Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1941
Feng Lingyun has smiled bitterly next step to Lin Ling: Has not thought, person who Big Brother Lin you can find one to have Divine Spirit Power unexpectedly, no wonder you so take seriously him, if this made these fellows in Sect know, met attach great importance to he, feared that your in hand will snatch the person from Big Brother Lin.” Lin Ling shows a faint smile said : brothers, you cannot say that you, if said that Elder Brother I may get angry with you.” Feng Lingyun beckoned with the hand said : Big Brother Lin feel relieved, brothers my this discretion has, so long as this Zhao Hai still in the Zhendao Sect domain, I ensure helps you favor him, does not make any Sect receive him.” Lin Ling shows a faint smile, nodded said : well, Elder Brother I in here thank you, when this youngster in to gain experience some time, I directs in him Tyrant Blade Sect, Brother, Elder Brother I have the matter, today first walked, tomorrow we in drinking well several cups.” Feng Lingyun smiles said : well, then next time has opportunity on, our drinking well one cup.” Lin Ling holds the fist in the other hand to them, turn around walked, the look at Lin Ling back, Feng Lingyun turns the head not to think to Luo Xiu'er forced smile said : really that Big Brother Lin suddenly will find such a talent, comes up from Lower Realm direct ascend, this youngster also undergoes the evil.” Luo Xiu'er smiles said : to consider as finished thinks that many to do now, helping Big Brother Lin favor this Zhao Hai, must otherwise, next time meet, looked that Big Brother Lin does not get angry with you.” Zhao Hai don’t know these, although said certainly that in Space also received in ShangShan City Space. However place like Zhendao Sect branch Hall he does not dare to receive. Because like the place, has one type of very sensitive surveillance formation, has any thing to monitor branch Hall, formation can first leave the warning. Zhao Hai also don’t know this formation is any thing, unexpectedly so sensitive, what even if Zhao Hai release goes is the Liquid Silver method, cannot escape the surveillance of many formation, therefore Soaring Dragon Realm here every large or small these Sect branch Hall, Zhao Hai has not received toward Space in now, only then Wulong City Danxia Sect that branch Hall was received in Space by Zhao Hai. That was because of Zhao Hai to there, this there successful income to Space. Zhao Hai they arrived now have picked ginseng field there, reason that called here to pick the ginseng field, was because here actually equal to was a Soaring Dragon Realm person cultivated ginseng place. They had planted some ginsengs in there before, was not managing afterward, no matter what these ginseng natural growth, have not actually thought that afterward the there ginseng were getting more and more, became Soaring Dragon Realm because of deciding the field of picking ginseng, is the new person a fixed place that tries to practice. However do not think that this piece of cultivated ginseng place not big, in fact also in very big, the ginseng must insert plants, has the one type of bird in Soaring Dragon Realm here. This workman ginseng bird, person said that hears the ginseng song of the birds, must have the ginseng to leave, this bird special liking eats ginseng fruit, they entire will swallow down ginseng fruit, the fruit pulp will be digested by them, but the pit will actually be discharged outside the body by them, this pit row where, there leaves the ginseng on President. But this ginseng bird will fly, they fly there. Plants to arrive at there the ginseng, this in the course of contacts, this cultivated ginseng place on getting bigger and bigger, now this cultivated ginseng place big, nobody knew. The people only know that there produces ginseng. And the ginseng are many. In front of Zhao Hai look at that piece looks at the non- mark the forest, turns the head to Zhang Feng their said : First Senior Brother, a while we to seek separatedly, but do not leave is too far, momentarily maintains the relation, here is unsafe.” Zhang Feng they nodded, slowly flies toward the forest, Zhao Hai also slowly flies toward the forest, actually here there has ginseng Zhao Hai is knows that before iron Zhan Tian they also came here to pick the ginseng, but also has lived the conflict with Dryad Race, that service iron Zhan Tian they ate slightly have owed, five people were killed, but Zhao Hai actually received in here Space.

The place that however at that time iron Zhan Tian they passed through is not very big, Zhao Hai although knows that there has the ginseng, but level of these ginsengs are actually not very high, Zhao Hai also looks does not glance, this time must look, is the Top Grade ginseng. Soaring Dragon Realm here Spiritual Qi very sufficient, ginseng that here produces, quality universal will be better than Cultivation World there, in the ginsengs of Soaring Dragon Realm here 20 years, its drug efficacy compared with on Cultivation World there hundred years of ginseng, these ginsengs that therefore in this piece of forest Zhao Hai knows now, quality although is good, but in the Top Grade ginseng to Zhao Hai heart actually must miss much, perhaps Zhang Feng they will pick one about hundred years ginseng to think that in here was good thing, but Zhao Hai may not believe that looked like in Zhao Hai, here also had a year longer ginseng to exist certainly. moving forward in the forest, once for a while he must they use communication device words with Zhang Feng, cautiously proceeds, must say that also strange, ginseng garden here Monster Beast are not many, but occasionally will have some Monster Beast to run up to here to come, other majority of time, here does not have Monster Beast. Has flown in the forest for one hour, suddenly Zhao Hai stopped, then his gently knitting the brows head, puts out communication device deep voice said : everyone/Great Clan to be careful, front has the situation, toward my here accumulation.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that immediately gathered, the good people left was not far, before long gathered together. Zhang Feng looked at front one, naturally his anything could not see that they fly in forest, front almost does not have the road, the line of sight also by trees blocking, in adding on Soaring Dragon Realm here, their spiritual force was certainly suppressed, does not search the too far place, therefore before they and don’t know, has looked unfamiliar anything. Zhang Feng not presently what, but he actually knows that Zhao Hai has certainly the institute presently, he is confident to Zhao Hai, therefore he turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, you present what?” Front has Monster Beast, is very formidable Monster Beast, we are more careful are good.” Zhang Feng their complexion also dignified, the Zhao Hai strength their very clear, Zhao Hai said that very formidable Monster Beast, that Monster Beast strength is not certainly weak. Zhao Hai gets the people to proceed to fly slowly, was in this time. The suddenly front transmits a loud roar! „!” This sound a little likely is wolf howl. However the wolf howl sound is much louder, has the penetrating power, what most important is, along with this long and loud cry, a pressure of blotting out the sky they presses toward Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai complexion changes, turns the head to draw back to Zhang Feng said :, that Monster Beast strength is stronger, we who I imagine are not the matches, walks toward east, we go to that side to pick several ginsengs. immediately draws back.” Zhang Feng they nodded, just that pressure they also felt, that pressure is really was too scary, their although arrived at Immortal Stage. Also there is an own pressure, but compares with that pressure, their pressure completely have become the toy of child, therefore nobody dares to stop. They about ten li (0.5km) toward retreat, this make a detour went toward east, this they have been careful all the way, just that Monster Beast pressure, had let their complete vigilances.

What Zhao Hai very clear just met is what Monster Beast, they meet truly is Monster Beast of wolf, but that wolf is actually silver fur/superficial knowledge. The head steadily -and-a-half meter sharp horn, the wolf body also fully is also having about three meters to be long, about one meter high, before that wolf, is lying down under a big tree rests, but in his side, is actually a ginseng, a ginseng of forming, feared evidently has the millennium about years fully, it seems like that wolf on is completing maturely and other ginsengs, then eats up the ginseng to enhance cultivation level. Also because of this. Therefore Zhao Hai they just one approached toward there, that Silver Wolf immediately left the cry, warned Zhao Hai they. Zhao Hai had observed, that Silver Wolf not only Immortal Stage, how he also don’t know True Spirit Realm there Immortal Stage above level divides absolutely now. However Zhao Hai can affirm, by his present strength. To that Silver Wolf, is a stratagem which ensures success does not have, therefore his decisive retreat. But now Zhao Hai in front of them does not have what to be dangerous, but Zhao Hai or very careful, made Liquid Silver speed up the range of survey, he was knew now, Monster Beast in this Soaring Dragon Realm had him unable to stir up. Walked for about one hour toward east, Zhao Hai suddenly stopped, Zhang Feng they also stopped, each and every one face anxious look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to have done exactly, some people helped us pick the ginseng, we took.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said :in proceeding for about a half hour, we can meet one group of Dryad probably, they had ten people, happen to our also ten people, today we are a guest performer a robber, snatched his ticket to say. Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that complexion cannot help but one happy, yesterday their although has also met Dryad, but that time was the hand that Zhao Hai Undead Creature left, but they have not fought with Dryad, these time listened to the meaning of Zhao Hai, must let their make a move, they not only did not have a point fear, instead to some excited. Is Immortal Stage Expert, Zhang Feng their does not have fought many battles, if not this, they are impossible become Immortal Stage Expert, therefore their nobody will be afraid the fight. Moreover they enter Soaring Dragon Realm, to successfully enter True Spirit Realm, their understand, even if to True Spirit Realm there, must have the fight, that might as well gains in some fight experiences in Soaring Dragon Realm here first. Has such idea, therefore their each and every one appears some excited. Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, has not said anything, but shows a faint smile, the hand proceeds to wield, leading Zhang Feng they to proceed to flush away. Within a half hour, they felt that a aura of Dryad clan, they overran directly, but these Dryad did not have retreat to welcome toward their here. although these Dryad also felt Zhao Hai they, but they also presently Zhao Hai they have ten people, but their ten people, ten people to ten people, looked like is a Dryad clan do not take any advantage probably, but Zhao Hai was actually very clear, in the forest, a Dryad clan very profited. However this Zhao Hai did not prepare to seal the forest with Wood element Divergent Technique, he must make Zhang Feng they feel some Dryad races' attack intensities in forest. Zhao Hai very clear impossible forever protection Zhang Feng they, these manipulations let the matter that they experience, must make them experience to well, otherwise Zhang Feng they probably will turn finally into the flowers in greenhouse, but in this brutal Cultivation World, Wen Jieli the flowers lives is not long.

Both sides fast is approaching, ten li (0.5km), five li (0.5km), one li (0.5km), quick both sides can see the opposite party, a Dryad clan such appearance, a long gown, a green, the green head also became a symbol of Dryad clan. A Dryad clan saw Zhao Hai, wants to stop the say a few words idle talk, but Zhao Hai they were an idle talk had not said that rushed to open directly, this arrived at making to stare a Dryad clan, but this also aroused their ominous, a Dryad clan always has snatched since others, how to look at the appearances of these people today, probably must snatch them, this makes a Dryad clan feel completely losing face, naturally in the Zhao Hai their Fei Shenme words, both sides immediately will not have turned in the hand. begin the exchange Zhao Hai understand, why that many people do not like meeting a Dryad clan in forest, their forms of combat were too strange. Sees the bodies of these Dryad to reappear big tree Law Idol, this is Law Idol that their main body concentrates, but this big tree Law Idol fell in the ground directly, from the root of big tree Law Idol, branched out many green energy lines, these energy lines, directly on all around big tree, but Spiritual Qi on all around big tree, has met directly in their bodies, turned into their energy, then they attacked toward Zhao Hai. Such forms of combat, Zhao Hai had not met before, previous time he met with these Dryad, directly their relation with the big tree shutting off, the army attack, simply has not then given them opportunity, now has given these Dryad clan opportunity, he knows these Dryad fearful places. However this fearful also relative, relative Zhang Feng them, these Dryad very fearful, but regarding Zhao Hai, these Dryad does not have fearfully what. Before Divergent Technique fights Fighting Technique, Zhao Hai has used, but that after all in Lower Realm, moreover at that time he did not have complete sensibility Divergent Technique, has not congealed own potential, the attack strength was naturally worse than the present. Now Zhao Hai with own potential, he even has not shone including own Law Idol, but fights Fighting Technique to attack with that Dryad with ordinary Divergent Technique, even if this that Dryad cannot block Zhao Hai attack. Divergent Technique that Zhao Hai very clear, a Dryad clan most fears should be Metal element Divergent Technique, metal overcome wood, Metal element Divergent Technique has doing of restrain to use to Wood element life form inborn, therefore Zhao Hai these time with Dryad to war, main use is Metal element Divergent Technique, naturally other Divergent Technique have not been short. That with Dryad of Zhao Hai to war, felt that with Zhao Hai begin the exchange Zhao Hai the place of formidable, he is defending carefully, does not give Zhao Hai point opportunity, but Zhao Hai has not thought actually wants any opportunity, Zhao Hai attack was more violent, that Dryad only then the ability to parry, does not have the strength to hit back. Zhao Hai does not have therefore to keep hand, because he Zhang Feng their situations are not quite presently good, therefore he strengthened attack, the preparation supports Zhang Feng they. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }