Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1949

What mood Tiger King and Xiang Que have not actually managed now Zhao Hai are, Tiger King attacks Zhao Hai most from the beginning, but to enrage Feng Lingyun, he is wish makes Feng Lingyun get angry, so long as Feng Lingyun dares to go out of town with him fights, he has confidence to defeat Feng Lingyun, at that time person certain morale in ShangShan City was low, he captured ShangShan City is not impossible. Tiger King had not planned that fist can injure Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai stands on ShangShan City city wall now, his fist are most is hits on ShangShan City protective shield, he wants to frighten Zhao Hai, thinks that was trying ShangShan City Defense Protective Shield to open any degree today. However Tiger King has not thought that Zhao Hai left the blade to block his fist unexpectedly, this stems from his unexpected, afterward Feng Lingyun make a move also in his expected. Tiger King very clear, ShangShan City here sends the scout person, does not send casually, each time this most dangerous duty, is leaves that this to be completed by Great Sect observation cultivator likely generally, this is to a that cultivator best smelting trial, so long as that cultivator can live is returning to ShangShan City, he has 80% opportunity join Super large sect. Also because of this, therefore Tiger King, when Zhao Hai escapes that annoyed, person who because of his very clear, by these Super large sect staring, top is a talented person, now gave to butcher him, later in Super large sect was short of the character who has let their headache, what what a pity was, finally he cannot Zhao Hai butchering. Those who most let the Tiger King vitality is. Feng Lingyun has not come out from ShangShan City. Moreover listens to the meaning in Luo Xiu'er words, very obvious, they must plan to cling to tenaciously, this is the Tiger King most headache place. Tiger King is not first time attacks ShangShan City, previous time attacks ShangShan City is 20 years ago, at that time defended a city was not Feng Lingyun, at that time he was self-confident, but actually still lost finally, he had also understood the defense of ShangShan City was formidable how. Because knows, therefore he wants directing to massacre Feng Lingyun. Tiger King regarding Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er relationship very clear. He knows, if Feng Lingyun had any accident, that Luo Xiu'er will certainly flush to go all out with him from ShangShan City, that is the result that he most wants, what a pity actually has not succeeded. Tiger King knows the Soaring Dragon Realm here situation. Soaring Dragon Realm here is various Great Sect younger brother and a monster ancestor gate younger brother's smelting trial field, both sides in here thorough having no consideration for face, will not be because of this, therefore he, if butchered Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er in here will not have the matter, if will return to True Spirit Realm there, feared that did not have this opportunity. Xiang Que although person long very big, but is actually not one silly big, the plan of his very clear Tiger King, Feng Lingyun is not willing to be swindled now, does not leave ShangShan City. Some Xiang Que cannot help but headaches, in a low voice to Tiger King said : old tiger, what to do? That fellow is not willing to be swindled.” Tiger King deep voice said : what to do can also, only be able strong attack, they not to be willing to be swindled, but similarly, they cannot make a move, our two unable make a move, making under the hand/subordinate these child cultivate them to play.”

In fact like attacking a city, is True Spirit Realm there specially arranges. In order to exercise the new people of both sides, therefore this ShangShan City Defense Protective Shield very interesting, Immortal Stage, with Immortal Stage following attack, protective shield will not block. But Immortal Stage and Immortal Stage above attack, protective shield worry blocks. So long as has not matched to bring Identity Card, Immortal Stage above Expert, is impossible to enter in ShangShan City, only if were Monster Beast has captured in ShangShan City, destroyed in the city defensive formation, otherwise Tiger King and Xiang Que were impossible to enter ShangShan City. Can the ShangShan City offensive and defensive operations, be part of new person smelting trial, not only in smelting trial these cultivator, similarly also in smelting trial these Monster Beast. The matter has decided that Tiger King does not have to think other, his hand proceeded to wield, Monster Beast army calls out was overrunning toward ShangShan City, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er organization everyone/Great Clan prepares to defend hastily. Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er also know that what's the matter, these attack ShangShan City Monster Beast, certainly will attack city wall to come, but they actually cannot make a move, this is both sides part of answering to become Xieyi. However before these Monster Beast attack city wall, cultivator on city wall can actually counter-attack, Feng Lingyun naturally does not hope that these Monster Beast will attack city wall, therefore his command(er) these cultivator, are launching attack to Monster Beast. These cultivator although not understand what's the matter, but attack Monster Beast they can, reveal their Magical Artifact respectively, toward these Monster Beast attack, at once Sword Qi all over the sky, Qi Strength Fei Yang/flying upwards. Zhao Hai observed Monster Beast to attack a city is not once or twice, his very clear, these Monster Beast can crawling city wall easily come up, ShangShan City the use of protective shield to many Monster Beast not points, because knew these, therefore Zhao Hai made his all people centralized ties to oppose the enemy in his side. Zhao Hai when these Monster Beast attack, start makes Cultivation World these cultivator carry on attack to these Monster Beast, but he has not been idling, Blade Qi fly outward. Actually other Zhao Hai also has plenty attack method, but he has not used, but opposes the enemy with the blade, because of his very clear, some people was observing him now, if he is too conspicuous, not necessarily is the good matter. Zhao Hai guesses does not have the mistake, now Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er paid attention to him, Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er very clear Tiger King strength, Tiger King strength far ultra Immortal Stage, can be his optional strikes, is not Immortal Stage Expert can receive, is that Immortal Stage Expert exempts strongly received, finally will also end up to turn out an injured fate, did not do well to be killed by shock.

However Zhao Hai not only received, but also a wound, had not gotten up still bursting with energy, this can not the unclear Zhao Hai strength, such talented person, they think that does not pay attention difficultly. Now Feng Lingyun also really somewhat regretted complied with the Lin Ling words, if he did not comply with Lin Ling, he can Zhao Hai introducing Zhendao Sect, that was a big merit, what a pity made Lin Ling forestalling one step. The fight is still continuing, but long-distance attack basically already ending time, near body war, many Monster Beast flushed under the ShangShan City city, ShangShan City city wall although is very high, feared that has about hundred meters, however such altitude, regarding strength formidable Monster Beast came, to follow not to exist unable to miss many, so long as these Monster Beast the personal appearance moved can rush to city wall. The brutal near body fought came finally, moreover this time near body fought is a little special, Monster Beast that not only these ground ran will rush to city wall, that this flying in the sky Monster Beast also started to carry on attack to city wall. As the matter stands on ShangShan City city wall somewhat became serious, often had cultivator appears the casualties, but Zhao Hai actually get together opposed the enemy, did not have the appears anything casualties. Zhao Hai opposes the enemy while is observing all around, before he observed Monster Beast to attack a city in Space has not felt anything, now he carefully observes Monster Beast attack, was Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er did not have make a move, they one fought besides occasionally command(er), probably all energy used in the confrontation of that two Monster Cultivator above. However Zhao Hai actually felt that some are not right, that two Monster Cultivator had not attacked, both sides are confronting mutually, no one has begun. This cannot help but made Zhao Hai have a suspicion, but he also knows that what was he guesses was real, he did not have the means to change this aspect, after all the Soaring Dragon Realm here custom was True Spirit Realm decides, he did not have the qualifications of change. The piece of city wall that at this time Zhao Hai was, also started to have Monster Beast to attack, these Monster Beast strengths were not weak, Zhao Hai did not have the mood went to the tube other, full command(er) the Cultivation World person was opposing the enemy. Cultivation World these cultivator regarding Zhao Hai command(er) ability that did not suspect that the Zhao Hai command(er) ability was too famous in Cultivation World there, is more famous than this body strength, therefore these people regarding Zhao Hai command(er) point dislike, although have not undergone the training, but they were also the veterans of having fought many battles, made the Zhao Hai instruction not to have what issue.

Zhao Hai has not disappointed them, the present is in the siege warfare the most brutal near body war, but now, their Cultivation World person did not have one dead in battle, only then received not too heavy wound, such success believes that will make many people be jealous. Naturally such result, has brought to the attention of these Monster Beast, their attack to the Zhao Hai here was fiercer. However was a pity Zhao Hai their Battle Formation utilization was too skillful, simply has not given them opportunity, these Monster Beast wanted they to give to extinguish Zhao Hai, that was almost impossible. But Zhao Hai their here tactical situation, has caused the attention of Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, naturally also same has caused the attention of Tiger King and Xiang Que, they somewhat surprised Zhao Hai there. No matter Feng Lingyun or Tiger King, their very clear, Lower Realm enters Soaring Dragon Realm cultivator, little has command(er) ability strong existence, because Lower Realm stressed very individual cultivator, regarding the command(er) ability, they are not. But the significance that Soaring Dragon Realm here has, besides to exercise Lower Realm enters Soaring Dragon Realm there cultivator fighting strength, important doing uses, that trains the True Spirit Realm these Great Sect younger brothers' command(er) abilities, like the siege warfare, although Feng Lingyun they cannot personally make a move, but they can actually other command(er) people begin, this is to train their command(er) abilities, but all was sent Soaring Dragon Realm here various Sect younger brothers, after returning to True Spirit Realm, will entrust with heavy responsibility. The True Spirit Realm there situation is different from Cultivation World there, between Cultivation World there two Sect the conflict of large-scale is not the extremely numerous person, therefore regarding the command(er) ability is not very heavy. But True Spirit Realm there actually has plenty large-scale makes opportunity that fights, therefore regarding command(er) ability also. Feng Lingyun they have not thought that on a body of Lower Realm cultivator, so the formidable command(er) ability on site, this really lets their greatly surprised unexpectedly. Feng Lingyun in the Zhao Hai look, the sentiment of regret was thicker, he regretted gave Lin Ling really Zhao Hai. But in the Tiger King Zhao Hai look, killing intent was actually more abundant, he was firmer, must Zhao Hai tidying up idea.