Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1954

A Zhao Hai person slowly is walking on the Horizontal Blade City street, to be honest, his present mood is not very good, can meet Tu Qian in Soaring Dragon Realm here, is a happy matter, but Zhao Hai actually presently Tu Qian changed, was not in his impression that Tu Qian. In the impression of Zhao Hai, Tu Qian is one very arrogant, simultaneously he also very direct, such person possibly some repugnant, but Zhao Hai actually very much likes the Tu Qian disposition. But this time he is seeing Tu Qian, actually presently Tu Qian changed, he became smooth, possibly grew in the Soaring Dragon Realm here time, his edges and corners smoothing by grinding, having made him smooth, but Zhao Hai actually knows that Tu Qian ended, this whole life was unlikely to promote own strength. The cultivator practice, has pointed to the conscience, if you because of the surrounding environment, but had also had the change by own heart, then your road of practice was also arrives, Tu Qian was so. The environment change person, these words beforehand Zhao Hai has heard on Earth, but he has not thought that the environment can also change cultivator unexpectedly, the cultivator practice also very settles on regarding the practice of temperament, to Immortal Stage cultivator, generally is the heart like the iron stone, the general environment wants to change a heart of cultivator, that is almost impossible. However now Tu Qian temperament actually by Soaring Dragon Realm changing, this is makes Zhao Hai one moved, after all Tu Qian is also a character, such destroyed has really been a pity. However Zhao Hai also knows that actually Tu Qian has opportunity, so long as he can retrieve the conscience. It can be said that the environment makes him change, this is also Heart's Demon one type of, so long as he endures broken Heart's Demon, retrieves the conscience. Then he also has opportunity to enter to a higher level, but Zhao Hai also knows that this Heart's Demon is actually most embarrassed broken. Now Zhao Hai also can only be blessing Tu Qian silently, because endures broken Heart's Demon only to depend on him, anybody cannot help. Zhao Hai transferred a while in Horizontal Blade City, looked at the time, is noon, he also almost should want. He then tidies up the mood, the personal appearance moves toward, departed Horizontal Blade City. Zhao Hai and don’t know, he just departed Horizontal Blade City. Lin Ling immediately received information, afterward Lin Ling also departed Horizontal Blade City, he cannot make Zhao Hai have the matter, must protect Zhao Hai in secret. Zhao Hai and don’t know these, he has traced toward that active volcano there. Monster Beast that this he meets all the way to has been short compared with before much, before Zhao Hai went out of town makes duty the time, can always meet many Monster Beast, but he will hide generally. Will not live conflict with these Monster Beast, after all this outside the city is the Monster Beast domain. If he makes the war with Monster Beast, will alarm other Monster Beast. When the time comes did not do well him to be besieged by Monster Beast. Now Zhao Hai will not sweep annoys these Monster Beast, he offended Tiger King and Xiang Que, the appearance that looks at the two, knows that they must cope with him, but they can definitely order these Monster Beast to monitor him, so long as these Monster Beast presently he, certainly will report to Tiger King and Xiang Que, if he really gives to stop up by Tiger King and Xiang Que, that really troubled.

Tiger King and Xiang Que strength Zhao Hai is knows, his Tiger King strikes unable to keep off, do not say that they collaborated, therefore Zhao Hai now the best means do not make these Monster Beast present. After Zhao Hai went out of town, simply does not have flying in the sky how long, went out of town his immediately to escape into underground, after forest, he has used Wood element Divergent Technique, shuttled back and forth the line in the tree, making person simply unable to find him. Zhao Hai don’t know he such did is actually painstakingly Lin Ling, Lin Ling went out of town with Zhao Hai, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai just went out of town, has thrown into earth vanish from sight, he used spiritual force suddenly unable to find Zhao Hai. This is makes Lin Ling be startled, afterward his outside the city transferred one, still does not have presently Zhao Hai, Lin Ling unwilling to give up, has flown in forest, he believes that Zhao Hai will certainly enter to forest, in forest Wood element energy is rich, if Zhao Hai has not come out in earth, certainly will cause the slight energy fluctuation, he can find Zhao Hai. However he was finally disappointed, he had not felt that in forest any energy fluctuation, Zhao Hai probably completely vanished was the same. Transferred for quite a while in forest, does not have presently Zhao Hai, Lin Ling does not have the means finally, must draw back returned to in Horizontal Blade City, he also can only be now hopes that Zhao Hai will not have an accident. Person has plenty that Zhao Hai actually don’t know these, Horizontal Blade City everyday passes and out, Zhao Hai impossible each to pay attention, only then these have followed in his behind person, he will pay attention. moving forward that in Zhao Hai forest flies, he has not been seeing Zhang Feng they, but he believes that Zhang Feng they should not have the matter, Zhang Feng they in entering before Soaring Dragon Realm, had to Soaring Dragon Realm has understood, has been adding on now their side also with Yuan Ba, wants to come should not to have the issue. Goes to volcano there quarrying this duty although to have certain risk, but the danger is not big, after all this is only new duty, so long as Zhang Feng they, can complete carefully. Reason that Zhao Hai must leave to noon , because he believes that now at this time, Zhang Feng they feared has completed duty. Zhao Hai has calculated, he later did not prepare they to meet same duty with Zhang Feng, this can make Zhang Feng they obtain the biggest exercise, can let Zhang Feng their being far away dangers. Soaring Dragon Realm here is very dangerous, but compares, Tiger King and Xiang Que their dangers, if really let that two fellows they encircles him and Zhang Feng in together, his trouble was big.

moving forward, does not have Monster Beast presently Zhao Hai, Tiger King and Xiang Que of these Monster Beast in forest compared with have fallen far short, their strengths are also about Immortal Stage, presently to have resulted how possibly in Zhao Hai. In fact if the previous time is not because Zhao Hai they are too near to Tiger King, when adds on, because hears Tiger King they to speak, the mind vibrates, impossible by Tiger King present, Tiger King they presently Zhao Hai, do not say these Monster Beast. About two hours, Zhao Hai has been able to see that active volcano from afar, on that active volcano once for a while will also emit some white mist, on the mountain to does not have long any plants, distant seems is a piece of barren hill. Is close volcano, there plants is short and small, finally Zhao Hai has to time escaping into underground, after underground, Zhao Hai wields, Yama Ship let out, then he sat Yama Ship, Yama Ship anxious shrink, turned into boat before one less than half meter finally, this proceeded. If before , he does not dare to come Yama Ship release, before Yama Ship had not unified with him in together, if he comes Yama Ship release, must use Yama Ship on the ship Magic Cannon, makes a hole the land, lets Yama Ship goes through, such in Lower Realm possibly presently, however in Soaring Dragon Realm here is actually not very easily present, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast also will have the Immortal Stage strength, their spiritual force will not be weak, can definitely presently Yama Ship. However now Liquid Silver unified with Zhao Hai in together, they look like on Zhao Hai thin hug to be the same, Zhao Hai can definitely use earth Escape Technique through Yama Ship, uses earth Escape Technique to be the same with oneself. Actually Zhao Hai can release Yama Ship, he not feel that in earth is uncomfortable, conversely , he when uses Earth element Divergent Technique, feels in earth like in own family, one type of very comfortable feeling. However his body actually cannot shrink, therefore Zhao Hai gives let out Yama Ship, like this he can enter to Yama Ship, is letting Yama Ship shrink, his target changed is also small. Zhao Hai presently own certainly decides quickly is correct, not only he now target changed small, moreover in Yama Ship, he can also handle many matters, directly used Earth element Divergent Technique comfortably. Quick Zhao Hai felt that all around land getting hotter and hotter, he knows he entered the active volcano range, Zhao Hai raise the spirits, is also paying attention to all around situation. Land getting hotter and hotter, these temperatures will not certainly cause anything to affect to Zhao Hai, but Zhao Hai actually knitting the brows head of gently, he present a person of issue, before , issue that has not paid attention to have been, that in Soaring Dragon Realm here, all thing obtained enhancement.

This strengthens, not only said that these Monster Beast strengths obtained enhancement, is all thing, all materials obtained enhancement, before he had not noted, but the quantity of heat of this land, made Zhao Hai note this issue, the quantity of heat of here land was too high, now he enters to the range of volcano, if said according to Cultivation World there Biao Zhunbei that the here land will come under the influence of volcano changes the heat, but most also on was about several degrees, touched some warming up. But currently the quantity of heat of this land fully has 70-80 degrees, this is also only in the volcano surrounding, if the inside of volcano, that will have the high temperature? Presently after this point, Zhao Hai recalled to contact, Soaring Dragon Realm here thing, this present, Soaring Dragon Realm here all thing obtained enhancement, Spiritual Qi in tree became stronger, Spiritual Qi in earth also became stronger, the Stone degree of hardness has stiffened, the hot temperature changed high, all thing were strengthened. Before Zhao Hai had not noted here, the key is because Soaring Dragon Realm here Spiritual Qi was richer than Cultivation World there, but Zhao Hai quick adapted to this Spiritual Qi density, therefore in change of Spiritual Qi regarding tree not extremely in sensitivity, but these time in earth, he felt in earth clearly the change of quantity of heat, this lets him one presently, original Soaring Dragon Realm here thing obtained the strengthening. The Zhao Hai book thinks that Soaring Dragon Realm here was only the Spiritual Qi depth has stiffened, now looks like, not only such, reason that Soaring Dragon Realm here compared with Cultivation World there Advanced level, not only the office was the here Spiritual Qi density is higher than Cultivation World, most important reason, because here all thing obtained the strengthening, strengthening of entire, because here all thing obtained the strengthening, therefore Zhao Hai cannot put Soaring Dragon Realm to come Immortal Stage strength following Undead Creature, when he has not arrived at Immortal Stage, he cannot use Liquid Silver to gather Soaring Dragon Realm here thing, because here was an overall strength stronger the Cultivation World place, was. The Law strength makes him not have means that when strength you, gathers here thing.( To be continued..) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }