Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1937

When Zhao Hai hands over duty, Yuan Ba also led one bottle of Jade Stone Zhong Ru to carry out the transaction to Danxia Sect transaction stage there. This situation in Soaring Dragon Realm here very ordinary, you let the department these duty, naturally must turn over to the quota, your house/family achieved certain quantity, even if completed duty, that coming out naturally belonged made duty that person, others sold or are remaining, yes. Because of this, therefore in Soaring Dragon Realm here, the transaction like Yuan Ba is very ordinary, has not caused dislike of Danxia Sect person, conversely, the Danxia Sect person returns very happy, because they can obtain many Jade Stone clocks to be young. That bottle of Jade Stone Zhong Ru who Yuan Ba takes are very good, has sold about ten thousand Crystal Stone, naturally here finger of Crystal Stone is high level Crystal Stone. Looking at it like this, probably was Zhao Hai they have owed, they every handed over one cup, that bottle of Jade Stone Zhong Ru who also and Yuan Ba handed over equally were almost many, do not forget Zhao Hai they also to obtain these medicine pill, each five medicine pill, about these medicine pill may not only ten thousand Crystal Stone. After having sold the Jade Stone clock breast, Zhao Hai their several people on leave Danxia Sect branch Hall, to the Wulong City street on, Zhao Hai looked at Wulong City avenue one, turns the head to Yuan Ba said : Yuan Ba, that Portable Transmission Formation how much money?” The meaning of Yuan Ba understand Zhao Hai, he has smiled bitterly next step: mister, do not think that now that thing, our present although had 10,000 Crystal Stone, probably was very good, but that Portable Transmission Formation. Actually needs hundred thousand Crystal Stone one. That big Portable Transmission Formation that now we use, minimum wants 1 million one, we cannot sell, must know initially we under that big Portable Transmission Formation for selling, but started to save money from iron Zhan Tian Captain at that time, several years ago suffices deposit money.” Zhao Hai thinks that said : you in here wait a minute, I returns to camp, a while comes back.” Said Zhao Hai personal appearance flashes on vanish from sight. Place that look at Zhao Hai that Yuan Ba envies vanishes, deep voice said : mister is good, any Portable Transmission Formation. simply does not need, wants to go to that to go to that.” Zhang Feng smiles said : feel relieved, Little Hai said that will be joined to Portable Transmission Formation to us as soon as possible, certainly will achieve. He is not the person of that not meaning what he says.” Yuan Ba nodded, in this time, Zhao Hai was coming back, Zhao Hai comes back, puts out several jade slip to give everyone/Great Clan said : you to purchase thing on jade slip now, the quicker the better, was right, if money is insufficient, has also sold that bottle of Jade Stone Zhong Ru, changes into this above thing.” Yuan Ba they stare. Puzzled invested in spiritual force jade slip, this looked at thing in jade slip, Yuan Ba they stares, because Zhao Hai wrote thing in jade slip, the stock of goods also was really not many, only then several types, had the metal and Jade Stone, other thing, these thing were very not difficult to look.

Yuan Ba puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does mister, buy these thing to do?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to ask that many. Manages quickly, after these thing purchase, we return to camp to go, our immediately/on horseback moved to camp.” As soon as several people listened to Zhao Hai saying that one came the spirit. Is being brought Zhao Hai by Yuan Ba they, walks toward in the city Trading Field there. This exchanges Yi Chang is by the True Spirit Realm there stroke a piece domain. Uses to setting up a stall of Lower Realm specially, True Spirit Realm will also open the shop in here, sells some Magical Artifact, other medicine pill or thing. Can sell all kinds of commodities when Soaring Dragon Realm here, even medicinal herbs, ore anything sells, even if the shop that the True Spirit Realm person opens, sometimes will also sell some medicinal herbs, the True Spirit Realm person is encourages oneself refining pills or crafting, because Cultivation World cannot leave the refining pills crafting person, pill who if you build up is good, Magical Artifact that builds up is good, True Spirit Realm person not only will not blame you capture the business, will also give you to add the impression mark. Wulong City here Trading Field, in West District piece of square there, that stretch of square is very big, can set up the next over a thousand stalls, in the square , a row of shop, these shops is spirit various really sect Sect opens, is not the Lower Realm person opens, Lower Realm does not have the ability to open a shop in Wulong City. When mostly is Lower Realm cultivator that here sets up a stall, medicinal herbs or the ore that they are also sells some to make duty obtain and so on, sets up a stall in here, is in order to sells some Crystal Stone. Naturally their thing are impossible too entire, a person sells several types of thing generally, some people even sell same thing, you can buy their thing with Crystal Stone, can put out similar thing to exchange with them, even some people set up a stall to trade thing, gives them Crystal Stone not to want. If you want to sell some thing crafting, should better or in the shop that goes to the True Spirit Realm person to open, thing although in their shop was expensive a point, but ensure quality, moreover goods also very entire, you want any thing to have. Zhao Hai they there that set up a stall outside transferred the extension first, found thing that several types of they have needed, all has bought, remaining has not bought, bought to the shop, quick Crystal Stone hua up, these Crystal Stone fully had twenty thousand, Yuan Ba also gives to sell out another bottle of Jade Stone Zhong Ru.

After having bought all thing, Zhao Hai they sit Transmission Formation returned to camp, camp there Li Mu they have prepared, all thing tidied up, defensive formation was opened, preparation arriving safely new camp went. Looked that Zhao Hai they came back, Li Mu immediately moved forward to meet somebody, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, we come back, was right, I just told several other teams of people, after letting they have made duty, if there are if possible, buys these materials that some Army Commander you need, they also soon came back now, very smooth that this time duty completes, does not have appears any condition.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, fantastic, does not have the appears anything condition to be good, Yuan Ba, your several first leading to Transmission Formation of that base construct, first delivers the a batch person to go, carried on to plan and clean there, has remembered, performed to enter do not disrupt inside environment.” Yuan Ba they complied with one, immediately have prepared, before long Transmission Formation has built, Yuan Ba led the person to go to new base there first, Zhao Hai and Li Mu remains to wait. not long after, all exited to be the duty people to come back, after these new people, other made the reward that the duty person obtained, besides thing that some Zhao Hai roll-calls wanted, all has sold out, thing that saved changed into these that Zhao Hai wanted the metal and Jade Stone. Looked that everyone/Great Clan came back, Zhao Hai immediately made the people get up Transmission Formation, then he has adjusted on Transmission Formation, this also got up Transmission Formation, flash of white light, all people disappeared in Transmission Formation, after waiting for white light to vanish, Transmission Formation there suddenly heard a heaven-shaking explosive sound, there all Transmission Formation is blown up, moreover gave mountain valley spalling, entire mountain valley already vanish from sight. Such big sound naturally must bring in Monster Beast, in Zhao Hai about their leave two hours, dozens Monster Beast from all sides comes mountain valley there to examine, actually present ruined mountain valley, these Monster Beast also to some people fight in here, mountain valley destroying, has not cared, turn around walked. But Zhao Hai they actually arrived in that limestone cave camp now, arrived at this camp, these have not come the person has been shocked, they have not thought really that will have such beautiful place, this looks like a underground palace, but this palace is actually nature constructs. To be honest they somewhat are cruel enough to destroy here, obviously Yuan Ba is also similar to their ideas, therefore Cave Mansion of people constructs in some common places . Moreover the entrance is very small, has not destroyed the overall feeling of limestone cave. Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Ba their situation, nodded, turns the head everyone/Great Clan to go own Cave Mansion to construct to people said :, with constructs Transmission Formation that in relates, in has reached an agreement the situation that we change the place, defensive formation also constructs, although cannot use in here, but accidentally our camp really present, was useful, was right, these days do not disturb me, you completed these matter on the line.”

The people have complied with one, each one has prepared, but Zhao Hai all commodities that they bought centralized to own in hand, then he in inside that big limestone cave, found a place, has constructed Cave Mansion, then has cut through in Cave Mansion not. Li Mu they and don’t know Zhao Hai must do, but they have not said anything, originally these under order also thinking otherwise some person to Zhao Hai, after today's this time duty, completely believed to Zhao Hai, especially these old person, they also somewhat thought otherwise to these duty that Zhao Hai put before, when made this duty, they know that Zhao Hai made the duty that they made how relaxed, they to one day, on did not give to complete duty, but reward also richness that very obtained, before this was them, does not dare to imagine. But new duty of these new doing, were better, has completed new duty within one day, obtained an excellent evaluation, moreover obtained the impression mark of perfect score, this was makes these new happy go bad. These new although were just came from Cultivation World, but they had certain finding to the Soaring Dragon Realm here situation, various Cultivation World Great Sect there, about Soaring Dragon Realm here introduction, but were many, these person very clear, impression mark their importance, they made duty, can obtain the impression mark of perfect score unexpectedly, this for them, absolutely was the good matter. In busy of people, gave people a hard time camp to form slowly, originally in that camp some thing, in this camp had, this time, the people suddenly feeling somewhat is dark at present, they looked at all around one puzzled, presently these light stalagmite, present radiance was inferior that beforehand was so bright, the people somewhat were puzzled, Li Mu turned the head to Zhang Feng said : Gang Master, you said that what situation this was? How was this stalagmite dark?” Zhang Feng looked at that stalagmite knitting the brows head of gently, then he has calculated next time, two eyes bright said : Li Mu, you are bringing Portable Transmission Formation, immediately goes to have a look, now outside was the darkness.”(! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }