Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1955

Law is one type of cannot see, unable to feel, when some thing that can actually be able to feel, looks like the strength strengthen of Zhao Hai, no matter in Ark Continent there, is in God Race there, he does not have the means to be dull, because there Law is repelling him, he cannot see Law, cannot feel Law, but can actually feel that Law is repelling him, this precisely is Magic strength. Before Zhao Hai, has not become Immortal Stage Expert time, Liquid Silver had been repelled in Soaring Dragon Realm here, this is also the Law strength, any an Interface has the Law strength, one, but your strength crossed the Law strength, strength natural repel of Law you. But Zhao Hai has not thought that the Law strength can also make in an Interface all thing be strengthened unexpectedly, obviously this Law strength how formidable. After having thought through these, Zhao Hai was sadder, in Soaring Dragon Realm here, all thing obtained enhancement, that True Spirit Realm? True Spirit Realm also wants strong Interface compared with Soaring Dragon Realm, reason that can say the True Spirit Realm person must in Soaring Dragon Realm here makes such a place of smelting trial, most important probably make these want to enter the True Spirit Realm person, first ahead of time trying should a True Spirit Realm environment. Also the in other words True Spirit Realm there environment, is similar to Soaring Dragon Realm here, but is stronger than Soaring Dragon Realm here, Zhao Hai can affirm, fire that this volcano spurts, if not pay attention, general Immortal Stage Expert will be injured, these duty that it seems like True Spirit Realm release comes has the profound meaning, oneself must careful be better. In this time, Zhao Hai suddenly was feeling that front has vague spiritual fluctuation. Zhao Hai cannot help but stares, but his immediately understand, it seems like he meets Fire Scorpion. Zhao Hai reduced Yama Ship advancing, slowly has depended in the direction that spiritual fluctuation transmits. Zhao Hai does not dare to treat it lightly, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast, not having one type is to be good to cope. Before long Zhao Hai felt position that Fire Scorpion was only, this Fire Scorpion in a piece Stone of storehouse in volcano, this Stone is very big, has a pit hole in his below, Fire Scorpion on conceal in there. Also saw the Fire Scorpion appearance to present Zhao Hai, original Zhao Hai thinks that Fire Scorpion can pass this red. However now presently is not, this fire is possibly is the reason that because spurts frequently, on the volcano has the one layer thick volcanic ash, the entire mountain looks like some black. But that Fire Scorpion is also the black, but sharp there is the red. This Fire Scorpion not counting the tail was height has only been about three meters, lay in there also about one meter high, two big sea turtles, although he now is only static lying in there. However Zhao Hai actually does not suspect his fighting strength. Zhao Hai has not begun to this only Fire Scorpion, but careful gathered round this only Fire Scorpion to transfer several, has not brought to the attention of this only Fire Scorpion, simultaneously he does not have presently this duplicate nearly also to have Fire Scorpion. Zhao Hai shouted one to be in luck darkly, on this Fire Scorpion that big stone. Is ore that he must look, so long as has tidied up Fire Scorpion. Is getting down a piece from that big stone Ricse, his duty completed.

These time seeks dozen of ores duty to be difficult, so long as he can bring to go back a piece one meter square the refractory pebbles, even if were completes duty, but this refractory pebbles although did not have in other place, however in active volcano here was actually has plenty, was one quite duty that was easy to complete, but must be careful Fire Scorpion. Presently does not have other Fire Scorpion to support this only Fire Scorpion in a short time, Zhao Hai also on complete feel relieved, his command(er) Yama Ship slowly has only depended toward that Fire Scorpion, to leaving that only Fire Scorpion about two li (0.5km), Zhao Hai then stopped, then his hand wields, Yama Ship has put from earth, but appears in ground, Yama Ship by Zhao Hai automatic receiving, only then a Zhao Hai person has braved. Zhao Hai these time not in hideaway personal appearance, but ships out the appearance that slightly dares to say, goes toward the forward flight, simultaneously he also becomes by his spiritual fluctuation very vague, why such that scorpion will not suspect him to be able suddenly appears in there. Zhao Hai knows, Soaring Dragon Realm here Monster Beast very intelligent, you , to hide the truth from them, must act in a play, ten that but must develop scanning are good. These Fire Scorpion have not really suspected Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai bit by bit proceeds, when Zhao Hai soon arrives around that Stone, that Fire Scorpion finally could not only wait, puts from the pit hole, throws toward Zhao Hai. However that only Fire Scorpion just one threw from the pit hole, immediately by a giant wire netting one covering, that only giant wire netting, covers the hot evening, immediately shrinks, that only Fire Scorpion also wants to struggle, but actually simply cannot work loose, one dragged away, in the blink of an eye on vanish from sight, that Fire Scorpion naturally had only been towed in Space, Zhao Hai thinks that now is increasing the Space species. Then Zhao Hai fast has taken down the a piece refractory pebbles, after the refractory pebbles lose to Space, immediately starts Portable Transmission Formation, flash of white light vanished in same place. This early Portable Transmission Formation was also permitted one of the reasons welcoming in Soaring Dragon Realm here, did not have Portable Transmission Formation, you braved the danger to run up to volcano there, after having completed duty, was take risking to run returned to in the city to go. But had Portable Transmission Formation, you actually possibly by remaining this return to the city, by oneself can one on returned to in the city, this equal to be makes your danger cut in half, as the matter stands Portable Transmission Formation was naturally popular. Zhao Hai not direct returned to Wulong City, but went to Horizontal Blade City first, must know that this Portable Transmission Formation Transmission distance is limited, naturally your strength is stronger, his Transmission distance is also farther, by the Zhao Hai present strength, is impossible to use Portable Transmission Formation direct Transmission to return to Wulong City, he can only go to Horizontal Blade City first, then in Wulong City. Original Zhao Hai can go back with Space directly, but he has not actually done, he knows that own present was possibly being sought the big influence observation, if he has done , was really too conspicuous, but True Spirit Realm there person very formidable, if made them present existence of Space, he may end, therefore he rather used Portable Transmission Formation.

flash of white light, Zhao Hai personal appearance appears in Horizontal Blade City, but Zhao Hai just appears , Lin Ling obtained information, heard that Zhao Hai came back, Lin Ling then relaxed, but Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback Transmission walked, Lin Ling these time to was not worried, because Zhao Hai is Transmission walks, in other words that place he often goes, no matter he goes to there, he does not have what good worry. The Zhao Hai personal appearance in time appears in Wulong City, then his immediately walked toward Flame Mountain Sect branch Hall, as soon as he arrives at branch Hall there of volcano sect to stare, because he presently Zhang Feng they is actually waiting for him in Flame Mountain Sect branch Hall there, saw him to come, several people then relaxed. Zhao Hai knows Zhang Feng they continuously in he, moreover waited for two hours, Zhao Hai at heart also moves, but he has not said that but their said : everyone/Great Clan goes to tavern to Zhang Feng first I, I handed over duty came out.” The people nodded, turn around arrived by Flame Mountain Sect tavern, Zhao Hai entered Flame Mountain Sect branch Hall. After entering branch Hall inside, Zhao Hai arrived has handed over duty stage there, held the fist in the other hand to inside cultivator said : hello, I was hand over duty.” That person looked at Zhao Hai one, nodded said : to take your scoreboard.” Zhao Hai has put out the scoreboard, that person looked at one, nodded said : to put out duty Item, puts on counter.” Zhao Hai did according to the word. That person looked at Zhao Hai duty Item one, nodded said : well, is very good, perfect score.” Then has given an impression mark of Zhao Hai perfect score, has given also Zhao Hai one excellent depending on deciding. Like new duty, generally the score is very high, good that so long as you complete, the appraisal of duty will not lower, this is also encouragement of one type of to new person, after making ten new duty, this giving favored treatment did not have, requesting immediately to be strict, if like this time, Zhao Hai is today's tenth hands over this duty, that he can only obtain a good or good appraisal on was good, the impression mark impossible will be the perfect score. After Zhao Hai has paid in full duty, this comes out from Flame Mountain Sect branch Hall, to nearby tavern, Zhang Feng they in there , etc. he, look at him to come, Zhang Feng they called him hastily, after Zhao Hai sits down, in Zhang Feng then start to talk said : how Little Hai? Also smooth?” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be very smooth, feel relieved, all right, you do not need to be worried about me, what kind of that this your duty completes? Has fights with Fire Scorpion?” Zhang Feng looked the Zhao Hai appearance knows Daozhen does not have what matter, he then smiles said : also good, is very smooth, Fire Scorpion wants sneak attack we, was given to tidy up by us, Fire Scorpion had also sold to the volcano sect, the price is good.”

Zhao Hai nodded said : that to be good, was right, tomorrow we to duty of everyone/Great Clan distinction, I will not make same duty with you, you do not need to be worried, I will look after my.” Zhang Feng also knows that the Zhao Hai decision matter will not change, he can only sigh lightly said : well, you are careful on the line, has remembered, wants the protect poor life, so long as you can join to level Great Sect, our Cultivation World reach.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : feel relieved, I will, wants to kill my person to be many, until now, their also nobody can succeed, you do not need to be worried.” Zhang Feng nodded, was not speaking. The people drank several liquor, Zhao Hai looked at the time, smiles said : to walk, returned to camp there, these fellows possibly could not wait.” The people have also stood, paying up left. returned to camp there, has said a hello with everyone/Great Clan, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, entered Space Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to sit on the sand, two eyes was staring at the screen. Laura somewhat puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, your What happened? Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura one, showed a faint smile said : to be all right, but has thought a point, Cai'er, I gave you duty, from now on, immediately starts to collect to leap compared with here all thing, from the land to Stone, from plants to animal, thing that all Soaring Dragon Realm here had, must receive in Space, does not need to be many, was OK.”! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }