Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1933

The people somewhat are puzzled, Yuan Ba look at Zhao Hai said : mister, can I ask, mister must know that these do do? This after us meets duty, what has to help?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to do and ensure cannot make you do not studiously, other people keep camp here, the new join person, you must use this opportunity, well consults to old person, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, does not do well, you possibly lost the life in this, good, everyone/Great Clan was busy own matter, before I hoped the darkness, everyone/Great Clan can complete my duty, Little Mu, all activity funds, must match today.” Li Muying, immediately has arranged, to several people who must move, Crystal Stone of everyone fate/fixed number quantity, he does not have to give, because he does not have too many Crystal Stone. After Li Mu the people divide Crystal Stone, people also immediately makes own duty to go, but Zhao Hai had also found old person in Soaring Dragon Realm at this time, inquired Soaring Dragon Realm here some information. Actually Zhao Hai simply does not need to ask that but if he did not ask, that was worth suspecting, therefore Zhao Hai asked. one day on the past, day did not have the black time quickly, people returned to camp here, Zhao Hai started defensive formation, then made everyone/Great Clan rest, but he took Yuan Ba they seeking jade slip returned to of matter his Cave Mansion, was don’t know doing. Yuan Ba they did not understand regarding matter that Zhao Hai handles that some people also somewhat disdain to Zhao Hai, after all they came Soaring Dragon Realm already sometime. But Zhao Hai just. In their opinion, Zhao Hai should understand that Soaring Dragon Realm, then one anything orders, but like the present, just did not come to start to order. A night does not have the words, next morning, the people will come out from Cave Mansion, Zhao Hai also came out at this time, he called in the people the Transmission square, looked at people one eyes. Showed a faint smile said : yesterday I to make everyone/Great Clan go to record all duty, must from these duty, discover most completes, repayment highest duty. Then makes everyone/Great Clan complete, like this we can accumulate certain wealth in the short time, this wants to our later show very heavy, wants to Cultivation World follow-up staff arrival also very heavy, now I must say, yesterday I make Li Mu they write down any, these duty that some novices have done frequently but are many, but the danger is small, reports back high duty is not many, this. Novice altogether 90 people of these time comes, including me, we are divided into nine groups now, the first group is led by old person, we complete new duty, remaining old person, completes other duty, has remembered, duty that you complete now possibly cannot add many impression marks, but can actually obtain massive Crystal Stone. Had Crystal Stone we to be able better armed itself, Li Mu, gave you, this was duty that you must complete, these duty were I elects. Behind each duty, I wrote have needed many people to complete. staff compound has also written down, complies has been OK, has remembered, encampment here cannot leave the person, Li Mu, this Portable formation give you is also bringing, encampment here minimum must keep 200 people, prepares to support other people at any time.” Zhao Hai explain/transfer, while has given Li Mu Portable formation and jade slip, Li Mu they stares, they have not thought really that Zhao Hai suddenly will find out such means. Under the assignment of Zhao Hai, entered to the Soaring Dragon Realm person newly, immediately has been divided into nine groups, then each group led a teacher person, went to them to meet duty that Sect there directly to receive duty, then did any. Zhao Hai this following duty very special, seeks for Jade Stone Zhong Ru to third mining area there, Jade Stone Zhong Ru, is stalactite one type of, in True Spirit Realm there is also one type of good medicinal herbs, this medicinal herbs although is rare, but will not have any danger, because this Jade Stone clock breast regarding the Monster Beast use is not very big, in adding on this Jade Stone Zhong Ru output is very small, small cup Jade Stone Zhong Ru, feared that needs about ten thousand years to become enlightened, if had been taken away, that for a long time, originally produces the Jade Stone Zhong Ru place, on cannot. Was producing the Jade Stone clock to be young, obtained other place to seek.

Therefore must pick Jade Stone Zhong Ru, will not have danger how, but must have the patience to be good, must looking slowly be good, naturally, this Jade Stone Zhong Ru repayment is also very good, can obtain several medicine pill, is mainly healing uses, meanwhile can obtain many impression marks. Naturally Zhao Hai the new duty, was quite difficult one type of, other were quite easy, he left others to do. This Jade Stone Zhong Ru duty, any one Sect branch Hall there has, Zhao Hai their 11-member group went to Wulong City directly, in recent time, the Cultivation World person continuously in the Wulong City here activity, regarding here or very familiar with. With that old person that Zhao Hai comes is not others, is Yuan Ba, is Yuan Ba must with Zhao Hai one team, Zhao Hai naturally had not opposed. The group arrived at Wulong City here, Zhao Hai looked at situation one in Wulong City, deep voice said : our Danxia Sect there, Danxia Sect there had this duty, we went to there to lead this duty.” Yuan Ba also wants to say the Sect distribution in this Wulong City to Zhao Hai, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, but he has not said anything, Danxia Sect there is a medicine cultivates Sect, they mainly by practicing system all kinds of medicine pill give priority to, but what is more astonishing, their Magical Artifact are also all kinds of medicine pill, but is used to refine Magical Artifact medicine pill, specially makes, this medicine pill is unedible, only to be able, when Magical Artifact uses, only then Danxia Sect person ability. The Danxia Sect person strength is not very formidable, but they in the True Spirit Realm there status are actually not low, most important is, the Danxia Sect person is good at refining pills, and very good at wound treatment. In any place, a good doctor was respected, even if cultivator, some time will also receive some wounds of not being able to cure, at this time requested Danxia Sect to go, are because of this, in status of Danxia Sect in True Spirit Realm are very high. But Danxia Sect also knows how own status comes, therefore their very low key, has brought a person of friendliness, so long as has the wound, or what medicine pill needs to refine, asked on them, they will not reject generally, this also Danxia Sect had some in the True Spirit Realm there status however, the friend were innumerable, nobody will disrespect to Danxia Sect.

Also because of this, therefore Danxia Sect only one by one has branch Hall Sect in Soaring Dragon Realm almost all medium grade above cities, can look from this point, the True Spirit Realm there person, what manner regarding Danxia Sect was. But Danxia Sect mainly receives medicinal herbs in Soaring Dragon Realm here, their there will have all the year round all kinds of medicinal herbs purchase and collection duty, moreover reward rich, many cultivator, will run up to Danxia Sect there to make these to collect medicinal herbs duty. Zhao Hai must collect Jade Stone Zhong Ru now, naturally meets duty to Danxia Sect is most cost-effective. Yuan Ba also wants to make Zhao Hai go to Danxia Sect there actually to meet duty, but he has not waited saying that Zhao Hai oneself said that this let Yuan Ba to Zhao Hai some new understanding, he presently Zhao Hai really has read some yesterday their survey data, will otherwise not make the so correct decision. Simultaneously Yuan Ba also feels to these duty that Zhao Hai arranged in order this morning curiously, from the Zhao Hai present performance, these duty that he arranges in order in the morning, was not certainly simple. This Wulong City although in Soaring Dragon Realm here can only be a medium grade city, however his area is not small, this is one can live over 1 million people big city cities, if real being filled up with, even if lives in the previous 3 million people, but presently the in the city constant cultivator quantity, the hundred thousand person, the although entire city to has not been appears somewhat spacious. Also because of this, this in the city shop front usually constructs very big, who makes them not lack the land, but Danxia Sect branch Hall in the city does not calculate that has the eye place, the front is two small building, entire three small building are builds by Cyan Stone, all over the body is one type of plain cyan, making the person look like has the one type of sincere feeling. In Wulong City, Danxia Sect and common, like Danxia Sect, but behind this small building very big place, is Danxia Sect, there has many Alchemy Room, Soaring Dragon Realm here cultivator, in medicine pill that Danxia Sect here sells, generally in the here direct refinement. Zhao Hai before Danxia Sect the small building, this small building occupying land area area is not very big, seems is also more than thousand about square meters, is hanging the a piece plaque in main entrance above, above writes Danxia Sect three large characters, in side of large character, the vertical platoon writes Wulong City branch Hall several small characters. Zhao Hai has sized up small building one, presently some small building here once for a while people pass and out, looks like probably is very busy appearance, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head said : to walk, we go to meet duty.”

Yuan Ba they have complied with one, followed Zhao Hai, to the building, had three rows of counter on the present building , a row to the gate, the left and right respectively is also having one row, but on row of counter that faced each other, clear writes the cloth duty stage, on left counter writes, connects with duty, on right counter writes, transaction. When Zhao Hai has arrived at cloth duty stage there first, sits several female cultivator in behind of duty stage, these female cultivator is a cyan cultivator clothing/taking, their cultivator clothing/taking after the improvement, look like very beautiful. But on counter inside wall, there is a one layer light screen, some above often meeting appears duty, look like looks like the computer projection screen is the same. Zhao Hai looked at these duty, quick had found Jade Stone Zhong Ru duty, writes above: duty, seeks for Jade Stone Zhong Ru, found a jade cup Jade Stone clock breast to complete duty, completing duty may result in the impression mark ten points, in addition rewards Detoxification pill two, restoration pill two, Return Origin Pill, in addition pours, this duty is duty all the year round, besides first time completes this duty person, other people can not the impression mark, reward the photo.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }