Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1943

Zhao Hai look at several people of appearances, show a faint smile said : feel relieved, will not have troublesome any, although I have not gone to True Spirit Realm, regarding the True Spirit Realm there person is also not completely understand, but from all sorts of arrangement of Soaring Dragon Realm here, the True Spirit Realm there person, is the hope in this way present talented person, do you have presently, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, the price small advantages of various materials, but various types of end products prices actually very expensive.” Zhang Feng they did not have too many feelings to the Zhao Hai words, but Yuan Ba is different, he regarding the Zhao Hai words is actually completely understand, he nodded said : well, right that Captain said that in Soaring Dragon Realm here, no matter any material, price not very expensive, but these end products prices actually very expensive.”. Zhao Hai nodded said : actually I to suspect that this is really spirit there such does intentionally, they cut the material price, the end product price makes high, superficially probably is squeezing Soaring Dragon Realm here ordinary Lower Realm cultivator, but in fact, they are actually are using the one type of alternative the form, stirs up our potential, making us begin crafting, oneself go to refining pills, thus presently these have crafting or the refining pills innate skill person, I want in True Spirit Realm there, good Crafting Master or good Alchemy Master, certainly will also receive to attach great importance, even must receive to attach great importance to compared with general cultivator, this point from their high price. in addition receives these Portable Transmission Formation this point to look.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that gawked, was associating to doing of tavern just Zhao Hai said uses. Several people also really thought that is that a matter. Yuan Ba frowns said : lightly looks like Soaring Dragon Realm here. Does not go all out to make duty on the line, these matters must note, otherwise possibly by these Great Sect noting.” Zhang Feng they also nodded, Zhao Hai smiles said : to be good, after these, is coming, drinks, tastes what kind of that their here dish makes.” Said that Zhao Hai has taken up the chopsticks, has eaten dish on a table. Also let alone the flavor of this dish also is really very good, but compares to the dish in Space, must miss on. Zhang Feng their this is the entire life first time eats thing. Before they only had also drunk some Spirit Wine, has eaten some medicine pill, the dish is any flavor, they also real don’t know. This is their first time eats the dish. Several people somewhat clumsy took the chopsticks to eat a dish, this stuttered, they by the dish flavor to conquer, several people had been eaten the dish quickly cannot help but quick. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not actually cared, he looked, the dish in this Danxia tavern also is really good, six vegetables, two meat vegetarian salads, manufacture very refined. Two meat dishes separately are the fish and one type of bright monster beast meat, but the vegetarian dish was some ordinary vegetarian dishes. These vegetables regarding Zhao Hai very ordinary, he same tasted one not to eat, instead to was Zhang Feng they, each and every one in gulps was eating, look at that Zhao Hai smiled they, there is not drinking. Before long the dish their several people had been eaten to eat all one's food by Zhang Feng, several people of some having not given full expression has put down the chopsticks, then mutually looked at one, cannot help but has smiled.

Zhang Feng turns the head well to Zhao Hai said : „. Has not thought that this thing so will be unexpectedly delicious, he he, good, Little Hai, later we want often come to eat.” Zhang Feng was also thinks now. No matter why, later this tavern wanted to be long. Can eat delicious, moreover can many understanding True Spirit Realm there situation, with happy, but is not. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, often come, walks, is buying some liquor, we go back to drink.” Said Zhao Hai deep voice said : partner/shop assistant, come, paying up.” Before that shop waiter immediately ran over, how many bowed said : to eat to Zhao Hai? Can the dish of shop also pass? Vegetable 200 crystals, thank your help.” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : how much money one jin (0.5 kg) this liquor?” waiter quickly said: One crystal one jin (0.5 kg), the liquor of head store absolutely is the high grade nice wine, therefore this price naturally also wants on high some compared with outside liquor, absolutely is not carelessly the initial price.” Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, turns the head to Yuan Ba said : Yuan Ba, gives him Jade essence, after this table of accounts , the remaining money all want the liquor.” Yuan Ba has complied with one, put out a piece Jade essence to give waiter, then heard our Captain words to his said :? Besides this table of accounts, remaining all wants the liquor.” That waiter has complied with one, took Jade essence turn around to walk. Zhao Hai Jade essence that paid attention to Yuan Ba to take, that was a piece length of side ten centimeters square green Jade Stone, that green was green elated, was much greener, did not bring varicolored, looked is good thing, if this thing has put Cultivation World, that was also high grade practiced the material, has put True Spirit Realm, was actually only one type of circulates currency, could look at the difference of 2 Realms from this point. Before long that waiter came back, his in hand is taking Space Bag, he hands over in Space Bag the hand of Yuan Ba said : everybody, this is 1000 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, our shop owners thanked patronage, gave 100 jin (0.5 kg) liquor, after hoping everybody often come, moreover asked everybody to take your scorecards, because you were first time come tavern, therefore everyone can be many impression mark.”

The space falls the meat pie! This regarding Zhao Hai them, is the space falls the meat pie absolutely, they have not thought that in this place, will really have the good matter to live like this, can make them result in ten impression marks unexpectedly in vain, this is really inconceivable. Now Zhang Feng they have entirely believed the Zhao Hai words. Zhao Hai they got the impression mark, Yuan Ba to take 1000 jin (0.5 kg) green bamboo liquor, leave Danxia tavern, arrived at tavern outside, Zhang Feng could not be bearing, he laughed said : not to think really that really also had like this good matter, HaHaHa, fantastic, was really fantastic.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Yuan Ba, today you sell Portable Transmission Formation time, what advantage there are to obtain? Do they have to you impression mark?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Yuan Ba has cannot help but patted own head said : also let alone, they also really said that they said that if we can sell to they three Magical Artifact . Moreover the Magical Artifact standard has reached the True Spirit Realm level, can add the impression mark to us, everyone, most can add the impression mark to 100 people.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, that is good, he he, three Magical Artifact, this was too simple, goes, in Magical Artifact that purchasing twice we need, brings to me, first do not purchase the crafting material, after taking carry back, tomorrow we in purchase the material.” Yuan Ba complied with one, turn around ran, before long he came back, he this time I have sold one set of Geo-Positioning Disk to Zhao Hai deep voice said :, in one armor, Geo-Positioning Disk was the Complete Set equipment, he can use for 1000 people, is divided into Secondary Disc and Primary Disc, Primary Disc only then, kept in camp, Secondary Disc had 1000, can bring on the body of person, no matter like this he arrived at there, Primary Disc can clearly know that his position, naturally, this was Geo-Positioning Disk of small shape, had Geo-Positioning Disk, we could not afford, but in that armor. But good thing, hundred Jade essence, very formidable defensive power, even if in not having situation of protection, by Immortal Stage Expert attack, in armor can also complete block attack, by a wound.” Zhao Hai has selected to said : well, is good, this different thing is we need, walks, returns to camp, I want strict research one this different thing, then we in purchase to refine this different thing commodity.” Zhao Hai good not to be worried that he could not refine that different thing, Zhang Feng they were very confident to him, Zhang Feng was confident to Zhao Hai, because of his very clear, Zhao Hai has the ability of that decomposition synthesis, but other people were confident to Zhao Hai, actually completely because of the Zhao Hai two days performance, the Zhao Hai two days performance, already complete conquer they. Several people of immediately started Portable Transmission Formation, direct returned to camp, camp here now has left only behind 200 people to remain, they defend in here do not hand over for look at camp, but feared that other squads have any situation, they quite hurry to the support, manager that camp remains behind, is Li Mu. Li Mu looked that Zhao Hai they came back, moved forward to meet somebody hastily, holds the fist in the other hand to Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, you came back, today's is duty smooth?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : very smooth, specific you asks them, Yuan Ba, gives me thing.” Yuan Ba has complied with one, put out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai flashes body entered own Cave Mansion. Is Li Mu puzzled look at Zhao Hai appearance, what matter their said : Army Commander this What happened? such worries to Yuan Ba? Just what Army Commander must go is what thing?” Yuan Ba laughs explained to Li Mu just fresh matter, Li Mu listened to Yuan Ba saying that also cannot help but was shocked, thirty thousand five thousand Jade essence, this was a big quantity, he had not thought before, they will have thirty thousand five thousand Jade essence, has not thought that Zhao Hai came for two days to achieve, this was really the too mysterious team. Naturally now their in hand does not have that many Jade essence, after all was also just colored, that Geo-Positioning Disk price is not low, what although they buy is small Geo-Positioning Disk, but price also ten thousand Jade essence, in adding on one hundred Jade essence one in armor, their in hand now only remaining twenty thousand multi- Jade essence, even if this, Li Mu also happy went bad. Heard that a while also has the liquor to drink, Li Mugeng is happy has cheered one, must inform these still to be the duty person, looked that some Li Mu proud were unconventional, Zhang Feng hastily open the mouth and said: Good Li Mu, your tone down, Little Hai now also and in armor in research Geo-Positioning Disk, do not disturb him, was right, do not worry to inform everyone/Great Clan, they are still making duty, cannot Divided Spirit, be careful have any danger, we prepare in here first and that's the end.” Li Mu listened to Zhang Feng saying that one calm, he somewhat embarrassed was unfair to Gang Master to Zhang Feng said :, my too happy, many years, our Cultivation World camp never such extravagant, has not thought that short several days Army Commander has achieved this success, came compared with Army Commander, I missed was too far.” Zhang Feng smiled said : you not to compare with whom well, with Little Hai compared with anything, let alone is you, entire Cultivation World, who can compare with Little Hai.” What Zhang Feng this saying said is proud incomparable, actually also uninhabited opposed that all people nodded, very approves his words. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }