Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1944

Actually not only these are in the Soaring Dragon Realm person, even if a Cultivation World there person also understand truth, any one Sect talent, do not make him go with Zhao Hai to compare, because that equal to person destroying. Any one Sect talent nobody can achieve Zhao Hai that degree, if must go to compare with him with Zhao Hai, that talent slowly will lose the confidence, finally degenerates into mediocrely, this is any one Sect is not willing to see. Now entire Cultivation World knows that Zhao Hai is monstruous talent, cannot compare with him, therefore made that now entire Cultivation World person, that feared that is these enters the Sect person newly, knows that Zhao Hai is an absolute formidable person, anybody do not compare with him. Believes that Zhao Hai these time comes to Soaring Dragon Realm, will let not being able to sleep of Cultivation World there many person happy. The fact also so, now Zhao Hai sits in Space, the look at Space screen, the Space screen last present is living the together very small conflict, but in this conflict place Cultivation World perfect shop. In Zhao Hai in Cultivation World, the perfect shop absolute security, anybody has not dared to have his idea, even if nine Great Sect people, to the face of perfect shop, but Zhao Hai just entered Soaring Dragon Realm two days, some Cultivation World there people could not repress, started the noisy matter in the perfect shop. Zhao Hai very clear, nothing but is some are testing the bottom line of perfect shop, regarding this situation, Zhao Hai naturally under the hand/subordinate will not be forgiving, lets Laura command(er) these Undead Creature. To these person of lessons. The quick fight ended. All causing trouble cultivator, all by perfect shop impolite striking to have killed, afterward some Sect Immortal Stage Expert act, prepares with perfect shop theory, but the perfect shop is actually entire impolite, has sent directly out Immortal Stage Undead Creature with opposite party Immortal Stage Expert to the war, simultaneously behind also several hundred Immortal Stage Undead Creature bring up the rear, this must let Cultivation World there person understand, do not think that Zhao Hai went to Soaring Dragon Realm there, you can do whatever one wants to do. That is impossible, even if Zhao Hai is not , the perfect shop still has the strength to cope with you. Now fight although had not finished, but Zhao Hai believes. After this matter, was not having anybody to dare to rush to the perfect shop to go to the noisy matter. Sees that Immortal Stage Undead Creature, after the opposite party to being defeated, Zhao Hai cannot help but shook the head, sighed said : these fellows also is really impatient, can't they in many and other several days? Really disappointing.” Laura they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but showed a faint smile, they know that Zhao Hai this saying was teasing purely, these fellows were no matter when noisy the matter, could not obtain good. At this time Cai'er opened the mouth to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai. That Geo-Positioning Disk and in armor decomposed, we can definitely make, here was the bill of materials.” Said that has given Zhao Hai a piece jade slip. Zhao Hai received jade slip to look at one toward, nodded said : well, tomorrow makes them buy the material, he he, but also has not thought really that this can also obtain the impression mark.” At this time Cai'er actually frowned said : Elder Brother Hai, this several days Soaring Dragon Realm there situation some did not suit, I the activities of these Monster Beast probably are presently more frequent. The matter resembles some not to suit.” Zhao Hai knit the brows said : you to mean that new time beast tide can come?”

Cai'er nodded said : to have this possibility, having a look at this several days Soaring Dragon Realm there to have the warning to leave, I thought in any case this several days Soaring Dragon Realm there Monster Beast, enlivened probably.” Laura look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai. If lived beast tide, you what to do? Is enters the war. Hides in camp? Now camp there situation very good, Monster Beast simply not possibly presently there, even if lived beast tide, there is also safe.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, cannot hide in camp there, in the city makes the war with these Monster Beast, although cannot obtain the impression mark, but is actually these Great Sect observes good opportunity of Lower Realm person, will then be more important than the impression, therefore beast tide time, wants in the city to resist Monster Beast.” Laura nodded said : I to look is also, Soaring Dragon Realm there all matters, to exercise cultivator probably specially arrange, if you do not participate to resist beast tide, is an advantage does not have to you, participates in there is actually an issue, Elder Brother Hai, I did not agree that you resist beast tide in Wulong City there.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Wulong City there scale too small, unsafe did not say, does not have any competent Great Sect, I resist beast tide, we go to ShangShan City.” Laura showed a faint smile said : originally you already to think, that was good, Elder Brother Hai, you went to have a look, the person almost came back, you should also make an appearance.” Zhao Hai nodded with a smile, stands got up to walk outward, to Cave Mansion outside, presently in Cultivation World all cultivator came back, now standing of these cultivator face excited are chatting anything in there, saw Zhao Hai to come out, all people initiative greeted with Zhao Hai, appeared very enthusiastic. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, then waved, all people stopped chat, look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at they, deep voice said : today our bountiful receives, our Cultivation World was finally rich, was rich, wants learn to spend, today I made Yuan Ba buy the liquor, everyone/Great Clan drinking well one cup, a while Yuan Ba have divided money to everyone/Great Clan, everyone Jade essence, these money you can take the flower, what however most important was, these money sold and liquor that ate to you, did not make you sell equipment absolutely, later sold equipment money Ling, everyone/Great Clan hear of understand?” Regarding the view of Zhao Hai, the people stare first, then a cheer, Zhao Hai not polite, made Yuan Ba raise one's wine cup with directly, people drinking to heart's content. Now these people regarding Zhao Hai being convinced, dare underestimated Zhao Hai in nobody, Zhao Hai prestige complete stood erect. Zhao Hai can such quickly stand erect own prestige, besides these money, most important is, he in Cultivation World there was really too famous. In Soaring Dragon Realm here Cultivation World cultivator. Does not have one not to hear Zhao Hai, the person in their Sect repeated told them, Zhao Hai formidable how, their some had not been convinced before, but watches these matters that Zhao Hai handles now, they were completely have actually been convinced. Next morning, Zhao Hai besides minute duty, has given a Yuan Ba detailed list, making him sell thing, all thing in detailed list must buy. And must as soon as possible. Yuan Ba naturally was without demur, directly runs up to ShangShan City to buy thing, compared, ShangShan City there thing small advantage. And entire. Zhao Hai had not opposed that Yuan Ba goes to ShangShan City, because he wants to make Yuan Ba try, having a look at Zhendao Sect to aim at Cultivation World, if real, a that Yuan Ba person will go to ShangShan City there possibly to have some dangers, but can actually make Zhao Hai they know the Zhendao Sect manner.

Zhao Hai also said to Yuan Ba this matter, Yuan Ba complied, because of Yuan Ba very clear, this is relationship to the entire Cultivation World big matter, he cannot flinch. But Zhao Hai they actually must exit to make duty. However now is the duty person to start to carry on to take turns, must make duty besides Zhao Hai their these novices, some old person started to take turns to defend camp. Geo-Positioning Disk has installed, the bodies of all people brought Geo-Positioning Disk Secondary Disc, this also made their securities obtain the further guarantee. Zhao Hai their today's duty are mines, they received duty from known as Flame Mountain Sect Sect there, looks the one type of fire-resistant very strong ore, this ore is impossible to be used for crafting, but can actually be used to manufacture the stove or the forging platform. This ore source also very unusual, on active volcano. That volcano will spurt once in a while one time, therefore collects this ore to have certain danger. Naturally danger not only absolutely is the come from volcano, what most important is, in that volcano there, some Fire element Monster Beast. Especially one type of known as Fire Scorpion Monster Beast, this Monster Beast strength very formidable. Not only each has the Immortal Stage strength, but also in their attack also has Fire Poison, this is one type of very formidable Fire Poison, even if Immortal Stage Expert cannot block this Fire Poison. But this Fire Scorpion most likes living on active volcano, their although is not appears in groups, but is Fire Scorpion, will bring the danger to a ten people of squad, because Fire Scorpion besides is Fire element Monster Beast, he is Earth element Monster Beast, they will hide in earth carry on attack to cultivator, but in active volcano there, the people presently hide Fire Scorpion in earth very much difficultly. But the active volcano that the Zhao Hai team they must go , is also the person selects to ShangShan City far, they must sit Transmission Formation from ShangShan City there, goes to Horizontal Blade City, then leaves from Horizontal Blade City, goes to that active volcano there. Zhao Hai early they arrived at Wulong City here, they do not have immediately to go to ShangShan City, but stayed some time in Wulong City. They and other Yuan Ba information, how they wanted to know Yuan Ba in the ShangShan City there situation, if Yuan Ba there were all right, they can go to ShangShan City directly, if Yuan Ba there had the matter, they cannot go to ShangShan City, even this time duty must give up continually, because that represented Zhendao Sect to cope with them, they found a place to hide to consider as finished. In Wulong City there waited for some time, Yuan Ba to give the Zhao Hai letter, told Zhao Hai ShangShan City there not to have the matter, he has bought many thing, Zhao Hai then feel relieved, he led Zhang Feng they to sit Transmission Formation to go to ShangShan City there, then their Transmission square did not have, sits Transmission Formation to go to Horizontal Blade City directly. Zhao Hai they just appears in Horizontal Blade City Transmission Formation square here, a suddenly grating alarm sound transmitted, Zhao Hai they stare, but along with sees Horizontal Blade City here all cultivator to well up toward city wall there. Zhao Hai remembers the words that tomorrow Cai'er spoke in the evening, cannot help but stares, his complexion changes said : is not then good, beast tide started, walks, we also went to the city at that time.” Said that Zhao Hai takes the lead to fly toward city wall that. When they arrived at city wall there, presently city wall there gathered many cultivator, everyone/Great Clan in outward look at, Zhao Hai also flew, looked at one outward, presently anything does not have.

When Zhao Hai stares, his suddenly felt that on own scoreboard dodged intermittent red light, Zhao Hai has taken up the scoreboard to look at one puzzled, this looked at Zhao Hai present, originally on his scoreboard clear writes, urgent notice: Because nearest/recent several days Monster Beast moves unusually, doubts for is the beast tide omen, therefore cultivator can not make duty to the city, must stay in the city, prepares to resist Monster Beast at any time, such as annoys to the city, the consequence is proud voluntarily. Looked that this informs Zhao Hai cannot help but to relax, turns the head their said : we to walk to Zhang Feng, immediately/on horseback sits Transmission Formation returned to ShangShan City there, making everyone/Great Clan arrive in ShangShan City to stay, if Monster Beast comes attack, we defend a city in ShangShan City there.” Zhang Feng they naturally cannot oppose that although they are bringing Portable Transmission Formation now, but this Portable Transmission Formation has characteristics, if they want the Transmission place, has energy protective shield to prevent, that Portable Transmission Formation is Transmission does not pass, because now beast tide must start, energy protective shield of various cities opened, their Portable Transmission Formation cannot use, can only sit that fixed Transmission Formation. Reason that Portable Transmission Formation will have this shortcoming \; first, the craft of because manufacturing is not good, second is because the Portable Transmission Formation energy pattern is different, therefore Portable Transmission Formation will have such shortcoming. Zhao Hai their immediately sits Transmission Formation returned to ShangShan City, what Zhao Hai and don’t know is, an eye has been paying attention to him, but Master of this eye is Lin Ling. Lin Ling already favored Zhao Hai, but also makes Feng Lingyun probe Zhao Hai, but this time unfortunately that duty that very much, Zhao Hai they meet, must arrive at Horizontal Blade City, then can that volcano that goes to the duty place to be, but the city that this Horizontal Blade City actually Tyrant Blade Sect constructs, Zhao Hai appears in Horizontal Blade City, Lin Ling knew, how Lin Ling also wants to have a look at Zhao Hai to do, therefore he has been paying attention to Zhao Hai, the words that Zhao Hai spoke he also heard, one hear of Zhao Hai said that must go to ShangShan City there to enter the war, Lin Ling also nodded, under he has not blocked Zhao Hai, after all he is knows., Zhao Hai now was Cultivation World in Soaring Dragon Realm here Captain, he must to give people a hard time the person consideration of Cultivation World. After returned to ShangShan City, Zhao Hai immediately they sends the letter to Li Mu, making Li Mu they arrive at ShangShan City to come, but the ShangShan City here situation is also similar to Horizontal Blade City there, many cultivator ran up to ShangShan City city wall, they now could not certainly have seen Monster Beast, but they actually want to become first see the Monster Beast attack person. Zhao Hai does not have that big curiosity, after he ends the letter not long after, Li Mu they arrived at ShangShan City here, Li Mu they, as soon as after receiving the notice, left from camp, enters in Wulong City, they want to resist the attack of Monster Beast in Wulong City there, however an order of Zhao Hai, lets ShangShan City here that they arrive at directly. Saw that all people arrived, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: This several days because of beast tide, we cannot exit to make duty, Wulong City there our although is familiar, but there too small, therefore I made everyone/Great Clan arrive at ShangShan City to come, this time we must resist Monster Beast in ShangShan City.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }