Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1939

Why must say that is one of the Soaring Dragon Realm centers , because Soaring Dragon Realm was really too big, big city city like ShangShan City, fully 81, but first big city, was establishes by True Spirit Realm there level Great Sect, can say that first big city was the center of that area, therefore ShangShan City also can only be one of the Soaring Dragon Realm centers. In each big city is level Great Sect, but each level Great Sect, is they in Eldest Child of place, this is the Soaring Dragon Realm here present situation. Naturally this does not mean ShangShan City here only then Zhendao Sect one Sect branch Hall exists, in fact in has plenty small Sect and medium grade branch Hall of sect exists, but their these Sect , to stay in ShangShan City, serves for ShangShan City, only protects the in the city public security, resists the attack of Monster Beast, waits for these matters they to do. In fact in ShangShan City here small Sect or medium grade Sect, in True Spirit Realm there, possibly leaves Zhendao Sect to be very far, but to Soaring Dragon Realm here, they have had to settle down in ShangShan City for various reasons, the Soaring Dragon Realm here situation , compared with True Spirit Realm, but fell far short. The Zhao Hai three people walk in the ShangShan City avenue, cultivator that look at these come and go, these cultivator had looks like just entered a city, some were actually just about to go out of town, no matter entered a city must go out of town, the characteristics, that was they go on a trip in a hurry, appearance that half step Haste, worried probably very much. Zhao Hai looked at these cultivator one, cannot help but sighed. ShangShan City here situation. Remind him of that this big city city on Earth, the people in these big city cities, everyday go on a trip in a hurry, they do not even have the time to pay attention to oneself scenery, with the here person is looks like how. These people who goes on a trip in a hurry with all around compares, Zhao Hai their appearances wanted to be leisurely and carefree many, Zhang Feng they were first time come ShangShan City, curious was sizing up all around. The person in ShangShan City, curious look at Zhao Hai their several, look at Zhao Hai their appearance. The person in ShangShan City knows that Zhao Hai they are first time come ShangShan City, appearance that bumpkin enters a city, was really too obvious. Zhao Hai has not cared. Slowly is walking outward, in this ShangShan City can fly, once for a while can see that outside the city has some cultivator to fly into in the city. However Zhao Hai has not worried, their slowly walks toward city gate there, walks while is sizing up in the city both sides shop, making Zhao Hai be what is surprised, he saw several restaurant in here unexpectedly. restaurant, the hotel, this class shop in Cultivation World there is could not see that the Cultivation World there people will not eat meal. Occasionally will drink to select Spirit Wine, that must have the status talented person line, general small Sect, does not get so far as including Spirit Wine, do not openly express any restaurant hotel.

Sees that restaurant, Zhang Feng they is a surprise of face, Zhao Hai look at their appearances, showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not look, let's go. First has completed duty, when there is opportunity, we came here to eat one to be good.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that has smiled, Zhang Feng was smiles said : you not to think our don’t know. I in Sect these about Soaring Dragon Realm jade slip in know that thing in these restaurant are not cheap. Ate one to buy many medicine pill, to be honest, had that money, we have not known that sold medicine pill to eat.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly, he also knows that now does not have the means they to talk clearly with Zhang Feng, Zhao Hai very clear True Spirit Realm these people cause the reason of restaurant and hotel in Soaring Dragon Realm here, before he listened to Ouyang Yu saying that in True Spirit Realm there, everybody must eat thing, but the True Spirit Realm person, causes this restaurant and hotel in Soaring Dragon Realm here, actually to remise these people are familiar with eat thing, what a pity, Lower Realm these people, true understand this truth are not many, most people Zhang Feng same idea. This cannot blame Zhang Feng they, they arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm here, takes a broad view to look is good thing, they naturally want many to make a point to their Sect, as the matter stands they in that some money that Soaring Dragon Realm here gains, all used on this, that also had to give up restaurant to eat thing. In fact after long time to the observation of Soaring Dragon Realm, Zhao Hai already present, the Soaring Dragon Realm here person, constructs these cities, cloth these duty, at will does not act unreasonably, these duty that Zhao Hai they meet now, is some new duty, so-called new duty, to duty that the new person makes, in this duty common situation, the dangerous coefficient is not very high, even if that Zhao Hai makes now digs ginseng duty, its danger coefficient is also not very high, only if meets Dryad to take by force, what otherwise its this will be will not have danger. If you have not done to suffice ten new duty, you are impossible to meet these high level duty. The True Spirit Realm person is using the Soaring Dragon Realm characteristics, comes to own Sect supplement fresh blood, but do not regard Colosseum Soaring Dragon Realm here, therefore they regarding entering the Soaring Dragon Realm cultivator life, looks. Naturally, any smelting trial had the risk, even if entered True Spirit Realm, True Spirit Realm there was the battle are also innumerable, was impossible to be so peaceful, therefore this casualties were inevitable. However from True Spirit Realm these Sect all sorts of procedures, they fell the danger to most lowered, this is also Zhao Hai wants to enter to one of the True Spirit Realm reasons. The group are proceeding, suddenly hears a smiling sound from nearby tavern, a voice of woman conveys said : Senior Brother, you look at that several cultivator, probably is what has not seen the hick is the same, how now Soaring Dragon Realm was, how what person can come in?” Zhao Hai they, as soon as listens to this saying, turns the head to look toward that tavern, that is one does not calculate that big tavern, a man and a woman are sitting in tavern there, they sit in the position by the window, now they are directing to Zhao Hai, obviously just that woman said is Zhao Hai they.

Zhao Hai looked at that two person clothes one of the, shows a faint smile, turns the head their said : to Zhang Feng of angry-looking look at that men and women to walk.” Zhang Feng they have eaten one, follows in Zhao Hai, turn around walked, at this moment, a voice of man conveys said : Junior Sister, you also really said right, they were not only the hicks, was the coward, such also matched is cultivator? Also matches to enter Soaring Dragon Realm? It seems like Soaring Dragon Realm here really does not have the who talent now.” Zhang Feng they have gotten angry, just about to turns the head to scold several, hears the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : do not stir up trouble, walks.” Said before the Zhao Hai half step enters walks, simultaneously he also notes, in cultivator of that two provocation, in that male cultivator eye flashes through a disappointed facial expression. Quick Zhao Hai they went out of town, they then flew to outside the city Zhao Hai, flies very low is about ten meters, flies Zhang Feng while to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, why just you didn't make me scold them a few words? in the city does not let begin in any case, they do not dare to begin.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that to be possible not necessarily, haven't you noted? That person is intentionally is provoking, moreover he is the Zhendao Sect person.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, quickly said: Zhendao Sect? Constructs this ShangShan City Zhendao Sect? Are they really Zhendao Sect disciple? But if they are Zhendao Sect disciple, why can provoke we?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : they are Zhendao Sect disciple I can affirm that Zhendao Sect disciple has characteristics, each of them will embroider one in the sleeve cuff place of own clothes [say / way] character, just the sleeve cuff place of that two person, was embroidering Dao [道] character, moreover with the gold thread embroidery, I can affirm that they the status in Zhendao Sect are not common.” Zhang Feng their complexion changed, Zhendao Sect regarding them, absolutely is a colossus, they just had not scolded that two people fortunately, if they scolded, that surely does not have what good fruit to eat, they cannot begin in ShangShan City, but representative Zhendao Sect disciple cannot begin in ShangShan City, moreover Zhendao Sect disciple, if gave to kill them, that was also Bai Sha, not only Bai Sha, feared that was when the time comes Cultivation World also because offended Zhendao Sect, ended up to turn out one to be expelled the Soaring Dragon Realm fate. Good Soaring Dragon Realm here is the has plenty custom, but these customs subscribe to Cultivation World such Interface, regarding Interface like Zhendao Sect, does not have any binding force. Li Kuangge frowns, worry some said : song, that two Zhendao Sect person, how with no reason at all provocation we? Haven't we offended them? Had our Cultivation World person, some people offended Zhendao Sect before? Can't? Can this matter ask Li Mu well they?”

Zhao Hai thinks that nodded said : „to ask, First Senior Brother, your immediately/on horseback asks Li Mu.” Zhang Feng has complied with one, has put out the communication plate, gave Li Mubo directly in the past, Zhao Hai also has to recognize, True Spirit Realm here Cultivation Civilization, truly compared with the Cultivation World there stage many, take this communication plate now, if Cultivation World there communication jade sword equivalent to wrote a letter, that this communication plate on equivalent to mobile phone, was visible mobile phone, this phase difference was not a least bit. Before long Zhang Feng has asked that actually Zhao Hai they also heard Zhang Feng to say anything, Li Mu possibly determined that their simply has not offended the Zhendao Sect person, do not say that offended the Zhendao Sect person, Soaring Dragon Realm here any True Spirit Realm Sect, they have not offended, had been saying that the Zhendao Sect person has moved in ShangShan City, but the Cultivation World person, little went to ShangShan City generally, they have almost not seen the Zhendao Sect person, to be how possible to offend Zhendao Sect. However such answer, let Zhao Hai their headaches, they have not offended the Zhendao Sect person, but Zhendao Sect that two actually solid has carried on the provocation to them, this was the Zhao Hai most headache place. Several people of somewhat are sad, Zhendao Sect regarding them, absolutely is existence that cannot stir up, if they offended Zhendao Sect, that consequence is dreadful, just Zhao Hai was fortunately smart, has not made Zhang Feng they scold that two people, otherwise presently they feared that was already by chasing down of full world.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }