Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1947

After Zhao Hai hears several people of words, does not have what discontented place, in fact he truly wants to cooperate most from the beginning with several people, but sees that Dryad countenance, he knows that this cooperation is basically impossible. Now meanings in one hear of several other logical expression, Zhao Hai on understand, these person of so-called cooperation, but mutually uses, encounters the danger, they will not care about anything to cooperate, can run fast, cooperates with such person, might as well comes is safer. However Zhao Hai does not dare underestimated Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, his long time surveillance Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, therefore very clear, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, not only fighting strength very formidable, moreover these Monster Beast wisdom do not lose to humanity, copes with these Monster Beast, must select carefully. Now Zhao Hai has used Wood element Divergent Technique, moreover he has not flown in sky, is only careful advancing in forest, this is these Monster Beast is impossible presently he. Now Zhao Hai had more than 2000 li (0.5km) to ShangShan City, Monster Beast in forest were getting more and more, moreover level ten high of these Monster Beast, weakest also has achieved Immortal Stage, now Zhao Hai is understand, why in Soaring Dragon Realm here, Monster Beast was the genuine overlord. although said that True Spirit Realm cultivator has constructed the city in Soaring Dragon Realm here, however the True Spirit Realm person also can only defend these cities, control around city some domains, calculation that the Soaring Dragon Realm majority of domains or Monster Beast said. Zhao Hai careful is going through in forest. although very careful. However his is actually not slow, moreover he presently, to the ShangShan City far place, the Monster Beast density is bigger, Monster Beast also in monster collection army, prepared to attack ShangShan City evidently. About one hour, Zhao Hai had eight thousand li(500 km) to ShangShan City about, when Zhao Hai careful moving forward, his suddenly heard a voice of speech, Zhao Hai cannot help but stares. immediately has been careful, using Wood element Divergent Technique quietly dives toward there. Quick he to speech place getting closer and closer, heard vigorous sound speaking sounds: I said old tiger, this time you said that child can kick ShangShan City? If can attack. We may beam with joy in front of Old Ancestor.” Another low and deep sound conveyed said : not to think old elephant, you think that ShangShan City did exist these many years in Soaring Dragon Realm here is the paper sticks? We also come the Soaring Dragon Realm here smelting trial in any case, child increased the add some fight experience to be good.” Zhao Hai one hear of these two in a moment understand, these two definitely are Monster Cultivator, is they Monster Beast is carrying on ShangShan City in command(er), only then Monster Cultivator can manage Monster Beast to call the child, manages the elder to call Old Ancestor. In Zhao Hai is wanting, when approaches, does suddenly hear that vigorous sound to transmit said : who?” Said that not to Zhao Hai any time of response, that big tree that giant earth yellow palm direct Zhao Hai is at grasps. Zhao Hai looked that this posture knows, in hiding in tree already not any significance. Opposite party very careful, no matter this big tree does have the person, big tree even/including Gen pulling out, therefore his personal appearance in a flash on leave that big tree. However this studies not to calculate that his personal appearance moves, immediately by that two people present, two person's shadows flew from the forest to sky in directly, look at Zhao Hai position that decides. Zhao Hai has not exited in forest now, but Zhao Hai knows, own position. Had been locked by that two people completely, he hides in forest now already not any significance.

Thinks of here, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, appears in the forest sky, has been separated by hundred meters to stand firm the personal appearance with the two. Is taking a look at that two people. Stands very has the characteristics in the Zhao Hai opposite two people, a person figure is extremely tall. Evidently about three meters, his grey skin, very strong, what most important is, his ear is very big, looks like looks like two fans, but his nose is also quite long, has hung from his mouth to his chin there. Another height is also at about two meters, skin of yellow, his head is actually the yellow black interaction, moreover in his top of the head, very clear King [王] word. These two person characteristics of were too obvious, Zhao Hai almost does not need to distinguish to look, one is Tiger clansman, another is Elephant clansman. They are also sizing up Zhao Hai, that Elephant clansman, laughs said : not to think that ran up to by you to we such near place unexpectedly by us presently, it seems like you are Divergent Warlock , HaHaHa, if can kill Divergent Warlock , I think that Old Ancestor there we also well spoke.” Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile said : „to kill my person to be many, but they to the present, have not actually succeeded, is don’t know two whether to succeed.” That Tiger clansman one hear of Zhao Hai said that two eyes cannot help but stares, Zhao Hai felt immediately a pressure heads on, but Zhao Hai has not moved, standing that decides in there. That Tiger clansman looks at Zhao Hai not by own influence, cannot help but nodded said : to is a little this matter, no wonder dares to boast the atmosphere, he he, good, is very good.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not spoken, Qi of these two people solidly locked him in there, so long as he had any change, immediately will welcome thunder-like strike. Zhao Hai although don’t know these two Monster Cultivator level high, but he can affirm that these two Monster Cultivator definitely are not Immortal Stage, but also want the high level compared with Immortal Stage. That two Monster Cultivator although are speaking with Zhao Hai, but they also really felt that being startled, their strengths already crossed Immortal Stage, in their opinion, the Immortal Stage person, in their front, feared that does not dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere, so long as they want, can surrender Immortal Stage cultivator on the pressure directly, but they presently this make a mistake. Zhao Hai although is Immortal Stage, but he compared general Immortal Stage cultivator to be strong too many, that two Qi although have locked him, however Zhao Hai Qi was momentarily is actually changing, this let that two people are wants to lock his also very difficult. Zhao Hai look at complexion is not very good two. Showed a faint smile said : two is also senior. Drafts two to come like the war also to experience, not only a time, below is a young private of explorer, really does not have anything to be worth two senior paying attention, if two can spare and not punish too severely, places the next horse, is deeply grateful below.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that two people stare, when they stare, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, submerged in forest. Then trim forest green light broad and magnificent, the Zhao Hai personal appearance completely vanished.

That two Monster Cultivator see this situation, complexion cannot help but changes, they have not thought that Zhao Hai will play this. This makes their protection not have, they just dumbfounded skill, made Zhao Hai running, they are angry of face, spiritual force search toward following forest. However their actually anything could not feel that they felt these trees in following forest, turned into a whole, probably one layer Energy Shield is the same, that area complete covering, their spiritual force simply could not search. They have roared. The distinction leaves the fist strike to that piece of forest, other Monster Beast also felt own Eldest Child disaffection, slowly attacks to that piece of forest, among in the blink of an eye more than thousand big trees were razed, but still had not actually found the Zhao Hai shadow. Actually Zhao Hai already walked, his capture their dumbfounded that flash, hidden entered in forest, then immediately all has related the surrounding big tree with Wood element Divergent Technique, has formed protective shield, later used this protective shield to block that two Monster Cultivator spiritual force. But he actually escaped into a underground hundred meters place, afterward from underground leave. That two Monster Cultivator just attention centralized in forest, therefore has not noted the underground situation, gives opportunity that Zhao Hai escaped, after waiting for these Monster Beast to level off that piece of forest. Zhao Hai already left them to have the thousand li(500 km) remote. Zhao Hai in underground was not very fast, but he started to gather round ShangShan City to spin. This revolution is unimportant, Zhao Hai also really somewhat surprised, because ShangShan City surrounding Monster Beast was really too many. Place that now Zhao Hai passes through now, but is ShangShan City side, but in such a piece place, Zhao Hai minimum present had completely 1 million Monster Beast, must know that this is Monster Beast, moreover is Immortal Stage Monster Beast, about 1 million Immortal Stage Monster Beast, Zhao Hai thinks to think fearful. Used for more than 20 hours, Zhao Hai to clarify ShangShan City all around situation, these time came attack ShangShan City Monster Beast altogether to have about 3 million, ShangShan City north Monster Beast were most, the strength was also strongest, other three slightly weak a little. Verified these situations, Zhao Hai had not stayed, but was direct returned to ShangShan City, regarding the lives of several other people, that completely not during the consideration of Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai although exits is not short, but Zhang Feng they have actually stood in city wall high grade he, whether Feng Lingyun also wants to have a look at Zhao Hai safe coming back, therefore he does not have leave city wall. On Zhao Hai returned to city wall immediately present they, nearby his arriving Feng Lingyun quickly, holds the fist in the other hand said : Zhao Hai to see senior to Feng Lingyun.” Feng Lingyun is sizing up Zhao Hai, he presently on Zhao Hai does not have the trace that the silk fights boldly, cannot help but slightly frowns said : Zhao Hai, how the outside the city situation, how many military strength does the enemy have? Other people?” Obviously he thinks where Zhao Hai exited later don’t know is hides, simply has not gone to scout. Idea of Zhao Hai naturally also understand Feng Lingyun, but he has not cared, but shortly after deep voice said : exits, the person proposition cooperation of Dryad Race, I agreed that but he must become a leader, my own leave, the situations of other people I and don’t know, surround ShangShan City Monster Beast now, quantity probably about 3 million, is strongest by the north Monster Beast strength, moreover in north here, I also present two strength very formidable Monster Beast, one is Elephant Clan, one is Tiger Race, I by them presently, finally have been used their negligence then to flee.” Feng Lingyun one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion cannot help but concentrates, his deep voice said : said that two Monster Cultivator characteristics carefully.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : that Elephant clansman stature very tall and big, the ash-gray skin, the big ear, the long nose, was right, I presently on his left ear a little small gap, that Tiger clansman to does not have what characteristics, more than 2 meters is high, the skin of yellow, in his top of the heads has King [王] word, except for beside these does not have anything special, but that Tiger clansman has used one type of Secret Technique to me, he stares, I felt that all around the pressure one under has increased, what don’t know is Secret Technique.” Feng Lingyun entirely has believed the Zhao Hai words now, these two Monster Cultivator that because Zhao Hai said that he knew, not only knew that he has also fought with them, Feng Lingyun deep voice said : originally was they two, good, Zhao Hai, your this attractiveness of doing, got down rest well one.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, leading Zhang Feng turn around to walk. The Feng Lingyun look at Zhao Hai back, cannot help but lightly sighed said : looks like this fellow, imagination was stronger, Big Brother Lin these time to have elected a talented person.” Said that Feng Lingyun walks toward the one side, before long arrived at the Luo Xiu'er side, to Luo Xiu'er said : Xiu'er, this time we feared that had troublesome.” Luo Xiu'er one hear, cannot help but said : What happened? did I just see Zhao Hai to come back? What did he eavesdrop on? Other people?” Feng Lingyun shook the head said : other people not to be unimportant, important is information that Zhao Hai brings, these time gathers round ShangShan City Monster Beast to have about 3 million, is by Xiang Que and Tiger King lead the army, has not thought that the monster ancestor sends Soaring Dragon Realm here to come the team them unexpectedly, it seems like monster ancestor in recent time, must provoke the incident.” Luo Xiu'er one hear, cannot help but stares, then knit the brows said : is this hard to deal with fellow? Did Zhao Hai see clearly? You determined that is they?” Feng Lingyun nodded said : determination, I had asked Zhao Hai, he said the characteristics of that two person, absolutely is Xiang Que and Tiger King not wrong, Zhao Hai also has even put in an appearance with these two people, to be honest, I do not think understand, Zhao Hai after these two meet, vicious and merciless how can also coming back of An Ran/safely, these two fellows become famous.” Luo Xiu'er nodded said : „, what if comes is these two fellows, we really must be careful, these two fellows are not good to cope, even if our two to they, feared that has not grasped the win, Lingyun, you said that we do want to ask the person to support?” Luo Xiu'er and also reasonable, Soaring Dragon Realm here is a True Spirit Realm there smelting trial field, the here smelting trial person who not only Zhao Hai their these come from Lower Realm, True Spirit Realm there disciple, will enter here to carry on the smelting trial, Luo Xiu'er and Feng Lingyun were requested to guard for 50 years in Soaring Dragon Realm here, but they are also ShangShan City here strongest cultivator, if they are not Xiang Que and Tiger King match, that ShangShan City real will have some troubles. Feng Lingyun looked at jungle one outside ShangShan City, shook the head said : „the present not to need, defensive system improvement of ShangShan City here, even if led by Xiang Que and Tiger King, so long as we exiting not easily fights a decisive battle with them, ShangShan City will not have any danger.”( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }