Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1940

The people somewhat are silent, because their moods now very heavy, looks like, now their situation that they said is not good, if Zhendao Sect must cope with them, that Cultivation World troubled. Zhao Hai looked at Zhang Feng their eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, everyone/Great Clan did not want that appearance, we were were too possibly many, if Zhendao Sect that thought must cope with us, will also send two disciple to provoke? Began to extinguish us directly, who dares to say anything, our Cultivation World can not pass enters in Soaring Dragon Realm, was not the matter of Zhendao Sect a few words, just that two Zhendao Sect disciple, very much might ridicule us, as soon as turned.”. Zhang Feng they one want also to be, what existence Zhendao Sect that is, copes with their Cultivation World, but is the matter of a few words, but also serving a need makes disciple provoke. Soaring Dragon Realm there is not Cultivation World, in Cultivation World there, even if present Black Tiger Group, does not dare to say one cope with that small Sect is the matter of a few words, that will make other small Sect live the envy to the Black Tiger Group heart, to the Black Tiger Group show very disadvantageous. Soaring Dragon Realm here is actually different, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, Zhendao Sect copes with Cultivation World also is really the matter of a few words, moreover does not have anybody to dare the rebuttal, because these people also want to enter Soaring Dragon Realm to think by their Sect that wish entered Soaring Dragon Realm by own Sect, cannot offend the Zhendao Sect person. Zhao Hai they and don’t know, they just shortly after leave, Zhendao Sect that two people on returned to Zhendao Sect in Soaring Dragon Realm here branch Hall there, entered to branch Hall there, they fast to the branch Hall hall, in the Zhendao Sect branch Hall hall, is sitting a person, this person of warrior cloth, carries on the back at the back of a blade, looks like the valiance of critical period. If Zhao Hai saw that this person knew certainly, before this person, has with Zhao Hai has handed over Lin Ling extremely, now when he still met with Zhao Hai the appearance. The whole person looked like looks like one sheath the long blade was the same, making the person not dare to face up. They enter the hall, sees that person. Zhendao Sect that male cultivator on said : Big Brother Lin, your time has been mistaken, that Zhao Hai, in situation that in we provoke. Turned the head to walk unexpectedly, such person with your Tyrant Blade Sect Cultivation Method feared that didn't gather?” female cultivator also said : Big Brother Lin, you are the talent that in Tyrant Blade Sect became famous, directs several people in Tyrant Blade Sect after your hand, each one is the talents. Blossoms in radiant splendor in Tyrant Blade Sect, your should not be mistaken.” Lin Ling one hear of they said that cannot help but the knitting the brows head of gently, deep voice said : Zhao Hai to your provocation, hasn't walked including a counter-attack? This is not right, this is not his disposition, wind my worthy brother, the Xiu'er younger sister. What flaw did you show?”

To these two people who Lin Ling spoke is Zhendao Sect Inner Disciples. Feng Lingyun, Luo Xiu'er, they grow up in a place, afterward together entered Zhendao Sect, but they are actually not the lovers, but is the good friend. Afterward they when a going out smelting trial, were plotted. By Lin Ling rescuing, three people have become the good friend. But Tyrant Blade Sect that Lin Ling is , is also one of the really spirit sect 81 level Great Sect, strength very formidable, with Zhendao Sect relationship also very good, therefore three people the friend who became is better. But Lin Ling already noted Zhao Hai, he also just knows that Zhao Hai entered Soaring Dragon Realm, moreover knows that Zhao Hai must come ShangShan City today, this invited wind Ling Hun and Luo Xiu'er acts to provoke Zhao Hai, what response having a look at Zhao Hai to have. Reason that Lin Ling if prepares knows the Zhao Hai whereabouts, because of Danxia Sect relationship, Danxia Sect good that not only refining pills builds up, their intelligence in True Spirit Realm there are also very famous, because Danxia Sect Medicine Shop almost proliferates entire True Spirit Realm, they can collect the information of various True Spirit Realm places, therefore in True Spirit Realm there, Danxia Sect Sect that not only a medicine cultivates is so simple, he is an information peddler, information that but they sell, is some is not quite important, some Sect secret information they never leak. Lin Ling also has friend in Danxia Sect there, Zhao Hai appears information, is his Danxia Sect that friend tells him, therefore Lin Ling naturally also knew the Zhao Hai whereabouts. Tyrant Dao Sect that Lin Ling is, regarding a temperament request of cultivator is very high, the blade is the tyrants of hundred soldier, no matter what Blade Technique, must have an aggression, but this tyrant and not only overbearing, but dares to fight the balls, actually constantly only does not know burying husband who fights, therefore Tyrant Blade Sect accepts the disciple time, regarding aptitude is not settling on, what they settle on is temperament of person. If Zhao Hai without present wind Ling Hun and Luo Xiu'er status, actually to their provocation completely aloof, his real not suitable returns to into Tyrant Blade Sect. Feng Lingyun one hear of Lin Ling said that to somewhat stares, then did he knit the brows said : „unable? You look at us, today puts on is the cultivator clothing/taking, this cultivator clothing/taking is our previous enters does, you also know that my Zhendao Sect clothes are not this, he not presently we are right.” Lin Ling has sized up their clothes one eyes, nodded, when he saw when their sleeve cuffs actually could not bear smile, made look at that they were perplexed he. Lin Ling has referred to their sleeve cuff said : you, your you make the Cultivation World there cultivator clothing/taking to do, why must embroider Dao [道] character on own sleeve cuff, this did not tell you, were you Zhendao Sect people? In this ShangShan City, Zhao Hai, if dares to annoy your Zhendao Sect person, that was fishy, but that youngster clever.”

One hear of Lin Ling said that Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er cannot help but stare, then they are busy at looking toward sleeves there that this looked they also cannot help but cannot help laughing, they have not thought really that their body will really have such a huge flaw. Feng Lingyun shook the head, has smiled bitterly, looks like to Lin Ling said : Big Brother Lin your this youngster of settling on also is really very good, he looked at our one eyes simply, saw our status unexpectedly, not simple that.” Luo Xiu'er look at Lin Ling, puzzled said : Big Brother Lin, can you tell me, where this did Zhao Hai bring to your attention?” Lin Ling shows a faint smile said : this Zhao Hai not to be simple, I carried on to investigate to this Zhao Hai, this fellow was not the Cultivation World there person, he came up from Cultivation World Lower Realm ascend, moreover ascend, not only one time, can say that he was truly cultivator that came up from most low level Interface ascend, moreover I presently his body possibly has Divine Spirit Power!” Divine Spirit Power? Big Brother Lin, haven't you misread? Really is Divine Spirit Power?” When Lin Ling spoke of Divine Spirit Power, Luo Xiu'er and Feng Lingyun surprised asking. Lin Ling shook the head said : not to be wrong, certainly is Divine Spirit Power, in Cultivation World that place, besides Divine Spirit Power, what thing but also there is able a present spiritual survey? Even if we, feared that does not have a means present spirit survey.” Feng Lingyun complexion changed said : you said that Zhao Hai had Divine Spirit Power, but also present spiritual survey? Is this impossible?” Lin Ling does not have sound said : absolutely real, these time is one's turn our Tyrant Blade Sect to go Lower Realm to evaluate with spiritual, I at that time was one of the participants, otherwise I presently Zhao Hai unexpectedly cannot a present spiritual survey.” Spiritual, this is True Spirit Realm one type of very famous Formation, reason that he becomes famous, because of him can many people of spiritual force unions in together, enlarge, is putting to release release to go these spiritual force, surveys target, uses a spiritual survey, even can survey entire an Interface.

Moreover use spirit explores time, the spiritual force fluctuation and ordinary spiritual force completely different, ordinary person simply does not have a means present spirit survey, even if in True Spirit Realm there, can not be many by the person of own spiritual force present spirit survey, various Sect cope with a spiritual method, is another one type of Formation, this Formation like radar, so long as some people survey you with spiritual, immediately can the present opposite party. Strength low person wants a present spiritual survey, that only then a method, Divine Spirit Power, Divine Spirit Power actually is also spiritual force one type of, but is actually rarest one type of spiritual force, forms Divine Spirit Power condition has plenty, first choice, spiritual force of this person must very pure, this point very heavy wants, second choice, this person must have enough Strength of Faith, Strength of Faith forms the Divine Spirit Power key, third, this person must complete the desire of dead, making the last soul of dead have a home to return, like this that silk soul on can appears one type of different kind Strength of Faith, but this Strength of Faith and this. Strength of Faith of humanities person unifies, will strengthen spiritual force of this person, but strengthened spiritual force, was called Divine Spirit Power. Condition that Divine Spirit Power forms very harsh, especially third, you, if completes the desire of 1 or 2 dead, your simply will not obtain Strength of Faith that his soul release comes, because the dead remaining that souls of originally few, Strength of Faith that his release comes is weaker, Strength of Faith that 1 or 2 soul release comes, simply is not useful, Strength of Faith that only then massive soul release come will be useful. Who is also but able, can find large quantities of deceased people, but can also help these deceased people complete their before death desires? Feared that is the average people cannot achieve , because of this, therefore Divine Spirit Power concentrates hard to bring about. However Divine Spirit Power is the wondrous use is infinite, his although is also spiritual force, but actually compared with spiritual force formidable, he can break others' spiritual blockade easily, he can with scanning the enemy, but not presently, thing that he can presently ordinary spiritual force presently wait / etc., regarding cultivator, Divine Spirit Power is very important. What most important is Divine Spirit Power also has the ability of one type of assimilation, he can assimilate other spiritual force slowly, making other spiritual force also turn into Divine Spirit Power, naturally this process very slow, if Divine Spirit Power are too few, feared that will be you will not realize the change. Because Divine Spirit Power has this all sorts of mysterious changes, therefore cultivator wants to obtain Divine Spirit Power, that feared that is one also good, but continuously to the present, actually few individual successes, because of so, therefore a body of Lin Ling saying Zhao Hai possibly had Divine Spirit Power, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er so will be surprised. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }