Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1953

Zhao Hai quickly presently becomes the focal point of people, his immediately/on horseback caught people said : to be good, should not be noisy, now various teams handle their matter, Yuan Ba, you today also with me.” The people complied with one, immediately have dispersed, Zhao Hai led Yuan Ba to sit their ten people to Danxia tavern , after letting waiter has delivered several small side dish and several pot liquor, Zhao Hai wields has drawn back waiter, this turned the head following the motion to several people of deep voice said :, we must separate, my go it alone, you moved with Yuan Ba.” Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but complexion changes, his quickly said: „It is not good, Little Hai, cannot make you move, was too dangerous.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : First Senior Brother, is not I do not want to move with everyone/Great Clan together, now I by these Monster Beast staring, if you with my together motion danger, if has encountered the danger, I can escape using Space Divergent Technique, you? Your simply does not have the means to escape, if they threaten me with you, I trouble, therefore we must separate the motion.” Zhang Feng has worked as the Gang Master person after all, formidable relationship he knows that one hear of Zhao Hai said now, Zhang Feng also silent, he knows that their strengths must be too far compared with the Zhao Hai incoming messenger, they follow in the Zhao Hai side, will become will only implicate. If they follow in the Zhao Hai side, these Monster Cultivator capture they will possibly threaten Zhao Hai, after all they with Zhao Hai are one team, if they do not follow in the Zhao Hai side. Even if clearly know they are Cultivation World. These Monster Cultivator will not catch them, because they entered Soaring Dragon Realm, these Monster Cultivator impossible to deal with a person, but destruction Soaring Dragon Realm rule. Li Kuangge looked at Zhao Hai one, deep voice said : „I have believed that the Elder Brother Hai strength, Elder Brother Hai, we with you, you were not careful.” Zhao Hai nodded, deep voice said : following duty goes to the volcano there prospecting stone, we separate to move. You go first, later I, go.” People nod has stood, Zhang Feng is that you are more careful to Zhao Hai said :.” Said that was leading people turn around leave tavern. Only keeps a Zhao Hai person to think in there from drinking. Has drunk up several pot liquor, Zhao Hai then leave tavern, at this time to Zhang Feng their leave, passed for nearly four hours. After leave tavern, Zhao Hai flash of white light, the whole person arrived in Horizontal Blade City. To Horizontal Blade City here, Zhao Hai looked in all directions, this Horizontal Blade City comes compared with ShangShan City, is not small in the scale, but construction and ShangShan City of there here some different. Construction of ShangShan City there, although is green made of stones becomes, but on the other hand actually appears somewhat delicate, but construction in this Horizontal Blade City, actually appears very rough, has turns the flavor. A Zhao Hai person slowly is strolling on the Horizontal Blade City street, he presently now the person's in Horizontal Blade City his previous time comes the time are more, although previous time he not in Horizontal Blade City here dull how long, but he also notes the Horizontal Blade City here person is not many, is the person in present Horizontal Blade City really many. Quickly caught up with the population on beforehand Earth. Zhao Hai knows that this is only temporary, the person in Horizontal Blade City, later certainly will make duty, resumes the beforehand life, now because of the beast tide reason. Therefore will have these many people. But in Zhao Hai enters shortly after Horizontal Blade City, Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall there went to cultivator. He went to the Tyrant Blade Sect branch Hall hall directly, said loudly outside hall: Report, the subordinate has anxious matter to report Lin Ling Senior Brother.”

The Lin Ling sound conveys said : to come from in the room.” That person pushed the door to walk, went in looked that Lin Ling was sitting in the room with another young cultivator, was not quite same to a appearance of Lin Ling warrior cloth, sits in the Lin Ling opposite that person, put on unexpectedly was a Scholar robe, now sits in there, in hand is taking a piece jade slip, seemed like more like Scholar. That cultivator salutes said : to see Lin Ling Senior Brother to them hastily, has seen Xiang Ying Senior Brother.” Lin Ling beckoned with the hand said : to be good, did not say that asks me to have the matter? What matter?” That cultivator immediately/on horseback said : returned to the Senior Brother words, Senior Brother makes that Zhao Hai that I paid attention to he come, now in Horizontal Blade City.” One hear of that cultivator said that Lin Ling cannot help but stares, then complexion happy said : „did Zhao Hai come? Several people?” That cultivator deep voice said : he, now is strolling in Horizontal Blade City, does not seem like makes duty , does don’t know is do.” Lin Ling stares, then knit the brows said : „a person? Was the courage of this youngster too also big? Previous time he these Monster Beast offending, now also has dared miserably a person to run to stroll, he is dislikes himself live was too long?” At this time that sat in Lin Ling opposite cultivator open the mouth and said: Senior Brother Lin, this is Zhao Hai that person who you pay attention to very? Told me why you such pay attention to him.” Lin Ling to that to his to report cultivator said : look at he, having a look at him to do, but do not contact him, do not go harasses him, goes.” That person complied with turn around to walk. Lin Ling then turns the head to that cultivator said : Xiang Ying, you are don’t know, this youngster may be extraordinary, I stared at him to have for a long time, started from Cultivation World there, reason that Cultivation World can enter Soaring Dragon Realm, can the character thousand people test, but at that time participated in thousand people of testing had this Zhao Hai, at that time I noted him, this youngster not only strength formidable, but also I suspected that his within the body had Divine Spirit Power, because he was in Lower Realm, only one by one present person of spiritual Great Formation scanning.” Xiang Ying one hear of Lin Ling said that the expression on face cannot help but also changed, his look at Lin Ling said : Senior Brother Lin, does his body have Divine Spirit Power really?” Lin Ling shook the head said : I unable to affirm now that is only this suspicions, but has not thought that this youngster also has the subsequent party, in beast tide, this youngster in ShangShan City there, Feng Lingyun also has known he settled on by me, therefore has given him scout duty. Has not actually thought. This youngster not only investigated outside ShangShan City the Monster Beast situation, even also has illuminated chapter of surface with Tiger King and Xiang Que that two fellows, but also he also from in hand of that two fellow successful escaped, in afterward siege warfare, he has put together one with Tiger King hardly, but has not been injured, although Tiger King did not have at that time fully, but can also look comes out, this youngster strength was not weak.” Speaking of here Lin Ling to stop, he he chuckle two said : have not actually thought that this youngster card in a hand has not illuminated. When the siege warfare, Tiger King gave to kill him, to attack that he went all out, finally used including the sneak attack method. By this youngster to avoid, finally his unexpectedly also release large quantities of Immortal Stage Undead Creature had been helped him make the war, can look from this point, this youngster in hand card in a hand are really many.”

The Xiang Ying interest was higher, he selected eyebrow said : so looked like, this Zhao Hai also was really a talented person, if gave to direct our Tyrant Blade Sect him, to us, may absolutely be the good matter, but as you said. He feared that now was already by Tiger King and Xiang Que that two fellows staring, that two fellows were not good thing, stared by them is not the good matter, now his in the city said fortunately, if he went out of town, feared that had the danger.” Xiang Ying this is not speaks irresponsibly, they before have dealt with Tiger King and Xiang Que two people, these two fellows by vicious and merciless, have worked to resort to all means to become famous, their strengths also calculate. Therefore like Zhao Hai person, if were given to stare by them, that may have troublesome. Lin Ling nodded said : this point I also to think, but this matter we should better not to act, this is also builds up to his one type of experience, if he can under chasing down of Tiger King and Xiang Que. Also can the safe and sound words, we receive him to Tyrant Blade Sect. Otherwise, even if we receives him to Tyrant Blade Sect, he does not evade planning of Tiger King and Xiang Que, are that two fellows will not manage the Tyrant Blade Sect people.” Xiang Ying nodded, then actually knit the brows said : Tiger King and Xiang Que these two fellow noisy some was too finally fierce, I thought that we should find a time, gave them a pressure.” Lin Ling nodded said : this matter I to respond with Sect, but you also know that our Sect not has been good with monster ancestor gate relationship, but the monster ancestor is hiding shortcomings that became famous, whose account does not buy, this matter somewhat is troublesome.” Xiang Ying thinks said : Senior Brother Lin, or do we contact with Zhao Hai? Warned that his, making him careful a little?” Lin Ling has smiled bitterly next step: Does not need us to warn that youngster feared already knew, I see in Feng Lingyun there, side that youngster originally also with more than ten people, but this time his person appears in Horizontal Blade City, it seems like he has actually gotten someone to leave other people, he must move alone, this explained that he knows some people must cope with him, that youngster clever very much, does not need us to remind.” Xiang Ying has gawked, then forced smile said : looked like I am underestimated this youngster, but this was also good, I to this youngster also being interested, Senior Brother Lin, I thought that now we be careful to well, when necessary, can make a move give to guarantee him, his present strength compares with Tiger King and Xiang Que, after all has missed.” Lin Ling nodded said : „, by his present strength, so long as Tiger King and Xiang Que want to cope with him, he feared opportunity that escapes continually does not have, it seems like we should pay attention to him.” Zhao Hai and don’t know Lin Ling they so will pay attention to him, now Zhao Hai is sitting with a person in tavern drinks, this person is not the Cultivation World person, but is Dragon Soul Tu Qian, is Zhao Hai, when participates in the inspection, in boundless forest Space there and Zhao Hai to the war, breaks through Immortal Stage that Dragon Soul cultivator finally. They at that time although was an enemy, feeling that actually some one type of clearheadedly pitied, calculates that did not hit did not finalize, but later some time, Tu Qian has stabilized own cultivation level in Dragon Soul there, has handled something for own Sect, entered ten years ago to Soaring Dragon Realm. Tu Qian is one is strong in the Lower Realm time, but to Soaring Dragon Realm here, took a broad view to look is Immortal Stage cultivator, he has also adjusted for a long time, this adjusts, his several times duty does is not very spectacular, had not settled on by other Sect. Zhao Hai has not thought that will meet Tu Qian in here unexpectedly, they before were the enemy friend difficult minutes, now entered Soaring Dragon Realm, that cannot be an enemy, therefore Zhao Hai went to tavern in Horizontal Blade City to drink on invitation Tu Qian, the Tu Qian day did not feel better very much, his present situation, is similar to the beforehand Cultivation World situation, simply did not have money to come to drink, today Zhao Hai treats, he has not rejected, moreover he wanted to make Zhao Hai this friend, rejected is not that a matter.

They sat in tavern, Zhao Hai wanted two pot liquor, four small side dish, after wielding drew back waiter, he to Tu Qian smiles said : really not to think that entered in this Soaring Dragon Realm, can see the acquaintance unexpectedly, rare rare.” Tu Qian also smiles said : „, this Soaring Dragon Realm area is not small, has not thought that can meet Brother Zhao in here, this may really be unexpected joy.” Does Zhao Hai smile said : slaughter brother to come Soaring Dragon Realm how long? Crosses fortunately may?” Tu Qian shook the head, has smiled bitterly next step: Does not fear the Brother Zhao joke below, the little brother came Soaring Dragon Realm already ten years, crossed, not, can only be exempts can also pass, without the means that Soaring Dragon Realm here extremely in the bad risk, little brother's strength in here also can only be general, was not startled certainly the colorful character, this day naturally did not feel better, but looked at the Brother Zhao appearance, to was well, this does tavern want Brother Zhao also to be often come? Did the don’t know Zhao Hai brother come Soaring Dragon Realm how long?” Zhao Hai smiles said : little brother to come the Soaring Dragon Realm time not to be long, but several days time, little brother Cultivation Method that because practices is somewhat special, is not easy to break through, since previous time leaves, the little brother has been closing up, was nearest/recent breaks through Immortal Stage, this entered Soaring Dragon Realm, to really has also come several times as for this tavern, but before was, good fortune that left behind.” Zhao Hai naturally impossible to speak the truth with Tu Qian, if he said that in this several days has gained many Jade essence, that has made widely known, that is not his disposition. Tu Qian to has not suspected Zhao Hai, but smiles said : Zhao Hai strength formidable, in Transcends Tribulation Stage, has not feared Immortal Stage Expert, believes that Immortal Stage, this strength certainly is bring it up a level, soon feared that was can join to True Spirit Realm that Sect, the little brother blessed Brother Zhao in here first.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to borrow the slaughter brother auspicious words, slaughter brother early one day join True Spirit Realm Sect.” Was saying waiter has delivered food and wine, Zhao Hai holds the pot, after giving them but actually one glass of liquor, this held up wine glass to come, can meet in here to Tu Qian said :, was the one type of fate, if later the slaughter brother had the place that anything had a need , the little brother as far as possible helped certainly one another, in this Soaring Dragon Realm, only then you and I assisted, we can walk was farther.” Tu Qian also holds up wine glass rational that came said : Brother Zhao saying that in Soaring Dragon Realm, such as you and I general cultivator, should help mutually, this can walk was farther, come, little brother presenting buddha with borrowed flowers, respected Brother Zhao one cup, later had any need, the little brother with every effort helps certainly.” They have bumped under the cup, did liquor one in cup.! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }