Bringing The Farm To Live In Another World - Volume 20 - Chapter 1959

Zhang Feng one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but stares, then his puzzled said : „do you make duty in there?” Zhao Hai smiles said : Bathe Moon Lake, I received have picked duty of nine heart lotus seed, was coming the Bathe Moon Lake here treasure hunt, you did not need to be worried about me, I in Bathe Moon Lake, here any Monster Beast cannot approach now.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Zhang Feng cannot help but nodded said : well, you careful a little, tonight is hiding in Bathe Moon Lake.” Zhao Hai nodded, partly fell communication device. Zhao Hai believes where Zhang Feng definitely is don’t know Bathe Moon Lake is, if he knows, certainly not so calm. In fact also really made Zhao Hai guessing right, not only Zhang Feng, where Li Mu their these old person don’t know Bathe Moon Lake were, they have moved in Wulong City before, but Wulong City such medium grade city, already automatic this Bathe Moon Lake duty removing, because of Wulong City there person very clear, even if stayed in their there for a long time old person, was impossible to complete this duty, to reduce some casualties, this duty their simply has not hung. Li Mu they because of don’t know, therefore so calm, they think Zhao Hai raises is ordinary duty, but they know duty that Zhao Hai meets what is, feared that already frightened crazy. Zhao Hai has not cared, after receiving communication device, toward lake dives, one hour, he had still not arrived at the lake bottom, however here water element was actually more and more pure. At this moment, screamed two in Bubble suddenly. Zhao Hai stares, his immediately accepted Bubble spiritual force, heard Bubble said loudly: Master, has the situation. here water element by my control, may not have variation water monster appears .” His words just a saying ended, Zhao Hai felt that a very incisive aura, shoots toward own front, the Zhao Hai intention moves, the personal appearance direct side dodges. He just flashes opened, felt that just place had any incisive thing probably, one punctured. However while he dodged past, that incisive thing also vanish from sight. although has not seen is any thing, but Zhao Hai actually felt, just attack his. Is water element, very pure water element, was being punctured toward him control, presently after has not stabbed him, that control water element thing. immediately gave up to water element control, water element also has become on the reduction chemistry most genesis appearance, finally vanish from sight. Zhao Hai stares, spiritual force searches toward all around. What what a pity is, his present spiritual force. Only can search about hundred meters, the god line distance is only 50 meters. But in Space probing range also be only about 200 meters, such distance regarding cultivator was saying that on equal to was deaf and blind, he naturally was anything cannot see. At this moment, Zhao Hai felt that several incisive aura shoot from his, the Zhao Hai personal appearance moves, has let that several aura, but he just had let that several aura, felt that has several aura to shoot toward him from the front, Zhao Hai simply responded without enough time that several incisive aura, shot directly in the Zhao Hai chest place. Zhao Hai felt that a chest pain, the personal appearance was struck goes toward retreat, he will certainly not be injured, but the feelings of some one type of pain, are actually adding on by his strength, was struck retreat unexpectedly, Might that obviously this strikes big. Zhao Hai stopped, looked at own front, the ordinary cultivator robe that his originally wears shattered, reveals his skin, but his skin now already crystallization. Zhao Hai looks in the direction that several water arrows shoot, now Zhao Hai can affirm, shoots his is the most common water arrow, in water arrow don’t know that but Might of this water arrow, shoot compared with the cold dorado many times, with hitting a target compared with his water arrow, the water arrow that the cold dorado shoots, most also has been made of the bow on the equivalent to child the bamboo strip and shoelace, arrow that in using the sorghum pole makes, both are really the difference between Heaven and Earth. Zhao Hai can affirm, if he does not have Crystallization this move, just he had been shot dead, existence of Immortal Stage, will have been given to shoot dead by several water arrows unexpectedly, if said that some people do not believe.

However now actually really lived, moreover at this time, Zhao Hai felt that all around water element has enlivened, the water blade that innumerable water element compose, revolves to shear toward Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai felt one have fallen into a giant meat grinder probably, the ordinary cultivator robe that Zhao Hai wears was twisted instantaneously crushes, but the entire body of Zhao Hai, instantaneously is also turning settles the crystallization the appearance, the whole person seems probably is common that Crystal makes. Zhao Hai was feeling twisting of all around these water blades strike, at heart was actually an emptying clear(ly), such attack could not have injured him, but Zhao Hai also knows, if he did not have the means broken to go to these water blades, feared was must forever by trapped here. At this moment, has stayed side Zhao Hai, Bubble suddenly said : that actually cannot help Master, calms the mind, felt that all around water element, tries to integrate in these water element oneself, perhaps like this.” Zhao Hai stares, then his immediately/on horseback nodded, has closed the eye slowly, was feeling attentively all around water element, tries to separate with these water element oneself about in together. Zhao Hai spiritual force just searched, immediately felt that a very wild aura, these spiritual force that he searches were twisted instantaneously crushes, completely vanished. Zhao Hai cannot help but knitting the brows head of gently, the feeling of but he quickly on calm, calming the mind that wild aura, he presently that aura probably is the one type of instinct, the instinct of water. Zhao Hai almost can affirm that now on Bathe Moon Lake is the mighty waves is certainly turbulent, the rough sea waves overturn the heavens, because the water has gotten angry, the water conservation myriad things live, the water anger does not have the entire city, the water one, but gets angry, compared with fire fearful. Now Zhao Hai felt that this all around water complete violent anger, his spiritual force simply did not have the means to carry on communicate with these water, he does not dare to go to contact with these water with his mental power, because these water completely lost the reason now, if he contacted with these water, may turn into Lunatic very much. Zhao Hai frowning gently. Actually was really don’t know must not know what to do, at this moment, Zhao Hai suddenly noted that golden spiritual force in own spiritual force, was don’t know his misconception. He felt that own that golden spiritual force, probably was sturdier than before. Moreover simultaneously Zhao Hai also has thought that spiritual force magical thing, Zhao Hai somewhat cannot help but excited, finally he water that paid attention to around that to be in a towering rage, clenched teeth, decided that tries with that spiritual force. That spiritual force regarding Zhao Hai is very precious, how he must be able to obtain this golden spiritual force to present also don’t know, moreover he has not clarified this golden spiritual force to do anything. But if he does not use that spiritual force now, can continuously by trapped here he. Zhao Hai control slowly that golden spiritual force, is searching toward these water element, this spiritual force although returns extremely small. However after body of his leave Zhao Hai, has not actually come under the influence of that violent anger aura, still searched toward these water element, quick that spiritual force separated with these water element about in together. The Zhao Hai static feeling, he presently contact with that spiritual force had not been breaking. That spiritual force can make him feel very much clearly these water element situations, the Zhao Hai entire mind slowly integrated in water element. don’t know how long, Zhao Hai had ended finally own spiritual force with these water element fusions in together, now he looks like water element. At this time. miracle appears , after Zhao Hai complete has regarded itself water element. All around water element unexpectedly miracle slowly has subsided, in the lake is almost to blink between uneventful. Could not be feeling a fluctuation.

Zhao Hai has not actually taken back own that feeling, he by a water element status, slow moving forward, because Zhao Hai feels by the water element status that front has a very kind strength to summon him, he must pass. Zhao Hai knows that strength summon is not he, what summon is water element, but this is also Zhao Hai wants to know that he wants to know that is any thing is summoning these water element. How long don’t know proceeded to flutter, Zhao Hai suddenly felt that he went to a place, probably was returned to the bosom same warmth of mother, this type felt good, Zhao Hai knows that he went to the place. Zhao Hai searched spiritual force slowly, this searches him to stare, then he felt that front probably is ten points ** subspace, but this subspace with him in Soaring Dragon Realm advocates Space mutually to depend on each other, but position that he is at now, is this subspace and Soaring Dragon Realm advocates the Space connected place, but very kind strength of that regarding water element, passes from that Space comes out. Therefore Zhao Hai is also serious, his body moves, one dodged in that subspace, at this time he fully restored, has opened the eye slowly. This opened the eye, Zhao Hai one has tarried, because he saw a city, a giant city, the entire city was made by one type of white Crystal all over the body, in in front of the door of city, but also writes the Crystal city three characters. City that the Crystal city, Crystal makes, this was too astonishing, Zhao Hai dull look at this Crystal city, don’t know must say that at once any was good. This Crystal city although shaking, thing that but regarding experienced Zhao Hai, this Crystal city most does not shake, most makes Zhao Hai feel what shocks is the scale and style of this city, this city the style of scale he was too familiar, because he has a such city, but the name of that city is called the Fire God city! Not wrong, the style of this Crystal city is just the same as the Fire God city, but Fire God city there comprised of fire element, but Crystal city here, actually all comprised of water element. The Zhao Hai dull look at Crystal city, some little time his suddenly has thought of anything, the personal appearance moves, direct Crystal in the city flies. Really, in the Crystal in the city also giant palaces, in this palace writes three large characters, the Crystal palace. However Zhao Hai has not paid attention to these, in his direct palace flies, in palace biggest Great Hall, Zhao Hai saw throne that Crystal is made, as well as the writing desk, on the writing desk, he saw a Crystal box. When seeing the size of that Crystal box, the heart of Zhao Hai cannot bear jumped crazily, box big small table of attire Vermillion Bird seal because the size of that box with his first time sees is the same. Zhao Hai fell on the writing desk, look at that box, his heart was jumping crazily, then he put out a hand, groups of lifted the lid of box, then breath of Zhao Hai fierce stopped, then his rapid breath several, finally let out a long breath, calm slowly. Because Zhao Hai in this box, saw thing that oneself most look at one another, that is a side great seal, a side has the great seal of Black Tortoise carving. Zhao Hai let out a long breath, calm one own heartbeat, restored own spirit, this slowly searched into inside Black Tortoise Seal own spiritual force.

Enters to Black Tortoise seal, Zhao Hai felt one arrived at unusual Space probably, this Space incomparable general, in this Space are lying now giant beast, no, exactly said that should be two giant beast, a a turtle snake, the snake entangles the turtle body, is exactly the same as Black Tortoise. That Black turtle saw Zhao Hai, like the Zhao Hai imagination, has not thrown to carry on attack, but was suddenly opens, snake a turtle also opened the mouth, the sound that but passed on had one, the sound very vigorously, limpid. young man, our wait for you for a long time!” Zhao Hai one hear of Black Tortoise said that cannot help but said : I? Do you know me?” He He, we do not know you, we and others can arrive at the here person, for these years, you are first arrive at the here person, therefore we and others naturally was also you.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Black Tortoise said : „did you and others I do? What matter has?” young man, you do not need so anxious, this is my last Divine Sense, is most relationship Divine Sense, my Divine Sense must vanish, if you in appears , it will not take long, I will not remove disappearance of bottom, then this Black Tortoise seal, this Crystal palace, can operate in also nobody, even if were you obtained Black Tortoise seal, that was a useless waste.” The Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at Black Tortoise, his deep voice said : you said that you in here , etc. I, to pass to me Black Tortoise seal? Don't you need a look at my moral behavior how? What matter perhaps does wish make me handle?” He He, young man, in Cultivation World is the moral behavior important? For that cultivator must become Grand Dao, does not resort to all means that the moral behavior, that suspends thing that deceived people, what matter regarding letting you handled, feel relieved, my nothing must make you manage, so long as you received Black Tortoise seal, inherited Water God [lineage/vein] Dao doctrines, then you naturally know what in the future one should make, what kind, young man, can you be willing to accept this Black Tortoise seal? Inherits Water God [lineage/vein] Dao doctrines?” The Zhao Hai look at Black Tortoise, he has not felt a hostility from Black Tortoise, Zhao Hai also on feel relieved, but he decides to tell Black Tortoise a matter, if Black Tortoise does not mind, he did not mind that receives Black Tortoise seal, becomes a Water God [lineage/vein] Dao doctrines successor.( To be continued! ~! { Floating astronomy thanked fellow book friends' support, your support was we biggest power }