Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1958

Chapter 883 Bubble help Zhao Hai by this cold dorado present, although Zhao Hai melts with the lake water for a body now, what that said is his feeling and his motion way, his body has not melted , if one were blind, can only by Monster Beast that feeling to hunt and kill, they are impossible presently Zhao Hai. However the cold dorado after is not such Monster Beast, he also has the eye, he can look at thing by his eye, but Zhao Hai that big physique, although very skillful in the lotus flower puts on, actually still does not evade the eye of cold dorado, a cold dorado saw Zhao Hai, naturally will carry on attack to Zhao Hai. That is only cold the dorado the wisdom not to be low, but also because the wisdom is not low, therefore they meet attack Zhao Hai, because looks like in the cold dorado, Zhao Han was too dangerous, can evade his spiritual search unexpectedly, if made Zhao Hai live leave, was too dangerous regarding them. Zhao Hai sees the big mouth of that cold dorado, one recovers, his hand wields, all around lake water felt probably his regard, rope appears that had the water to compose before Zhao, these water ropes interwove in together, has composed large net, this large net covered toward that cold dorado. That cold dorado also felt that Zhao Hai attack, cold dorado big mouth, water arrow he has shot together directly, simultaneously he also felt that their all around water, some did not listen to his directing probably. Zhao Hai understand, that is only cold the controlling water that dorado is also good, now that is only cold the dorado by controlling the water to controlling the water, broke his large net directly. However Zhao Hai does not have such to admit defeat, in this lake, other Divergent Technique weakened very fierce, only then this Water element Divergent Technique cannot. Therefore he still uses Water element Divergent Technique attack that to be only cold now the dorado. In Zhao Hai both hands wield, water arrow cold dorado shoot directly, the cold dorado is pleased as punch probably, his all around lake water also turned into weapon of each article to be the same probably, attacked toward Zhao Hai. A person of dorado you come many toward attack half of the day. Actually was everyone how the opposite party, but at this moment, several cold dorado felt that the energy fluctuation of here, swam. Zhao Hai looks at this situation, many do not make the entanglement. Fights while draws back, retreats toward the lotus flower clump, but these cold dorado actually obviously do not prepare to let off him, toward Zhao Hanlai. Zhao Hai present strength although is top existence in Immortal Stage Expert, it can be said that was invincible, but similarly, the strength of that several cold dorado does not accommodate underestimated. Each strength is also in Immortal Stage Expert topest existence, Zhao Hai wants to solve them in a short time, simply is impossible.

Moreover Zhao Hai although will control the water, but cannot support the quantity of cold dorado to be many, is adding on Zhao Hai fighting strength. Not only because only he will control water, he can also other control thing help him fight, in the water, he can only control the water now, said that fighting strength received certain influence. However the effect on Zhao Hai is not very big, when Zhao Hai attack still violent Zhao Hai is also trying control these lotus flowers, after all the lotus flower is also Wood element plants, if he can the control lotus flower help the together fight. His fighting strength has been strengthened in one time. But Zhao Hai actually has not thought that he when thinks that control these lotus flowers, presently these lotus flower simply control, these lotus flowers probably have their consciousness one not to let his control, meanwhile lets a Zhao Hai minute of surprised matter, he presently these lotus flowers are some variation lotus flowers. Their although is growing the appearance of lotus flower, wood attribute that but within the body contains actually only then 10% 90% all are water attribute, if said strictly that lotus flower could not be one type of plants, he should be one type of looks like the water plants...., When Zhao Hai is thinking wants the control lotus flower, these lotus flowers were enraged probably, in turn started to carry on attack to Zhao Hai, has actually let off these cold dorado. Zhao Hai looked that this situation knows, these lotus flower although did not have evolution to become lotus Flower Monster, so long as gives them some time, they can certainly completely melt the success, because they currently had their consciousness. After these lotus flower join fight, the Zhao Hai day did not feel better, these lotus flower originally live according to the water, in the water regarding lake, has the one type of natural warm feelings, they control the water the ability, is stronger than the cold dorado, their control the lake water, is composing whips, strikes toward Zhao Hai, they also will control simultaneously are the lake water composition water dungeon, planned that is stranded Zhao Hai in inside. Zhao Hai knows that these lotus flowers start from grow out, has accompanied with these cold dorado, regarding them, the cold dorado is their partners, but Zhao Hai although will also control the water, actually obvious had been regarded the bystander by the lotus flower. Zhao Hai by the lotus flower and cold dorado attack, he has to now Liquid Silver also let out he, uses Water element Divergent Technique to block Water element Divergent Technique attack of lotus flower, while copes with the lotus flowers and these cold dorado with Liquid Silver. These cold dorado presently fierce of Liquid Silver, they do not dare to depend on Zhao Hai to be too near, because hard degree of these cold dorado completely understand these lotus flowers, look at Liquid Silver in Zhao Hai, looks like cuts the bean curd same these lotus flowers gives the incision, these cold dorado know that their defenses cannot block Liquid Silver attack. Zhao Hai has had no place to go now, stands in same place, side bumper water blocks attack, at the same time carries on attack with Liquid Silver, but Zhao Hai presently, such attack, will make the person divert attention quickly, his intention moves, Bubble appears in his side, having helped him deal with these water attack, this he can with heart and soul use his Blade Technique of entire intent. although said Zhao Hai Blade Technique in the lake is certainly limited, but currently had Bubble, was all was different, Bubble controlled the water the ability compared with Zhao Hai, but on striving to excel many, he controlled the water not only helped Zhao Hai block attack, meanwhile can the attack opposite party, Zhao Hai presently the water in this lake, probably really with Bubble melt in turn, for a body was the same.

This presently lets Zhao Hai happy, his in hand long blade brandishes one after another, that this lotus flower chopped inconsistency, simultaneously he also pursued toward these cold dorado. These cold dorado also present change of Zhao Hai, but they do not have the means that although their strengths are not weak, what they must face is more abnormal Zhao Hai and Bubble, almost does not have a possibility of victory, these cold dorado looked that the situation not good body to run. Has to recognize, these cold dorado in the water really quick, tail suspended the personal appearance to move on vanish from sight, in the water, Zhao could not overtake their. Zhao Hai has not thought must chase down these cold dorado. Does not need, his these time comes for nine heart lotus seed, not for these cold dorado. Original Zhao wants to catch several cold dorado to enter Space in the lake, but when he fights, Cai'er has not been idling. He in that underground waterway, has caught several cold dorado to enter Space, therefore Zhao Hai also lost the interest to this cold dorado. Lotus by serious that very Zhao Hai destroys, optional looking of Zhao Hai in these destroyed lotus flower, after having found several lotus flowers and seed case of lotus flower, this time duty completed. although duty has completed, but Zhao Hai does not have leave Bathe Moon Lake. He plans to search Bathe Moon Lake, has a look is any reason, making Bathe Moon Lake here turn into this appearance. Zhao Hai makes Bubble accompany in own side, searches toward the Bathe Moon Lake deep place, advancing character ten minutes of this Bathe Moon Lake very big permanent foot in the water then arrived at the Bathe Moon Lake central generation, in the Bathe Moon Lake central generation, here does not have the lotus flower, moreover even/including Hanqiu cannot see, because here was really too cold...., The Bathe Moon Lake central here water temperature was too low, on the water surface emits the faint trace white mist. That white mist is not because water temperature is high, because of the water temperature too low reason, Zhao Hai can affirm exactly. If throws the a piece metal to this water in now, that metal immediately will be frozen wonderfully crisp incomparable, knocks gently becomes one pile of fragments, even if Immortal Stage Expert, if by this water staining, feared that is the consequence good not to go to that. It is estimated that must be frozen the turn into ice stick directly. Zhao Hai thinks to feel strange, why the temperature such bottom of this water. But doesn't he freeze? Too strange! However some Zhao Hai years pass through that many plane, the strange matter saw a lot, did not care, his personal appearance moved, dived toward the lake bottom. Now this lake water already very deep, moreover Zhao Hai present, in this lake, his spiritual force was suppressed by even bigger, could not survey to be far Space, even ratio distance to the ground location was near, in the ground, the distance of Space survey can also be about 500 meters, but in this lake water, the Space probing range, actually had 200 meters.

although Zhao Hai can see all around situation, but his visible distance also very close, only then less than hundred meters, but Zhao Hai has not stopped, still searches toward the lake bottom. In lake center here not any business, moreover this lake water is very deep, Zhao Hu dived for about a half hour, has not bumped into the lake bottom unexpectedly in there, he can feel clearly that all around except for water element is water element, has not existed in any other elements, probably here simply is varies the world comprised of the water. This situation is rarely seen, but Zhao Hai actually happy, because is such place, is the easy appears extraordinary treasure. One hour passed by, two hours passed, by Zhao Hai in water, dived two hours, has not dived unexpectedly the lake bottom, some Zhao Hai ignorant, must know he dives is quick, he in lake water although can't compare with these cold dorado, but absolutely is not slow, has not actually thought that he dived such long time, has not arrived at the lake bottom unexpectedly. At this moment, Zhao Hangran felt that own communication device transmitted spiritual fluctuation, Zhao Hai immediately has made Bubble support piece of anhydrous region, he has then taken up communication device. He just put out communication device, saw Zhang Feng face anxious appears in communication device, saw him, Zhang Feng relaxed probably, but he was deep voice said : Little Hai, you where? At this time how to have come back?” Zhao Hai said : when? When the present is?” Zhang Feng stared Zhao Hai said : present day immediately to want black, when you said are, you in that? How was your don’t know day black?” Zhao Hai looked at all around one, except for the water or the water, a here simply point bright, his naturally non- unfamiliar road day has not wanted black, he must smile bitterly next step: Is unfair to First Senior Brother, I who my don’t know, you have not used, place very safe that I am at now, I am come out to make duty.”.) { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }