Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1951

Lin Ling one hear, cannot help but stares, then did he turn the head to look at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : what's the matter? Told carefully me.” Feng Lingyun looked at all around said : a while saying that first handled the matter of damage control.” Lin Ling nodded, these people who command(er) he is bringing, are helping the ShangShan City here person battlefield cleanup. But at this time Zhao Hai received his these Undead Creature, but Zhang Feng their complexion are not quite attractive, just that only met the stealth Monster Beast make a move time, Zhang Feng they knew plan of Tiger King, but they actually such were swindled, but also lets Zhao Hai almost by sneak attack, this makes them feel that in the surface does not have up. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, left is so serious, does not have anything at the worst, you were also good for me, later everyone/Great Clan was more careful he, Yuan Ba, received dying in battle the corpses of these people, after the cremation, returned to their Sect to go.” Yuan Ba has complied with one, reorganizes the corpses of these dying in battle. But Zhao Hai actually seize the opportunity received in outside the city dying some corpses of Monster Beast Space, he has not received too many, 100,000 Monster Beast corpses, he only received about 5000, moreover in some common corners, believed cannot by the person present. Are many in ShangShan City here cultivator, several million people have, is adding on their strength very formidable, cleans the battlefield, very fast, the not long after battlefield cleaned, Zhao Hai their returned to the ShangShan City here dwelling, they must also live in several days in ShangShan City here, after all was unable to determine that this time beast tide finished. Lin Ling they after cleaning battlefield, arrived in ShangShan City Zhendao Sect branch Hall there, after several people arrived at Zhendao Sect branch Hall to sit down. Lin Ling look at Feng Lingyun said : what's the matter? Didn't you say Zhao Hai very dangerous before? How I arrive at time resembles Zhao Hai not to have what matter?” Feng Lingyun has smiled bitterly next step: We have underestimated Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai strength not like us superficially.” Said, Feng Lingyun fought one time former Tiger King and Zhao Hai, then Tiger King planned Zhao Hai, finally Zhao Hai release Undead Creature at one fell swoop overcoming the city wall matter said to Lin Ling Monster Beast. After Lin Ling has listened, look at Feng Lingyun said : that also some cannot believe Lingyun. What you said is real? Is the Zhao Hai strength so really strong?” Luo Xiu'er connection said : Lingyun has not spoken incorrectly, now Zhao Hai possibly is also not our matches, is not the Tiger King match, but he in Immortal Stage Expert, is absolutely invincible. Has not thought really that he is also hiding a such big card in a hand, finally illuminates, this youngster also really can calm down.” Lin Ling let out a long breath, then laughs said : well, good youngster, not to have thought. This youngster so will be unexpectedly strong, I also really underestimated him before.”

The Feng Lingyun look at Lin Ling appearance, envy said : Big Brother Lin, do not smile good, you regret now. Why I do not have presently a Zhao Hai such talent on the morning, made you stare unexpectedly first, oh.” The Lin Ling look at Feng Lingyun appearance, laughs said : that not to have the means that Elder Brother I starts early, walks. Other day Elder Brother I want to ask you to drink, these time happen to made up, we went to drinking well one cup.” Feng Lingyun one hear of Lin Ling said. Also nodded said : well, walks, you should ask me to drink one cup well, places my side a Zhao Hai such talent, I actually can only eager look at, this be possible have hurt my heart. I must drink several cups today, drinks poorly you.” Lin Ling actually does not care. Laughing Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er then walk outward, Luo Xiu'er look at Lin Ling appearance, shows a faint smile, to be honest, her present mood is similar to Feng Lingyun, knows that a Zhao Hai such talent, in own in the city, actually can only look at, that taste not feel better. Zhao Hai actually don’t know these, he they are sitting with Zhang Feng in his in the room now, was discussing today's matter, Zhang Feng looked at people one eyes, before sighing said : „, I think this beast tide was these Monster Beast from, now looks like, this beast tide some people of command(er), did not do well this beast tide unexpectedly is also part of smelting trial, it seems like before Little Hai, said was really right, in a little that quite in this beast tide displayed, certain will settle on by these Great Sect.” Several other people also nodded, very approves of the viewpoint of Lin Ling. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, cannot help but forced smile said : this matter has the advantage also to have the fault, don't you have today presently? That two Monster Cultivator moved killing intent to me, I think for some time, I must be careful, if made them find opportunity, certainly will not let off my.” Zhang Feng they, as soon as listened to Zhao Hai saying that cannot help but gawked, then their complexion changed, because they presently Zhao Hai say was very likely, Tiger King and Xiang Que just before leaving looked in the Zhao Hai look, has filled killing intent, if gave them opportunity, they will certainly begin to Zhao Hai. Li Mu anxious said : that what to do? Army Commander, or you kept in ShangShan City do not exit, by these Monster Beast caring, absolutely was not the good matter.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be impossible, if I have hidden in ShangShan City do not exit, I feared that was forever impossible to enter to True Spirit Realm, our these cultivator, if came across any matter on the fear the tail, that also had any show.” Zhang Feng frowns said : „, but this was also too dangerous, that two Monster Cultivator strength you also saw, their strengths on were too more than us, if too outside the city runs into them, feared that is opportunity that you escape does not have.”

Several other people also nodded, although they know that Zhao Hai is Space Divergent Warlock , however the Tiger King strength they also experienced, to be honest, such strength truly is not present they can contend, in their opinion, Zhao Hai feared that was gearing Space Divergent Technique opportunity does not have. Zhao Hai deep voice said : I also know the danger, but I actually cannot hide in the city, such, not only will be looked down upon by the True Spirit Realm person, I will also lose the spirit, affects even bigger to my cultivation level.” Zhang Feng they have not been making noise, they also know right that Zhao Hai said that if Zhao Hai lost the spirit, his cultivator will certainly be greatly affected, however speaks the truth, they do not agree with Zhao Hai to exit, because was too dangerous. If Zhao Hai now the accident sentiment, relationship arrives may, not only he or Black Tiger Group, but is entire Cultivation World, these many years, Zhao Hai is in Cultivation World first is looked to glance by level Great Sect, if his real join to level Great Sect, is favorable for entire Cultivation World, therefore Zhao Hai absolutely cannot have the matter now. But if makes Zhao Hai such hide in ShangShan City, like such that Zhao Hai said that feared that was this whole life impossible join to True Spirit Realm, like this they fell into the one type of contradiction. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, showed a faint smile said : to be good, do not think that many, we on in the city dull several days, then have completed first that duty that former Yuan Ba said that was thinking other matter.” Zhang Feng they nodded, now also can only such manage, they do not have other good means. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : had waited for two days of all clear, we first delivered returned to Cultivation World the bone ashes of these people.” The people nodded, somewhat is at heart heavy, this fight, Cultivation World altogether about 40 people died in battle, although this digit is not big, but regarding Cultivation World, cannot be a small digit, must know these people who died in battle, may be Immortal Stage Expert. This fight, lets Zhang Feng their understand Cultivation World and True Spirit Realm biggest difference, in Cultivation World there, Immortal Stage Expert, even if has gone against the day existed, in this must lower in level Soaring Dragon Realm compared with True Spirit Realm, Immortal Stage Expert deceives is, they can be said as lowest level cultivator, that do not say True Spirit Realm there. Moreover today sees Tiger King make a move, Zhang Feng their also understand, in this world really had compared with Immortal Stage also wants high level to exist, they can affirm that the person like Tiger King and Feng Lingyun, absolutely is not True Spirit Realm there top Expert, but is such person, they are not the matches, do not say the road that True Spirit Realm there top Expert, they must take also has to be very long.

However this has not made them lose the fighting spirit, conversely, this made them feel excited, cultivator practice for what? Nothing but for live forever and never die, but in Cultivation World there, you are became Immortal Stage Expert, life also about ten Yuan, but True Spirit Realm there is not, this gave them to hope that was hopefully dynamic. cultivator wants Immortal, but did not fear the death, cultivator from cultivated most from the beginning, in did not stop in the battle pass through, will have the battle to have the death, when they have experienced too many deaths, naturally will not feel that the death had anything was good to fear, especially them Immortal Stage Expert like Zhang Feng, they saw too many had died, was already numb. However this dying is actually Immortal Stage Expert, with their same Immortal Stage Expert, moreover one died these many, before although, when with the day Demon Realm war, dead Immortal Stage Expert were more, but they stood in the Gold [金] character tower at that time after all topest, even if were these Immortal Stage Expert fallen, the enemy will not feel better. The enemy but who their this facing is different, the enemies who this time they face have with their same strengths, even their strengths, what most important is, their suddenly present, oneself most peak from Gold [金] character tower, one turned into the Gold [金] character tower most bottom thick cornerstone, this made their at heart many many feelings. Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : was good, do not think that many, can enter to Soaring Dragon Realm is our luck, we wanted capture this time opportunity, capture, we can take a even bigger wider path, could not hold, then our sooner or later also will be one day same as them, cannot in moved.” The people nodded, they know right that Zhao Hai said that but some do not feel better at heart, Zhao Hai looked at people one eyes, deep voice said : no matter what, this time was we won, Yuan Ba, exited to buy the liquor, today we must drinking well one cup!” Yuan Ba complied with one, turn around walked.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }