Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1935

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng they to have believed that all of them know that Zhao Hai comes up from Lower Realm ascend, Lower Realm has the science and technology plane matter they also to know, but they had not been serious science and technology plane thing, now this snake-robot although is good, but they heard that this snake does not have no fighting strength, is not serious, in Cultivation World here, all by strength give priority to. Before long, a sound of metal friction conveys, the snake-robot from facing set, two eyes of look at snake-robot emitted green light, projection appears in front of snake-robot, Zhao Hai they looked toward that projection on. Sees thing on projection, several people did not have the means to be calm, the there surface unexpectedly was ratio outside also in big cavern, inside feared that was over ten thousand people moves in is not a problem, what most important was, there surface has plenty Jade Stone stalactite, many not taken Jade Stone Zhong Ru. Zhao Hai sees this situation, cannot help but laughs said : well, our duty have completed, Yuan Ba, these time must well thank you, our takes one cup of Jade Stone Zhong Ru, takes away to complete duty, unnecessary you all received, when the time comes sold to Danxia Sect, received in exchange for Crystal Stone, to prepare us to use.” Yuan Ba also happy has complied with one, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, so long as is the collective action, thing that obtains, except for necessary takes away to complete outside duty, other thing are belongs to the collective, some can change into medicine pill, some can change into Crystal Stone, after keeping everyone/Great Clan, uses. Zhao Hai wields. The stone is the Divergent Technique start. That cave entrance silent expansion, turned into one to accommodate five people of parallel large hole mouths before long, several people walked. Inside is a giant limestone cave, the stalagmite that hanging upside down, probably the canine of monster, in the below of these stalagmites, the small pools, in the pool will be some pale blue liquids, very charming. Zhao Hai looks at these Jade Stone Zhong Ru, immediately/on horseback said : „are really many. Everyone with brings does any, other first to receive, Yuan Ba, other Jade Stone Zhong Ru sell out half. Leaves behind half spare, this is good thing.” Yuan Ba look at these Jade Stone Zhong Ru, suddenly said : mister, or we keep these thing, such later has the new person to enter Soaring Dragon Realm, can make them complete this duty with ease.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, such words cannot get up to exercise their effects, if makes Danxia Sect present, feared that is not the good matter, after these Jade Stone Zhong Ru were taken. Certainly will live a change, Danxia Sect, but established Alchemy Sect, they will possibly have the means to distinguish the time that medicinal herbs adopts, if by them presently, does not have the advantage to us.” Yuan Ba one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has gawked, then his immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, mister, my understand.” Zhao Hai nodded, waved. The here people have then put out the jade cup, every has installed one cup of Jade Stone Zhong Ru. Jade cup that they use now, is the Danxia Sect unification puts, each jade cup is not very big, most can put about the 1 or 2 water. From the size of this jade cup, can see degree that Jade Stone Zhong Runan takes. After waiting for everyone to take takes. Yuan Ba then takes two jade bottles, remaining Jade Stone Zhong Ru installing, after all Jade Stone clock breasts installed, Zhao Hai looked at all around one, two eyes one brightly, deep voice said :everyone/Great Clan had a look, having a look at here to have passage to outside world in all directions.

As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, then Zhang Feng their immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, several people of immediately have gathered round this Space to observe carefully, before long heard Li Kuangge said :Elder Brother Hai, quick, here had underground river probably. Zhao Hai stares, immediately flew, looks is really, but that underground river also is really conceal is very deep, looking from their here, but a diameter is less than one meter cave entrance, moreover is downward, in the following about five meters deep places, can see running water slowly, this makes that cave entrance look like looks like a well. Zhao Hai extend the hand to cave entrance there, he has been able to feel clearly that cave entrance there has transmitted the intermittent breeze, it seems like here ventilates. Felt that this, a Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but loosen, then turns the head everyone/Great Clan to come to people said : quickly, I said a matter to everyone/Great Clan.” The people have encircled hastily. Zhao Hai looked at all around one, deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan said that if turned into our camp here well? So long as outside that cave entrance one, here were hermetic camp, we in yesterday can return to here to rest, daytime was using Transmission Formation returned to in the city to go, did everyone/Great Clan think what kind of?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Ba they cannot help but stare, then two eyes simultaneously one bright, Yuan Ba is said : good, fantastic, mister this proposition is really fantastic, moreover I just also carefully observed, Jade Stone Zhong Ru in these two holes, has plenty was soon is young in one time, these time in leaving the breast we did not pick, remained, this thing was very certainly big to our use, moreover there is like this hermetic camp, our safeties on had to guarantee, most important was, this. To Wulong City is also not very far, no matter we do do, will be very convenient.” Zhao Hai nodded said : you to keep here first, I have a look to below that underground cave, if that underground river can regard the exit / to speak, we move to here to come camp.” The people nodded, they know that Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai gets down they are very feel relieved. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved, falls in following underground river, this underground river actually very big, Zhao Hai felt, the underground river width almost crossed hundred meters, but the depth also had dozens meters. The straight sea first is the adverse current on, because he has the Water element Divergent Technique reason, fragrant very fast in flying, but is this, walked for nearly one hour, this present this underground river source, this underground river source, unexpectedly is a lake, but makes Zhao Hai feel what is strange, in that lake actually does not have Monster Beast. Zhao Hai sees this situation. Felt was very not normal his immediately to enter Liquid Silver. Carefully looked at that lake, he is fears in that lake to have some formidable monsters to cover, if has formidable Monster Beast really, they want to take this underground river as passage, was very dangerous. That lake is not very big, Zhao Hai any Monster Beast, this has not made Zhao Hai more puzzled, his immediately has absorbed lake water, this lake water absorbs his body, why in his immediately understand this lake did not have Monster Beast. Because he feels in this lake water, not only does not have point Spiritual Qi, even also some slight Poison Technique.

Must know that in common lake water, Spiritual Qi is sufficient. Inside water plant long is exuberant, inside Monster Beast are also more, jumps over formidable, but in this lake water actually does not have any Spiritual Qi, but also includes slight Poison Technique, this was naturally impossible to have any Monster Beast to survive in this river. Zhao Hai flew from the lake, looked at all around one, presently this lake unexpectedly in a halfway up the mountainside of mountain, Zhao Hai looked at this mountain one, finally understand why this lake water can turn into this appearance. This mountain in Soaring Dragon Realm very famous. known as volt Dragon Mountain, according to legend True Spirit Realm person just presently Soaring Dragon Realm time, wants to take back Soaring Dragon Realm to the True Spirit Realm jurisdiction, but in Soaring Dragon Realm that very formidable Demonic Dragon, had launched the war with True Spirit Realm almighty in this volt Dragon Mountain here at that time, what that war hits is murky sky over a dark earth, finally the True Spirit Realm person has not sorted cheaply, but that Demonic Dragon was also seriously injured, both sides afterward reached the agreement, allowing that Demonic Dragon to enter to True Spirit Realm in practice. If Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, strength one, but achieves some one type of degree, allows them to enter to True Spirit Realm carries on the practice, but Soaring Dragon Realm here, becomes True Spirit Realm tests Lower Realm free tries to practice the field. Also is tests trying of these Monster Beast to practice the field. For this reason, therefore this bends down Dragon Mountain to be very famous in Soaring Dragon Realm here. Now bends down about the Dragon Mountain elevation kilometer. However according to legend this bent down Dragon Mountain in the past, is fully ten thousand meters elevations, just because of past that war, mountain spirit root was destroyed, therefore this volt Dragon Mountain, became in Soaring Dragon Realm, sole does not have the Spiritual Qi place, even if becomes famous, nobody will come. This regarding Zhao Hai to has been good information, because this volt Dragon Mountain not only nobody comes, even if will be Monster Beast will not come, as the matter stands they can definitely regard an access here, so that urgent time will use. After having determined here, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback returned to in the lake, then from underground river, went downstream, this time he has used for nearly three hours, this present the exit / to speak of underground dark mouth, saw the exit / to speak of this underground dark mouth, Zhao Hai cannot help but was shocked, exit / to speak of this underground river, unexpectedly in Soaring Dragon Sea. Soaring Dragon Sea is in Soaring Dragon Realm biggest piece of ocean, in the past True Spirit Realm big uses, has swept for one month with their spiritual force, actually cannot find the Soaring Dragon Sea end, in according to legend this Soaring Dragon Sea, formidable Monster Beast does not have the dragon, nobody can really cross Soaring Dragon Sea, Zhao Hai has not thought that exit / to speak of underground river, unexpectedly in Soaring Dragon Sea. However Zhao Hai was not worried, because of the water quality issue of this underground river, exit / to speak here of this underground river, simply not any Monster Beast, very safe. Zhao Hai looked at an all around environment point, very satisfied, is this not paid attention place, is safe, it seems like that big limestone cave, really to best camp that they prepare. The Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, returned to in the underground river, has swum against the stream, about two hours, his finally returned to in the limestone cave, do not look at Zhao Hai to exit is about several hours, the distance that but he walks is not absolutely near, takes volt Dragon Mountain, to the hill that Zhao Hai is, feared that has ten thousand li (0.5km) remote fully, but Soaring Dragon Sea to this hill, minimum has the distance in twenty thousand, can look from this point comes out, the Zhao Hai degree had was much quick. Zhao Hai from limestone cave that pinhole returned to limestone cave time, Yuan Ba their waited had to worry, saw Zhao Hai to come back, several people of immediately moved forward to meet somebody.

Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, after showing a faint smile said : here, was our base, but wanted to pass and out this base, can only use Transmission Formation, this underground river can only make the emergency exit, come, erected Transmission Formation in here, after we exited, immediately cave entrance removing blocking of bottom.” Meaning of people although do not understand Zhao Hai, but they had not asked that several people start to erect Transmission Formation in this Space, Transmission Formation that this time they erect, is large-scale Transmission Formation, a time can several hundred simultaneously to use, Cultivation World in the Soaring Dragon Realm here person, feared that is twice can shift to here completely. After Transmission Formation erects, Zhao Hai then nodded said : to walk, later matches Portable Transmission Formation to each of you, like this your securities had to guarantee, moreover entered camp also to facilitate.” Yuan Ba they nodded, has not said anything, Zhao Hai got the people to walk from that cave entrance, after outside, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback used Earth element Divergent Technique, in that very narrow passage that cave entrance complete has blocked, then has returned the home position that giant stone, was using Earth element Divergent Technique to cancel there all traces, his then feel relieved. That [say / way] narrow passage is not short, if spiritual force of person wants to see the following limestone cave across that passage directly, is almost impossible, do not forget here is Soaring Dragon Realm, Immortal Stage cultivator is suppressed spiritual force to here, moreover enough was suppressed five times also many, therefore these people are more impossible presently inside limestone cave, is Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast is impossible presently, in this limestone cave, absolutely safety. After completing these, Zhao Hai they fly in the Wulong City direction, reason that Zhao Hai must choose so safe camp, does not have the matter of means that now they have not been able to arrive at the in the city housing, then to the evening on very dangerous, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, dangerous, not only Monster Beast, but also some people, other Interface cultivator, sometimes also meets attack their camp, entire Interface camp extinguished matter, when Soaring Dragon Realm here was also since birth, therefore various Interface chose camp time very careful, absolutely not easily was known own camp in there. If Lower Realm camp, in the evening by attack, that is very passive, because to evening, only if there is special situation, otherwise each every urban night Transmission Formation will close, in other words person, if Cultivation World camp by attack, they have only been able to resist, or waits till the daytime, so long as to the daytime, they have been able in Transmission Formation with camp to run away to in the city went, they were safe to in the city, in the city does not permit cultivator to resort to violence, but can also resist Monster Beast. But Transmission Formation of city only then in the one type of situation, will open in the night, that is beast tide time, in beast tide, various Interface people, can hide in the city to go, no matter daytime or in the evening, but True Spirit Realm there, has established one set very perfectly, forecast that the beast tide method, in beast tide before exploding, various Interface people certainly will therefore be informed, to enter when the time comes must enter the city, looked your. If you want to enter the city, that must the command prompt, with the in the city person, together resist the attack of Monster Beast, if you do not want to enter the city, you outside dead or alive, do not have any relationship with others. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }