain I have worked as, but I may reach an agreement, I did not know about Soaring Dragon Realm here now that you may probably help me, if otherwise I give the belt everyone/Great Clan to the ditch., Do not blame me.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but laughed, was not familiar with Zhao Hai, because Zhao Hai became on this team, at heart some obstructions people, thought that this Captain was good.

Zhao Hai has held up own wine glass, smiles said : well, my this Captain has taken office, come, I on presenting buddha with borrowed flowers, respect everyone/Great Clan one cup today, we want the common effort, in the future one day can move to in the city to go.” The people have held up wine glass, called the sound to be good loudly. In Soaring Dragon Realm here , some low grade Interface people live in in the city, that is because of these low grade Interface strength very formidable, Crystal Stone that they make, enough their in the city lives, can say definitely in the city, was all low grade Interface cultivator desires, Zhao Hai this saying is speaks of them to go, although they do not think that Zhao Hai can achieve. The people drink emerge, Li Mumai liquor drank light, this returned to own Cave Mansion to rest, prepares the tomorrow matter, naturally, the person of standing night watch must stay behind, moreover cannot be few, if their camp really by Monster Beast present, they must prepare to travel at any time. Next morning, people getting up early, Zhao Hai also got up, he comes out from Space, arrived at camp middle Transmission square there, then deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan arrives at here to gather, today I have duty to assign to everyone/Great Clan.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that people cannot help but stare, the meaning of their do not understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai then just came Soaring Dragon Realm here, to have how any must assign to everyone/Great Clan? yesterday he added that is not familiar with Soaring Dragon Realm, how on own initiative to run to assign duty now? It is not the new officer will take office three fires, prepares blind command(er)? However no matter what, the Zhao Hai face they do not dare not to give, therefore the people were centralized to Transmission square here, each and every one teacher puzzled look at Zhao Hai, on the faces of some people was also having a discontented expression, only then Li Mu they, were very confident to Zhao Hai, standing of each and every one face excited in there. When everyone/Great Clan gathered, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : under I assigned duty, Li Mu, you were bringing in several returned to Cave Mansion, first before you, has done, some were quite easy to complete, but has been rewarded many any wrote down, my person used, Yuan Ba, you had 100 people to enter in Wulong City, copied to me there duty of all Sect cloths, I was useful, Wang Feng you also had 100 people, to your comparison familiar city, naturally, Wulong City, after that in the city., You also give people to copy one to come back all duty of that in the city Sect cloth, Zhang Tao, you are also same, go.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }