Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1942
„” In an unwilling howling, last Dryad, was turned into Undead Creature by Zhao Hai but actually, but Cultivation World Immortal Stage Expert, long air vent, turns the head to Zhao Hai ritual said : thanks a lot Captain.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, looks at all around said : to walk, uses Portable Transmission Formation, direct returned to Wulong City, do not go to ShangShan City.”. The people nodded, flew nearby distance after side, started Portable Transmission Formation leave, reason that they must go out of a distance to use Portable Transmission Formation, is the place that because just fought, Spiritual Qi very chaotic, will affect the use of Portable Transmission Formation, therefore they meet a leave distance. flash of white light, the Zhao Hai teams vanished in forest, Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, the bodies of these Dryad were really bringing the ginseng, moreover was the Top Grade ginsengs, they also omitted themselves to look for worrying of ginseng. When Zhao Hai their personal appearance appears in Wulong City, have caused all around these cultivator vision of envying, Wulong City here is not ShangShan City there, even if in ShangShan City there, Portable formation were one cherishes thing, do not say Wulong City here. Zhao Hai has not cared about their vision, turns the head their said : to walk to Zhang Feng, the line Danxia Sect there handed over duty was saying.” Zhang Feng several people nodded, walks in the Danxia Sect direction with Zhao Hai, before long arrived at Danxia Sect. Today Zhao Hai they in hand over duty, receive is still that old cultivator, after that old cultivator received Zhao Hai they to hand over the ginseng that has looked, has given them an extremely good evaluation, has apportioned also a perfect score the impression. Reason that this old person does not have many to Zhao Hai their impression mark , because this time picking ginseng duty. Said strictly that looks for Jade Stone Zhong Ru duty to be simpler than that therefore old person has not given them the score, but perfect score Zhao Hai they were very satisfied. Zhao Hai they just came out from Danxia Sect, Zhao Hai felt on communication device to transmit spiritual fluctuation. He knows that this people must with his hold a conversation, he take up communication device to look, is Yuan Ba, Yuan Ba appears on communication device, immediately excited to Zhao Hai said : Captain. You where?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : in Danxia Sect in front of the door, did we just hand over duty, What happened? had the matter?” Yuan Ba immediately/on horseback said : Captain, you in there , etc. I, my immediately come.” Said that has closed communication device. Zhao Hai received communication device, turn the head and take a glance at the surrounding said : Yuan Ba immediately came, to walk. Side we went to that small tavern he to be good, looked at the Yuan Ba appearance, we can drinking today well one cup.”

As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that also smiled got up, they knew. If Yuan Ba really these Portable Transmission Formation selling, do not say that drinks one cup, even if after them, daily drinks in that small tavern is not a problem. Several people have arrived around small tavern, presently on that small tavern writes, Danxia tavern inscription, this makes several people cannot help but somewhat stare. They have not thought really that this tavern is Danxia Sect opens unexpectedly. Several people walked curiously, enters tavern they presently this tavern also really very much to have the characteristics. area in tavern is not very big, probably only has set out several tables, area of each table is not very big, but between two tables, has actually revealed the a piece land, is planting one type of small tree on the land. This small tree long luxuriant growth of leaves and branches, what most important is. This small tree also beam energy spread leaves the one type of very charming fragrance unexpectedly, after letting the person heard, has the one type of god fresh air bright feeling. cultivator of wear short clothes appearance has arrived at several people of , this person of clothes very strange, a short clothes, the lower part of the body is the pants, on the foot the wear sprinkles the shoes, the head is also bringing a skull cap, the whole person to is appears clean agile. That cultivator arrives in front of several people, bows said : to welcome several to visit the shop to several people, several are first time comes, asking this to be implicated.” Zhao Hai looks at this cultivator, this cultivator obviously is also Immortal Stage Expert, but such can be said as call the wind and summon the rain in Lower Realm, respected Immortal Stage Expert, actually works as shop waiter in here, if this makes the Cultivation World person know that eyeball must place not be possible. However Zhao Hai also knows that in Soaring Dragon Realm here, has not achieved Immortal Stage, your simply cannot come, therefore he has not been startled, but nodded, walks toward inside with that shop waiter, but Zhang Feng they are actually face surprised look at that shop waiter, they may not have the Zhao Hai that good strength in meditation, they really do not believe that Immortal Stage Expert, will take care the person in here unexpectedly, this made them be startled. That person of shop waiter regarding Zhang Feng their vision, already became accustomed, he has not cared, but smiled to direct nearby a big point table several people, after several people sat down, does he what several want to drink to several people of said :?” Did Zhao Hai look at all around, deep voice said : had the menu?” That shop waiter obvious stares, „is the menu that then puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : mister said what thing?” Zhao Hai also asking was shocked by this shop waiter, but his immediately understand, it seems like that this True Spirit Realm there did not have menu thing, does he trade drinking that one type of view said : what in your this shops had to eat hastily?” That shop waiter one hear of Zhao Hai said that meaning of immediately understand Zhao Hai, his quickly said: Being mixed in our shop slightly cooks up the flavor most certainly, the wonderful water koi flavor is freshest, in the green iron bamboo the liquor, the flavor is purest, if the guest on you some are uncomfortable, I recommend to you intensely, heroic blood liquor, this liquor, although is fierce, actually may supplement Blood Qi, being helpful the injury restoring.”

Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said :to be good, sorts in your shop adept small side dish to come up six, in two altar|jar green iron bamboo liquor, goes. waiter complied with one, turn around walked. Zhang Feng turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, eats one not to be cheap in here? You have also selected that many thing, was this little crosses?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : First Senior Brother, your feel relieved, why will you say Soaring Dragon Realm here so many tavern restaurant? I think that True Spirit Realm there certain has plenty these thing, Martial Uncle before adding on have said that must eat thing to True Spirit Realm there, I think that Soaring Dragon Realm here so many tavern restaurant is not certainly accidental, they want to make us adapt to this life style as soon as possible, after being good to facilitate us, enters True Spirit Realm, therefore this thing must eat, do not fear hua that money, to be honest, now I , to raise money, was really too simple.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai such to speak had not opposed that really like Zhao Hai said that now he must raise money also is really too simple, did not say other, was only Portable Transmission Formation this, can bring countless wealth to Zhao Hai, yesterday Zhao Hai hua how much money to come have bought the material they are knows that Zhao Hai altogether hua twenty thousand polytropism, but finally? Their not only everyone obtained a piece Portable Transmission Formation, but also has been left over 1000, but can also take 500 to sell, how much money these 500 can Transmission Formation sell? Thinks that is a very fearful digit. What most important is, Zhang Feng their also understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai meaning in other words, Soaring Dragon Realm here all thing, are not for no reason not attended to appears , takes this tavern, is very likely True Spirit Realm there to let them adapts to the life to make, if is really such, it seems like later this tavern also really must come to be good. Just is thinking these times, Zhao Hai suddenly deep voice said : came, looks for us to Danxia tavern.” His voice is not loud, but Zhang Feng their understand, Zhao Hai this grade of aspect was to Yuan Ba said that obviously was Yuan Ba. Really, before long Yuan Ba on appears in Danxia tavern, a look at face was excited, Yuan Ba that walks quickly, Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile. After Yuan Ba sits down, the shop has delivered the food and wine, Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand said : you to get down.” That waiter complied with one, turn around walked. Then Zhao Hai wields, arrange compartmented formation, this to Yuan Ba said : said that what kind of?” The Yuan Ba look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughs said : Captain, you are don’t know, the god, 500 Portable Transmission Formation, all sell today, altogether has sold three thousand fifty thousand Crystal Stone, I changed into Jade essence Crystal Stone, altogether has traded thirty thousand 5000 Jade essence, Captain, I to Soaring Dragon Realm such long time, had not seen these much money.” The Zhao Hai look at Yuan Ba appearance, showed a faint smile said : to be good, changed into Jade essence to be also good, a while we went back, bought some Spirit Wine, everyone/Great Clan lively well.”

Yuan Ba has complied with one, but is excited of face, presently in his hand has thirty thousand 5000 Jade essence, that is Jade essence, Jade essence in one type of currency that True Spirit Realm there circulates, one type of compares Advanced level currency, a piece Jade essence can trade 1000 Crystal Stone, before their in hand added to fear that did not have 1000 Crystal Stone, do not say that changed into Jade essence Crystal Stone. Zhang Feng their also very excited, their although just came the Soaring Dragon Realm two days, but they also realized that in the importance of Soaring Dragon Realm here money, now their in hand one were many a big great sum of money, their naturally very excited. Zhao Hai to oneself one glass of liquor, then has held but actually up wine glass to come to people said : to be good, come, everyone/Great Clan does one cup, receives for today's bountiful.” The people hastily but actually one glass of liquor, have also done, now they are 10,000 are convinced to Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai just now comes the Soaring Dragon Realm two days, made their life live the change of Heaven and Earth turning upside down, if who has not been convinced to Zhao Hai now, that was jealous completely. After Zhao Hai puts down wine glass, turned the head Yuan Ba said : „a day to sell out? Is this Wulong City purchasing power so strong?” Yuan Ba shook the head said : not to have, I have set up a while booth at Exchange Square there, has not bought several, finally I all Portable Jade Token , attained in the Yi Zhen Sect shop to go, all had sold to them.” To here, Yuan Ba also somewhat anxious look at Zhao Hai said : Captain, do I like this process? Yi Zhen Sect is special scripture hall Formation kind of formation Sect, what their business do is very fair, moreover heard that they also become famous by Formation in True Spirit Realm there.” Zhang Feng they also somewhat anxious is staring at Zhao Hai, feared that this matter will annoy to Zhao Hai troublesome. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }