Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1946

beast tide has not come, but entire ShangShan City has alerted, on city wall some people will have guarded, but these not on city wall cultivator, the place that was also arranged living, rests for them well. Zhao Hai they were also arranged a place, enabling them to be able the rest of feel relieved, that region house that they are many, approaches city wall, this also facilitates them to be able at any time comes up the support to city wall. In such city, is naturally impossible to make Zhao Hai their room, the room that Zhao Hai is at very big, was occupied by ten people, person who cultivator besides Zhao Hai, Zhang Feng, Li Kuangge, Yuan Ba, Li Mu, other five has the status. Several people of present is sitting in the room to drink, although they just outside tavern already has drunk much, but actually is still drinking now, because of their really very happy. Zhao Hai has drunk liquor, puts down wine glass, gains ground look at people said : everyone/Great Clan these time also to display well, although just that Zhendao Sect person said that but my was noted, so long as good of everyone/Great Clan performance, they certainly will also note you, when the time comes our brothers can in True Spirit Realm there in together.” Zhang Feng smiles said : your youngster not to need to be worried, we are not good, True Spirit Realm is not so is good, but after your youngster entered True Spirit Realm, if can help, as far as possible helps us.” Yuan Ba also nodded said : Captain, heard that these join the Great Sect person, will have given their Sect many advantage, our Cultivation World although nobody join Great Sect. However before , actually some people of join many medium grade Sect, although is only medium grade Sect, but Cultivation World obtained many advantage, looks like our Cultivation World there Tower of Babel. according to legend is the True Spirit Realm person gives us Cultivation World.” Zhao Hai nodded, this matter he knows that if later has opportunity to help Cultivation World, he naturally can help, look at will not manage. Yuan Ba look at Zhao Hai said : mister, you, if real join True Spirit Realm, do not help our Cultivation World anxiously, wanted the coming to a stop foot to say first. The wait for you status enhanced, naturally can better gang Cultivation World.” Zhao Hai one hear of Yuan Ba said that to has gawked, then he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : well. Your feel relieved, I have discretion, said it, I did not have join to True Spirit Realm now, after waiting for join, was saying.” Zhao Hai although said. However his very much happy, crossed at heart actually, he wants join to be is not weak in Zhendao Sect level Great Sect, this omits many matters regarding him. Zhao Hai initially join to Black Tiger Group time. The Black Tiger Group situation fantastic, internal strife was actually not unceasing. Outside has the powerful enemy, if not Zhao Hai in every way diligently. Black Tiger Group will not have today's aspect.

However speaks the truth, Zhao Hai does not like this feeling, if there are if possible, he wants in the Cultivation World there extension extension in all directions, look in all directions, to study Cultivation Method, that feared that is the ascend slow point is also good, Zhao Hai passed through too many battles, he does not want always to be in the battle by himself. If this time he can join to level Great Sect, he be short of many battles, regarding the Sect internal battle, Zhao Hai has not cared, Sect internal battle, what struggle is what? Nothing but is the commodity that some practices use, to be honest, Zhao Hai too many moods have not struggled these thing now, has Space, his simply does not need to struggle these thing. To be honest Zhao Hai also really a little anticipated that now life of True Spirit Realm there, what he wants to have a look at the life of True Spirit Realm there is, because the life of True Spirit Realm there is closer to the life of person, most minimum there can eat thing, can drink, like this he can open and aboveboard thing in enjoyment Space. Next morning, after Zhao Hai they get up, comes out from own dwelling, arrived at city wall there to observe outside situation, outside still could not see to have the Monster Beast appearance, if were not the warning has not relieved, Zhang Feng they think really will not have any beast tide to come. However Zhao Hai actually knows that forecast of True Spirit Realm not wrong, beast tide must come, because of through the surveillance of Space, Soaring Dragon Realm here these Monster Beast, activity was getting more and more frequent. Looked on city wall, presently Monster Beast has not attacked, Zhao Hai they prepared returned to their dwelling, in this time, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, in one time arrived around Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai they saluted to them hastily. Feng Lingyun beckoned with the hand said : embarrassed, yesterday I forgot to introduce, today makes up, I called Feng Lingyun, Zhendao Sect Inner Disciples, this was my Junior Sister, Luo Xiu'er, today I look for you, the matter must tell Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai, a while I will send out ten people to examine outside ShangShan City these Monster Beast situations, in these ten people, there is your one, you must be prepared.” Zhao Hai has gawked, but his immediately/on horseback nodded said : is, senior invited feel relieved.” Feng Lingyun nodded, leading Luo Xiu'er turn around to walk, they walk Zhang Feng immediately/on horseback calm face said : Little Hai, what's all this about? If there is that Great Sect to have a liking for you, why can make you make such dangerous duty?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have quite strangely what, you work as these level Great Sect to be so good, they do not receive the waste, this is a test, ok, does not need to be worried about me, I will not have the matter, you take care and that's the end.” Yuan Ba somewhat scruple said : Captain, you said that they can be specifically are aiming at you?”

Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: You too look at me high, in Cultivation World there, I perhaps was also a character, to this Soaring Dragon Realm, what my, do not say that True Spirit Realm there, I was join to that Great Sect, since did not do from Outer Disciple, you think idly they will be all right looked for my trouble? They must cope with me, the matter of a few words.” Yuan Ba they one want also to be, in Cultivation World there, is nobody dares to annoy Zhao Hai, but here, but Soaring Dragon Realm, spoke to them, but the True Spirit Realm person, to True Spirit Realm there, Immortal Stage is a beginning, these people were not worthwhile with this plans cope with Zhao Hai, did not have that necessity. Is speaking, Feng Lingyun in one time arrived at Zhao Hai here, in his also with several cultivator, in these cultivator, one unexpectedly is Dryad Race of green head, besides Dryad Race, Zhao Hai also present the bodies of two cultivator had the Monster Cultivator aura, it seems like it is two Monster Race cultivator. Feng Lingyun arrives around Zhao Hai, to Zhao Hai said : these must with the person who your together goes the outside the city examination, duty very simple of people, outside the city in ten thousand li (0.5km), there is Monster Beast how, wants found out, the attention, the person should not be separated, if separates, is very easy the matter, you possibly did not come back, goes.” Several people complied with one, the personal appearance moved, flew toward outside the city, Feng Lingyun look at Zhao Hai they disappeared, this turned the head look at Zhang Feng their said : you to rest, illuminates the current situation, Monster Beast will not come today.” Zhang Feng to Feng Lingyun gave a salute, then said : thanked the senior direction, but we want to wait for Little Hai in here.” Feng Lingyun look at Zhang Feng, curious said : you such affirmed that he can live coming back? Must know now outside, but the Monster Beast domain, every time sends the scout person, is very dangerous, a sometimes scout squad, is annihilated is not the strange matter.” Zhang Feng deep voice said : others I am don’t know, but Little Hai will certainly be living, I to him confident.” Feng Lingyun looked at Zhang Feng one, Zhang Feng is very presently confident, is not encouraging to oneself, this cannot help but made Feng Lingyun to Zhao Hai more curious. Feng Lingyun knows that Zhao Hai they just came Soaring Dragon Realm didn't have long time, but he believes that Zhao Hai they should know Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast fierce degree, in this case, Zhang Feng they could have such strong confidence to Zhao Hai, this somewhat stems from his unexpected. Zhao Hai their ten person leave ShangShan City, continuously toward forward flight, but they are also same, flying is not very high, but ten people no one have spoken, before obviously them, did not know.

Non-stop flew a thousand li(500 km) about, they the faint feeling all around had Monster Beast existed, at this time that Dryad suddenly open the mouth and said: Everybody, this time duty very dangerous, we need to cooperate to live going back, how does everybody think?” Zhao Hai to has not opposed, nodded, several other people also nodded, that Dryad looked that several people nod, on the face has cannot help but revealed smug look, his then said : we must cooperate, that needs a person of lead, if everybody does not mind, the position of this lead, comes to by me, how does everybody see?” Other Zhao Hai and several people are actually look at each other in dismay, they have not thought that this Dryad really has such plan, a Zhao Hai cannot help but funniness, his shaking the head of gently, not in principle that Dryad, without consulting anybody goes toward the forward flight. Looks at Zhao Hai such performance, that Dryad complexion cannot help but changes, Zhao Hai this was clarifies to reject him, several other people looked at one mutually, actually not with Zhao Hai toward forward flight, cultivator open the mouth and said: We are the cooperation, the cooperation do not need to lead, if you want to cooperate, do not want to work as any leader.” Several other people also nodded, that Dryad looks at this situation, complexion although is somewhat ugly, but he does not have the Zhao Hai that big courage, dares person leave, therefore has to nod. However he is open the mouth and said: „ Good, I do not work as leadership, but just that person but leave, if he , our teams does not welcome him. Several other cultivator looked at one mutually, nodded, two shrug, obviously they did not care that the Zhao Hai life, these person of Zhao Hai had not known, the Zhao Hai life they naturally will not care. But Zhao Hai to their words, is hears clear, although his leave, but these people follow behind to fly in him, words that they spoke, how can also conceal the truth has Space Zhao Hai. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }