Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1950

The fight is still continuing, the casualties of both sides are increasing, from fights most from the beginning now, the past four hours, more than 3 million Monster Beast army, lost crosses hundred thousand, but a side that defends a city, its loss also crossed ten fifty thousand people, can say that the casualties of both sides are not small. But this these, most remarkable is Zhao Hai their this group, from start to the casualties of present Zhao Hai their this gang absolutely is about ten, this makes them the entire battlefield focal point. Must know there that Zhao Hai they are, but these Monster Beast attack one of the most violent places, under Monster Beast so violent attack, Zhao Hai they actually can also by so few casualties, defend such long time, this simply is miracle. Around them some places in Zhao Hai, could not see the cultivator shadow now, attack Zhao Hai that because most from the beginning in there cultivator by these Monster Beast killing off, afterward these cultivator presently these Monster Beast has gone all out they, naturally also nobody approached them, this made Zhao Hai they most important of person that piece of area Monster Beast attack, what what a pity is these Monster Beast to the present cannot there attacking. Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er also noted this point, he organization good several times reinforcement, to have prepared they to relate with Zhao Hai on, together coped with Monster Beast, but finally actually all by Monster Beast returning. Zhao Hai also noted this situation, he already present, reason that these Monster Beast fiercely attacked them, not because of instinct, but was Tiger King and Xiang Que command(er), attack Zhao Hai there that these two command(er) these Monster Beast were going all out, prepared to give to destroy completely them. Also because present this point. Therefore does not have release these Undead Creature to help him make the war Zhao Hai to the present, he must keep a subsequent party, to final time uses. The attacks of these Monster Beast are simply don’t know are probably exhausted, attack of their frantic. Not only to Zhao Hai they, has created the very enormous pressure to entire ShangShan City. Feng Lingyun is not a fool, he also saw Tiger King and Xiang Que procedure, his bright White Tiger king must send Zhao Hai in the deathtrap, but this made Feng Lingyun have to guarantee the Zhao Hai thoughts. although he complies with Lin Ling to make Zhao Hai join arrive at Tyrant Blade Sect, Zhao Hai now equal to was Tyrant Blade Sect disciple, even if died did not have no relationship with their Zhendao Sect, but by Lin Ling and his relationship. He cannot make Zhao Hai have the matter, in adding on Tyrant Blade Sect and Zhendao Sect originally is on good terms, if Tyrant Blade Sect can under his help, increase talent disciple. To him, has the advantage to Zhendao Sect, therefore cannot make Zhao Hai have the matter in any event. Thinks of here, Feng Lingyun immediately puts out communication device, has adjusted inside formation disk. This communication device looks like with mobile phone is similar, can have the contact with many people, but they do not come the digit dialing with the quantity, but with opposite party communication device carries on the relation to be good through on formation disk. Be much more complex than the digit dialing. Luo Xiu'er looks at the Feng Lingyun appearance, puzzled said : whom do you give to send the letter?” communication device that Feng Lingyun look at has not put through. deep voice said : gives Big Brother Lin, now Zhao Hai had the danger. We cannot make a move, so long as called Big Brother Lin, our three people can go out of town with Xiang Que and a Tiger King war, they will retreat when the time comes, Zhao Hai was also safe.” Luo Xiu'er one hear, nodded, in saying what, at this time communication device has put through, Lin Ling appears in communication device, his puzzled look at Feng Lingyun said : Lingyun, what matter? At this time how to look for me? Your did there also finish?”

Feng Lingyun one hear of Lin Ling said that immediately/on horseback shook the head said : not to have, Big Brother Lin, if there are if possible, you have the person to support our here one, now our here situation is not quite good, is Tiger King and Xiang Que that two fellows has the person to attack our here, before I sent Zhao Hai exited scout the time, Zhao Hai also offended them probably, these two fellows probably were to recognize accurate Zhao Hai now, must send Zhao Hai in the deathtrap, full attack Zhao Hai, I was fearing that he could not withstand.” Lin Ling one hear, cannot help but complexion changes, then team immediately/on horseback nodded said : well, our here had finished, my immediately had the person of past, before that cannot certainly make Zhao Hai have the matter, that feared that was your make a move is good, if had an accident, I was going against.” Said that has closed communication device. Feng Lingyun is actually some look at communication device, some little time turns the head to Luo Xiu'er said : Xiu'er, what did you have to hear Lin Daling to say? Did he say me to be able when necessary make a move? Was this must die to guarantee Zhao Hai?” Luo Xiu'er nodded said : evidently is, but Zhao Hai a short time will not have the matter, we do not want make a move to be good, otherwise, Sect there not good explain/transfer, I to think that Big Brother Lin will come quickly.” Feng Lingyun nodded said : well, you pay attention to there, I am making these fellows try harder, is really, how these fellows now become weaker and weaker, pressing were hitting such long time by these Monster Beast, didn't they think disgraced?” Said that Feng Lingyun went to other command(er) cultivator to cope with these Monster Beast, but Luo Xiu'er has actually depended toward Zhao Hai there, although did not have make a move, but meaning already very obvious. Sees this situation, a complexion paleness of Tiger King, Xiang Que complexion is not quite cannot help but attractive, his deep voice did said : look like they are the preparation dies to guarantee Zhao Hai? You said that if Zhao Hai has the danger, they can make a move?” Before Tiger King deep voice said : is, now has not met, command(er) ability that this Zhao Hai shows, the strength was too formidable, I will also violate regulations to give to guarantee him, moreover hadn't you just seen? Feng Lingyun has had contact with who probably, I think that he called certainly the support, it seems like that this time we did not have the means with them.” Xiang Que scolded one wickedly, but means do not have, because he does not have the means to enter to ShangShan City, even if he now to Zhao Hai make a move, cannot break ShangShan City protective shield, make a move with not having make a move does not have what difference. Tiger King is actually look at Zhao Hai their strict defense lineups, frowning gently. He is thinking what means must with cope with Zhao Hai. Recalled before , his make a move attack Zhao Hai, by Zhao Hai with Blade Qi keeping off that Tiger King two eyes cannot help but one brightly, his suddenly has thought one type of copes with the Zhao Hai way. However this method can only use one time, if this time is not successful, he was not having unable with this method to cope with Zhao Hai. Tiger King waves to call Monster Beast, this Monster Beast long very strange, he looks like looks like a four corner/horn snake, however his head is actually growing row of bone spike, tail is thin and long, two eye cyclics. Motion probably is not very quick appearance. Tiger King called the side that only Monster Beast, told several, then beckoned with the hand, but these Monster Beast also nodded. Drawing back slowly into forest, before long on vanish from sight.

Xiang Que also stands in the one side, heard the instruction of Tiger King, he somewhat puzzled look at Tiger King, but has not said anything. The time that they know is not short, his very clear Tiger King ability, Tiger King that told that certainly has his consideration. Time past bit by bit. The observation of Tiger King attention the Zhao Hai there situation, 20 minutes like this has been passing. At this time, Tiger King suddenly called out said : shameless youngster. Suffers to death!” Said that a fist strikes toward Zhao Hai there. This fist he left fully, huge golden fierce tiger appearance fist force, roared to throw toward city wall there that Zhao Hai was, fist force that this Tiger King release came, not only but had fierce tiger same imposing manner, had the fierce tiger same semblance, even before this only fierce tiger, threw, but also follows the shocking roaring sound, very scary. However Luo Xiu'er has not actually cared, smiling face that her mouth solution is also even having disdaining, because of Luo Xiu'er very clear, even if a Tiger King this full fist, is impossible to project on Zhao Hai, ShangShan City protective shield is not the ornaments, do not say Tiger King attack, even if compared with the Tiger King formidable person, is impossible to defeat ShangShan City Defense Protective Shield, her simply does not need for the Zhao Hai worry. However quick Luo Xiu'er complexion changed, because of her presently Zhao Hai their there solid very defense lineup, suddenly appears a flurry, these cultivator, actually all welcomed toward fist force that Tiger King release came, their attention all centralized to that fist of Tiger King on, but these Monster Beast actually seize the opportunity started to attack, one flushed chaotically their Great Formation. Luo Xiu'er suddenly understand Tiger King has ejected the meaning of this fist, Tiger King strikes this fist, to not defeat the defense of ShangShan City, this fist to attract these cultivator attention, then lets these Monster Beast to randomly their lineup, so long as made these Monster Beast clash chaotically Zhao Hai their lineup, Zhao Hai they were dangerous. When Luo Xiu'er cannot help make a move rescuing Zhao Hai, suddenly sees the Zhao Hai personal appearance to move, has probably evaded anything, then a blade wields toward him left side, with this blade, together not far away of blood light appears left side of his body, then Monster Beast slowly has appeared the personal appearance, painful is whooshing. Sees this only Monster Beast, Luo Xiu'er complexion changes, he thought finally, this only Monster Beast just Tiger King called him of side, originally this Monster Beast met the stealth, Tiger King knocks out the fist to absorb these cultivator attention, making these Monster Beast attack Zhao Hai their Great Defense Formation, these were the camouflage, his true killing strike this only Monster Beast, he wants to enable this only stealth Monster Beast to dive Zhao Hai around their Great Formation, was calling Zhao Hai their attention and other attacked Great Formation Monster Beast by his fist force, gave the attraction past time, suddenly surprise attack, at one fell swoop exterminate Zhao Hai. However very obviously Tiger King this plan is not very successful, although Zhao Hai their defense lineups were somewhat chaotic, but that Monster Beast sneak attack actually has not only succeeded, by Zhao Hai present, and a blade has hewn the severe wound. However Zhao Hai their crises have not relieved, their strict defense lineups, already by these Monster Beast, not only now Zhao Hai had the danger, in Cultivation World all people had the danger. Zhao Hai looked also is almost time, his hand wielded, about thousand Immortal Stage Undead Creature suddenly appears in his all around, have launched attack to these Monster Beast. This suddenly appears reinforcement, one these Monster Beast being perplexed, these Monster Beast had been hit directly, Cultivation World lineup again has stabilized, but just such a small little while, Zhao Hai they lost about 20 people. But at this time the Cultivation World person presently Tiger King fist force cannot enter ShangShan City to come, they were deceived, this presently, is adding on the loss of staff, making Cultivation World these people be burning with anger, a person goes all out has dispersed the attack to these Monster Beast, gathered round Zhao Hai their Monster Beast appears at once the massive casualties, they had overcome city wall by Zhao Hai unexpectedly directly. Such change is all people are unexpected, was preparing make a move Luo Xiu'er one in there, Tiger King and Xiang Que also in there, Monster Beast and these cultivator that battled also in there, all person dull look at Zhao Hai they, these followed in Zhao Hai Undead Creature.

In this time, in ShangShan City flash of white light, formidable imposing manner, is then shooting up to the sky from ShangShan City, this imposing manner overbearing is incomparable, this imposing manner, Heaven and Earth must change color probably, all people feel the body single layer, they felt probably own head appears a blade, Great Blade that one momentarily will divide. Tiger King and Xiang Que also felt that this imposing manner, felt this imposing manner, Tiger King complexion cannot help but changes, his deep voice said : unexpectedly is the Tyrant Blade Sect person, Lin Ling also in Soaring Dragon Realm here? That trouble, old elephant, we remove, in may unable to get away.” Xiang Que also felt that imposing manner, he nodded said : well, if fights tooth and nail really Ghost Blade Lin Ling, we quickly walk to well, my goodness is very hard to deal with, is adding on Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, if we, feared that was really cannot get away.” Tiger King nodded, then his hand turned, has put out a bugle, this bugle was ox horn makes probably, was not very long, dark, Tiger King put the mouth the bugle all over the body, effort blew. ! Low and deep bugle horn sound has spread over each corner of battlefield, these Monster Beast heard bugle horn sound, hears this bugle horn sound, these Monster Beast immediately gave up the fight, turn around walked, has not stayed, but Tiger King and Xiang Que also flashes body vanish from sight, but they before leaving, actually all the deep gaze Zhao Hai, they wanted appearance bearing in mind of Zhao Hai firmly. Monster Beast retreats, in ShangShan City has cannot help but heard the intermittent cheers, these cultivator in order to repel the attack of Monster Beast very much obviously, but happy. But at this time, Lin Ling also had found Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, Lin Ling has not gone to look at Zhao Hai, because he presently Zhao Hai is just safe, therefore he has not gone to see Zhao Hai, but arrived at Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er side, to their fist said : Lingyun, Xiu'er, was laborious you, your this sentiments, Elder Brother I took down.” Feng Lingyun has actually smiled bitterly next step: Has resulted in Big Brother Lin, you hit my face, this time I have not added on any busy, Zhao Hai do not have the matter now, is his strength formidable, does not have no relationship with us.” { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }