Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1936

Zhao Hai their moving forward, on Yuan Ba their faces is having the smiling face, once for a while also discussed several, their such happy, was mainly because that limestone cave was really fantastic, not only absolute security, but also inside scenery returned very beautiful, later regarded camp there, they naturally were happy. Zhao Hai smiles is flying in the forefront, simultaneously was paying attention to all around carefully, Yuan Ba they because of too happy, had forgotten Soaring Dragon Realm was danger how, he has not forgotten. suddenly Zhao Hai complexion changes, the hand wielded, stopped, Yuan Ba they looked at the Zhao Hai hand signal, responded, immediately had not been chatting, all stopped, has exhibited the lineup of fight. Zhao Hai look at front not far away piece of hidden forest said : friend, in that and other half of the day, comes out to speak.” Yuan Ba their complexion cannot help but change, because they just the present person, they have not thought that came across Dryad or meeting stealth Monster Beast in here, has not thought that can be the person. Along with the Zhao Hai words, in his front forest departs more than 20 to come personally, these people wear a green cultivator clothing/taking, everyone is a green, looks like very conspicuous. Sees the appearances of these people, Yuan Ba complexion cannot help but changes, whispered: Unexpectedly is Dryad Race, no wonder before , we do not have presently them.” One hear of Yuan Ba said that people have been careful, this Dryad Race they really have also heard, Dryad Race is a very special race, they are actually Dryad, but Space that they are. known as Dryad Realm. One hear of this names knew, Dryad is the absolute ruler in that Space, in Dryad Realm there, looks at the non- mark the forest, does not have other thing, but this Dryad Race is tree practices in these forests. However these Dryad do not have big tree that sacrificing spirit, reason that these Dryad become famous in Soaring Dragon Realm here , because they are the most famous robbers. The Soaring Dragon Realm here forest are many, but a Dryad clan is in the forest the most famous strong [say / way], because their main bodies are Dryad. Therefore they can hide themselves in the forest, but not by person present, has to make duty cultivator, so long as passed by the place that they are. They will be impolite, comes one to block the way to take by force directly. However Dryad Race these fellows, in forest, fighting strength compared with originally formidable, moreover Dryad Race these fellows, hide when the forest, even if Monster Beast also very presently they, therefore these Dryad almost do not participate in beast tide defense, this makes their exhibitions slowly expand, now is a Soaring Dragon Realm here big influence.

In Soaring Dragon Realm here. Nobody likes meeting Dryad Race, because ran into them to represent you to have bad luck. Also because of this, therefore in Cultivation World there, various Sect to the description of Soaring Dragon Realm during, Dryad Race carefully was described, moreover is listed as the extremely dangerous character. Zhao Hai look at these Dryad, deep voice said : what meaning do fellow friends block us are being?” These Dryad appearances actually very rampant, of lead looks like over 30 years old, is keeping Dryad of floating brilliant green beard, traces own small beard. Smiles said : what kind of „? Aren't you young? A our Dryad clan blocks you, you said that he will be what kind of?” Zhao Hai look at this Dryad, deep voice said : I must urge one, do not annoy good, not only otherwise to you who artificially oneself cannot stir up. Even if no advantage to your entire Dryad clan.” That Dryad one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares. Then has laughed, that Dryad that especially leads, smiles while is pointing at Zhao Hai said : HaHaHa, many years, my first time has met compared with me also wants the rampant person, HaHaHa, was too interesting, youngster, looks in you such interesting share, I have decided that after a while I you have killed, personally you will recruit.” A Dryad clan most lets a point that the person abhors is, you after cultivator kills, cultivator flesh and blood will absorb own within the body, turns into own nutrient. Zhao Hai look at that Dryad, shows a faint smile said : to be very interesting, in this world wants to kill my person has plenty, but their has not succeeded to the present, looked that you can succeed.” Said that Zhao Hai wields, his instantaneously on appears several hundred Immortal Stage Undead Creature, simultaneously these trees in their following forest, unexpectedly calm automatic, the green energy line that then look at see, gave the connection these trees unexpectedly, but the source of energy line, was the hand of Zhao Hai. Before Zhao Hai, had seen these Dryad take by force others, reason that his very clear, these Dryad fighting strength in the forest will promote , because they have the one type of method to withdraw these big tree inside Spiritual Qi to help them fight, even, they can make these big trees turn into weapon when necessary to participate in the fight, this is Dryad one type of instinct innate skill. But Zhao Hai will certainly not make these Dryad do, his Wood element Divergent Technique not compared with the Dryad instinct innate skill difference, even may be stronger, therefore Zhao Hai naturally to these Dryad opportunity, not making them draw support from Spiritual Qi of these big trees, he used his Divergent Technique to relate together these big trees first, this was these Dryad wants to draw support from Spiritual Qi of these big trees not to be impossible. After these Dryad presently Zhao Hai movement, is complexion changes, their very clear this on behalf of anything, but they have not thought that Zhao Hai can unexpectedly such formidable.

When they stare, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, had overrun toward these Dryad, these Dryad have to resist fully, simultaneously they also want with the aid of Spiritual Qi of big tree, actually presently Spiritual Qi of these big trees unexpectedly by Zhao Hai relating together, their simply could not borrow. This presently makes these Dryad somewhat fluster, the forest is Dryad biggest taking advantage, Dryad looked like in the forest returned to own family was the same, in here was their home games, they and person to fighting naturally take completely the advantage. However now they presently, their home game are given to turn into the away game unexpectedly, these big trees started to repel them unexpectedly, this made them one fluster. Moreover now besieges their Undead Creature, but several hundred, they more than 20 people, there can block, before long on appears casualties. Zhao Hai will be naturally impolite, therefore was killed Dryad to be received in Space by him, turns into his Undead Creature, but these Dryad when were killed, turned into their tree, big tree that they are actually wanting. But because these big trees turned into Dryad, has the soul, but they after turning into Undead Creature, actually cannot in turning into human-shape, has been maintaining the appearance of big tree . Moreover the leaf on tree will fall out or off entirely, the entire big tree will turn into the green black, on also has green light color ghost flame once for a while flashes, looks like the gloomy terror, looks is not good thing. Zhao Hai not polite, these big trees cannot turn into human-shape not to have no relationship, in any case they are Undead Creature, so long as fighting strength invariably were OK. 20 Immortal Stage Dryad, less than one hour all had been tidied up by Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants to have a look, can use the Wood element different tree with Dryad communicate one, finally is not presently good, Dryad now is the same with the person, had own thought that had own soul, Wood element Divergent Technique is useless to them. Zhao Hai not disappointed, cannot communicate unable communicate, he with hundred Spirit Tree such big tree communicate, Dryad compared with hundred Spirit Tree to come, to miss far. Tidied up these Dryad, Zhao Hai their immediately leave, but here Soaring Dragon Realm, they made such big move in here, may bring in large quantities of Monster Beast very much, when the time comes bad luck was they, fired off the dodge is Righteous Path.

Zhao Hai their group on returned to in Wulong City, went to Danxia Sect branch Hall quickly directly, now also at noon, Zhao Hai their immediately hands over duty, must know that hands over the duty duration, directly links up with the impression mark. When Zhao Hai their group enters Danxia Sect branch Hall, in the morning gave them cloth duty that female cultivator immediately to see Zhao Hai they, that female cultivator one has tarried, they were very clear, this Jade Stone Zhong Ru was difficult to look, many people received this duty, finally simply could not complete, but Zhao Hai they then exited quite a while to come back, did they complete duty? Is impossible! Is thinking, Zhao Hai they have arrived have handed over duty counter there, then they have put out their scoreboard, everyone has put simultaneously out one cup of Jade Stone Zhong Ru, has given inside Danxia Sect cultivator. In handing over duty stage here Danxia Sect cultivator, is some looks like old cultivator, they also know that Zhao Hai they are duty that the morning meets, has not thought that in the afternoon came back, looks like old, gray old cultivator, received the Zhao Hai in hand jade cup, has put under own nose, smelling of gently, then nodded said : well, is fresh Jade Stone Zhong Ru, picks also less than quite a while, young man, is very good, has not thought that only half-day time, you have completed unexpectedly this duty, good.” Said that received several people of Jade Stone clock breasts, then gave on each scoreboard to add 12, simultaneously in duty completed above the evaluation to write the excellent two characters. Original Zhao Hai they complete this duty, most is also ten impression marks, if completes is not good, will also deduct points, but Zhao Hai they complete duty degree to let old person very satisfied obviously, therefore he has given Zhao Hai directly their 12 high score, moreover excellent evaluations. This duty completes the evaluation is also very important, if you complete very well, will be the excellent such evaluation that duty completes, will not be superior in the excellent below family, good, good, inferior five level, will regard to complete the duty quality to make the division. Evaluation completes duty degree to be better, proof this cultivator is more outstanding, this is easier to bring to the attention of these Great Sect, when the time comes their join Great Sect opportunity on even bigger, this point regarding like Zhao Hai them, wants to enter to the person in True Spirit Realm, is very important, join Great Sect, is always much more cost-effective than join small Sect.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }