Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1934

female cultivator in counter sees the Zhao Hai their group station in the there look at illuminant shield, female cultivator has stood, smiles said : to Zhao Hai micro several days mister hello, you must meet duty?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to that female cultivator „, troubled you, we just entered to Soaring Dragon Realm here, today is first time meets duty, I want to know, we met duty, what thing needs to prepare?” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that he is first time meets duty, cannot help but has gawked, but her immediately recovers, smiles said : mister just to enter Soaring Dragon Realm to Zhao Hai, I congratulated you in this first, I can manage one to record points Jade Token to you in here, this will record points on Jade Token to have your status, will record also you to complete these duty, how many impression marks obtained, how did you look?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Good, that troubled you.” That female cultivator shows a faint smile said : not to need to be polite.” Said that turn around must walk. Zhao Hai looked that she wants to take Jade Token probably, his quickly said: please wait a minute, our these time altogether is ten people, must meet duty in here, please take Jade Identity Card time, puts out several.” That female cultivator one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but somewhat surprisedly looked at his one eyes, looked at one to stand in Zhao Hai behind several people, she nodded, turn around walked. At this time has stood in Zhang Feng that Zhao Hai behind has not spoken, smiled said : what? this time we to meet this to Zhao Hai to seek for Jade Stone Zhong Ru duty?” Zhao Hai smiles said : is looks in any case, so long as found one cup is to complete duty, if can find, our everyone/Great Clan can't complete this duty?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Ba in nearby low voice said : mister, this Jade Stone Zhong Ru is not hastily good to look, although said that produces the Jade Stone clock ** the place does not have what danger, however in looking for the Jade Stone Zhong Ru process, will probably encounter the danger.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, does not need to worry. The people found slowly.” Reason that Zhao Hai such has confidence, because of this Jade Stone clock his duty, before iron Zhan Tian they received. Moreover succeeds has completed this duty, but iron Zhan Tian they found the Jade Stone Zhong Ru place, another secret cave, in that secret cave also has Jade Stone Zhong Ru. But iron Zhan Tian their nobody presently, other people do not have presently, there Jade Stone Zhong Ruke are many, enough ten people completed duty, therefore Zhao Hai will run to meet this duty. Before long that female cultivator took one pile of palm of the hand big Jade Token to arrive at Zhao Hai in front of them. Then filled on Zhao Hai their personal information Jade Token , above family Zhao Hai their appearances, did not look like ID Card are unexpectedly same, but on this, but Zhao Hai their whole body shapes, moreover input the Spiritual Qi words toward, that whole body can also turn likely three-dimensional, with the Daoist/actual person same size. The Jade Token back is used to record points, Zhao Hai they led that to seek for Jade Stone Zhong Ru duty. After having led duty. In Zhao Hai then Danxia Sect branch Hall walked out.

Couldn't bear to outside Yuan Ba to Zhao Hai said : what mister has to plan?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to walk, follows me, I also want to complete this duty before today.” Said that leads people outside the city to fly. After outside the city, Zhao Hai started to be careful, not only lowered the altitude of flight, but also has also reduced speed the flight. Cautiously toward forward flight. Actually not only Zhao Hai, Yuan Ba is also same. Is longer in the Soaring Dragon Realm here dull time, he is careful. Because his too clear Soaring Dragon Realm here was fearful. The people said that the rivers and lakes are older, the courage is smaller, this saying casually did not speak irresponsibly, real, Yuan Ba they were so. Yuan Ba do not understand why Zhao Hai will have had such big confidence, but he on understand, he saw quickly Zhao Hai once for a while puts out in a piece jade slip from Space, looks at the content in jade slip, looked at all around situation, this proceeds to hurry along following the knot, his immediately understand what's the matter. The map, certainly is the Soaring Dragon Realm here map, is the beforehand Black Tiger Group person to the map that Zhao Hai prepares about Soaring Dragon Realm, in fact this Soaring Dragon Realm map, in various Great Sect is not secret, each must enter to Soaring Dragon Realm cultivator, their Sect will prepare map about Soaring Dragon Realm to them, Yuan Ba they also has. However the Soaring Dragon Realm map in each one Sect is different, after all they go to the side of place not to be different, therefore the picture following map is different, must say that Soaring Dragon Realm there map most entire, feared that was Black Tiger Group there, other place can't compare with. Zhao Hai gets one line to stop from time to time, very careful, after three hours of flight, Zhao Hai they had arrived on very remote hill finally, on this hill everywhere is the quarry stone, looks like at sixes and sevens, moreover these Stone are most common Cyan Stone, does not have what use, therefore here, not only cultivator will not come, even if will be Monster Beast little will also come here. Zhao Hai fell on hill, he looked at all around one, nodded, then referred to delimiting several on hill, has calculated the position, this walked in the hill southeastern direction. On hill simply does not have the road, everywhere is the quarry stone, Zhao Hai slowly proceeds, before long arrived by a piece huge big Cyan Stone, Zhao Hai looked at this big Cyan Stone one, nodded, then raises hand to insert toward big Cyan Stone on, his hand like cutting bean curd, has cut directly through in big Cyan Stone, then the single arm makes an effort, upward raises, that big Cyan Stone was lifted along with his hand, revealed same them to be many, about three meters wide cave entrance, in hole shiny black, the situation in not being able to see clearly. Zhao Hai has put one side big Cyan Stone, turns the head to walk to several people of said :, we go.” Said him, when walks toward hole in first, Zhang Feng they hastily in behind.

Beginning cavern extremely slender, only permits one person to be sideways moving forward, but after walking dozens, suddenly open, turned into huge cavern, moreover in this cavern, is unexpectedly faint, there is thick black dim light. Zhao Hai they now actually dull standing in there, look at this cavern, this cavern has stemmed from their anticipation greatly, but makes them tarry truly, is not this cavern big, but was the scenery in this cavern is really too attractive. This cavern everywhere is the stalactite, what most important is, these stalactites are not the white, but is eerie blue, but also is dodging the dim light, Zhao Hai they felt that they entered a myth world, was too attractive. Such scenery do not say Zhang Feng they, even if Zhao Hai has not seen, some little time Zhao Hai recovers, his let out a long breath, muttered said : „is really a beautiful place, was too attractive, did you think?” Several people one was called to recover by Zhao Hai, nodded, Zhao Hai said does not have the mistake, here was really too attractive. Zhao Hai looked at all around said : everyone/Great Clan to look around, can look find Jade Stone Zhong Ru.” The people complied with one, immediately started to seek separately. Zhao Hai also in seeking of putting on airs, actually he already knows that in this hole does not have Jade Stone Zhong Ru, Jade Stone Zhong Ru in another secret cave. Zhao Hai presently Yuan Ba has also followed in his side not far away, he has not cared, but shows a faint smile, slowly is seeking in the hole, but simultaneously he is also adjusting his position, directs toward that secret cave entrance Yuan Ba, he does not think that found that secret cave entrance, because of him presently, Yuan Ba this fellow very intelligent, if he presently, Yuan Ba will certainly suspect him, therefore he plans to use Yuan Ba, lets Yuan Ba presently that cave entrance, like this on will not have the person to suspect him. Zhao Hai computation bit by bit Yuan Ba advancing route and advancing, is adjusting also own advancing route and advancing, he must not be made any contact by himself with that cave entrance, must let the Yuan Ba first present that cave entrance. This regarding Zhao Hai is not the difficult matter, Yuan Ba with him, do not monitor him, he does not dare, but Yuan Ba wants to learn a little thing from his body, he belongs not on own initiative is near to Zhao Hai, but this point happen to was used by Zhao Hai. One hour passed by, almost soon looked everywhere this cavern from person, still had not actually found Jade Stone Zhong Ru, but Zhao Hai also thought that the time was up, Yuan Ba almost must presently that secret cave entrance.

Really after more than ten minutes, Yuan Ba suddenly pleasantly surprised said : mister comes to see quickly, here probably also cave entrance, but was blocked probably.” Zhao Hai they were absorbed the past. Zhao Hai looks, the Yuan Ba present that place, is really a cave entrance, position very covert of this cave entrance, moreover cave entrance is not big. Zhao Hai looked at one, deep voice said : I looked that made thing go to have a look, if did not have what danger we to go.” Several people nodded, Zhao Hai turns, in hand were many snake same thing, but this thing absolutely is not the snake, but is the one type of snake-shaped his machine. This is a snake-shaped robot, Zhao Hai wants to put Undead Creature to go, but presently, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, he can only release Immortal Stage Undead Creature, but Immortal Stage Undead Creature in his Space, so is not small, therefore he has thought another one type of thing, is this snake-robot, this is one type of science and technology plane there is used to rescue, low level survey snake, not any special place, but records 6 inside situation, in using him to survey the situation that in appropriate. What actually is, Zhao Hai is clear, but he actually has to such do, because he cannot other to know his secret, especially Space secret. However is this, other people also feel very curious, Zhang Feng said : Little Hai, what you just took is what thing? Is a machine puppet?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that thing to call the rescue survey snake, you also know that I come up from below ascend, my ascend place, has certain machine civilization, this is only one type of machine product that there manufactures, is similar to the puppet, but does not have what combat capability, the use is not very big, I liked research these out of the ordinary thing at that time, this has made in own Storage Space.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }