Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1957
Zhao Hai is shuttling back and forth in forest, Bathe Moon Lake there is not near to Horizontal Blade City, even if Zhao Hai wants there also to step onto for a long time to be good. Zhao Hai met on the way many Monster Beast, but in these Monster Beast did not have the strength to be too strong, beast tide that it seems like just finished, had certain influence to these Monster Beast. In beast tide, appears some strength very formidable Monster Beast, but these Monster Beast have also fought with cultivator, some were killed, some do not have. Like Monster Beast, their strengths were similar to cultivator, their very intelligent, in cultivator after the war, they will have some sensibility, therefore some strength strong Monster Beast, after the war, the day of closing up, making him digest their fight experience. Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai has not met strength too strong Monster Beast all the way, Monster Beast strength that he meets very general, such Monster Beast was naturally impossible presently to result in Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai also left Bathe Moon Lake getting closer and closer, he here Monster Beast strength is also presently getting stronger and stronger, moreover these Monster Beast mostly were Water element Monster Beast, it seems like that the Bathe Moon Lake there Water element ability also was really very full, affected these Monster Beast, to Bathe Moon Lake getting closer and closer, Zhao Hai instead to has been careful, because he felt that the Bathe Moon Lake direction has transmitted an intermittent very dangerous aura. Careful moving forward, Zhao Hai is drawing back before long, now has not arrived at Bathe Moon Lake, but that dangerous feeling was actually more and more intense, Zhao Hai has to stop. Obviously felt a very dangerous aura in just him, in his side. But at that time his simply any Monster Beast, this had not let Zhao Hai minute of puzzled. The Zhao Hai stealth to the big tree, to Cai'er deep voice said : Cai'er, having a look at just my side to have any thing. Why I felt that just my side did have a dangerous aura?” Zhao Hai spiritual force has not felt around him to have any Monster Beast, but this equal to Cai'er there has not felt, therefore Zhao Hai must ask. Cai'er complied with, immediately Zhao Hai all around picture moving, Zhao Hai all around just truly did not have no thing, but Cai'er made the picture search a distance toward underground, because came under Soaring Dragon Realm here the influence of Law, Space can control into the underground distance now short . About 500 meters, but this was enough, when searches into to the underground about 300 meters, they finally presently exceptionally. underground waterway! Very long underground waterway waterway understood at a glance that is not the comfortable formation, but is any thing digs, this waterway is the circular, the diameter has about hundred meters fully, inside he has filled the water. Looked like looks like overbrims the water pipe of water to be the same.

Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled this waterway, in suddenly waterway is having thing flashes, Zhao Hai stares, made Cai'er move hastily just picture. Then what careful look just dodged in the past is any thing. Quick Zhao Hai saw, but just flashes that thing is anything. That was a fish, preparation said. That is a loach fish, has ten meters thickness fully, about 30 meters giant loach fish, this big loach very fast, flashes in water on vanish from sight, if not Zhao Hai has Space, but also really presently he. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also felt, oneself just felt that very intense dangerous aura that was come from this loach fish. Zhao Hai relaxed, he feared unable to find the enemy, so long as found enemy that him to be also afraid, but Zhao Hai or deep voice said : Cai'er, did here leave Bathe Moon Lake some to be far?” Cai'er looked up next step: Probably also has about ten li (0.5km).” Can't Zhao Hai bear inspire said : ten li (0.5km)? These loaches dug the hole unexpectedly such far, fierce, it seems like was unable really underestimated these thing.” Cai'er shook the head said : Elder Brother Hai, if I have not guessed that wrong, this waterway not only so is absolutely long, we must measure, how long has a look, is good to make some preparations.” Zhao Hai nodded. Cai'er this looks up, Zhao Hai knows that this waterway also is really not short, moreover this waterway is not a straight line, can say that this waterway is a loop line, he has water outlet with water intake, looks like hides in the underground moat is the same. In waterway is often will have that giant loach swim across, Zhao Hai can affirm that loach has certainly the means to know in ground fresh matter , because of this, therefore he will feel the danger. However do these loaches currently have presently him, he returns don’t know, some little time Zhao Hai calm, he still toward Bathe Moon Lake direction advancing, he knows that Bathe Moon Lake there, he must certainly meet that loach, now does not need to worry. Ten li (0.5km) running of regarding Zhao Hai is not any matter, but these ten li (0.5km) roads let Zhao Hai certainly danger, because Zhao Hai presently more is approaches near Bathe Moon Lake, attribute of these trees unexpectedly changed, the tree root came is one type of pure Wood element is, only then some special trees, one will leave other attribute, for example in Iron Tree had silk iron attribute.

But more depends toward Bathe Moon Lake near, there tree attribute becomes more and more fierce, finally Zhao Hai present, these trees turned into water wooden half-and-half attribute, this absolutely is rare, must know that is the iron attribute tree, attribute in tree is also 99% is wood attribute, 1% that saves are iron attribute. Wooden water attribute half-and-half, Zhao Hai first time has seen this attribute on the body of tree, before this attribute, only appears in the ore, is first appears in the tree. In this case Zhao Hai although can still go through in tree, however exposed opportunity bigger must much, Zhao Hai did not go through in forest simply, drilled from the tree directly, flies toward Bathe Moon Lake there. Ten li (0.5km) road regarding Zhao Hai, absolutely is not far, is adding on here to approach Bathe Moon Lake, probably became the forbidden area is the same, these Monster Beast actually do not have one to dare to approach here, here to has gotten down lots of troubles to Zhao Hai. Finally, Zhao Hai felt one at present, a piece like mirror same lake water appears in his at present, that lake water that limpid, does not have mighty waves, in lakeside, the rise and fall the green lotus leaf, a lotus flower, seemed is such beautiful, the letting people in beautiful somewhat suffocate, at this moment resembled the time to stop, all became tranquil, this was the one type of static beauty, calmly arrived at pinnacle, beautiful to pinnacle! suddenly, a shadow has delimited from lake water, broke the mirror surface, strings of mighty waves along with flood, the world in one time had the sound, had the time. Zhao Hai also one recovers, the scenery of his look at level of the lake, cannot bear long air vent said : beautiful, was too beautiful, this place was really too beautiful.” Zhao Hai just said that hears Cai'er said : Little Hai, you pay attention, just I probably felt that a formation strength, you must be careful that.” Zhao Han, two eyes cannot help but has then narrowed the eyes, carefully looked at these lotus flowers in lake, before long Zhao Hang two eyes bright said : Cai'er, presently nobody, here lotus flower, river water, but also the tree of person shore, has been composing unexpectedly natural Formation, this Formation does not have Dao Lotus to be so strong, but can actually to produce the illusion, will immerse in own illusion.” Cai'er deep voice said : is, Elder Brother Hai, we also just noted, truly is Formation, the analysis from now on presently, this with illusion very similar, too the god felt strange, moreover I can affirm that this Formation will be the nature formation, because in this Formation will have the place that several should not have, because these places should not exist to exist, instead to letting Formation Might big reduced.” Zhao Hai nodded said : well, is natural creation good, could not cut to manage him, I to have a look, below should pick the medicine, nine heart lotus seed, he he, good thing, to get so far as in Space the type.”

Was saying Zhao Hai while put out a hand to touch lake water, Zhao Hai was now similar to Bubble, can absorb world Myriad Water to use, to increase itself for oneself to control the water the ability, but this Bathe Moon Lake water, was very big in the Soaring Dragon Realm here fame, Zhao Heran will not let off, handle placed in the lake water, in felt a piercing chill in the air. This chill in the air was really too strong, Zhao Hai felt one were the whole person is frozen ice sculpture in the flash probably, probably own blood stopped flowing, his thought soon was frozen, this was he has met absolutely, coldest water. Was good empties clear(ly) because of Zhao Hai Spirit Platform, he knows that own present is any situation, his body truly was frozen, the blood also stopped, heart of extremely powerful, now also in slowly was moving, probably each very wasteful strength. If makes the bystander see the Zhao Hai situation, to think surely he had frozen to death, but Zhao Hai actually knows that his body just has not adapted to this type coldly, so long as adapted to this coldness, that will not have the matter. Really, before long Zhao Hai felt own heart beat powerful of more and more, his blood also made a fresh start to flow slowly, his thought also in instantaneously restored, among in the blink of an eye his heartbeat has been riding, the blood class was also riding, his thought was also riding, was not only riding, but also he also felt that his body, has transmitted the intermittent neat feeling, the probably under big hot days drank one ice water one to satisfying. Simultaneously Zhao Hai also feels that oneself were many an intimate feeling with lake water, this feeling very mysterious, he felt that he probably is part of lake water, the lake water probably in summoning him, allowing him to enter to the lake, having a good swim well turns. Zhao Hai has not gone desirably prevents own idea, his personal appearance moves, the whole person slips into the lake, enters to the lake, Zhao Hai felt one turned into a water drop, a drop integrates the water in lake, he in fluctuation person along with lake water, in lake free is going through, these lotus flowers do not have a point influence to him. Ended in the lake some little time, suddenly Zhao Hai felt that a danger raids toward him, Zhao Hai stares, one recovers, turns the head to look, a giant loach, is opening the big mouth, bites toward him.( To be continued.. p { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }