Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1956

Cai'er puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does Elder Brother Hai, receive these thing to do? Soaring Dragon Realm does here have what special place?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be considered as that any special place, but makes duty today time, I presently Soaring Dragon Realm here all thing obtained enhancement, even if the here fire, be hotter than Cultivation World there, therefore I want to make you receive in Space thing in Soaring Dragon Realm research, can look let Space in time Level Up.”. Cai'er one hear of Zhao Hai said that also nodded said : well, I will complete, right Elder Brother Hai, later you meet duty, can not complete with oneself, made Liquid Silver complete directly has been OK, this will not have anything to be dangerous.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be how good, I must adapt to the life of Soaring Dragon Realm here as soon as possible, because Soaring Dragon Realm here is one weakens True Spirit Realm of version, so long as I can adapt to here, will wait for me to enter True Spirit Realm in the future the time, I can with quickest will adapt to True Spirit Realm there, therefore these duty will want me to do.” Cai'er nodded said : well, but you must be careful a little, my these days was starting to collect the Soaring Dragon Realm here map, not only the maps of various cities, outside the city domain, when we collected the Soaring Dragon Realm here map, you did not need to be worried about anything.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at screen does said : what special situation today have?” Cai'er thinks said : also really the special situations, moreover you are related with Elder Brother Hai, is when Horizontal Blade City there. Elder Brother Hai you after Horizontal Blade City, the person also exited with you, after you escape into to underground, probably is seeking for you. Finally had not found returned to Horizontal Blade City.” Zhao Hai stares, who then does complexion change said : „? Do I know?” Cai'er smiles said : you also really to know, but you do not think is whose.” The hand wields, on screen appears Lin Ling appearance. Does Zhao Hai see Lin Ling is said : Lin Ling? How can be he? Does he do with me?” Cai'er then said : he, not only with you, moreover I presently Lin Ling is very probably familiar with Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er, if my guess is correct, that settles on your Great Sect person, should be Lin Ling.” Zhao Hai has not spoken. He has thought of himself when Cultivation World there meets Lin Ling, Lin Ling looks at his look, that is the one type of very appreciation look, like this said. Lin Ling pays attention to him not to have what well strange. Zhao Hai nodded said : „, if Lin Ling to has the possibility, I said that I just arrived at Soaring Dragon Realm Reagan owner didn't have long time, some people will appreciate how possibly me, must introduce one me with Zhendao Sect equally matched Great Sect. If Lin Ling, that to could convince, after all when Cultivation World there, he has contacted with me. Perhaps he was already paying attention to me also perhaps.”

Cai'er nodded said : „, I also think. If this is really the case, that Elder Brother Hai you in the future possibly join to Tyrant Blade Sect also perhaps.” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: „If Lin Ling is paying attention to me. I later meet join Tyrant Blade Sect, join that Sect, is not my choice, True Spirit Realm there Sect, not for I each other will get angry, no matter that Great Sect will be paying attention to me, in the future I must join they.” Laura nodded said : well, the Soaring Dragon Realm here situation, although looks like bad risk, but generally speaking is actually to the one type of exercise of cultivator, various True Spirit Realm Great Sect, impossible are the Soaring Dragon Realm here person each other lives the conflict, this possibility is almost zero.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, the True Spirit Realm there person is not the fool, the Soaring Dragon Realm here person, but is they supplements the Sect fresh blood a place, even if were join Sect, started from Outer Disciple, not that two Sect for Outer Disciple can each other disperse the battle, that was not realistic.” Laura nodded, deep voice said : Elder Brother Hai, what to do do you prepare? Later finds out the Tyrant Blade Sect situation?” Zhao Hai has smiled bitterly next step: Now is to understand that feared is impossible, could not understand that anything, ok, presently we should not be monitored him by Lin Ling, that will only alert the enemy.” Laura nodded, the meaning of her understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not want to alarm Lin Ling, True Spirit Realm there Expert are innumerable, Zhao Hai is feared that some people presently existence of Space, that troubled. Zhao Hai has rested for night in Space, next day he as usual to other person of some duty, making them do, but he actually directly arrives at ShangShan City there, but he has not stopped in ShangShan City there, but went to Horizontal Blade City directly. Zhao Hai wants Horizontal Blade City there to meet duty, because Horizontal Blade City there is the Lin Ling domain, he will go to there to meet duty not to have too many dangers, will be adding on Horizontal Blade City there to have a distance to ShangShan City, feared that will be Tiger King and Xiang Que does not think, he will not meet duty in ShangShan City here unexpectedly, but ran up to Horizontal Blade City there. Now Zhao Hai knows, reason that previous Tiger King and Xiang Que retreat, because of Lin Ling appears in ShangShan City there, but Tiger King and Xiang Que probably are to Lin Ling dreading, this meets retreat. Zhao Hai has not guessed wrong, Tiger King and Xiang Que truly are to Lin Ling dreading, because Lin Ling is a fight is crazy, his nickname fights tooth and nail Ghost Blade, the nickname that in vain does not result, this nickname is representing the Lin Ling disposition. Lin Ling fights the blade blade to fight tooth and nail, even if compared with some of his strength formidable people, possibly is not his match, moreover his make a move is not forgiving, sword wielder aggressive, with him to the war, does not die already remnantly , because of this, therefore he had one to fight tooth and nail the Ghost Blade nickname. Feng Lingyun and Luo Xiu'er strength although is good, but they actually lack the air/Qi of Lin Ling that type of dauntless, when make a move killing aura is insufficient, if said, Feng Lingyun and Tiger King strength could not miss many, they were it can be said that same, but must mention dauntless to come, Feng Lingyun may on can't compare with Tiger King, when Tiger King to war. He suffers a loss.

But Tiger King although dauntless, does not have Lin Ling that type the courage that dares to fight tooth and nail, therefore Tiger King will definitely not have the good fruit to eat to Lin Ling, this is fears horizontal. Horizontal feared that a thing falls a thing not awfully. Because of presently Tiger King probably to Lin Ling dreading, therefore Zhao Hai will run up to Horizontal Blade City to meet duty, moreover duty that he plans to meet is nearby Horizontal Blade City, like this he fell lowly by Tiger King and Xiang Que attack possibility. Transferred the extension in Horizontal Blade City there, Zhao Hai had decided finally received one to pick the medicine duty, this duty was not very difficult, medicinal herbs that picks was also not too rare thing. What most important is, these time picks the medicine the place, is not far from Horizontal Blade City. But Zhao Hai appears in Horizontal Blade City, Lin Ling obtained information. When he heard that Zhao Hai in Horizontal Blade City has met duty, has cannot help but gawked, then his face shocking look at Xiang Ying said : Xiao Ying, you said that youngster can presently I pay attention to him? Therefore ran up to Horizontal Blade City to meet duty to come intentionally?” Xiang Ying nodded said : to have this possibility, naturally also has another one type of to be possible. That is he wants to Tiger King and Xiang Que far a little, you have forgotten, previous time was your appears , Tiger King and Xiang Que immediately retreat. But Zhao Hai offended that two fellows, therefore he wants Horizontal Blade City to meet duty. This can leave Tiger King and Xiang Que far point, reduced by Tiger King and Xiang Que attack possibility. Senior Brother Lin, this youngster is very intelligent.” Lin Ling one hear of Xiang Ying said that cannot help but laughs said : I naturally to know he is very intelligent, it seems like that this time I have not misread the person, good, this is better, to Junior Brother, you said that we can put Geo-Positioning Disk on him, where like this we can know him.” The Xiang Ying look at Lin Ling appearance, shook the head, has smiled bitterly next step: Resulted, Senior Brother Lin, Geo-Positioning Disk so was good to put, but Zhao Hai in Immortal Stage Expert topest existence, you think that can hide the truth from him? Ok, even if to his test.” Lin Ling forced smile said : I do not hope that really he has the matter, this youngster strength is very strong, if his real accident, that were a pity.” The idea of Zhao Hai don’t know Lin Ling, he leave Horizontal Blade City, has prepared to make this time duty now, medicinal herbs that this time must pick, known as nine heart lotus seed, this is the one type of Detoxification excellent works, produces from Horizontal Blade City southeastern ten fifty thousand and in a giant lake, the water in that lake year to year freezes, known as Bathe Moon Lake, the Legend has it that lake water is very normal temperature, afterward had moon to take a bath in the lake, but moonlight this cold, after moon has taken a bath, the lake water on becoming extraordinarily coldly was incomparable. Naturally, nobody takes has seriously moon to take a bath in there, the people believe that is because in the lake has a Cold Attribute treasure, therefore the lake water will become extraordinarily cold incomparable. has plenty cultivator thinks that therefore treasures hunt beforehand has plenty cultivator to Bathe Moon Lake, finally actually has achieved nothing, but also has plenty cultivator died in Bathe Moon Lake. However suddenly appears of Bathe Moon Lake several thousand years ago large quantities of lotus flowers, these lotus flowers is the Top Grade cold lotus, their flowers, lotus roots and lotus seed are good medicinal herbs, however their flowered open time are not long, are very difficult to obtain, but their lotus roots deeply bury in the lake, general cultivator cannot undergo the chill in the air in lake water, therefore the lotus root is also very difficult to pick to obtain, to is this lotus seed, can pick.

Their lotus seed very special, on each seed case of lotus flower, nine lotus seed, therefore is called nine heart lotus seed, is the one type of Detoxification excellent works, especially solves Fire Poison, the wondrous use is infinite. Straight sea this duty of meeting is goes to Bathe Moon Lake there to pick nine heart lotus seed, this duty few people do \; first, because Bathe Moon Lake left Horizontal Blade City to be too far, second was because Bathe Moon Lake there was too dangerous. Because leaves was too far, this they will meet Monster Beast opportunity has plenty all the way, danger coefficient big increase, in adding on Bathe Moon Lake himself will have Monster Beast, will be fish shape Monster Beast of one type of known as cold dorado, this Monster Beast fighting strength very formidable, will strive to excel compared with Immortal Stage Expert on many, if will meet the cold dorado, will want is Immortal Stage Expert, almost will have the dead Unborn aspect. Besides Monster Beast, picks nine heart lotus seed still two very dangerous thing to exist, one is the cold lotus, that cold lotus existed for several thousand over ten thousand years, part of cold lotuses turn into monster, their Ping Jin was similar to the ordinary cold lotus, so long as there is cultivator to pass through from their place above, they will launch attack to that cultivator, the attack strength of this cold lotus is not weak, moreover their attack extremely in suddenly, general cultivator simply cannot block. Besides cold lotus itself very dangerous, another danger is the lake water, Bathe Moon Lake lake water naturally impossible turn into monster, will not take the initiative attack person, but Bathe Moon Lake there actually meets the occasional appears strong winds, the wind is not fearful, regarding any cultivator, that strong winds does not have what fearful place, the lake water that but that wind blows is actually very fearful. Bathe Moon Lake lake water don’t know because of anything, now was getting more and more cold, Immortal Stage Expert, if without any defense, moistens to the bath semi-circular protective wall outside the main city gate lake water, immediately will be frozen becomes an ice piece, even if were you have used Defense Protective Shield, was not effective, so long as has moistened too much lake water, your Defense Protective Shield will be frozen, if with defending Magical Artifact were also the same fate, if caught up with the strong winds to curl the lake water, drenching right in the face to your, that you on, affirmative is buried in the lake bottom destiny finally. Because of this all sorts of reasons, therefore this picks duty of nine heart lotus seed now, the person who meets was fewer and fewer, the person who because met has been short, therefore reward of this duty very rich, not only 50 impression marks, had high grade Magical Artifact five, high grade medicine pill ten rewards, but this Magical Artifact and medicine pill, can let complete the duty person to choose willfully, such reward, was nothing less than rich, but took the duty person not to be still many, after all reward in good, must have the life to lead the line. This picks disciple of nine heart lotus seed, actually could not be new duty, his duty difficulty big new duty difficulty, even if in Soaring Dragon Realm here old person, few people dare to meet this duty, but Zhao Hai received this duty. When Lin Ling knows Zhao Hai receives this duty, flies into a rage, cursed Zhao Hai overreaches oneself, actually immediately leaves to go to Bathe Moon Lake there, he does not hope that Zhao Hai dies in Bathe Moon Lake there. Lin Ling there knows that duty of this incomparable bad risk in others eyes, regarding Zhao Hai, is actually very appropriate, reason that because he has Bubble, therefore did not fear that the Bathe Moon Lake there water, he believes the Bathe Moon Lake there water cannot bring anything to trouble to him, as for Monster Beast, does any duty to meet Monster Beast, this is not the issue, as for the cold lotus he did not fear that he believes by his strength, these cold lotuses takes his not means. Zhao Hai receives this duty, a reason, he wants to have a look in Bathe Moon Lake to have anything, the Bathe Moon Lake lake water keeps changes cold, certainly has any reason, if in has Magical Treasure, Zhao Hai to wants to have a look is any thing, if can take in hand that to be best. { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }