Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1948

Zhao Hai and Zhang Feng returned to their dwellings, presently Li Mu they, them looks at Zhao Hai to come back, has encircled hastily, Li Mu look at Zhao Hai said : Army Commander, how many enemies these does time have?” Zhao Hai deep voice said : will not be less than 3 million, is Immortal Stage Monster Beast, naturally is also the strength, this time we are certainly careful, all pressed a minute of squad to fight before, try not to disperse.”. The people nodded, Zhao Hai sat, Zhao Hai has also encircled, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, complexion somewhat dignified said : today I exit, has met two Monster Cultivator, that two Monster Cultivator are these Monster Beast Commander, strength very formidable of that two fellow, even if I, has not grasped in their in hand whole bodies draws back, if you meet, avoids as far as possible, these two fellow one are Elephant Clan, one is Tiger Race, adds carefully.” As soon as the people listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but at heart one cold, their clear very Zhao Hai strength, Zhao Hai said that was representing that two Monster Cultivator strength absolutely compared with them, they met can certainly hide many hide far. Zhao Hai looked at Yuan Ba said : Yuan Ba, yesterday has let thing that you bought, how many have you bought? All gives me, I thought that these Monster Beast will possibly attack a city in the two days, I must make some preparations to be good.” Yuan Ba nodded, puts out Space Bag to give Zhao Hai, was similar, ShangShan City here thing that deep voice said : thing buys, are more than Wulong City there, moreover is very cheap, many of buying.” Zhao Hai nodded. Slightly deep voice said : good. Do not move in this in the room, if some people came, said that I exited, don’t know went to there.” The Zhao Hai personal appearance moved on vanish from sight. Looked at Zhao Hai to vanish, people did not have quite surprisedly what, all people know that Zhao Hai was Space Divergent Warlock , now Zhao Hai vanished, that naturally walked with Space Divergent Technique. On this day nothing lives, but exits scout other nine people with Zhao Hai together, does not have one to come back. Looked at this situation, everyone/Great Clan also knew, that several people feared that was more unfortunate than fortunate. That night Monster Beast has still not attacked, don’t know they in anything. However they did not have the attack to be just right, have given the Zhao Hai time, Zhao Hai in Space, has manufactured directly in one to each of them armor. Next morning, Zhao Hai on appears in his dwelling, Zhang Feng they looked at Zhao Hai to come out, immediately has encircled, Zhao Hai put out Space Bag to lose to Yuan Ba, deep voice said : here was in armor, person. A bit faster gets down, I have the one type of not good feeling, these Monster Beast feared that was it will not take long must attack.” Zhao Hai this is actually not the feeling, but is he in Space saw that these Monster Beast must attack, therefore he comes out from Space. The people to Zhao Hai belief, one hear of Zhao Hai said now, anxious.

In armor has gotten quickly down, the people just put on to bring in armor, heard in ShangShan City to hear an intermittent grating alarm sound, Zhao Hai they knows. Monster Beast army must attack, people flew from their dwellings hastily, fell on city wall. One on Zhao Hai to city wall can feel, on city wall has transmitted the intermittent formidable strength, these strengths come out from city wall. Very obviously in city wall join defensive formation, but now defensive formation opened completely. Zhao Hai looked at one toward outside the city. Really, presently in forest flies many flight Monster Beast, rocking that simultaneously the tree in forest also keeping, clearly has large quantities of Monster Beast to come out very much. Soaring Dragon Realm here is similar to Cultivation World, what terrain has, but the place that ShangShan City is, went out of town is not the forest, must say what the here natural environment maintains is very good. However outside ShangShan City within 10 Li(5km) does not have a tree to exist, even if had the tree also already in cultivator by ShangShan City reducing, has left behind a Space area, was feared that Monster Beast will use these trees to make the shield to carry on sneak attack to ShangShan City. Quick large quantities of Monster Beast ran from forest, to ShangShan City outside, but outside ShangShan City in five li (0.5km) range, does not have Monster Beast to exist, these Monster Beast stop the place five li (0.5km) away in ShangShan City. This is not these Monster Beast is polite, does not want to attack ShangShan City, in fact is because outside ShangShan City the place within five li (0.5km), has covered entirely all kinds of Spell traps, if these Monster Beast enter to that piece of region, undead also the delamination skin, very much obviously these Monster Beast very intelligent, they also know ShangShan City the characteristics, therefore they stopped in ShangShan City beyond five li (0.5km). Zhao Hai sees this situation, and sinks at heart, from the responses of these Monster Beast, they were not first time has attacked a city obviously, can say that was the veterans, such Monster Beast was more difficult to deal with. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai turns the head to Zhang Feng said : First Senior Brother, told everyone/Great Clan to be careful, outside the city these Monster Beast were not first time has attacked a city, was the expert, making everyone/Great Clan add carefully.” Zhang Feng has complied with one, words passing around, simultaneously the people collects toward the Zhao Hai side, in ShangShan City here, they only believes Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai now is actually somewhat worried, in his Space although has plenty Undead Creature, many Magic Beast, but achieves Immortal Stage are not many, but in Soaring Dragon Realm here, does not arrive at Immortal Stage Undead Creature and Magic Beast cannot put, simply does not have the means to help him fight, this made his fighting strength drop. Monster Beast army outside the city stopped for about one hour, in sky of distant place flew two dot, that two dot stopped a outside the city five li (0.5km) place quickly, Zhao Hai looked at these two, Xiang Que and Tiger King that yesterday he met.

Xiang Que and Tiger King to a outside the city five li (0.5km) place, stopped, Tiger King deep voice said : in ShangShan City the person of chancellor comes out to speak.” At this time Feng Lingyun Luo Xiu'er also flew, but their ShangShan City, Feng Lingyun has not held the fist in the other hand to Tiger King said : originally is Tiger King mister, Feng Lingyun was courteous.” Tiger King sees Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, cannot help but laughs said : whom I to consider at the commanding officer ShangShan City matter, originally while Feng Lingyun Feng Lingyun, the sword embroiders the hundred flowers Luo Xiu'er, your under the hand/subordinate defeated general is defending ShangShan City unexpectedly, good, fantastic, it seems like that this ShangShan City, I certainly can attack.” impolite that such Feng Lingyun one hear of Tiger King said that he will be naturally impolite with Tiger King, his coldly snorted said : big word is not remnant, Tiger King, you are still that extremely arrogant, has the skill you to capture ShangShan City to come to speak with me.” Said that in managing Tiger King, fell on ShangShan City city wall with Luo Xiu'er, clarifying does not think that was speaking with Tiger King. Tiger King looked at a Feng Lingyun appearance, cannot help but coldly snorted, has met to focus clearly sweeps on city wall, vision suddenly stared in a place, two eyes was ominous. Xiang Que looked that the Tiger King appearance stares, he also the place looks toward Tiger King is staring, this looked that his complexion is not quite attractive, in the eye has also taken killing aura. By they are staring at person Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai look at them to stare at itself, he has not cared, but shows a faint smile, has arched cuping one hand in the other across the chest to them, had greeted, has not actually thought that this movement made them be angry, Tiger King called out said : petty people, suffered to death!” Said that a Tiger King fist strike leaves, giant fist Qi Strength, bringing such as fierce tiger to descend the mountain general imposing manner, direct Zhao Hai clashes, but fist force the place, all formation traps were all ruined. Zhao Hai look at this ominous such as a fist of fierce tiger, complexion is actually a quietness, his hand turns, long blade appears in in his hand, then Zhao Hai proceeds steps, a blade chops, huge Blade Qi toward rushing to fist force. Boom! a loud sound, Blade Qi and fist force have hit together, counter-balances disappears, sees this situation, Tiger King cannot help but stares, then Tiger King has a good laugh said : good youngster, has real skill, if you, only then this few tricks, you today die.” Joke, Tiger King, you, when my ShangShan City protective shield is the paper sticks? You, when my Feng Lingyun feared that you are inadequate?” Said that Feng Lingyun sound, Sword Qi cuts together toward Tiger King. Xiang Que that at this time had not started talking, actually had a good laugh said : to depend on your Feng Lingyun, has not matched to speak such words.” Said that Xiang Que is also a fist strike leaves, welcomed Feng Lingyun Sword Qi.

Also is a loud sound, Sword Qi and fist force also vanish from sight, Luo Xiu'er actually open the mouth and said: Tiger King, Xiang Que, you did not need to plow the air, wanted to capture ShangShan City? Is unqualified depending on you, come, paternal aunt Grandma is waiting for you on in the city.” Several people these fight, but in quick attack, other cultivator has not responded that both sides have fought twice, but these, most astonishing was Zhao Hai. These cultivator although not have fought with Tiger King and Xiang Que, but their this twice make a move imposing manner, they looked, that absolutely was not Immortal Stage cultivator, but on such two characters, actually took Zhao Hai not to have the means that they did not know Zhao Hai evidently probably, probably also had a grudge to be the same with Zhao Hai, this was makes people very difficult really to understand. Zhao Hai has not actually managed them to think anything now, look at Tiger King that his entire gods alert, just his blade although looked like optional , was actually left fully, just that blade he fused seven to kill the blade of blade to intend to inside, a blade that seven blades united, that blade has almost found time his within the body all Spiritual Qi, even if were Spiritual Qi of his within the body is with outside Spiritual Qi exchange, in a short time also without enough time supplemented, if at that time Tiger King in giving his fist, Zhao Hai could not block absolutely. Good that time Feng Lingyun make a move, otherwise Zhao Hai really has played, now Zhao Hai Spiritual Qi restored quickly, but he really had also understood the Tiger King fearful place, a Tiger King conveniently fist, really will have such power and influence, if he with Tiger King to, Zhao Hai can affirm, oneself only then enter Space is hiding the share, absolutely does not have any hitting back strength. Spiritual Qi of although consumption has supplemented in several breath, but Zhao Hai is actually very clear, if he trains with Tiger King really one-on-one, Tiger King several time of breath will not make him restore Spiritual Qi to him, except for hiding in Space, he will use opportunity that Divergent Technique will escape not to have. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }