Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1945

One hear of Zhao Hai said that Li Mu cannot help but somewhat anxious said : What happened? this time beast tide very big? His Wulong City can't there block?” Li Mu listened to Zhao Hai saying that Wulong City there too small, he thinks that Zhao Hai was feared Wulong City there could not block the attacks of these Monster Beast. Zhao Hai shook the head with a smile said : for this, Wulong City there should unable to block the attack of Monster Beast, I said that Wulong City there too small, meant, Wulong City there Sect too small, but ShangShan City here, the Sect scale be much bigger than Wulong City there.”. Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, looked at people one eyes, turned the head to look, referred to nearby tavern said : walking, we went in drank while said.” Said that walks toward that tavern in rashly, the people also hastily follow on the heels, now they do not care about that several tip. Waits for several people to sit down, after having selected the liquor, Zhao Hai then deep voice said : helps various big city cities resist Monster Beast, does not have the impression mark, therefore everyone/Great Clan has believed that covers the resistance in that city with these monsters is the same, but I actually think the knowledge of here surface but was big, takes Wulong City and ShangShan City, Wulong City there is a medium grade city, many in there is some medium grade Sect, but ShangShan City here is different, ShangShan City here not, only then Zhendao Sect this level Great Sect, has many other Great Sect to exist, these Great Sect although can't compare with Zhendao Sect, but scale. Actually be much bigger than Wulong City there Sect.” Speaking of here Zhao Hai to stop, has drunk liquor Run the throat. Then said : do not think that impression mark is all, these Great Sect will look only at the impression but will take a person? Is impossible? They must look actual performance of this cultivator, but beast tide, often can see a cultivator actual performance best opportunity. We keep ShangShan City here, can make these Great Sect see our performance, good that so long as we display, you also feared , don't we have opportunity join better Sect?” One hear of Zhao Hai said that all people have gawked, before these them, then their look at each other in dismay, to be honest, Zhao Hai said that has not been able to think. Each beast tide comes time, they will keep Wulong City there to resist Monster Beast, has not thought that will also be observing them in this time people. However has not thought equal to they do not understand. Now a Zhao Hai saying, looked like the one layer window paper is the same, one was pierced, they naturally also on understand Zhao Hai this saying were any meanings. Li Mu face excited said : good, Army Commander said does not have the mistake. We keep here, will have many opportunity, good, after us, kept here.” Zhao Hai look at Li Mu their appearances. Shows a faint smile the matter that said : in fact I can think , the True Spirit Realm there person can also want to obtain. Reason that you can such smooth arrives at ShangShan City here , because has us in here. In beast tide during, staff reassignments between two big city cities are optional, from the big city city toward the small town city, is optional, but from the small town city toward the big city city, is not that easy, the condition, that is, your same Interface person, wanted some people good in that big city city first, if our nobody in ShangShan City here, we want from Wu Longjie there ShangShan City, that to be impossible, will keep off to go back.” Facial expression that Li Mu their face is then suddenly enlighted, but Yuan Ba somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Captain, how do you know these afterward?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Martial Uncle to tell me, they want to be so dry before, afterward kept off, this understand what's the matter, this time beast tide , if not our Yuan Ba in ShangShan City here, but several of us happen to Horizontal Blade City there, feared that was when the time comes we must fights in Wulong City there and Monster Beast.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that people have also felt relaxed, who they know Martial Uncle in Zhao seaport are, iron Zhan Tian, former Captain of Cultivation World Soaring Dragon team, now already join copper body gate. Iron Zhan Tian in the hearts of these Cultivation World people, was a legendary character, he was bringing dozens people of Cultivation World squads at that time, relying on fumble bit by bit, finally halted the foot in Soaring Dragon Realm here, moreover made Cultivation World more and more formidable, regarding a such character, no matter that Sect person, very respected. Therefore Zhao Hai said that is iron Zhan Tian tells him, naturally nobody will suspect. Actually this saying also is really not iron Zhan Tian tells Zhao Hai, but is the Zhao Hai long time surveillance each every city present, this matter, True Spirit Realm there Sect will not speak irresponsibly casually. Looked at people one understanding the appearance, Zhao Hai also can only smile bitterly, these matters have not been able to make them know really that Zhao Hai deep voice said : this matter, was only restricted in us to know was good, do not tell anybody, wanted absolute keep secret, knew?” The people nodded, they also know the importance of this matter, if they said really this matter, does not have to their advantage, said it, they do not have what friend in Soaring Dragon Realm here, did not have the means to say to other listening. In Zhao Hai they spoke, in this tavern comes in two people, Zhao Hai saw these two people, cannot help but complexion changed, because these two people he knew that was really before provokes their two Zhendao Sect people. The tavern that Zhao Hai they are at now is not very big, in sitting person who is also some have the status, other cultivator went to other place to sit, or has drunk to other tavern, Zhao Hai has given each of them in any case Jade essence, they drank are enough. Therefore now the person in this tavern is not many, the Zhao Hai nature one noted Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, naturally he now also don’t know their names.

The people were chatting, looked that Zhao Hai complexion suddenly changed, all gawked, they looked following the Zhao Hai vision, Zhang Feng their complexion changed, other people somewhat were actually perplexed. Yuan Ba cannot bear said : Captain, what's the matter? Did that two people you know?” Zhao Hai nodded, has not spoken, Zhang Feng in a low voice said Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er status with Yuan Ba, Yuan Ba one hear is these two people, his complexion also becomes is very unattractive. Wind Ling Hun and Luo Xiu'er this matter, they know that is only what of continuously don’t know these two person long, now looks at these two person suddenly appears in here, their complexion live however is attractive. When the people are tense, Feng Lingyun actually leads Luo Xiu'er to walk toward their here, Zhao Hai looked at this situation, immediately has stood, other people have also stood, in tavern other Cultivation World people looked at Zhao Hai such performance, was busy at standing, somewhat astonished uncertain look at Zhao Hai here. Feng Lingyun look at Zhao Hai they somewhat intense appearance, cannot help but showed a faint smile, arrives at Zhao Hai by their table to stand firm the personal appearance, has not waited for them to speak, Zhao Hai bowed to them said : Cultivation World Zhao Hai, has seen Zhendao Sect senior, was courteous below.” Feng Lingyun one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but slightly stares, then often smiled said : you to recognize our identities to come, no wonder at that time a few words did not say that walked, he he, you do not need to care, we do not aim at your Cultivation World, at that time had a request, you call Zhao Hai? Now outside person runs up to city wall to come up, why do you still drink in here?” Zhao Hai one hear, cannot help but showed a faint smile said : senior to chat, beast tide was not immediately comes, came up this time to city wall, was a point does with, although our strengths, were possibly nothing to speak in front of senior, but we think from here with quickest rushed to city wall to come up, can achieve, therefore we had the mood to drink in here.” Feng Lingyun one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but laughs said : well, good that said that at this time was useful in city wall, every time had the static air/Qi near the important matter, was really worth being paid attention, Zhao Hai, I divulge the details to you today, some people were paying attention to you, naturally this person was not our Zhendao Sect person, but I can tell you, Sect that this person was , the strength was not absolutely weak in our Zhendao Sect, if nearest/recent had these Sect to contact you, you should better turn down.”

Zhao Hai one hear, cannot help but stares, his cannot help but somewhat is then excited, he to Feng Lingyun said : „the thanks a lot senior direction, Zhao Hai took down.” Feng Lingyun nodded, looked at other person of one, shows a faint smile said : well, I must say also said that did not delay you to drink, said goodbye.” Said that he led Luo Xiu'er turn around to walk. Zhao Hai they bow to see off hastily, when they walk, Zhang Feng they were actually one rushed out of the nest, because just the Feng Lingyun words really shocked. Zhao Hai comes Soaring Dragon Realm how long, in addition four and five days, in such a short time, actually some people noted Zhao Hai, but must take in Sect him, but that Sect, was one is not unexpectedly weak in Zhendao Sect level Great Sect, this shocked. Zhang Feng face excited look at Zhao Hai said : fantastic, Little Hai, fantastic, all I know, our Cultivation World starts to Soaring Dragon Realm from entry, but also nobody join to level Sect, you, if join, that is first.” Zhao Hai one hear of Zhang Feng said that also cannot help but often smiles said : not to determine that I wants my don’t know to the present that Great Sect, do not think.” Li Mu laughs said : feel relieved, accurate insurance will not be wrong, has the precedent in Soaring Dragon Realm here, some Great Sect settled on anyone, will carry on ahead of time scheduled, good that so long as that person displays, has met their recruitment standard, they directly person taking away, this type ahead of time scheduled person, except for some accidental deaths beside, has not heard that person not join to that Great Sect, Army Commander, you on feel relieved.” Other people also congratulate Zhao Hai, regarding them, enters Soaring Dragon Realm, wants join to True Spirit Realm Sect, thus walks up a new stair, but now half foot of Zhao Hai has stepped on that stair, they are Zhao Hai feel certainly happy. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }