Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1938
Li Mu listened to Zhang Feng saying that cannot help but gawked, then two one bright, nodded, the personal appearance moved, vanished in the limestone cave.

Li Mu was so happy that also has the reason, his very clear, if these stalagmites really because of the darkness the tarnish, that for them were too important. In Cultivation World there, other people can not care are dark sky/Hei Tian or daytime, however are leaping dragon here not to be good, leaps dragon here dark sky/Hei Tian more than the daytime danger, is leaping dragon here, daytime belongs to cultivator and world of monster beast joint rule, to dark sky/Hei Tian, good entire to leap Long Jie is world of monster beast. If their don’t know is dark sky/Hei Tian or the daytime, will go to in the city very not to be convenient, must know that in the city to the evening is to close all transmission, if they don’t know will be dark sky/Hei Tian or daytime, they will not have the means to know when in the city transmission will open. Although on them also has the equipment of time, but the equipment of this time uses is actually not very convenient, the timing equipment or Cultivation World that there because they use, leaps the length of dragon here daytime and dark night, is different from Cultivation World there, the timing equipment uses, but must the computing time, naturally obviously not Fang Li. When Li Mu starts has transmitted to the battalion outside along, on the discover day had gotten dark, sees this situation, Li Mu does not dare to neglect, one minute has not delayed, immediately started transmission returned to in the battalion. Reason that he such worries, because of his very clear, his transmission along in use. Will send out white light. But in the night, this white light is very conspicuous, will not do well will bring in the intrepid monster beast, if he will not walk a bit faster, but must have bad luck. Really just vanished in Li Mu is less than three minutes, several monster beasts rushed to the place that Li Mu just presented that four smelled smelling, did not have discover anything, this scattered in all directions to go. In Li Mu returned to Cave Mansion, immediately excited to opening phoenix said : master. Outside dark sky/Hei Tian, evidently also just had really gotten dark, these stalagmites really with outside time are the synchronizations.” Other people also very excited, Zhang Feng actually shook the head said : „more careful to well. tomorrow in the morning in trying to have a look, if stalagmite bright time, outside sky has also shone, after us, did not use was worried for time's matter, was good, everyone/Great Clan rested, was right, do not start defense law, here started defense law not to be useful, moreover that law fluctuation. Possibly will also bring to the attention of monster beast.” The people have complied with one, nodded, they also know what Zhang Feng said is right, here is not quite truly suitable to start defense law. People returned to own Cave Mansion has rested, nobody disturbs Zhao Hai. But now Zhao Hai is actually sitting in the space, looks at outside situation, looked that a phoenix they have rested, does Zhao Hai then turn the head to smile said : to Laura what kind of „? In the space also had the scenery in limestone cave? Do we want to take a look?” Laura listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but showed a faint smile said : certainly to have, but you will not think in there. Walks, follows us.” Said that has stood, the underground room toward villa walks. Zhao Hai also curious, they walks toward the underground room with Laura, reason that Zhao Hai said that in the space also had the limestone cave scenery. That is not speaks irresponsibly, when Zhao Hai they arrived in the limestone cave. Serious that Laura they envies, must also cause a limestone cave in the space, by the space present ability, that naturally is a thought matter, but Zhao Hai don’t know they placed there the limestone cave. Looked that Laura their then he walks toward the underground room, Zhao Hai was more curious, but the underground room in villa the hot spring, did they turn into the limestone cave warm artificial pond there?

With Laura moving all the way forward, was quick they to arrive at the underground room in villa, when Laura shoved open in underground, Zhao Hai knows one have guessed right, now the underground room in villa, turned into a giant limestone cave, the area of this limestone cave that battalion of their present is not smaller than Zhao Hai, can see everywhere that the show was sending the glistening blue light stalagmite, moreover in the middle of limestone cave, huge pool, the water in pool was braving the steam, among there however was the warm artificial pond. Zhao Hai laughs said : good creativity, has not thought that this warm artificial pond by your such lane, was more attractive, good, happen, we go to taking a bath well.” To be honest, presently he heats artificial pond here environment, Zhao Hai likes really very much, Laura they can think really fortunately, here by their lane, was very been so beautiful. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai will walk from own Cave Mansion, he knows, the stalagmite in battalion with the outside time synchronism, the outside darkness, radiance that the stalagmite will send will be truly gloomier, radiance that outside dawn, the stalagmite will send will be more luminous. Zhao Hai comes out, opened phoenix they also to come out, outside Li Mu went to look, knew outside dawn, now people excited standing in front of stalagmite. Zhang Feng saw Zhao Hai to come out, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, said : Little Hai, you know that the stalagmite in battalion with outside time synchronism, outside dawn, the stalagmite was also unexpectedly brighter, the outside darkness, the stalagmite also becomes gloomy.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to know that I just also went to look, was good, come, everyone/Great Clan concentrates, I have the thing to apportion everyone/Great Clan.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that has concentrated immediately, Zhao Hai wielded, his front were many big pile of palm of the hand big discs, above was carving the complex mark, looked like looks like a small shape plate. But opens the phoenix they to see this disc, is actually two one bright, because they knew this disc, before this disc, Li Mu has used, that type transmits a plate along. Zhao Hai looked at people said : these plate everyone/Great Clan each people with one, this uses with these commodity systems that yesterday we buy, was right, Yuan Ba, I give you a duty, here is 500 along plates, a while you attain Wu Long in the city to buy.” Said that Zhao Hai loses to Yuan Ba one space generation. Receiving of Yuan Ba great happiness. Opened in the space, spiritual force searches toward, inside thinks of 500 along plates. Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Ba said : price you to look at the office, was not lower than 50,000 crystals, in these plates, 50 were the large-scale plates, remaining small, you must as soon as possible these plate make a move.” Yuan Ba has complied with one. At this time a people also person took up a plate to read, Zhao Hai has put out a space bag. Loses to Li Mu, sinking sound said : Li Mu, this is 1000 transmits a plate along, you are receiving. If coming the new person, remembers this plate to him, other people, if your join good sect Men, or must return to Cultivation World there to go, has remembered, keeps battalion here this plate, do not carry off.”

People Qi Qi has complied with one, the meaning of their understand Zhao Hai, this plate regarding the battalion was really too important. Later Cultivation World comes battalion here person to be certainly more, the person who if walks has carried off the plate, they bring to buy a plate, they bought a plate to be possible unable to be so cheap. Zhao Hai looked at people said : yesterday I to the duty that you assign, believes that you have completed, but gives your jade Jan Li, the duty that seeking may not only, you make other duties now, Yuan Ba, your present most important duty is sells out these plates. Good, everyone/Great Clan moves, has remembered, darkness time, must come back.” The people have complied with one. Started a plate, turned around. Zhang Feng and Li Kuangge their several new people also follow in the Zhao Hai side, Yuan Ba not to have today, his discover Zhao Hai simply does not use him, moreover he also has his duty, naturally cannot be good with Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai one line to Wu Long in the city, Zhang Feng looked at Wu Long in the city situation one, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, what duty today do we want to make?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : today we to pick the medicine, what previous looking is Jade Stone Zhong Ru, today we must look for the best quality goods wild gingseng.” Zhang Feng to does not have what feeling, but nodded said : also to go to Danxia Sect to have the assignment?” Reason that Zhang Feng such asked that is because he knows that the duty of raw material for medicine, has plenty is the Danxia Sect there issue . Moreover the reward that Danxia Sect there gives is also highest. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, but also goes to Danxia Sect there, but you must be ready today, the place that we go to today, there will have tree monster release not to have frequently.” Zhang Feng listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, no wonder just Zhao Hai will have shown such smiling face, originally they are mainly look for a trouble of tree monster clan today, picked the medicine is while convenient. Reason that opens the phoenix they so will be confident , because they know that Zhao Hai does not hit without the weaponry of preparation, he said that must pick the senate, that certainly has the senate to wait for them to dig, as the matter stands picked the senate to turn into the simple matter, but Zhao Hai made them prepare fight, but also told them, there was the place of tree monster continuing activities, they immediately on the understand Zhao Hai genuine point were anything, Zhao Hai was a person of bearing a grudge, these tree monsters dare to block the way to take by force them unexpectedly, if Zhao Hai did not cope with them, that he on was not Zhao Hai. The group in one time arrived at Danxia Sect branch Hall, to has had the assignment to locate there, has the assignment to locate in that several female cultivator that there sits, that several female cultivator looked that Zhao Hai they have come, is two one bright, to be honest, is leaping dragon here work is very bored, but Zhao Hai their yesterday achievement, has aroused their interest, therefore looked that now Zhao Hai they have come, several people on the interest, immediately today why they have wanted to have a look at Zhao Hai they to want. Before Zhao Hai just stood the bar, yesterday received their female cultivator to walk, smiled said : first to congratulate to Zhao Hai all smoothly, don’t know that the mister yesterday duty was accomplished what assignment does mister come to have today?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : many thanks the young lady, today we are meet that to dig the duty of senate, best quality goods ginseng.” That female cultivator one tin of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, then sinking sound said : mister, that digs takes the duty of best quality goods ginseng, although is also the new duty, but actually is also very dangerous, because there has the monster beast to appear and disappear frequently, moreover sets up a monster clan also frequently to move in there, sets up a monster clan, should you hear?”

Zhao Hai has not thought really that this female cultivator will remind them, he feels grateful holds the fist in the other hand said : many thanks Little Hai to remind to that female cultivator, these we who you said know that today we have this assignment.” Said that put out own scoreboard to give that female cultivator. That female cultivator looked at Zhao Hai appearance one, knows that did not have the means in urging Zhao Hai, he also nodded, received the Zhao Hai scoreboard, input in this duty the scoreboard, then has given back to Zhao Hai the scoreboard, what in turn was to open the phoenix all of them records to seek this duty. Zhao Hai they received the scoreboard, expressed gratitude to that female cultivator, this turns around to leave Danxia Sect branch Hall, to Danxia Sect branch Hall outside, Zhang Feng has smiled said : looks like that female cultivator you are very interesting to Little Hai, actually reminded your there to have a tree monster clan to appear and disappear, I think that others were impossible to obtain such allowance?” As soon as other people listened to Zhang Feng saying that also one face strange looks at Zhao Hai, matter that over the two days and Danxia Sect contacted, was Zhao Hai leaves in the office, their discover, manner of that female cultivator to Zhao Hai, with is really different to others today. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, shook the head said : not to be impossible, they are impossible to have a liking for my, do not forget, we just entered to leaping Long Jie, was saying, I cannot have a liking for her, I had Laura they to be enough.” One tin of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but lightly sighed said : „, Laura's their matters were really not easy to do, their day has not become cultivator of immortal time, a day did not have the means to enter to leaping Long Jie, you such were separated unexpectedly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, he is certainly impossible to tell Zhang Feng, Laura they accompanies every time in his side, therefore Zhao Hai shook the head said : "All right, do not say these, we walk, picks the place of senate, needs to arrive at ShangShan City, then from there in walking for about three hours, we transmits transmission there. ” Several people will certainly not oppose that nodded, with Zhao Hai to transmission there, went to ShangShan City through transmission. Although they have transmission along, but do not forget, transmission needs to go to that place along, then can record to seek the there Coordinate, before Zhao Hai them, has not gone to ShangShan City, naturally did not have the means with transmit to go to there directly along. After having paid a use transmission expense, Zhao Hai they sat to go to ShangShan City transmission, white light dodge, they appeared in the ShangShan City transmission square, just one can see clearly all around situation, Zhao Hai they have gawked, they have not thought that here unexpectedly such lively, crowded, extremely busy, but must contend in martial arts Longcheng there. However Zhao Hai they recovered quickly, left transmission square here. This ShangShan City is not the general place, ShangShan City is in the real spirit world one of the top Great Sect gates, big city that Zhendao Sect establishes, on martial arts contest Longcheng big ten times continues, coming cultivator of here wanderer also be more than in military Longcheng there cultivator, can say that here leaps one of the Long Jie centers.(...)